Video: Llaila Afrika-Fibroids and the Female Reproductive System

This is video is a little over a hour long but for my black women it is pretty informative. Please take the time to check it out. Proper diet is key to retaining ALL of your original bodily organs the Creator has gifted you during birth. The European medical doctrine is remove the organs that are infected or dead from consuming so much DEAD WASTE/FOOD/DRUGS/ETC.


But your body can’t properly function without ALL of its ORIGINAL ORGANS! Once you start taking out organs you are on the fast track to PREMATURE DEATH!!!

BLACK WOMEN, think twice before you remove the one thing that makes you YOU!

You will regret the decision, trust me.

The Folly of Big-Time Sports: Real or Fake? (Part 2)



From the Melanated Man:

Refer to previous post: The Folly of Big-Time Sports: The Introduction (Part 1)

Soooo…are the sports (football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, etc.!) that we love to enjoy actually RIGGED (orchestrate, create a foregone conclusion)?

The answer is sort of complicated…It’s not as clear-cut, whereas wrestling is pretty much with a shadow of a doubt a big huge orchestration!

First, when it comes to understanding how sports are rigged naturally (which is unnoticed to the untrained eye) you have to first understand some important keywords:

  • Salary-cap: (native to professional sports) a rule that places a limit on the amount of money a team can spend on players salaries; intent is to encourage parity within the sports league .
  • Revenue-sharing: (native to professional and college sports) money generated from ticket, merchandise, sponsorship deals, etc by all teams in a league is shared amongst ALL teams; intent is to encourage parity within the sports league.
  • Parity: having equal talent spread amongst ALL teams.
  • Star-players who are the considered at the top of their athletic craft and marketed as such; help generate more revenue in comparison to lower caliber players
  • Fan, fanaticism: someone devoted enthusiastically to a sport or sports team, behavior that involves unchecked devotion or obsessive enthusiasm.
  • “Vegas”: legal and illegal gambling establishments that place betting lines on the games; you can place bets on the
  • Fantasy sports: online game where fans can create virtual teams of real professional teams, can play against other fans in virtual leagues for a chance to win money.

Let’s get started…

The myth that a salary cap creates parity in a league is just that…a MYTH!

Notice with Major League Baseball (MLB) teams such as the Kansas City Royals, San Francisco Giants, and St. Louis Cardinals have won three of the last four World Series titles. Not exactly *big market teams (generates big money) such as the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox.

Granted, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors (who have not won championships in at least four decades previously) were the NBA’s past two champions, but the NBA is a star-driven league unlike the MLB.

And as I discussed in the previous post, salary caps are only set up in leagues such as the NFL and NBA which are predominantly BLACK leagues. Would that still be the case if they were predominantly white?

Plus, regardless of who wins that mythical title of “best team” in either league, the revenue generated will be shared amongst ALL TEAMS. The supposedly have-nots will get their share of moolah whether they pull off a Cinderella miracle or they continue to languish in the doldrums as perennial failures.

When it boils down to it, it’s all about the MONEY!

Metaphysically speaking, it’s about CAPTURING THE ATTENTION OF THE MASSES!

“So if it doesn’t matter who wins the title, then there’s is no reason for sports leagues to “rig their product, right?”

But wait there’s more.


Interest and attention to sports is fed by the irrational emotions (fanaticism) of fans. This same type of behavior can be applied to bettors (mostly fans) when it comes to betting.

That’s where Vegas comes in. On the surface, Vegas uses all sorts of data that ranges from injuries and weather information to recent team success, team talent, or simply team emotion to determine their betting lines. They give off the illusion that they are concerned for their betting customers by providing this type of information.

But that’s a TRICK. Vegas knows that when it comes to gambling, most people ignore that information and “go with their gut”, or how they feel. And it’s easy to manipulate the emotions of the UNCONSCIOUS masses.

Again, the conditions are naturally (or intentionally) set for sports leagues to “rig”, or orchestrate, their games.

Have you ever heard of  the saying”the house always wins?” Well the house is Vegas, and the relationship between Vegas and all sports leagues is, under the table, of mutual interest when it comes to making MONEY.

Never mind the contentious relationship that is PORTRAYED (or orchestrated) in the MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

And we haven’t discussed fantasy sports, which now in cahoots legally (through sponsorship deals) with your major sports leagues including the Big Three (NFL, MLB, NBA.) This enterprise is based on mostly individual player performances.

It’s easy to promote which players (mostly your star players who drive the market) are going to perform well and those that are not on any given game day or night. Their performances can be easily manipulated to the untrained eye through the coach’s gameplans, injuries unknown to the fantasy owners, or simply by the emotions of the players themselves.

Just like gambling, this enterprise is fed by the emotions of the masses. Even though fantasy sports companies provide detailed analysis to their fantasy owner company to make an informed decision, it’s still a crap shoot. And the companies know that these fantasy owners are not that bright to think for themselves, so eventually they will revert and “go with their gut” anyway.

If you haven’t picked up on it, EMOTION is the key factor in all of this nonsense…

And entertainment is meant to create  desired EMOTIONAL RESPONSES!!


Still in disbelief that sports leagues set the stage, so to speak, for their entertainment product? Ask yourself this question for those of you who carry MELANIN


Oh I forgot, race doesn’t exist.





Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man



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A Reblog: Olympics Exploits Afro-Brazilian Land by Building Media Village on Sacred Mass Grave of Enslaved Africans

Originally published on Atlanta Blackstar (click link for original article):

As journalists and media professionals head to Rio ahead of the 2016 Summer Olympics, many remain unaware that their lives are about to intersect with the dark slave past of Brazil.

According to Rio On Watch, the apartments that will be used to house journalists during the highly anticipated sporting competition were built using “labor in conditions analogous to slavery,” and reportedly constructed over top a sacred mass burial ground for enslaved Africans.

The land belongs to a group of people known as the quilombo, a federally recognized community comprised of the descendants of enslaved runaways. Officially designated as Barra Media Village 3, the newly constructed apartment complex was specifically built in Quilombo do Camorim, a community located near several Olympic venues in the West Zone of the city, Rio On Watch reports.

Quilombo Camorim leader Adilson Batista Almeida has accused developers of trampling the history of slavery in the area by ruining a number of archaeological remains near the site of an old sugar mill and taking away much needed land for the development of a public space that would be used to celebrate Afro-Brazilian culture.

“One Sunday morning a chainsaw came and devastated everything, including century-old trees,” Almeida said. “I regard the ground as sacred because it is where my ancestors were buried.”

According to The Guardian, the land was reportedly purchased in 2013 by real estate developer Cyrela, which felled hundreds of trees, dismantled a community football pitch and destroyed the remains of the old slave owner’s house and the slavery-era sugar mill so that the apartments could be constructed.

Going into the Olympics, many journalists, as well as the general public, remain unaware of the controversy, as major news networks have spent little to no time to covering the story. Holding the Olympic games in a country known for importing the largest number of enslaved Africans in the world is also a tough pill to swallow. Some would rather forget the history altogether.

But the quilombo serve as a reminder of Brazil’s dark history of slavery. Under Brazil’s modern constitution, quilombos are entitled to claim the lands their ancestors occupied, The Guardian reports. There are currently over 3,500 of these communities throughout Brazil, many of whom are still fighting to preserve their land and rich culture.

“I can say from my heart that I am proud to be part of a quilombo,” Almeida said. “Slavery was a time of great suffering for our ancestors, but we remember them not for the suffering, but for the struggle and resistance they went through to build this country.”

Late last year, the Cyrela real estate company found itself in hot water after the Public Ministry of Labor for Rio rescued 11 laborers from deplorable working conditions “analogous to slavery.” According to Rio on Watch, the workers charged with constructing the media village were provided accommodations that didn’t have any drinking water, was crawling with cockroaches and mold, and the only available bathroom had no shower and a toilet that didn’t flush.

The real estate developer “contracted out… the main activities of the company in an illegal way with the objective of circumventing worker’s rights to lower the costs of labor,” public prosecutor Guadalupe Couto said.

Cyrela was ultimately forced to pay each of the workers $20,000 as compensation, in addition to other fines, the publication states.

In an effort to reclaim what’s theirs, The Guardian reports that the quilombo have been working to acquire the title to land in the area near the old sugar mill for over a decade. However, the process to reclaim ownership was never finalized.

“Quilombo members haven’t yet made a final decision what land to claim, but in principle, they claim the land that is next to the church square, for cultural purposes,” read a 2009 report by the National Institute for Colonization and Agrarian Reform.

The Rio de Janeiro city government said it wasn’t aware of any claim made by the quilombo community, according to The Guardian.

Now forced to live with the media village built atop their ancestral burial ground, the quilombo have focused their efforts on constructing a community center on an adjacent, untouched piece of land. According to Almeida, the center will be built in honor of the community’s enslaved ancestors.

“Their blood that was spilled – I don’t want it to be in vain,” he said. “We want to fight for our space, our rights and our traditions so that our ancestors can look and see that today we are living in a better place.”

A Reblog: You’re Overdrafted, They’re Overpaid

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016 00:00 By Sam Pizzigati, OtherWords | Op-Ed

Over the first three months of this year, Bank of America collected $393 million in overdraft fees, up from $371 million in the first quarter of 2015.Over the first three months of this year, Bank of America collected $393 million in overdraft fees, up from $371 million in the first quarter of 2015. (Photo: Jeremy Brooks / Flickr)

Almost two-thirds of Americans today — 63 percent — don’t have enough savings to cover an unexpected $500 expense. Anything from an emergency brake job to a refrigerator on the fritz could zero out their bank accounts.

Most American households, in other words, are living on the financial edge. And that suits America’s biggest bank CEOs just fine. They love to see Americans desperately juggling credit cards and checking accounts to keep bills paid.

With all that juggling, our banksters know, something will inevitably get dropped. A checking account will be slightly overdrawn. A debit card transaction will overstep a limit. And that’s when the banks start to really clean up — through overdraft fees.

“Over the years,” Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Richard Cordray has testified, “overdraft programs have become a significant source of industry revenues.”

How significant? Over the first three months of this year, Bank of America collected $393 million in overdraft fees, up from $371 million in the first quarter of 2015. Wells Fargo pulled in even more, with $411 million — a 16 percent increase from the same period last year.

Banks play all sorts of games to maximize these mega millions in overdraft income. They particularly enjoy “reordering” the purchases consumers make. Banks that “reorder” process a day’s biggest charge or check first, even if smaller charges or checks came earlier in the day.

What difference does this reordering make? A great deal more than you might think.

Say you start the day with $80 in your account and you charge three $25 items — and then find yourself having to shell out another $100 later in the day. If the bank processes these charges in chronological order, you’ll pay only one overdraft fee when the $100 charge pushes you over your limit.

But if the bank processes the $100 charge first, ahead of the three smaller purchases, you’ll end up paying four overdraft fees for the exact same day’s worth of charges.

Who’s benefiting from this sort of chicanery? Not bank branch managers. They’re only averaging $54,820 a year, calculates PayScale. And certainly not bank tellers. The typical American teller last year earned just $12.70 an hour, about $26,410 a year, says the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Bank CEOs, on the other hand, are living spectacularly high on the hog. Last year, the 10 most lavishly compensated of these top execs averaged over $15.5 million each, with the CEO of overdraft fee king Wells Fargo coming in at over $19.3 million.

Overdraft fees make these over-the-top CEO rewards possible. But let’s keep in mind an even more important point: Sky-high rewards for CEOs make overdraft chicanery inevitable. They give banking execs a powerful incentive to maximize overdraft income from reordering and all sorts of other tricks of the banking industry trade.

The federal government’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is trying to clamp down on these tricks and has already made some progress. But as overdraft revenues continue to rise, bank execs simply have no incentive to turn off the spigot.

If we want to see real reform in the financial industry, we can’t just put some limits on how much banks can grab from overdrafts. Maybe we need to start talking about limiting how much pay can go to the executives who run our biggest banks.

This piece was reprinted by Truthout with permission or license. It may not be reproduced in any form without permission or license from the source.


Sam Pizzigati

Institute for Policy Studies associate fellow Sam Pizzigati co-edits His most recent book is The Rich Don’t Always Win: The Forgotten Triumph over Plutocracy that Created the American Middle Class, 1900-1970.


A Poem: “As Long As the Sun is Shining”

From the Melanated Man:


I woke up this morning and not to my surprise,

Even with fresh cold stuck in the pit of my eyes,

I could see out of my bedroom window…



I turn on the morning news as I watch ‘hue-men’ like me

Shot and killed by ‘other’ men in blue with impunity

My blood boils with rage at the constant injustice I see

I shout to God, “How can this be? How can this be?

Do you love your people? Is this our  preordained destiny?”


“I wear the skin, this dark skin of oppression,

Too difficult to ignore my peoples birthright of depression,

Perpetuated by dead food, meaningless religion, and economic  repression,

And I wonder… will we ever experience any sustaining progression?”


But a warmth eases my tense spirit,

A calm voice whispers into my weary soul,

“My child, look to the sky! As long as the SUN touches upon this rock, everything will be alright!”


Suddenly a thought crosses my mind,

That I possess an element that makes my connection to the SUN so divine,

An element that enhances this earthbound existence of mine,

And causes my inner being to shine…


An element aptly named MELANIN!!


Then I realize that my people will inevitably win the day,

Through our prosperous eras  and turbulent ages we are are to stay,

Although the outcome seems doubtful and the forecast looks gloomy and gray,




Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man















The Folly of Big-Time Sports: The Introduction (Part 1)


From the Melanated Man:

(This subject is kind of random considering what has been going on in the news recently but it’s a break from the norm of police brutality, racial tension, and end-of-the-world propaganda.)


Coming from the South where football is considered a religion, the pull of participating in the madness was tempting and irresistible, especially at a young age.

I loved football…

I loved watching football…

I loved playing football…on the PS3 AND real life!

I used to daydream of one day playing running back in the NFL, making millions of dollars, gaining the adulation and love of my fans.

Fortunately, it never came true. And I’m truly grateful.

Big-time  professional sports are a JOKE!

A joke that’s been played on the masses for many, MANY years. Sure, playing some pickup basketball can be good for creating peaceful camaraderie. A friendly match of tennis can relieve stress.

That’s one thing, that’s nothing wrong with that IMO. It’s good to get a good sweat in every now and then.

But to make a CAREER out of ARTIFICIALLY-CREATED COMPETITION for the BENEFIT of others? To entertain others? At one point of my life that made sense to me…

then I grew up.


PLEASE give up the illusion of mainstream, big-time  sports. Just like the Romans did with their Gladiator-like spectacles, it’s only a DISTRACTION, a destructive unnecessary distraction, from what’s REAL.

PLEASE young women and men, specifically my BLACK brethren, who wish to subject themselves to the reality show of sports, consider your physical and spiritual health and bypass the ARTIFICIAL DRAMA. You are PAWNS in the grand scheme of things.

99.9% of your sports entertainment is owned, manufactured, and broadcasted by Caucasians, Europeans with the occasional TOKEN NEGRO put in place to present the picture of fair play. Which you may already know: your big money sports such as football and basketball are 65% and 85% BLACK-MAJORITY, respectively. Baseball has somewhere between 15%-30% BLACK players.

Ever wondered why football and basketball (which are BLACK dominated enterprises)  has a SALARY CAP on their players and baseball (which is NOT) doesn’t?

THEIR response: To create competitive balance!

Ever wondered why college football and basketball players (remember, BLACK dominated enterprises) who generate BILLIONS of dollars in revenue for their universities never see a penny of that money besides in a funky watered-down scholarship that they may never be able to use?

THEIR logic: Scholarships IS their payment! College education isn’t free.

I’m sure there’s no correlation.


BLACKS have been so deprived over the years that we give up our dignity and live just to serve MASSA and his will and purpose (just focusing on sports!!!) even if it kills us.

Everyone should know by NOW that football kills your BRAIN and everything else.

You should take notice that running up and down on hardwood floors sweating under ARTIFICIAL LIGHTING  is not beneficial to your BLACK BODY over a LONG period of time.

Baseball may be the least dangerous of the Big Three, but where’s the glory and fame like football and basketball?

Just like sheep, we’re being HERDED where they want us to go.






Peace and love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man