From the Melanated Man:

I’m surprised that I even entertained the thought of writing a post about a “childrens” movie. This was not on my to-post list.

The wife and I took my three and two-year old daughters to see Trolls  a couple of weeks back. I didn’t want to go honestly, I didn’t want to subject my kids to such buffoonery at a young age. But hey what the heck!

“Hey, it’s just a children’s movie. It shouldn’t be that bad, right?”


Too many subliminal and hidden messages. For a CHILDRENS CARTOON MOVIE!!!

Our youth, the melanated ones, do not have a chance, people! They’re hitting them very early. I should have known better, though.

Anything that is placed on a screen is meant to manipulate and influence thought and behavior. I repeat…


Even if it’s a cartoon, for children.

But anyway, I’m sitting in the theater shaking my head, laughing at the foolishness they are feeding my children through this bullshit they call entertainment.

Here’s the synopsis:

The Bergens are a group of people who are miserable practically all of their lives. They are  ugly, grayish-looking creatures with pointed ears and long noses, moles all over their bodies. They live in a modern-day slum-like metropolis. The only day that they are happy is when they can eat a Troll, the day of Trollstice. Initially the Trolls were trapped/guarded in their their home tree, the only tree in the Bergen city, by the Bergens. The Trolls are a “colorful” bunch,. They are naturally happy and lively creatures who love to sing and dance, sporting exotic-like hair and “wide ” noses. The Trolls manage to escape from the Bergens and build their own civilization (Troll Village) in the untampered forest away from the Bergens city and live peacefully amongst themselves for a good number of years. The Bergens thereby have absolutely nothing to look forward to during that time period.  That is until the Bergens are able to find Troll Village and kidnap a good number of the Trolls and take them back to their city to recommence Trollstice. So Poppy (voiced by Anna Kendricks) and Branch (voiced by Justin Timberlake) must go rescue their comrades from the Bergens.

And so and so on.



I’m assuming that most of my subscribers do not have kids . If you do, I’m safe in thinking that you really wouldn’t care to see the movie anyway, so no spoiler alert will be issued.

I will be brief with this so no worries. It’s pretty straightforward.


(My thoughts and opinions are captured in bold.)


Just based off of the synopsis, it’s not too difficult to determine who is who when placed in real world context. The Bergens have a direct parallel to the Europeans, Caucasians, the Melanin-Recessive individuals of this world. The Trolls have strong traits to Africans, Blacks, Aboriginals, The Melanin-Dominant, besides the fact that they are short. The Bergens have had to eat, like vampires who suck the life out of their hue-man counterparts, the life force of the Trolls to have any semblance of satisfaction during their existence. Due to their melanin-recessive position, Europeans cannot spiritually connect to the life force of the Earth and the Sun.Thus they have feed off the energy of the Melanin-Dominant through our emotions, our participation within their sick system, theft and rape, and in some cases, through straight up eating us. Practically everything that the European has attained in this day and age has been through illegal appropriation. When the Trolls are able to escape from the Bergens, they head into the forest, into nature, away from the dirty, filthy,infested metropolis inhabited by the Bergens. They are able to reconnect with nature, able to live in peace amongst themselves away from the Bergens. The Melanin-Dominant should heed to this example if they wish break away from the Matrix and attain true liberation, physical and spiritual. 

Years after the escape, the Trolls  live prosperous in Troll Village. Poppy, daughter of King Peppy, is the future queen-to-be of Troll Village. She is oblivious of the fact that Bergens could find Troll Village. Throughout history, long before to the reign of ancient BLACK Egypt, the Melanin-Dominant have underestimated the machinations of their Melanin-Recessive enemies.   Poppy frequently throws parties that are flamboyant and loud enough to attract the attention of the Bergen Chef (voiced by Christine Baranski), who was cast out of the Bergens city after the Trolls escape.The Chef kidnapped most of Poppy’s best friends, including her love interest Creek, taking them back to Bergens city to regain favor with the king and Bergen faithful.  Prior to the attack, Branch was always on alert of an Bergens attack due to a tragic childhood experience where his Grandma as kidnapped and eaten by a Bergen. Branch reminds me of the militant, the conscious Melanin-Dominant individual who are always on alert of  their unnatural enemies (the Melanin-Recessive).

In the attempt to rescue Poppy’s friends, Poppy and Branch are discovered by maid to King Gristle Jr. (voiced by Christopher Mintz-Plasse)  Bridget (voiced by Zooey Deschanel), who is not as cold and cruel as the other Bergens and secretly has romantic feelings for the king. Poppy, Branch and Poppy’s crew help the maid disguise as a voluptuous Bergen vixen to capture the king’s attention during one of the king’s random outings, with new wardrobe and by using their own exotic-hair as a colorful rainbow wig. Besides the obvious shout out to LGBT community (there were many other sexual innuendos in this “childrens” movie), Europeans have since seemingly time immoral have tried to imitate the body and hair complexions of the Melanin-Dominant due to possibly their own insecurities of what they lack naturally. They have appropriated that complexion themselves and have shamed the Melanin-Dominant who have taken pride in what they have naturally. 

Later in the movie, the Trolls are betrayed by one of their own Creek (voiced by Russell Brand), captured in the initial attack, who makes a deal with the Bergens to spare his own life if he gives up the remaining Trolls in the Troll Village. Sounds familiar? We have a term, well a couple of terms, that describe Melanin-Dominant individuals who sell their people down the river to be Massa’s kiss-ass (that’s one!): Sambo, coon, knee-grow, etc. Too many resistances have been sabotaged in the past by those who seek to befriend their enemy. Once the all of the Trolls are captured with the Bergens looking to prepare them for a special treat, the Trolls spiritually succumb to defeat and began to lose their “colors.” When the Melanin-Dominant choose to ignore their natural gift of melanin and yield to the conquerors (their colonizers), they lose that gift, the connection to the universe. Luckily, Bridget is able to save the Trolls before they were sent to the oven to be cooked. This reeks of WSIC: White Savior Industrial Complex! The Melanin-Dominant are not able to free themselves without help from Europeans?!

Moving on…

Eventually at the end of the film, before Bridget can turn herself in for treason, the Trolls decide to back her and convince the king and his people to spare her and their own lives. They helped Bridget reveal to the king her true identity. Bridget claimed that the Trolls showed her that the Bergens could indeed attain happiness like the Trolls if they only believed themselves. The king and the Bergens are persuaded of this new reality and welcome the Trolls back in their city to the tree they once occupied. The Chef and the traitorous Troll Creek are kicked out of the city and Poppy is officially made queen of the Trolls. Poppy and Branch began a budding romance and of course, happily ever after.


The message to our very impressionable youth is to  make peace with your enemies, who…

naturally don’t have what you have, the gift of melanin


honestly, you don’t need anything from because of that gift of melanin


over thousands and thousands of years have established their TRUE NATURE to you…



To make peace and INTEGRATE?


The Trolls left their beautiful city amongst the beautiful wildlife and Mother Earth, to their old tree that is most likely suffocated by the filth and smog produced by the Bergen city.

Just to integrate with the Bergens. Smh.

The Melanin-Dominant have integrated into a system and society (Western society) that is not conducive to their biology nor their spirituality. But the majority of them are cognizant of that fact. I guess, like the Trolls, we must show Europeans, the Melanin-Recessive, how to be civil and be civilized creatures. Hey, we have created practically EVERYTHING that they claim they’ve “discovered” or “invented” in more ways than one. 

Screw that!

Anyway, that’s what they are teaching our youth behind the scenes of these cartoon concoctions.

These “CHILDRENS” movies.

Unfortunately our children can’t see this at a very young age, and they are very persuadable by this nonsense. We have to protect them. It is our responsibility to decalicify our pineal eye, that THIRD EYE, so that we can.

If we don’t, our children, our seed, our FUTURE doesn’t stand a chance.


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man





67 thoughts on “Decoding “Trolls” (THIS MOVIE IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN!!)

  1. “Eventually at the end of the film, before Bridget can turn herself in for treason, the Trolls decide to back her and convince the king and his people to spare her and their own lives. They helped Bridget reveal to the king her true identity. Bridget claimed that the Trolls showed her that the Bergens could indeed attain happiness like the Trolls if they only believed themselves. The king and the Bergens are persuaded of this new reality and welcome the Trolls back in their city to the tree they once occupied. The Chef and the traitorous Troll Creek are kicked out of the city and Poppy is officially made queen of the Trolls. Poppy and Branch began a budding romance and of course, happily ever after.
    The message to our very impressionable youth is to  make peace with your enemies, who…
    naturally don’t have what you have, the gift of melanin…
    honestly, you don’t need anything from because of that gift of melanin…
    over thousands and thousands of years have established their TRUE NATURE to you”
    They are very sneaky aren’t they?? They always use cartoons and films to control our minds. They like to program us to SEE things the way they want us to. I’ve noticed this pattern over twenty years of watching films. They never want us to fight back and seek true liberation. It’s always about loving and forgiving your oppressors. Or learning to work with your enemies but never getting real freedom. That’s why they put thee messages in cartoons nowadays. They want young black children to be docile and just accept their mistreatment and racism. You really dissected this film very well brother. I applaud you for this wonderful post.


    • Thanks man. I can’t watch a movie nowadays without seeing the propaganda behind it. That’s a good thing, gives me a post to write but i can’t get any enjoyment in that stuff anymore, so I really have to live out the words I write now lol I’m up for that challenge 👍👍

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      • Yeah I’m the same way. It’s hard for me to watch a film and not dissect it. It’s just the way my mind works. I always look for sing and symbols in films. And there are a lot of them. There is always some type of propaganda.

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  2. This is my first time seeing any of your posts. I commonly enjoy people on the other end of the spectrum from you, such as The Amazing Atheist on youtube, so, frankly, your post caught me by surprise.

    I’m Caucasian, not looking for a fight, and open-minded. My point is, I want a bit more detail. I really hope you don’t take this in a negative connotation, but I want to know what you mean by the work and characteristics of the Melanin-dominant being stolen. I’ve heard of this before, but it was mostly refuted by downplaying the importance of anything created by the Melanin-dominant. I’d like to hear, in your opinion, the most important creations of the Africans.

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    • Sorry for the late reply. Here’s my perspective, when it comes to the physical characteristics of the African- bred melanin-dominant peoples, from the hair to the lips to the genitalia, we’re being imitated by every other group of people. Even though these physical characteristics are denounced and ridiculed by the powers that be, etc., there is no good reason for it in my mind besides good ole fashion jealousy aka “company policy.” Now when it comes to what melanin-dominant people have contributed to society as a whole especially American society, it’s ridiculous. The Traffic signal, blood transfusion, chemotherapy treatment, the modern engine, video game console. I mean look up who actually created the internet and 3g/4g network for cell phones. I can go on. Numerous civilizations over thousands of years owe their mere existence to those melanin dominant ancestors. The alphabet, origins of modern medicine, origins of modern engineering and architecture. But no respect is given to them. It’s ridiculous. Constantly getting screwed over. Screw reparatuoba, it’s bigger than that. There is plenty of information that is available on the net that backs this up and list much much more contributions as well. Melanin is gift from the creator and unfortunately the ones who have a lot of it have been used, abused, taken advantage of, and still are to this day, by those who don’t have enough of it. Who actually benefits from integration in the end? That’s my two cents on that. Thanks for the comment.


      • As a Mestizo By birth, I find it hard to swallow your anger. We are all human, I hate talking about race and color. We are all human. We are all human. It’s about being more civilized and kinder to your neighbor. And I find that all races have humans who are uncivilized who expect to be treated as the civilized. In the next generation we must focus not on color, but on learning morals and finding true meaning. Not fighting about who’s traits are superior. May the Lord be with you.


  3. You are one sick, brainwashed, ignorant, racist, entitled, close minded piece of shit, you do not deserve an opinion because you are so fucking retarded, you think whites kill and suck the life out of you and your race? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 YOU ARE PATHETIC

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  4. What the fuck did i just read??? There was more made up stuff in that than there was in the movie. NOTHING in that movie had anything to do with race. GO MARCH WITH THE BLM MOVEMENT. IT IS PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT DIVIDE THIS COUNTRY. SMH

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  5. Listen people you compleatly missed why children should not be exposed to this kind of subliminal entertainment (1) the lead was named poppy (2) the burgens looked ill like maybe the were in withdrawl (3) the trolls were shaped like poppies (4) your really happy when you consume trolls (5) the end of the movie showed poppies on both sides of the screen . The only positive message was you don’t need to eat trolls to be happy .(the anti drug message) saved for the end

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  6. You realize you’re fucking crazy right? Seriously how much black panther propaganda have you ingested? This is an actual example of a metaphor. You consume #blacklivesmatter propaganda like the bergens consume trolls. This garbage you constructed from a simple movie with an underlying message about anti-drug use is the writings of someone who is obviously severly mentally ill. Wake up! No one is keeping you “down”. You focus on your color when the majority of the world doesnt give a flying fuck. Why dont you put the Malcom X biography down and find your identity else where besides your skin color.


      • What kind of stupid ass reply is that? What can’t come up with anything that resembles some form of intelligence? I guess I can’t expect much from a guy who watches a movie where multicolored trolls fart glitter and see the white man keeping the poor black man down.


  7. I wasn’t moved at all I’m disgusted that race baiters like you have access to the internet. Nice try with the reverse psychology thing. You can’t flip what I said to make yourself sound intelligent. You wrote this because you’re severly mentally ill. You wrote this so you could find acknowledgement for your delusions from others who are just as mentally ill as you are. I expect to see you on the news as the reverse Dylann Roof one day. You’ve definitely proven that you’re nothing more than an ignorant “melanin man”. Congratulations!


      • You would like that wouldn’t you? So you could go on a rant about incarceration rates among the “melanin people”. The fact that your avatar is one of the characters from The Boondocks that pretty much explains this whole blog. Let me guess you have every season on DVD I bet? The white man is just constantly keeping you down and not honoring the black mans contributions to this world. What a load of garbage.


      • Thank you for laugh Jon. I’m loving this, you’re making my day right now. Enjoying the attention!You have a good day sir. Hope no harm comes of you. Just stay out the sun, ya hear?! Lol


  8. I knew you would bring race into this I was literally waiting for it. So you automatically assume I’m white? Because I don’t agree with your blacklivesmatter propragada? Where is your basis for the assumption of my skin color? You are a delisional racist point blank. Were you teased in school? That’s the oldest coward response when a conversation becomes too much for an individual. Claim it is so hilarious and then bow out like a coward.


    • You still hear? Just got back from running and thought you’ll disappear lol….anyway it doesn’t matter if you’re white, yellow, black, or green. Your mind is still more than likely European based, anti-nature, based on abstract ideals that have no concrete foundation whatsoever. Yeah, ultimately you reap what you sew at the end of the day and your life is your responsibility. But what truth are you swallowing and how is it benefiting you? This present construct does not benefit me and many, many others who look like me. That’s my opinion. This perspective that I have is good and suffice for me and others who agree or share my viewpoint on current world affairs. This information, or opinion, is not for you. So you just do you and I’ll do me. Again, no matter the color, sir. Take it or leave it.


    • And your emotional response is funny to me. Or maybe this is a game to you. I dunno. Hard to tell when we’re not face to face. That’s the beauty of technology, isn’t it?


  9. Wow you’re a hypocrite too!? You are seriously the biggest idiot I have ever come across. So my ideas are European based? One of which is anti-nature. The fact that you live in a house that consumes electricity so you can spew your racist garbage on the internet is anti-nature. The fact that behind automobiles power plants are one of the largest polluters on earth is what makes your logic idiotic. You should run all the way back to the “motherland”.


    • Yeah thats right. Better yet contradictory, whatever works best. Im dying to know your me ideals sir. I’m really curious.


      • I don’t look at the world like it owes me something because my ancestors (who aren’t even genetically related to you anymore) were enslaved by my own people. The world doesn’t owe you anything. Just because you are black doesnt mean the world is conspiring against you. The moment you and your “followers” wake up and see you are responsible for the outcome of your lives the happier and more fulfilled your life will become.


      • That’s good you feel that way sir. That’s your perspective, not gonna go back and forth with you on it. Part of it I agree with, you said the exact same thing I said earlier regarding personal responsibility. See, we do agree on something. You be happy doing you and I’ll be happy doing me.


  10. This really is THE MOST ridiculous review I’ve accidentally stumbled upon on the internet. No wonder your “race” doesnt doesn’t seem to prosper to those of you self-incarcerated in your pigmented prisons…it’s easier to find an excuse for every sad event in your lives., instead of actually having to work for it. But I guess that’s my Hispanic privilege saying that, huh? Don’t bother responding kid….. I’ve lost enough intelligence point today, so I won’t be back to read your drivel. And learn how to use proper grammar. Jesus.


  11. There is always that person who insists on finding the “hidden messges/motives” you wouldve found something in every movie no matter what… and it wouldve been racist… come on its not racist in the slightest … get over yourself and enjoy life and please let those around you enjoy it… cuz as of what im reading there is no joy in your life.. I pity you… to bad you can never get that time back cuz that was sure a waste..
    Praying that you learn how to live and let live


    • Omg, lol just stick to being entertained, ok? I wonder if you, who commented with such disdain, have that much joy in your own life. If I choose to see that a movie such as Trolls, marketed to countless impressionable children, may have hidden ulterior messages, even if you deem my position as “racist”, so be it. That’s my prerogative. I didn’t create the movie, and neither did you. So whose to say im wrong or offbase?WTF! I’m not a feel good doctor. Take the joyless nonsense somewhere else. Y’all are cracking me up! Have a pleasant day sir…or mam. Which ever one you are.


  12. Humanity is so multifaceted. We all contain multitudes, however, often-times there are individuals who focus so much on one lens that we forget about all other possibilities and view all things through that viewpoint. Yes, the melanin deprived have and continue to steal from, malign, abuse, wrongly incarcerate, target, hate, murder, and stomp on the melanin- full.

    However, This is a case of your lense taking over the entire world around you. Indeed there are many, many examples of the propaganda of the melanin deprived, but this isn’t one of them. The troll movie really is about not needing drugs to feel happy and instead finding happiness in yourself.

    I respect your point of view, and the things you have to say are valid, but in this one case I have to politely disagree.

    That being said, we need more thinkers and content producers like you out there.

    Keep up the good work, it’s noticed and appreciated.

    All the best,

    Idont Exist

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    • First, I have to give thanks for being one of the VERY FEW commenters who have politely disagreed with me. I have no problem with your disagreement. Like you said there are many different lens, perspectives, that can be taken. It could be either one of them. Who really knows the mind of the puppet master, ya know? I can see your POV too, there’s validity to it. 🖒🖒🖒


  13. Acha kutumia vibaya lugha ya Kiingereza na kupata mbali Internet yaliyotolewa na mtu mweupe.
    Misa kabi ngolimi lwesiNgisi kanye kokuvala Inthanethi eyenziwe yabelungu.


  14. Thank you for keeping racism alive and kicking. Just so you know every race on earth has been slaves though history, every one. Even the white people had been slaves in the early AD time period. It is people you like you that give the KKK reason to exist and people like you that fuel ISIS propaganda and reason to kill anyone that is Melanin deficient. We as a Melanin people need to stop looking at our past and living in hate and look to a future of not hating other races because we are all humans. Your hate of anyone that is not like you ( I see you seem to target “whites” or white looking people the most) is what holds you back from true peace. I feel sorry for you.


  15. Dude, you are reading WAAAAYYYY too much into this movie. WAAAYYY too much. Not every movie needs to have a meaning related to… whatever the hell you just described. Honestly, I’ve never heard of whatever the hell you just rambled on about. Reading WAY too much, man. Take a chill pill.


  16. Pingback: “Moana” and the Disney feminist agenda | The Melanin Man

  17. ok, having read from your POV I see where you are speaking from, and understand how you can read into that movie to come to the conclustions the way you did.
    I personally saw the message more like: happiness only comes from singing and dancing and hugging so if you don’t do those things (either you don’t know how to or you don’t do it out of choice) clearly you’re a bad/sad person who needs to change their ways and assimilate /change to the singing/dancing/hugging culture in order to obtain true success.
    Also i have read that some are seeing an anti drug message in this movie, i guess i missed that because there is so much partying going on with the trolls anyway.


  18. This was such an over the top analysis of the trolls. You really used the word rape and pillaging. Every child’s movie has hidden meaning, it’s so the adults can enjoy it. And when our children grow up they will laugh and say OMG I can’t believe that was in there like we did with the little mermaid lion King and every other kids movie. Maybe u should wait for every movie to come out and u can watch it before hand so you don’t dismantle and give out spoilers and reference them to vampires. This movie shared that life isn’t all rainbows and nothing can truly make you happy except urself. No one had there blood sucked so vampire reference not good here, worst case it was to saying eating doesn’t make you happy.


  19. WOW!! This bitch CRAZYYYY! lmao. You obviously hold a lot of resentment for what happened to your ancestors. That was a long time ago. Yes it was horrible. But that is not what goes on today. This is a children’s movie! If you watch the whole thing it clearly states the moral of the movie is that happiness is not something you out inside you but something that’s already inside you. This, in my opinion, is a strong reference to addiction. But not a racist thing. Wtf is race anyway? We are all human. We are all people. WE ARE ALL THE FUCKING SAME. And a lot of people share this view. Not all. But we shouldn’t waste our time and emotions stressing over the few stupid ones that do.


  20. What about the fact that they become friends and live in harmony in the end? Is that not suitable for children, too?
    And since you think the Bergens are supposed to represent us white people because they’re miserable and evil, then I’m offended at your racism.
    My theory is that you wrote this article as a gag because no sound-minded person would have the viewpoints you do if you were serious. Thanks for the laugh!


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