A Poem: “As Long As the Sun is Shining”

From the Melanated Man:


I woke up this morning and not to my surprise,

Even with fresh cold stuck in the pit of my eyes,

I could see out of my bedroom window…



I turn on the morning news as I watch ‘hue-men’ like me

Shot and killed by ‘other’ men in blue with impunity

My blood boils with rage at the constant injustice I see

I shout to God, “How can this be? How can this be?

Do you love your people? Is this our  preordained destiny?”


“I wear the skin, this dark skin of oppression,

Too difficult to ignore my peoples birthright of depression,

Perpetuated by dead food, meaningless religion, and economic  repression,

And I wonder… will we ever experience any sustaining progression?”


But a warmth eases my tense spirit,

A calm voice whispers into my weary soul,

“My child, look to the sky! As long as the SUN touches upon this rock, everything will be alright!”


Suddenly a thought crosses my mind,

That I possess an element that makes my connection to the SUN so divine,

An element that enhances this earthbound existence of mine,

And causes my inner being to shine…


An element aptly named MELANIN!!


Then I realize that my people will inevitably win the day,

Through our prosperous eras  and turbulent ages we are are to stay,

Although the outcome seems doubtful and the forecast looks gloomy and gray,




Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man















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