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Economists believe in full employment. Americans think that work builds character. But what if jobs aren’t working anymore? Source: What if jobs are not the solution but the problem? | Aeon Essays aeon.co James Livingston Pprofessor of history at Rutgers University in New York. He is the author of many books, the latest being No More Work: […]

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a repost: Svalbard – How the Elite Plan to Survive an Engineered Extinction Event

Article originally posted on Waking Times (click link for original post)


Nathaniel Mauka, Staff Writer

The Svalbard seed bank, set like a concrete monolith in the minus 4 degree Celsius permafrost of a mountain on a remote island in the Svalbard archipelago between mainland Norway and the North Pole, shouldn’t determine the fate of our agricultural future. Though the remote bank has collected 860,000 seed samples from around the world, with the latest withdrawal being made from war-torn Syria, what are the true intentions behind a bank said to, “preserve as much of the world’s crop diversity as possible,” while seed supplies around the world are being monopolized by a few corporations, and indigenous, thousand-year old seeds are being wiped out by genetically modified versions?

Svalbard’s investors, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, Monsanto, Syngenta, and other biotech interests tout this ‘seed saving’ monolith while simultaneously ravaging seed diversity, along with state laws throughout the US, and elsewhere on the globe, that prevent small farmers and gardeners from saving and sharing seed.

Endangered Seed

Currently, there are at least 100,000 global plant varieties endangered in the world. Extreme weather events, over-exploitation of ecosystems, habitat loss, and the cross-pollination of seed by genetically altered, terminator seed, contribute to the problem.

You could look at seed saving and seed sharing like open-source education. If you really want to democratize the flow of knowledge and information, you make it free, and offer it online, as many Universities now do. No one institution holds the entire knowledge on mathematics, art, literature, spirituality, or any other subject. Just as in nature, we require diversity of thought so that we don’t become automotons repeating a single, well-crafted agenda created by a handful of people.

Many farmers groups, non-profits, and governments are attempting to conserve seed diversity in their own communities, with more than 1,000 known seed banks, collaboratives, and exchanges around the world, but this time-honored tradition of seed saving is butting up against some very serious obstacles, which I’ll name in a moment.

Moreover, while the Svalbard seed bank seems to pass an initial sniff test, a little deeper digging can reveal other questions that many should be asking about such an expensive adventure in ‘protecting agriculture.’

Cary Fowler, senior adviser to the Global Crop Diversity Trust and the Svalbard seed bank, states,

“SSE’s seed bank and the Seed Vault are similar in many ways. Both primarily func­tion as an insurance policy for other forms of conservation. In the case of SSE, that would be varieties grown yearly by gardeners. With the Seed Vault, its seed samples held by seed banks, such as the Dutch, Philippine, or Kenyan national facilities, or SSE. The Seed Vault, however, was physically built to last as long as anything on earth. Its location is obviously remote, which adds to its security. Svalbard is under Norwegian sovereignty, which reassures many, and it was no small matter that Norway offered to pay the entire cost of construction.”

Fowler also argues that the age-old habit of seed sharing by farmers and gardeners poses too great a risk for Svalbard not to to exist, but while he dismisses ‘conspiracy theories’ around Svalbard’s true purpose, he has yet to address that those theories are not the rhetoric of ‘rabid dogs’ as he suggests. Many US states have made it illegal for gardeners and seed libraries to share seeds without a permit.

The Criminalization of Seed Sharing

Even more alarming is the European Union’s recent move to ban all heirloom seed and criminalize the planting of seeds not registered with the government. The European Commission,

“. . .regulates the marketing of plant reproductive material of agricultural, vegetable, forest, fruit and ornamental species and vines, ensuring that EU criteria for health and quality are met. EU legislation applies to genera and species important for the internal market and is based on:

Registration of varieties or material;

Certification or inspection of lots of seed and plant propagating material before marketing.”

Many are concerned that the EU Commission will not enhance agriculture with the Plant Reproductive Material Law, but give more control to the handful of agriculture corporations which are already monopolizing the world’s seed. The draft text of the law reads such that the act of passing seed from one generation to the next would be a criminal act.

Another example of the laws which prohibit the free and unencumbered sharing of seed includes the state of Minnesota’s seed law. It is broad enough that it essentially prohibits gardeners from sharing or giving away seeds unless they buy an annual permit, have the germination of each seed lot tested, and attach a detailed label to each seed packet. This would obviously be a time-sucking, financially draining practice for most gardeners and small farmers, yet the Minnesota Department of Agriculture recently told seed libraries that they can’t distribute free seeds to gardeners unless they buy a permit and provide detailed labeling, even though the libraries aren’t selling the seeds, and only sharing them freely. The penalty for violating this law is a fine of up to $7,500 per day.

This is an example of just one law in a single state, but laws like these can be found in around 30 percent of states in the US.

Who Owns the World’s Seed?

This is even more alarming considering that just ten corporations now control 70-90 percent of all the seeds cultivated on this planet. These are:

  1. Monsanto – 27% of market share
  2. DuPont  -17% of market share
  3. Syngenta – 9% of market share
  4. Groupe Limagrain
  5. Land O’ Lakes/Winfield Solutions
  6. KWS AG
  7. Bayer CropScience
  8. Dow AgroSciences
  9. Sakata
  10. DLF-Trifolium A/S

As Mother Earth News suggests, rather than imposing laws that uproot the age-old practice of seed sharing, governments, should be nurturing the free exchange of locally adapted seeds. But then, this would put the power back in the hands of people, small groups, and widely varied indigenous agricultural knowledge, not a few power-hungry, seed monopolizing entities known for destroying the very lands they claim to want to protect, and fomenting wars within the ISIS-cabal matrix.

Additional comments by seed saver Cary Fowler hint at the small farm disadvantage that these seed monopolies have created:

Keep in mind that many of the sam­ples held in Svalbard are of variet­ies no longer grown by farmers. In situ, or on-farm, conservation is not a realistic conservation option for these. Moreover, as we know, that form of conser­vation has its own set of risks. So, it is vitally important that all our different conservation efforts, whether in the garden or in the seed bank, be supplemented by a facility such as the Seed Vault.

The cost of conserving crop diversity is remarkably low relative to the massive benefits it brings. After all, we’re talking about the foundation of our food.”  (Source)

Imagine for a moment what would happen to the global seed supply if Syria were the rule, instead of the exception. As National Geographic attests.

Problem-Solution Tactics

“Thanks to Syria’s civil war, the region’s primary seed vault in Aleppo has been forced to operate in a limited fashion, amid fighting that has left several hundred thousand dead and forced an estimated 11 million to become refugees. As ISIS controls part of Syria and refugees stream across Europe, destruction of antiquities and infrastructure continues.”

As smaller seed sharing communities are wiped out by organized war, weaponized weather, electromagnetic abnormalities caused by geoengineering and other programs, and false flag events of every kind, more people would be forced to turn to the current seed monopolizing governments and corporations holding out in their permafrost fortress in Svlabard. If you want to live – and eat – after WWIII, you’d have no choice but to be under the total control of these few entities.

The Plausible Deniability of Genetic Diversity

Carey Fowler swears that Svalbard was built to promote genetic diversity, not uniformity, but that claim hardly stands up to scrutiny when you look at what its investors have already done to damage natural genetic diversity in the world’s crops.

For example, La Via Campesina, a farmers’ movement of 150 organizations from 70 countries, has grave concerns about protecting biodiversity. In its statement to those gathered in Bali for the United Nations treaty on plant genetics, the organization urged treaty drafters to reevaluate the legal framework that allows seed patenting and the spread of genetically engineered crops, like those that Monsanto, Syngenta, and Dow cultivate. All three of these companies were investors either directly or indirectly in Svalbard.

Additionally, most of the crops that were ‘developed’ in the last 40 years were to facilitate a mechanical harvest and easy shipping, meaning varieties of tomatoes and other fruits have been developed that were harder and tougher — often at the expense of other qualities, such as taste. This same process has occurred with numerous crops. The biotech industry isn’t protecting seed diversity, they are enhancing the mechanized, post-industrial vision of cheap, tasteless, nutritionless food, but Svalbard could point to something even more sinister than this. It is called the ‘doomsday seed vault’ for a reason.

Extinction Events

Carey Fowler suggests that the Svalbard Seed Bank has ‘put an end to the extinction of crop diversity,’ when asked if the seed vault is thus far a success, but also admits there will always be seed diversity that is not contained within the bank.

To give a specific incidence of Svalbard’s financiers handy-work,

Corn has been carefully tended in Mexico for eight millennia and environmental conservationists report that thousands of peasant varieties are still grown throughout the country. With an estimated 75 per cent of the planet’s biodiversity vanished as of 1995, Mexico’s heterogeneous corn fields are a rare vestige of the age prior to the “Green Revolution” era that is responsible for the artificially and unhealthily homogenous industrial agriculture that is prevalent now.”

This is just one type of crop in one country. Monsanto almost single-handedly wiped out eight thousand years of genetic diversity developed by Mother Nature with a handful of their genetically modified corn varieties.

Additional supporters of Svalbard, Bill Gates and the Rockefellers are known population control artists who have altered our environment in a number of drastic ways to “maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature,” as stated plainly on the Georgia Guidestones. Svalbard is the grisly fall-out plan B, for a multi-point roll out of death technology meant to cull the masses. It isn’t meant to save us, or our seed. We are nothing more than guinea pigs for their biological/medical experiments.

This is a form of genocide, meant to protect only the elite few who believe they have a special duty to develop a transhumanist society. What better way to control the handful of humans left on the planet after complete annihilation than to utterly control their food?

Welcome to the New World Order. Svalbard is only one ‘doomsday’ vault in a multi-faceted plan to create doom overall. Protect your seed. Don’t give governments or corporations (who control our governments) the right to take your seed sovereignty. This is your right to life.



Nathaniel Mauka is a researcher of the dark side of government and exopolitics, and a staff writer for Waking Times.



From the Melanated Man:

I’m surprised that I even entertained the thought of writing a post about a “childrens” movie. This was not on my to-post list.

The wife and I took my three and two-year old daughters to see Trolls  a couple of weeks back. I didn’t want to go honestly, I didn’t want to subject my kids to such buffoonery at a young age. But hey what the heck!

“Hey, it’s just a children’s movie. It shouldn’t be that bad, right?”


Too many subliminal and hidden messages. For a CHILDRENS CARTOON MOVIE!!!

Our youth, the melanated ones, do not have a chance, people! They’re hitting them very early. I should have known better, though.

Anything that is placed on a screen is meant to manipulate and influence thought and behavior. I repeat…


Even if it’s a cartoon, for children.

But anyway, I’m sitting in the theater shaking my head, laughing at the foolishness they are feeding my children through this bullshit they call entertainment.

Here’s the synopsis:

The Bergens are a group of people who are miserable practically all of their lives. They are  ugly, grayish-looking creatures with pointed ears and long noses, moles all over their bodies. They live in a modern-day slum-like metropolis. The only day that they are happy is when they can eat a Troll, the day of Trollstice. Initially the Trolls were trapped/guarded in their their home tree, the only tree in the Bergen city, by the Bergens. The Trolls are a “colorful” bunch,. They are naturally happy and lively creatures who love to sing and dance, sporting exotic-like hair and “wide ” noses. The Trolls manage to escape from the Bergens and build their own civilization (Troll Village) in the untampered forest away from the Bergens city and live peacefully amongst themselves for a good number of years. The Bergens thereby have absolutely nothing to look forward to during that time period.  That is until the Bergens are able to find Troll Village and kidnap a good number of the Trolls and take them back to their city to recommence Trollstice. So Poppy (voiced by Anna Kendricks) and Branch (voiced by Justin Timberlake) must go rescue their comrades from the Bergens.

And so and so on.



I’m assuming that most of my subscribers do not have kids . If you do, I’m safe in thinking that you really wouldn’t care to see the movie anyway, so no spoiler alert will be issued.

I will be brief with this so no worries. It’s pretty straightforward.


(My thoughts and opinions are captured in bold.)


Just based off of the synopsis, it’s not too difficult to determine who is who when placed in real world context. The Bergens have a direct parallel to the Europeans, Caucasians, the Melanin-Recessive individuals of this world. The Trolls have strong traits to Africans, Blacks, Aboriginals, The Melanin-Dominant, besides the fact that they are short. The Bergens have had to eat, like vampires who suck the life out of their hue-man counterparts, the life force of the Trolls to have any semblance of satisfaction during their existence. Due to their melanin-recessive position, Europeans cannot spiritually connect to the life force of the Earth and the Sun.Thus they have feed off the energy of the Melanin-Dominant through our emotions, our participation within their sick system, theft and rape, and in some cases, through straight up eating us. Practically everything that the European has attained in this day and age has been through illegal appropriation. When the Trolls are able to escape from the Bergens, they head into the forest, into nature, away from the dirty, filthy,infested metropolis inhabited by the Bergens. They are able to reconnect with nature, able to live in peace amongst themselves away from the Bergens. The Melanin-Dominant should heed to this example if they wish break away from the Matrix and attain true liberation, physical and spiritual. 

Years after the escape, the Trolls  live prosperous in Troll Village. Poppy, daughter of King Peppy, is the future queen-to-be of Troll Village. She is oblivious of the fact that Bergens could find Troll Village. Throughout history, long before to the reign of ancient BLACK Egypt, the Melanin-Dominant have underestimated the machinations of their Melanin-Recessive enemies.   Poppy frequently throws parties that are flamboyant and loud enough to attract the attention of the Bergen Chef (voiced by Christine Baranski), who was cast out of the Bergens city after the Trolls escape.The Chef kidnapped most of Poppy’s best friends, including her love interest Creek, taking them back to Bergens city to regain favor with the king and Bergen faithful.  Prior to the attack, Branch was always on alert of an Bergens attack due to a tragic childhood experience where his Grandma as kidnapped and eaten by a Bergen. Branch reminds me of the militant, the conscious Melanin-Dominant individual who are always on alert of  their unnatural enemies (the Melanin-Recessive).

In the attempt to rescue Poppy’s friends, Poppy and Branch are discovered by maid to King Gristle Jr. (voiced by Christopher Mintz-Plasse)  Bridget (voiced by Zooey Deschanel), who is not as cold and cruel as the other Bergens and secretly has romantic feelings for the king. Poppy, Branch and Poppy’s crew help the maid disguise as a voluptuous Bergen vixen to capture the king’s attention during one of the king’s random outings, with new wardrobe and by using their own exotic-hair as a colorful rainbow wig. Besides the obvious shout out to LGBT community (there were many other sexual innuendos in this “childrens” movie), Europeans have since seemingly time immoral have tried to imitate the body and hair complexions of the Melanin-Dominant due to possibly their own insecurities of what they lack naturally. They have appropriated that complexion themselves and have shamed the Melanin-Dominant who have taken pride in what they have naturally. 

Later in the movie, the Trolls are betrayed by one of their own Creek (voiced by Russell Brand), captured in the initial attack, who makes a deal with the Bergens to spare his own life if he gives up the remaining Trolls in the Troll Village. Sounds familiar? We have a term, well a couple of terms, that describe Melanin-Dominant individuals who sell their people down the river to be Massa’s kiss-ass (that’s one!): Sambo, coon, knee-grow, etc. Too many resistances have been sabotaged in the past by those who seek to befriend their enemy. Once the all of the Trolls are captured with the Bergens looking to prepare them for a special treat, the Trolls spiritually succumb to defeat and began to lose their “colors.” When the Melanin-Dominant choose to ignore their natural gift of melanin and yield to the conquerors (their colonizers), they lose that gift, the connection to the universe. Luckily, Bridget is able to save the Trolls before they were sent to the oven to be cooked. This reeks of WSIC: White Savior Industrial Complex! The Melanin-Dominant are not able to free themselves without help from Europeans?!

Moving on…

Eventually at the end of the film, before Bridget can turn herself in for treason, the Trolls decide to back her and convince the king and his people to spare her and their own lives. They helped Bridget reveal to the king her true identity. Bridget claimed that the Trolls showed her that the Bergens could indeed attain happiness like the Trolls if they only believed themselves. The king and the Bergens are persuaded of this new reality and welcome the Trolls back in their city to the tree they once occupied. The Chef and the traitorous Troll Creek are kicked out of the city and Poppy is officially made queen of the Trolls. Poppy and Branch began a budding romance and of course, happily ever after.


The message to our very impressionable youth is to  make peace with your enemies, who…

naturally don’t have what you have, the gift of melanin


honestly, you don’t need anything from because of that gift of melanin


over thousands and thousands of years have established their TRUE NATURE to you…



To make peace and INTEGRATE?


The Trolls left their beautiful city amongst the beautiful wildlife and Mother Earth, to their old tree that is most likely suffocated by the filth and smog produced by the Bergen city.

Just to integrate with the Bergens. Smh.

The Melanin-Dominant have integrated into a system and society (Western society) that is not conducive to their biology nor their spirituality. But the majority of them are cognizant of that fact. I guess, like the Trolls, we must show Europeans, the Melanin-Recessive, how to be civil and be civilized creatures. Hey, we have created practically EVERYTHING that they claim they’ve “discovered” or “invented” in more ways than one. 

Screw that!

Anyway, that’s what they are teaching our youth behind the scenes of these cartoon concoctions.

These “CHILDRENS” movies.

Unfortunately our children can’t see this at a very young age, and they are very persuadable by this nonsense. We have to protect them. It is our responsibility to decalicify our pineal eye, that THIRD EYE, so that we can.

If we don’t, our children, our seed, our FUTURE doesn’t stand a chance.


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man




Food for Thought: Thanksgiving/Black Friday Advisory


From the Melanated Man:

It’s that time of the year where we partaketh of the turkey. For those of us who don’t eat meat, it’s tofurky. But I don’t eat that nonsense either.



“No,no,no! Not for me!” Yuuuccck!

No offense to those who do, but personally I might as well eat the real thing.

Ha! Yeah right!

I’m not going to bore you with the original dreaded tragic history of Thanksgiving. We’re all too familiar with that at this point. For those who are not, click here. This is one of many thoughtful analysis of what really went down over 400-500 years ago.

It is also the time of the year where we voluntarily give our hard-earned dollars away to the corporations who don’t give a damn about us, on that unofficial holiday (it’s an official holiday to those corporations!) they coincidentally call Black Friday.

It’s a not a coincidence. We happily throw our money away to those parasites.

I bet we spend half of that $1 or $2 trillion dollars they say leaves the Black community on a yearly basis on that one day. I’m just saying

Thanksgiving and Black Friday have one thing in common: consumption.

Reckless consumption.

We stuff ourselves to death with death, for those of us who still adhere to the standard American diet. Then we follow that up the next day by buying things that truly have no value the grand scheme of things.

At some point after Thanksgiving and Black Friday a few of us will find ourselves in the ER because of chest pains, heartburn, etc., or we will  end up in debt, having spent our rent money on the latest Black Friday scam, I mean sale.

This behavior is the definition of spiritual death.

Check out these posts:

ED vs. EL: Eating Meat, Huh?!

ED vs EL: Vegetables have Life/Light as Well

ED vs. EL: ‘White’ Starches and Oils

ED vs. EL: Dos and Donts of Food Combining

When Consumption Changes, “The Matrix” Will Fall

Enough of ranting! At this point, I just want to say, be mindful of your decisions during these “holidays.”

Use this opportunity to spend some valuable time with your families and loved ones. Engage in some thought-provoking dialogue with family members. You probably want see some these family member for another 6 months to a year.You never know.

Enjoy the experience!

Make sure to watch your food intake (the what and the how much) and try to spurn viewership of the  annual Thanksgiving production provided by the NFL corporation . From my own personal experience, watching junk TV while consuming foods that doesn’t fit the biology of Melanin-Dominant is a catastrophe. If you have changed you diet and have unplugged from mainstream TV like I have, you probably know what I’m talking about.

If we’re spending dollars on Black Friday, preferably spend with Black (Melanin-Dominant) businesses. Buy something worthwhile that will actually enhance your life instead of taking away from it. It may sound a bit idealistic, and honestly beating a dead horse,  idealistic has to become the norm.

That’s if a transformation is what you genuinely seek in your life and for our people as a whole.

Think about it. Be safe and enjoy yourself!

Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man

a repost: Obama’s Departure is One Reason to Feel Optimism for Trump’s Arrival


Article posted on Black Agenda Report (click here for original)

by Danny Haiphong

“Only gridlock saved Social Security and Medicare from being privatized during his Presidency.”

Thousands have taken to the streets across the country to protest Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 elections. The protests have mainly centered on Trump’s racism, sexism, and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric spewed during his campaign. Protesters have yet to wrestle with Trump’s positions on foreign policy and trade that made him a pariah to the majority of the ruling class. The struggle against capitalism and imperialism in the US remains immature even in the midst of positive growth in the movement against police brutality and racism in recent years. While Trump’s overt bigotry gives cause for protest, there is one benefit of the Trump moment that should not be understated. That benefit is the much needed conclusion of the Obama era.

Democrats across the US are in a state of mourning over the departure of Obama. Democrats heralded Obama as the quintessential professional and consummate politician. His celebrity was peppered by the appearance of intelligence and rationality in the face of so-called Republican “obstructionism.” Obama’s rule was advertised as a victory for the Black Freedom movement. His Administration possessed a vast marketing apparatus that defended him as the lesser-evil alternative to the racist vitriol of the White Man’s Republican Party.

“Obama’s rule was advertised as a victory for the Black Freedom movement.”

Black Agenda Report was one of the few on the left that warned of the dangers of Obama in 2008. Once elected, Obama became virtually untouchable. Criticisms of his policies were condemned as racist and insensitive to the needs of Black America. The needs of Black America and the entire left for that matter suddenly became aligned with whatever Obama did. Obama moved forward to protect the banks, escalate war, and erect the largest national security state ever assembled. He instantly became the austerity President, waging a war of privatization on public education with the expressed plans to do the same to Social Security. Only gridlock saved Social Security and Medicare from being privatized during his Presidency.

The full scope of Obama’s legacy has been discussed in earlier issues and will not be analyzed here. What is important is that the left will no longer have Obama to defend its alignment with US imperialism. No longer will the left be able to fall back on the first Black President to sanitize his record. Obama’s immigration policies deported nearly 3 million undocumented immigrants with little protest. His Administration painted itself as a friend of women and LGBTQ identified people despite the fact that his policy of proxy and drone warfare murdered tens of thousands of women and children in Yemen, Syria, Libya, and Honduras.

“The left will no longer have Obama to defend its alignment with US imperialism.”

Obama was able to conduct a greater assault on oppressed people than the prior Bush Administration, making him the most effective evil Wall Street could buy. Obama took over as President in a period where the US was mired in two unpopular occupations abroad and an economic crisis at home. These conditions prompted the ruling class to choose Obama as the required form of counterinsurgency necessary to crush resistance before it started. After making a number of promises to end “dumb wars” and institute a single payer healthcare system, Obama entered office ready to the bidding of the ruling class. Eight years later, Black America is in a worse condition than before, working class people as a whole have lost ground to a low-wage economy, and the world is closer to a World War III scenario than at any point prior.

The massive protests to Trump’s victory are in part a release of popular energy brought on by the departure of Obama. Unrest began with the formation of the Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter movements. However, neither of these movements articulated Obama’s role in creating the conditions for social insurgency and movement. The 2016 elections changed the landscape dramatically. The Sanders and Trump campaigns set millions into motion in protest of the two-party establishment. Obama’s departure will be another breath of fresh air into the internal rot of the imperialist system. It is thus important to ensure that the protests against Trump are not allowed to be channeled back into the Democratic Party graveyard.

“After making a number of promises to end “dumb wars” and institute a single payer healthcare system, Obama entered office ready to the bidding of the ruling class.”

Obama will leave Trump a set of conditions that he cannot possibly maintain without popular unrest. Obama departs office only inches from World War III with Russia and China. Poverty and wealth inequality worsened under his administration. Not even clever distortions of statistics could hide the large number of workers currently unemployed or underemployed in the low-wage economy. School closures, food stamp cuts, and bank bailouts have unleashed the neo-liberal wasteland that Trump spoke about in his campaign.

It appears early on that the left has rejected the viability of Trump’s calls to regulate the banks and renegotiate trade deals in favor of working people. Many have ignored Trump’s “populist” rhetoric and have focused all the energy of resistance on his white supremacist proposals to ban Muslims and deport millions of undocumented people. However, this moment is just as much about Obama’s departure as it is Trump’s arrival. The US imperialist system is facing multiple crises that relate directly back to the economic stagnation of global capitalism. It would be a mistake not to demand Trump stay true to his “populism” just as it was a mistake when the left failed to demand Obama stay true to his promises. Whatever the case, the departure of Obama is a welcome site, and the left should use the room afforded by it to wage an intensified effort to build the organizational basis for social revolution in our time.

Danny Haiphong is an Asian activist and political analyst in the Boston area. He can be reached at wakeupriseup1990@gmail.com

a repost: What Does a Trump Victory Mean for Africa?



Article posted on Black Agenda Report (click link for original)


This article previously appeared in Pambazuka News.

Trump will sabotage the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and similar strategies to solve global problems.”

The most catastrophic long-term consequence is climate change. This is because Trump is a denialist who will give the green light to widespread fracking, coal and oil exploration. Africa will be the most adversely affected continent. United Nations scientists estimate that 9 out of 10 small-scale farmers are unlikely to farm by 2100 due to drying soils and global warming, plus extreme weather will also cause 180 million unnecessary African deaths by then, according to Christian Aid.

Under Trump, we can safely predict that Washington will no longer seek to control United Nations climate negotiations, as did Barack Obama’s administration. The WikiLeaks Clinton emails and State Department cables revealed blatant manipulations of the Copenhagen and Durban climate summits. Instead, Trump will simply pull the US out of the 2015 Paris agreement, as did George W. Bush from the Kyoto Protocol.

By good fortune, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change annual summit is underway this week in Morocco. The only logical move, if the delegates have any spine, is to expel the US State Department and establish the machinery for a major carbon tax applied to products associated with countries – the US especially – which raise emissions and threaten the survival of many species across the globe.

“Trump will simply pull the US out of the 2015 Paris agreement, as did George W. Bush from the Kyoto Protocol.”

Trump also heralds a rise in US racism and xenophobia, parallel to the Brexit vote by the British white working class. In neither case will local solutions be effective for the simple reason that neither Trump nor Theresa May (UK Prime Minister) are interested in the income redistribution required to benefit their economies.

And African elites who have – with a few exceptions – climbed over each other to please Washington, won’t find themselves welcome in the White House.

Hopefully the contagion of Trump’s racism – which will make life for Africans much harder – will be met by a major resistance movement including Africans from all walks of life in solidarity with various groups that stand to be oppressed by the US – women, African-Americans, Latinos, Muslims, environmentalists, progressives of all sorts. This movement can shape up in the same spirit to those that gave solidarity during the fight against apartheid.

What are the likely economic consequences?

Consistent with his isolationism, world trade stagnation will continue. In the case of Africa, Trump is likely to retract benefits under the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act and reduce US aid.

That isolationism, in turn, could give Africans a chance to recalibrate what is now an excessive, self-destructive reliance on export of oil and gas, minerals and cash crops. Africa must focus on localizing its economies to be able to meet basic needs.

Trump’s hatred of what he terms the “globalists” is probably just hot electioneering rhetoric. It’s fair to predict that pro-corporate candidates will come forward as Trump allies to calm the crashing stock markets.

The “neoliberal” group of policy wonks who expressed disgust with Trump and favored Hillary Clinton will quickly make inroads into the new administration. They will ensure that the continuing US dominance in Western-leaning multilateral institutions is not disturbed.

We can simply anticipate more brazen US self-interest, as witnessed during the Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush regimes, with less of the confusing rhetoric promoted by Obama and his allies.

What US policies on Africa are likely to change? With what impact?

To be frank, we can only offer guesses. Trump said literally nothing about Africa during his campaign. He wants to “rebuild US military power,” which might include strengthening the Pentagon’s controversial Africa Command, known as Africom.

Economically, it is worth noting Trump’s close relations to the oil and gas industry which comes via Vice President Mike Pence. This suggests that multinational corporations in the extractive industries who desire more explicit imperial support for African adventurism will be served well by Trump’s bully-boy mentality.

What does this mean for multilateral institutions and how will this affect Africa?

The US’s role in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will become nastier given the veto power it enjoys, holding more than 15% of the voting shares. Trump will probably hire a brutal neoliberal as his IMF executive director, someone who will tighten the screws on Africa using Washington’s veto power. The leaders of two big African economies are desperate for IMF credits: Nigeria ($29 billion) and Egypt ($12 billion).

In relation to the United Nations, an interesting question comes to mind: should the UN leadership now sitting in Trump’s Manhattan East Side neighborhood not develop a contingency plan to move UN headquarters out of the US? Trump promises to make life very hard for visitors who are Muslims, Libyans, Syrians and Mexicans – amongst others – so holding multilateral events in the US may soon be impossible.

The period ahead demands a very different multilateralism due to a number of expectations. The first is that Trump will sabotage the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and similar strategies to solve global problems, and wreck nuclear non-proliferation strategies such as the agreement that Obama painstakingly reached with Iran earlier this year.

And the second is that three of the BRICS’ nationalistic leaders – Vladimir Putin in Russia, Nahendra Modi in India and Michel Temer in Brazil – can be expected to establish much closer ties to Trump. This is likely to affect the balance of power between geographical regions, added to which are the drift of Pakistan, Turkey and the Philippines away from Washington. Trump’s hatred of China is another indeterminate factor.

Regardless of the geopolitical maneuvers, it’s time for a ‘multilateralism-from-below’ in which traditional progressive movements in civil society find common cause, because this is the most serious threat to humanity, the world economy and environment we’ve seen in living memory.

Patrick Bond is Director of the University of KwaZulu-Natal Centre for Civil Society and a professor of political economy at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Food for Thought: The Apocalypse isn’t coming, it’s already here!!


From the Melanated Man:


The definition of apocalypse taken from Google:

apocalypse (n.)-

1. the complete final destruction of the world, especially as described in the biblical book of Revelation.



2. an event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale.
I think everyone is familiar with that definition. That’s nothing new.
Check out the original etymology of the word, taken from Online Etymology Dictionary (notice the bold words)
late 14c., “revelation, disclosure,” from Church Latin apocalypsisrevelation,” from Greek apokalypteinuncover, disclose, reveal,” from apo- “from” (see apo-) + kalyptein “to cover, conceal” (see Calypso).
We have to watch these words with the double meanings, seriously people!
Every religion known to man this day in age speaks of “the reckoning”, “the end of the world”, “Doomsday” scenarios. It’s been discussed since time immoral, which time in itself is an illusion as I briefly mentioned before.   With talks of global warming, impending wars, social dissension as well as many other calamities that’s brewing, it feels like a apocalyptic event is on the horizon.
But what if the apocalypse is already here?
What if the masses have been played like a fool, which we are, about the truth?

The Apocalypse is already here, melanated family!

Information and knowledge that’s been hidden for so long from my people, my Melanin-Dominant brothers and sisters,  is becoming “revealed”, “disclosed”, and “revealed.” Slowly but surely the truth about who we are, the true history of this world, is bubbling up to the surface.

And it’s about DAMN TIME!

You ever wondered about why there have been so many apocalyptic movies released over the last 20-25 years?

The Good versus Evil nonsense?

The entire premise of those movies is to psychologically imprint the idea in our minds that we must prevent the destruction of this parasitic capitalistic illusion, this Matrix. White (the Melanin-Recessive) supremacy supported by the suffering and occasional corroboration of the Melanin-Dominant. Programming the unawakened, spiritually dead to prevent the consciousness of the 99% majority from rising to higher dimensions of reality.

The idea of an apocalypse generates fear and angst within the Melanin-Recessive and the those spiritually dead  and treacherous Melanin-Dominant individuals.

The idea of an apocalypse should give the initiated, the awakened, inspiration and encouragement!!

Those of us who have chosen to take this path to enlighten the world must embrace this reality. We were meant and purposed to bring about the apocalypse. The Earth and its inhabitants cannot survive much longer as is. I understand that the majority of us may not make it to the other side of the transition.

On the low, from my perspective, culling the population is not all bad.

It is a necessity.

Of course, I’m talking about natural culling that is done by the forces of nature, metaphysical entities that we may or may not be aware of. Earth is going to eventually rid itself of its viruses one way or another.  This man-made culling that has been geared toward the Melanin-Dominant for too long is a concoction created by the powers-that-be to create the population that they see fit.

Or better yet, preserve their genetic identity.

Everyone is not meant to crossover into the new reality that is about come. Some people may not be ready or unwilling to change/break away from the Matrix.

“Only the strong will survive.”

And hey, I may be included in that group as well. I may not be where  I think I am physically and spiritually.

Hey, time (smh!) will tell. At the end of the day, I want the best for this planet and the well-being of the people who are the original men and women of the earth.


Let’s bring about the Apocalypse, family!

Our own genetic heritage depends on it.


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man








What KILLS Melanin Production Part 2: The Melanin-Rich Skin


From the Melanated Man:

I noticed that the first part of this series has received a lot of views. It’s a topic that’s gaining interest. No one has necessarily commented or left any feedback, but that’ OK. At least people are out there searching for the truth. I’m more concerned about that. I just want to do my part. They see the information, now it’s up them to make the changes and spread the word themselves.

We have the share the knowledge!

But anyway, when it comes to what harms our gift of melanin, the first thing that comes to mind is what are we putting in our mouths. We tend to forget the most overlooked organ of our body, which is actually the largest organ of our body: the skin.

That melanin-rich we all take so much pride in. We can’t forget to take care of that.

Our skin breathes and eats as well!

We have to take care of our entire bodies, inside and outside. We never think about the types of skin products we to moisturize our skin, to give it a smell good. The majority of us Melanin-Dominant individuals places so much interest in those things, the vanity of it all, not thinking about the harmful chemicals those products contain. I have many memories of drenching myself in cologne, rubbing myself down in some cocoa, getting ready for a hold date. I didn’t even think about the consequences of my actions towards by skin. If I knew what I know now I would have not dare covered myself with poison.

Because that’s what it is at the end of the day.

As mentioned before regarding the foods we buy, if you cannot pronounce the ingredients on the skin products, if they have more than 5 ingredients on the list, and/or they are created by giant corporations (such as Johnson & Johnson), STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

At some point I’ll come up with a list of approved products and post it in the future.

Below is a list of  ingredients taken from a pretty good source, The Melanin Diet by Deanne E. Meningall, that you will more than likely find in you skin care products. This book is a hard book to come across, partly because it is not in publication and people are jacking up the prices.

AND, it’s the perfect book for those who are novices coming across this knowledge.

The perfect layman’s type of book.

Luckily, I was able to get it at reasonable price. It’s a great, simple read.


Skin care ingredients list, per The Melanin Diet by Deanne E. Meningall

*Note: This is only a comprehensive list of ingredients. There are much, much more!

1. “Humectants”- Are used in cosmetics. They are really an industrial strength anti-freeze, which is a major ingredient commonly found in brake and hydraulic fluid. All ingredients can be considered to be a strong irritant

a. Glycerin- Is a type of humectant. It is made chemically by combining water and fat. Glycerin is a filler. It is used to prevent creams and lotions from losing water through eveaporation. Try this; leave the cap off and notice what happens. Nothing. It can cause the skin to become drier because it has a tendency to draw water of the skin unless the humidity of the air is above 65 percent.

b. Propylene glycol- Is another type of humectant. It is less expensive when compared to glycerin, although many more sensitive reactions are common. Propylene glycol also causes acne eruptions.

2. Mineral oil-Is derived from crude oil, used in industry as metal cutting fluid. It will suffocate melanin-rich skin by causing an oil film. This oil film will prevent the skin from taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. Artificially holding large amounts of moisture in the skin can “flood” the body. This may result in dry, immature, unhealthy and sensitive skin. This is a recipe for fast-aging skin in spite of the presence of melanin.

a. Petrolatum & petroleum- Are products that have the same properties as mineral oil. they are considered to be unhealthy greases.

3. Sodium lauryl sulfate- Must be considered the most harmful ingredient in personal care products. SLS is used as a testing marker to compare the healing properties of other ingredients. Industrial uses include; garage floor cleaners, engine degreasers and car wash soaps.

In personal care products, the danger in using SLS is great. Large amounts of this potentially carcinogenic material may have nitrites and dioxins to form in the bottle of the shampoos and cleansers. This happens when the SLS reacts with commonly used ingredients found in many products. These nitrites may enter the bloodstream after one shampooing. This ingredient is directly or indirectly responsible for dis-ease in the body.

4. Sodium fluoride-Simply stated, is a rat poison! Make sure this is not in your toothpaste.

5. Alcohol in mouthwash-Contains a higher alcohol content that beer, wine, and may types of liquor. Mouthwash with an alcohol content of 25% or higher has been implicated in causing mouth, tongue and throat cancers. Alcohol acts as a solvent in the mouth, making tissues more vulnerable to carcinogens.

6.Titanium Dioxide – Was declared carcinogen as of 2001.

7. Collagen and elastin- Are commonly used, and are derived from animal skins and ground up chicken feet. These ingredients form films over the skin that may suffocate and over-moisturize the skin. Due to their high molecular weight (based on the size of the molecule), they cannot penetrate the skin; therefore they are of little benefit. When the skin cannot breathe, toxins are trapped and therefore keep oxygen out. Elastin is not completely absorbed by the epidermis. Furthermore, in a cosmetic product, elastin cannot restore tone to the skin.

8. Hypoallergenic-is a term that means “less than”, therefore the consumer is led to believe that the product has fewer allergens when compared to other products. since there are no federal guidelines or regulations defining allergens, the term “hypoallergenic” has little if any true meaning.

9. Lanolin- Is “wool fat” or grease chemically akin to wax. The consumer has been told that it is able to penetrate the skin better than other oils. There is no scientific proof to support this claim. In fact, lanolin has been found to be a common skin irritant that will cause allergic contact skin rashes. Lanolin usually contains pesticides and dioxins, also known as carcinogens.

10. Biotin- Is also known as vitamin H. It has been associated with greasy scalps and baldness in rats and other experimental animals. Deficiency in biotin is uncommon. It is extremely rare. Biotin is a useless additive in cosmetic products because its molecular size is too large to penetrate the skin.

11. Kaolin-Is considered natural clay. It is, in fact, quite drying and dehydrating to the skin. Contamination with impurities is also likely. Once again, it will suffocate the skin by blocking out the oxygen needed.


Pretty interesting, huh?


Remember to watch what you place on your skin. Eating through our mouths is not the only way we are being comprised by the-powers-that-be.

Stay conscious, fam!


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man

My thoughts on “Arrival”, the concept of Time, and its effects on our minds




From the Melanated Man:

I wasn’t intending on writing a post on this movie, partly because I wasn’t intending on going to watch this movie either. Honestly I did not know anything about this movie; my wife told me about it and wanted to go see it. She figured that I would want to go watch it as well, stating the rave reviews it had received, describing it as a cerebral film.

Well, at first glance the old me wouldn’t dare spend $8.50  (that is the matinee price, because I refuse to spend double to see the same movie in prime time!) to go watch an alien invasion movie seemingly without any real action whatsoever.

What’s the point?

But obviously the old me is dead and buried six feet underground. The new me was partially excited and skeptical since I hadn’t heard anything about the movie, and it wasn’t a movie on my personal “Must See” list (i.e X-Men Apocalypse, Doctor Strange.)


It was good! I learned, well reaffirmed, some knowledge that I had been thinking and contemplating on the last couple of months. Particularly on the concept of time. There were other elements of the movie that I found interesting as well, such as the “aliens” technology,  but none like the interpretation of time that was presented to the audience by the “aliens.”

The connection between the concept of time and man’s culture (mindset) is the main focus of this post.

I suggest everyone go see this movie. It is presented as a thought-provoking film, and it is; for myself it was only confirmation for me on so many levels.




Synopsis: Twelve extraterrestrial aircrafts, known as Shells (which they actually do look like shells), arrive in strategic locations on Earth. The film’s lead is Amy Adams, who portrays Dr. Louise Banks, an renowned linguist. She is called upon by the US Army Colonel Weber (portrayed by Forest Whitaker) to lead a special team at one of the Shell landing sites in Montana, to decipher the alien’s language and figure out their intentions. Also on the team is Ian Donnelly (portrayed by Jeremy Renner) an astrophysicist who is skeptical of Banks’ skills and how they pertain to the task of communicating with the aliens. Throughout the entire movie Louise is haunted by visions of losing her daughter to a rare disease not known to the audience. The alien creatures resemble cephalopods (or squid-like), and are protected by a glass window whenever the team comes into contact with them.


My thoughts and opinions are written in bold.

Throughout the entire film, there are references to time. The whole basis of the movie revolves around the concept of time. There was a statement at the beginning of the film by Dr. Banks stating that she feels that “time has no beginning or an end.” She stated to Colonel Weber that through her studies with other cultures on Earth that a society’s language is influenced by their viewpoint of life and the universe. There was another statement such as “time is non-linear,” when it came to decoding the aliens written language. The alien’s language is written in a circular-form, indicating that their understanding of time is in fact cyclical in nature.

If you have a decent relationship with the Good Book, then you should be familiar with this verse:

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

Revelation 22:13

Minus the obvious contradiction of the Bible, there is alot of truth within it. Each and every one of us are the living manifestation of this verse.

Let me elaborate on that.

The average Internet research scholar should be privy to the fact that the Bible, well the earlier variations of it, was practically written by individuals who were Melanin-Dominant. Those “aliens” in the movie represent those ancient Melanin-Dominant ancestors who knew everything regarding the “concept of time” and of the things to come. Whether we know it or not, our ancestors tried to warn us (i.e. the Melanin-Dominant including Blacks, Africans, Aboriginals, etc.) of the coming storm, or terror that was to come. They knew that time is only a recurrent phenomenon. 

The ancients sensed long ago that there was going to be a shift in power, and thus, the mindset of the people on the planet. It would transfer into a new cycle of living, a very  cycle of living not natural or conducive to Melanin-Dominant peoples. The philosophy changed from one of a collective (African) to an individual (European) philosophy. We are well-versed to the fact that this new cycle has chad major consequences for Melanin-Dominant peoples throughout recent history of the last 6,000 to 10,000 years. The age of -isms has been in full supply, from Capitalism to Imperialism to Fascism to Racism and so on and so on.

Famine, widespread disease, pollution, and war are the byproducts of this now supreme philosophy. It explains how Louise can see her future daughter contracting and dying from a rare disease, and her future husband Dr. Donnelly leaving her in the subsequent aftermath. The society (Western, European culture) that is the preeminent culture of the day has created a scenario such as this. When the African mindset was dominant on the planet, these this sort of situation was virtually non-existent. Any dis-ease could be cured through the African holistic way.

If you understand and overstand a species culture and mentality, it’s not too hard to predict their actions and reactions. Then time, if there is such a thing as time, does not exist.

As we say: “Wash, rinse, repeat.”


The dominant culture in today’s society (Western culture) has a finite foundation. Every aspect of Western culture and thought has as a beginning and an end. For instance:

-The way we write and communicate, there is a beginning and end to our sentences that we write, and to conversations we have with one another. 

-The way we work for 30-40 years searching for that light at the end of the tunnel called retirement, it explains how individuals can settle for a subpar occupation for so long.

-Even the way we look at death, we figure that’s the end of our existence, it’s only a stepping stone to the next stage. For example in the movie, the alien named Costello by the humans mentioned that Abbott was “in the death process,” following the attack  by rogue Army soldiers who were against the aliens’ presence on Earth.

(Note: The aliens did not retaliate from that attack, only pulling their ships a few thousand feet away from the surface to protect themselves from further confrontation. They kept calm and patient. Their behavior reflect that of a highly civilized, melanated culture.)

Western civilization has trapped the majority of the inhabitants of this planet with this finite understanding of time. The “primitive” cultures that the West has devoured over thousands of years knew that time (and history) repeats itself.

“What goes around, comes back around.”

Sort of like a REVOLUTION! 


  1. a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system.
  2. an instance of revolving.


Why do we even call a revolution (the uprising part of that term) a revolution anyway?It puzzles me. Because we complain about the same thing over and over again, have an uproar about, and the same shit repeats itself again in a different form/manner.

We need to do away with words that have a double meaning. We are unwittingly causing confusion within our minds. Remember, language imitates culture, culture imitates mindset.

It’s time that we change our language, our culture, our mindset, back to that of our ancient Melanin-Dominant ancestors, brothers and sistahs.

Maybe we can break this destructive cycle we are currently revolving.

Our liberation depends on it.


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man