ED vs. EL: The Anatomical Differences of the Melanin-Dominant (Black-Africans) vs. the Melanin-Recessive (Caucasians, European, whites)

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From the Melanated Man:

Are we really the SAME? By looking at this chart, who does integration ACTUALLY benefit in the long road?

Check it out and decide for yourself.

Courtesy of African Holistic Health (Llaila Afrika):

Black (Melanin-Dominant) Whites (Melanin-Recessive)
Melanin -high content

-Increase color absorption in eyes

-Increase sound absorption in ears

-Acts as a polymer

-Converts energy

-Acts as a computer

-Controls sleep

-Controls growth (rate of puberty)

-Reacts to gravity (electromagnetic forces)

-Highest storage of information

-Processes largest amount of information in mid-brain -Processes left-mind thoughts in right and left hemispheres of brain

-Can taste full range of flavor of foods due to melanin in cells

-Can smell the true aromas has the broadest range of smell identification

-Highest psychic ability

-Absorbs most electromagnetic energy

-Highest civilizing ability due to high melanin content

-Increased memory to memory transfer of stored information

-Process most information in corpus colostrums

-Evolve highest spirituality due to melanin content

-Least amount-causing albinism

-Least ability

Skin Melanin (Black Pigmentation) -Allows protection from sun’s ultraviolet rays

-Allows protection from extreme hot and cold temperatures

-Least of all races, causing white skin
Buttock (Stetobygla) -High muscular development

-Allows extensive hip and thigh movements

-Flat, limited mobility
Legs -Longer in proportion to upper body

-Allows better movement for walking and running

Blood -When heated (burnt) forms complex pyramids

-Allows better storage and transmuting of energy

-Less pyramidal
Liver -Slightly large

-Allows increased cleansing and energy storage

-slightly smaller
Hair -Least amount of body hair caused by heat insulating effect of melanin

-Broadest color spectrum bands in hair

-The most hairy of all races
Hair Type -Curly and brown

-Allows quicker transmission and receiving of electrical and magnetic energy similar to an antenna

-Hair shaped like galaxy (cross section shape)

-Flat and limp, weak antennas

-Least color bands

-Hair is closes to fur

-Hair has a kidney shape, slightly divided appearance

Alcohol -Higher amount naturally made by body.

-Helps to cool body.

-Lowest amount.
Ammonia -Lowest amount naturally made by body -Highest amount, makes then slightly warm when in cold temperatures and problems in hot temperatures

-Sun can cause cancer

Eyes -Farthest apart

-Allows increased field of vision (peripheral)

-Eyes are brown, due to Melanin content

-Allows better reception of Sun’s color light heat which results in higher stimulation of pineal and pituitary glands

-Absorbs full color, can see the true color of objects

-Closer together, narrow field of vision

-Eyes blue, gray, and green because veins are seen in black of eyes

-See paler colons

Nose -Broad and flat

-Allows angular contour to air columns causing it to vibrate at higher frequency. Thus, stimulating electromagnetic energy.

-Allows wider field of vision for each individual eye

-Raised chiseled bridge blocks field of vision and separates and divides images (sees world divided) limited field of vision
Women’s physique -“T” shape similar to men, broad shoulder fossils indicate superior muscular structure.

-Allows more independent muscular movements and counterbalance for hips and pregnancy weight

-No “T” shape, narrow shoulders, hips wider than shoulders, poor counterbalancing ability
Nerves -High melanin content in nervous system

-Allows nerve messages to travel faster and protects against disease

-Least amount of melanin of all races
Jaw -Wider arch

-Indicates diet high in vegetables

-Narrow; similar to flesh eating animals
Arms -Longer in proportion to body

-Allows better counter balancing

-Short, limit balancing ability
Lips -Thick

-Allows wider face muscular field and better extraction of juices from plants

Voice -Wider range of speech tones; high and low sounds

-Melanin allows melodious and rhythmical speech

-Limited range with flat speech tones, tones no rhythm, lacks melodious sounds
Ears -Small and stationary

-Allows better center of sounds

-Fluid different in weight inside air

-Large-can move them
Stomach -Has the most flora (Fungi, Yeast and bacteria that live in stomach, entire digestive tract, uterus, vagina, eye, ears, etc.)

-Is specific and unique only to Blacks, have slightly more than 3 pounds

-Allows food to be broken down (metabolized) at a greater nutritional level

-No vast variety of flora, limits food metabolism. Tends to have a worm population
Vagina lips -Larger

-Allows tighter seal and increases flora lifespan

Vaginal shaft -Longer

-Allows increased muscular activity

Penis -Length slightly longer -Shorter
Skull -Sagittal contour flat (top of head) -Round
Face Height -Low -High
Eye -Orbital opening rectangular -Angular
Nasal -Opening wide (nose) -Narrow
Lower Nasal Margin -Wide base -Sharp
Facial Profile -Downward slant -Straight, no slant
Palate Shape Skin -Wide

-Absorb greatest percentage of colors.


-Reflect colors

Color -Eyes darken with age -Extremely rare
Sacral Spot -Birthmark on lower back and/or buttocks) -Extremely rare
Breath -Deeper (characteristic of right-minded thinking) -Shallow breath (Left-minded)
Skin -Processes more Vitamin D (high amount owing to melanin) -Poor processor of Vitamin D
Calcium intake -Lower (High amount of Vitamin D created by melanin stabilizes calcium, reduces need for high intake) -High Calcium intake required
Sternoclavicular muscle -Allows mobility for swinging from one tree limb to another similar to monkeys; rare -Found abundantly
Pores of skin -Widen with age -No change
Muscle -Fast twitch, highly responsive to stimuli, fast action, muscle is light in color, body has lowest salt content – Slow twitch, less responsive, slow in action, muscle is dark in color, body has high salt content
Skin -Has the most skin pores of any race

-Better cooling

-Most skin surface in relationship anatomy

-Least pores

-Inadequate cooling


Nutrients -Highest nutrient density (most vitamins, minerals and amino acids per square inch) -Least



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanin Man


Graduating from “Thank Ya” Jesus




From The Melanin Man:

From everything that is going on in the world these days, from the Las Vegas “massacre”, the shenanigans protests of the NFL, the undercover manipulation erratic and hectic hurricane season, YOU NAME IT, I can honestly say it is extremely difficult to keep attention on your own personal affairs. Granted, I have empathy and sympathy for those who were/are deeply affected by such travesties (minus the drama surrounding the NFL, which is a load of crap.) But there are just so many distractions in this paradigm that the most disciplined individual can get deeply side-tracked from their own development if they’re not careful.

Hence, which is part of the reason I am typing this long overdue post.

I have written many iterations of this sensitive topic, in my head. Some iterations were a little too emotional. Others were too safe and conservative. Then there were some iterations that were totally out in left field , totally off topic.

But now I feel like the one I am typing now fits my current perspective the best. And here goes…


Like the majority  Black-Melanin Dominant folk born and raised in the Deep South, I was well-versed on the story and miracles of JEEEEE-SUS.

Jesus walked on water.

Jesus helped a blind man see.

Jesus turned water into wine.

Jesus fed the multitude with five loaves and two fish.

Jesus died on the cross to save a wretched world from its sins… and resurrected three days later for kicks and giggles.

And just like the majority of Black-Melanin Dominant folk in the South, I was pressed to aspire to be like Jesus, in all facets of his life. (remember those WWJD? bracelets?) I was encouraged to call out the name of Jesus in my times of trouble, to ask for his protection and guidance in those moments when I needed it the most.

From the dinner table to the bedroom. You know the life, fam.

I could not EAT A MEAL at the dinner without first giving reverence to the man. I remember those many, many nights I was on my knees before I went to sleep, giving him even more reverence as if I did not just do the same at dinner only a few hours earlier.

“Can I get an AMEN, family?”

On the surface, there is nothing wrong with this lifestyle….honoring Jesus’ existence, constantly thanking him for his sacrifices to humanity as a whole,  aspiring to be like a man who was essentially God in the flesh! That sounds like a stable upbringing to me. My parents and elders trained me in the direction that I should go. This seems righteous and just…on the surface.

That upbringing sustained me through a complex childhood to the early years of an even more complex adulthood. So it had to have some validity to it. Right?!

Even though “Thank Ya” Jesus held me down during that time, I had unconventional questions that I could never answer with my conventional mind and thinking process, such as…

Who were God’s parents?

Why was God lonely?

What does God look like?

And the list goes on and on and on and on…

My life experiences (some of which are mentioned in the My Transformation post series and my impending memoir) and newfound desire for knowledge altered my perspective on not only on Mr. “Thank Ya” Jesus Christ, but Christianity and religion as a whole.

By unearthing a far-too-long neglected appreciation  for my Black-melanated skin,  for a very brief moment I was on the “Jesus is actually Black” tip. But that didn’t hold water with me for long because I knew their had to be more involved than simple skin color.

black jesus

My thirst for more truth led me into stumbling upon the little known fact that ALL world religions, from Buddhism to Judaism, owe its existence to the ancient African spiritual systems (see Ancient Egyptian mythology.) Which led me to an even more well-kept secret that the story of Jesus has an eerie similarity to other sacrificial savior-like tales such as those of the Egyptian God Heru, Buddha, Krishna, etc.has an eerie similarity to other sacrificial savior-like tales such as those of the Egyptian God Heru, Buddha, Krishna, etc.


With all of the information available in the world that makes a pretty convincing case that Jesus is more fairy tale like the Easter Bunny than actual factual real to the realest, common sense started to take over. And then one day I came to this realization…

There was one (if he even existed) Jesus Christ, and there will never be another.

There is only one me (I am NOT a robot and I DO EXIST!), there will NEVER be another!

This may sound like blasphemy to my God-fearing, Jesus-loving readers, but to those of you who are gifted with an abundance of melanin and are considered Black by the general public, YOU ARE AS GREAT AND IMPORTANT AS THE DEIFIED JESUS CHRIST!

Quick tidbit: The Bible, the GOOD BOOK, is not a literal interpretation of past events and simple morality instructions of. It is an  ASTROLOGICAL, METAPHYSICAL, SCIENTIFIC text detailing the inner workings of the Black Melanin-Dominant body/temple and it’s relationship between it and the cosmos.

“As above, so below.” Remember? We have to disregard the propaganda that has been pushed on us since Day 1.

We are not the CURSE of Ham!

We should be not obedient to our slave masters, seeking our riches in “heaven” after death.  (And no, slavery has not ended. It has only evolved into the “modern rat race.”)

The Bible was written by Ancient Africans THEMSELVES, in such a way that could not be detected by outsiders and intruders (Non-melanated individuals!) They foretold of a fall from grace that was upon us and is currently tragically playing out. They wrote in code through parables and tales to remind us of how we can retrieve our that GOD-self and our rightful position on this planet, through our BLACK-MELANATED temples.

This is OUR story, family. Truly I believe with all of my heart and might that it is. And Jesus is only one of many examples (in the Christian canon and not) that reminds us of how we can return to the GOD-self that is within US! 

Turning water into wine? What happens when you breath in oxygen to your lungs.

Helping a blind man see? What is the current state of Black Melanin-Dominant Man and Woman?

Dying on the cross, saving us from our sins? Sounds similar to shunning your flesh, your earthly, mundane desires to seek the God within yourself!

Trust me, there is many, many more interpretations.

Jacob’s ladder? How about the rising of the Kundalini  energy?

The seven seals mentioned in Revelations? Aren’t their SEVEN chakras, fam?


Image result for chakras


Let me stop. I can go on and on. I give special thanks to the Elders who were able to decode the knowledge bestowed upon us by the ancestors that I am sharing with you…Dr. Valentine, Bobby Hemmitt, Dr. Blair, and that list goes on and on as well. I am grateful to have came across this perspective. Although I’m forever being enlightened and learning everyday, I think this is THE TRUTH. It resonates with me to the infinite percentile.

Because of its resonance, I’ve ceased to give reverence to a reference that is referring to me. I have graduated from mere external worship and turned my attention inward to uplifting myself toward a God-like frequency.  I, we, can obtain the kingdom of Heaven right here on Earth once again if we stop looking outside of ourselves for the answers we seek.

We must begin look within ourselves INTO THE NOTHINGNESS we have been gifted with.

We have the DARK MATTER within us to reach our limitless potential.

We are the TRUE, REAL essence of the Creator.


Jesus may or may not have been real, but you most definitely are (AGAIN… if you’re not a robot reading this lol.)

And that should mean something.


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanin Man









The Dangers of Using Sunscreen

To all my Black (Melanin-dominant) brother and sisters: if we’re still buying into the notion of rubbing this concoction on our beautiful melanated skin to “protect ourselves” from the Sun, the ultimate source of LIGHT/LIFE, then we have still have a long way to go.

95%? 95%??? WTF.

Source: Sunscreen is KILLING people by blocking vitamin D production which prevents cancer, diabetes, kidney disorders and more – NaturalNews.com With permission from NaturalNews.com by: Russel Davis May 09, 2017 (Natural News) Excessive sunscreen use might be playing a major role in the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and related adverse health conditions, an analysis […]

via Sunscreen is KILLING people by blocking vitamin D production which prevents cancer, diabetes, kidney disorders and more — Tales from the Conspiratum

ED vs. EL: Foods that Enhance and Purify Melanin

From the Melanated Man:

Spring will officially be upon us in a couple of days. There’s no better time to alter your eating habits according to your biology Melanin-Dominant Family than right NOW! For those of you who truly want to reconnect with the REAL YOU, please take heed to the list of foods below that can assist you in your journey.

It’s an extensive list, by no means a perfect one. But I believe it’s pretty DARN close. I trust the source of the list put in the time and effort to validate it as well.

It’s time to cleanse ourselves of the toxins that are poisoning us from the inside out, and transform the way we are living in these stressful times. When our consumption changes, we will transform not only ourselves but the world around us.

Hope this list is suffice.


(List taken from the book What is (Quatum) Melanin Physics? by Neb Heru**MUST READ**)

*Be advised that a good portion of these foods on the list may not be available to you. Do your best to add the foods that you are able acquire. 



-Amaranth Greens

Image result for amaranth greens

“Amaranth Greens”



Image result for katuray



-Bell Peppers

-Burro Banana

Image result for Burro Banana

“Burro Banana”


-Chayote (Mexican Squash)

Image result for Chayote




-Dandelion Greens

Image result for dandelion greens

“Dandelion Greens”

-Garbanzo Beans (chick peas)-optional

Image result for garbanzo beans

“Garbanzo Beans”

-Izote-cactus flower/ cactus leaf-grows naturally in California

Image result for izote cactus flower

“Izote Cactus Flower{“



Image result for jicama



-Lettuce (all except iceberg)

-Mushrooms (all except Shitake)

-Mustard Greens

Image result for mustard greens

“Mustard Greens”


-Nopales-Mexican Cactus

Image result for Nopales





-Poke Salad-greens

Image result for poke salad

“Poke Salad”

-Sea Vegetables (wakame/dulse/arame/hijiki/nori/kelp)

Image result for wakame


Image result for dulse



Image result for arame seaweed


Image result for hijiki



Image result for nori

“Nori” (used for sushi wraps)

Image result for kelp

Image result for kelp



-Spinach (use sparingly)

-String Beans

-Tomato-cherry and plum only



Image result for tomatillo




-Turnip Greens

Image result for turnip greens

“Turnip Greens”





-Bananas-the smallest one or the Burro/mid-size (original banana) “found in most farmers markets in the U.S.A.

-Berries-all varieties-Elderberries in any form-no cranberries

Image result for elderberries





Image result for currants



Image result for dates



Image result for figs



-Limes (key limes preferred with seeds)



-Orange (Seville or sour preferred, difficult to find)

Image result for orange seville







Image result for prune



-Soft Jelly Coconuts

Image result for soft jelly coconuts

“Soft Jelly Coconut”

– Soursops -(Latin or West Indian markets)

Image result for soursop


-Sugar Apples (chermoya)

Image result for sugar apples

“Sugar Apple”


All Natural Herbal Teas

Alvaca (or Tulsi)






-Lemon Grass

-Red Raspberry

-Sea Moss Tea


Spices & Seasonings


-Bay Leaf




Image result for marjoram



-Sweet Basil


Image result for tarragon




Image result for achiote





Image result for coriander


-Onion Powder



Natural Salts

-Pure Sea Salt

-Powdered Granulated Seaweed

-Kelp/Dulce/Nori-Natural Seaweeds


Natural Sweeteners

-100% Pure Maple Syrup – Grade B recommended

-Maple “Sugar”-(from dried maple syrup)

-Date “Sugar”-(from dried dates)

-100% Pure Agave Syrup – (from cactus)


Nuts & Seeds – (includes Nut & Seed Butters)

-Raw Almonds and Almond Butter

-Raw Sesame Seeds

-Raw Sesame “Tahini” Butter



High “MAGNETIC” Alkaline Herbs

-Yellow Doc(k)

Image result for yellow dock herb

Image result for yellow dock herb

“Yellow Doc(k)”



Image result for sarsaparilla


Moringa  (click link for more information on the Moringa tree)


Image result for moringa tree

“Moringa tree”

Image result for moringa

“Benefits of the Moringa Tree”

-Pau De Arco

Image result for pau d'arco

“Pau De Arco”


-Lilly of the Valley also known as “Ladder to Heaven”

Image result for lily of the valley

“Lilly of the Valley”

-Black Pepper Corn


-Black Onion Seed (contains Melanin)

Image result for black onion seed

Image result for black onion seed

“Black Onion Seed”



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man












To my Melanin-Dominant family, WE ARE THE TRUTH!!



From the Melanated Man:

When we were in grade school, we were taught to references our sources for research papers, opinion pieces, etc. etc. etc.! First reason was to avoid any plagiarizing charges. The second reason was to provide credibility to the argument you were presenting. The third reason is sort of connected with the third reason: to give credit to those sources you have chosen to reference.

Well, where am I going to with this? 

Most of those sources I presume were written by mostly Europeans scholars, scientists, and philosophers who were groomed in the Western train of thought. If you were lucky to credit sources who were “P.O.C.” (people of color), nine times of ten they were probably groomed in the same train of thought as well.

So if your position/stance challenged the standard Western philosophy, you were hard pressed to find reinforcements (see: references, sources) to back up that position.

When it comes to African history in regards to the culture, health & wellness, the math and sciences, astrology+cosmology and cosmogony, melanin and much, much more, in this day and age it is viewed from the lens of the European/Western perspective. Any other perspective, specifically the African perspective, is met with ridicule and suspicion. If it doesn’t suit the agenda the-powers-that-be have created for the masses than it is considered “pseudo-sciences” or a “conspiracy theory.”

The evidence of  our rich African history, the history of the  Melanin-Dominant of this planet, has been trashed and/or stolen by those who seek to hide the truth from a people who have long to liberate themselves from the clutches of Massa. So it does appear that we can only trust, go off the word of the European/Caucasian, the Melanin-Recessive, P.O.V.

Keyword: appear

So what can we, first on an individual level and onward collectively, do to uncover the truths we know exist concerning our people? What’s that verse, it may be a Bible verse…

So above, as below…I think it’s Matthew 6:7-13 somewhere.


Memory moment: I remember my mom used to yell these words at me when she accused me of fibbing to her, “Boy, you a lie and the truth ain’t in ya!” I’m pretty sure some of your if not most of you have heard that before from your mom.

I hate to say this, Ma, but you didn’t know what the heck you were talking about haha! (sorry, Ma,  please don’t hurt your son!) The truth is in me.

And you, too, my fellow Melanin-Dominant friend!

We originated from a people who were the originators on this planet! We have the truth and knowledge encoded in our DNA, in our melanin, to move forward as a people and to bring balance on this planet, in every way imaginable. That’s the gift we’ve been fortunate enough to be endowed with.

They can shoot us down in streets, poison our food and water supply, regulate us to minority status, dilute and alter our DNA through race-mixing or whatnot.

“We’re not going ANYWHERE!!”

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a huge, tremendous responsibility to carry. But we wouldn’t have been gifted this gift if we couldn’t handle it. Most of us, of course, don’t realize what we have and we throw that gift, wasting our lives serving a Massa who leaches off that gift and our ignorance of it for its own survival. That quote by Ma, and probably many other mothers like her, should be directed towards Massa, Melanin-Recessive individuals who take pride and seek to protect this deadly parasitic white supremacist, capitalistic, consumerist…

(I can go on and on…)

…system and society that does not benefit anyone else but them! Just as I mentioned before, they have to steal/leach from others, us, to survive! Their actions speak for itself.

Once we understand the knowledge we contain, we prove it with our daily actions, ultimately our lives. What did Jesus (omg!) in the Bible?



Collectively as a group, that is our God-given purpose and mission. Plain and simple.

Despite its many, many flaws (propagated by King James and those of his ilk obviously) that Bible does contain a whole lot of truth in it.

This post may sound like a long-winded way of saying everyone has their own truth; trust me it’s not. At the end of the day the truth of our lives should ultimately be in line, in accordance with the truths of the universe set by the Almighty Creator, the God and the Goddess.

So when you, those in my Melanin-Dominant family who understand  truth of it all, run into individuals and a system trained in the Western/Europeans philosophy of thought that seek to cause confusion and strife in this plane of existence for you, stand tall and grounded always and remember this quote…

“I am the way, the truth, and the life….”

John 14:6

…and to my non-Bible readers…

“Be true to yourself at all times!”

“The truth will set you free!”


It’s too, simple isn’t it?!


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanin Man


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“There is no such thing as race…just Melanin baby!”

a repost: Study: African-Americans Have Stronger Immune Systems Than Whites





The Melanin Man’s Personal Interpretation of the Race Chart

From the Melanated Man:

In a previous post I mentioned I would create my own terms in regards to race and melanin. That last couple of posts I have dibbled and dabbled with it but I’m making it official with this one. Just to reiterate, my purpose, my own personal purpose, in doing this is to break the chain of identifying myself and others by color. I do not feel comfortable identifying myself and others by a nation/country (or continent in regards to Africans, Africans in Diaspora) either.  I do not believe or adhere to nationalism, another one of those -isms that creates a false sense of pride and security.

This is my effort in rewiring my brain, so to speak.

I like to think of myself as a low-key scientist. Hell, I spent (well, currently paying off) over $55,000 in school loans to attain a degree in  civil engineering,so I wouldn’t be off-based to make that claim of myself haha!When it comes down to the biology and Kemet-stry, the science of it all, the seen and the unseen, there is an obvious difference between the races.

So here we go.

(Note: my interpretation practically goes hand and hand with this one.)

Group #1: The Melanin-Dominant (picture order: Africans, Aboriginals, Africans in Diaspora)



Group #2: The Melanin-Lite (Mexicans, Malaysians, Native Americans, Japanese,various Oriental)



Group #3: The Melanin-Recessive (Caucasians, Europeans)



So there you have it, simple as that. From now on, I will do my damnedest not fall back in the habit of color coding the races+calling out nationalities. I’m still a work in progress so work with me.


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man




What KILLS Melanin Production Part 2: The Melanin-Rich Skin


From the Melanated Man:

I noticed that the first part of this series has received a lot of views. It’s a topic that’s gaining interest. No one has necessarily commented or left any feedback, but that’ OK. At least people are out there searching for the truth. I’m more concerned about that. I just want to do my part. They see the information, now it’s up them to make the changes and spread the word themselves.

We have the share the knowledge!

But anyway, when it comes to what harms our gift of melanin, the first thing that comes to mind is what are we putting in our mouths. We tend to forget the most overlooked organ of our body, which is actually the largest organ of our body: the skin.

That melanin-rich we all take so much pride in. We can’t forget to take care of that.

Our skin breathes and eats as well!

We have to take care of our entire bodies, inside and outside. We never think about the types of skin products we to moisturize our skin, to give it a smell good. The majority of us Melanin-Dominant individuals places so much interest in those things, the vanity of it all, not thinking about the harmful chemicals those products contain. I have many memories of drenching myself in cologne, rubbing myself down in some cocoa, getting ready for a hold date. I didn’t even think about the consequences of my actions towards by skin. If I knew what I know now I would have not dare covered myself with poison.

Because that’s what it is at the end of the day.

As mentioned before regarding the foods we buy, if you cannot pronounce the ingredients on the skin products, if they have more than 5 ingredients on the list, and/or they are created by giant corporations (such as Johnson & Johnson), STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

At some point I’ll come up with a list of approved products and post it in the future.

Below is a list of  ingredients taken from a pretty good source, The Melanin Diet by Deanne E. Meningall, that you will more than likely find in you skin care products. This book is a hard book to come across, partly because it is not in publication and people are jacking up the prices.

AND, it’s the perfect book for those who are novices coming across this knowledge.

The perfect layman’s type of book.

Luckily, I was able to get it at reasonable price. It’s a great, simple read.


Skin care ingredients list, per The Melanin Diet by Deanne E. Meningall

*Note: This is only a comprehensive list of ingredients. There are much, much more!

1. “Humectants”- Are used in cosmetics. They are really an industrial strength anti-freeze, which is a major ingredient commonly found in brake and hydraulic fluid. All ingredients can be considered to be a strong irritant

a. Glycerin- Is a type of humectant. It is made chemically by combining water and fat. Glycerin is a filler. It is used to prevent creams and lotions from losing water through eveaporation. Try this; leave the cap off and notice what happens. Nothing. It can cause the skin to become drier because it has a tendency to draw water of the skin unless the humidity of the air is above 65 percent.

b. Propylene glycol- Is another type of humectant. It is less expensive when compared to glycerin, although many more sensitive reactions are common. Propylene glycol also causes acne eruptions.

2. Mineral oil-Is derived from crude oil, used in industry as metal cutting fluid. It will suffocate melanin-rich skin by causing an oil film. This oil film will prevent the skin from taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. Artificially holding large amounts of moisture in the skin can “flood” the body. This may result in dry, immature, unhealthy and sensitive skin. This is a recipe for fast-aging skin in spite of the presence of melanin.

a. Petrolatum & petroleum- Are products that have the same properties as mineral oil. they are considered to be unhealthy greases.

3. Sodium lauryl sulfate- Must be considered the most harmful ingredient in personal care products. SLS is used as a testing marker to compare the healing properties of other ingredients. Industrial uses include; garage floor cleaners, engine degreasers and car wash soaps.

In personal care products, the danger in using SLS is great. Large amounts of this potentially carcinogenic material may have nitrites and dioxins to form in the bottle of the shampoos and cleansers. This happens when the SLS reacts with commonly used ingredients found in many products. These nitrites may enter the bloodstream after one shampooing. This ingredient is directly or indirectly responsible for dis-ease in the body.

4. Sodium fluoride-Simply stated, is a rat poison! Make sure this is not in your toothpaste.

5. Alcohol in mouthwash-Contains a higher alcohol content that beer, wine, and may types of liquor. Mouthwash with an alcohol content of 25% or higher has been implicated in causing mouth, tongue and throat cancers. Alcohol acts as a solvent in the mouth, making tissues more vulnerable to carcinogens.

6.Titanium Dioxide – Was declared carcinogen as of 2001.

7. Collagen and elastin- Are commonly used, and are derived from animal skins and ground up chicken feet. These ingredients form films over the skin that may suffocate and over-moisturize the skin. Due to their high molecular weight (based on the size of the molecule), they cannot penetrate the skin; therefore they are of little benefit. When the skin cannot breathe, toxins are trapped and therefore keep oxygen out. Elastin is not completely absorbed by the epidermis. Furthermore, in a cosmetic product, elastin cannot restore tone to the skin.

8. Hypoallergenic-is a term that means “less than”, therefore the consumer is led to believe that the product has fewer allergens when compared to other products. since there are no federal guidelines or regulations defining allergens, the term “hypoallergenic” has little if any true meaning.

9. Lanolin- Is “wool fat” or grease chemically akin to wax. The consumer has been told that it is able to penetrate the skin better than other oils. There is no scientific proof to support this claim. In fact, lanolin has been found to be a common skin irritant that will cause allergic contact skin rashes. Lanolin usually contains pesticides and dioxins, also known as carcinogens.

10. Biotin- Is also known as vitamin H. It has been associated with greasy scalps and baldness in rats and other experimental animals. Deficiency in biotin is uncommon. It is extremely rare. Biotin is a useless additive in cosmetic products because its molecular size is too large to penetrate the skin.

11. Kaolin-Is considered natural clay. It is, in fact, quite drying and dehydrating to the skin. Contamination with impurities is also likely. Once again, it will suffocate the skin by blocking out the oxygen needed.


Pretty interesting, huh?


Remember to watch what you place on your skin. Eating through our mouths is not the only way we are being comprised by the-powers-that-be.

Stay conscious, fam!


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man

Doctor Strange Decoded! (Oh yeaahhh…)





From the Melanated Man:


YOU…HAVE…TO…GO…SEE..THIS …MOVIE!! I saw it this past weekend and all I have to say is…

Best movie of the year in my opinion! I love this movie!!


(Disclaimer: PLEASE…if you have not seen this movie DO NOT CONTINUE reading this post!)


My third eye enjoyed every bit of this movie from the beginning to the end (granted I missed the first 15 minutes but I practically know what happened anyway: Dr. Strange loses feeling in his hands from wreck, the villains are introduced yada yada yada!)

It’s interesting that I have been kind of looking into occultism, mysticism, etc. with the last couple of months; this movie hit right home for me! I’m still new to this occult information but I could tell there were many, many occult symbols in the movie that I noticed from my studies. The entire premise of the movie is focused on how the world as a whole is currently turning away from conventional Western thought and philosophy back toward Eastern thought and philosophy.

This  is metaphysics galore!

It briefly discusses chakras,the power of meditation, and alternate dimensions. And with everything that you may have encountered with this blog, the movie also heavily talks about the dark force, or dark matter (melanin). There are so many easter eggs and messages hidden in plain sight in this movie I don’t know where to begin. But I have to start somewhere, and I’ll start by discussing the synopsis.

Note: You have to use today’s movies as a learning tool instead of for entertainment, secretly brainwashing the unawakened individual, especially these “superhero” movies. If you remove the tried-and-untrue plot and theme of good vs. evil, or better yet flip the two, you will began to truly understand what the power-that-be are throwing at you. They have taken  knowledge that they have stolen from our ancient melanated ancestors, capitalized on it, and manipulated it into a lukewarm form to keep you locked into their game, their system, their Matrix. Open you THIRD EYE, the most important eye, to see past their bullshit. 

Also, Everything in bold besides the characters names are my thoughts and opinions.


Let’s begin.


Synopsis: Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Dr. Stephen Strange, a brilliant neurosurgeon who loses the ability to use his hands from a car accident. After seeking help through conventional Western medicine and experimental procedures, he looks for guidance from  former paralegic who was healed by the name of Jonathan Pangborn (portrayed by Benjamin Bratt). Pangborn leads him to Kamar-Taj, Nepal the secret compound of an ancient mystic aptly named the Ancient One   (portrayed by Tilda Swinton.) Strange is skeptical of her methods when she tells him that she does not heal anyone yet their students heal themselves. But she shows Strange the powers she possess i.e. through astral projection, and Strange is skeptic no more. Though at first The Ancient One shuns Strange for his arrogance, she is convinced by her aide Mordo (portrayed by Chiwetel Ejifor) to take in Strange. From there, Strange begins to train and enhance his abilities as a powerful mystic, impressing his pupils and his teachers the Ancient One and Mordo. As Strange becomes more intune with his new abilities, he crosses paths with Kaelcillius (portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen), one of the Ancient One’s former pupils who has broken off on his own with a couple of followers, seeking to bring to Earth  the powerful Dormammu of the Dark Dimension, where time is non-existent and life is immortal. 



There is no need to talk about the obvious whitewashing with Tilda Swinton being cast as the Ancient One in a historically Brown-populated Nepal. In a sense, in my opinion, it was a brilliant move. As Strange said in the movie after her death by the hands of Kaelcillius, “she was complicated.” No one knew the exact age of the Ancient One, but it was said that she had lived for many centuries. No one was sure how she was able to live for so long, but is was discovered by Strange that she was stealing energy from the Dark Dimension to live as long as she did. For starters, the Dark Dimension is not really  dark (or evil);  it is only portrayed that way in the movie. It is a subtle reference to dark matter, or better yet melanin. The more you enhance and respect the power and the gift of melanin, the more you attain inner peace. If you were to translate this situation into real life, the Ancient One played by Swinton represent how Europeans, Caucasians, Melanin-Recessive groups have stolen knowledge concerning EVERYTHING from the physical realm to the metaphysical realm from the ancients (the Africans, Aboriginals, Melanin-Dominant groups) to attain dominance over the world over time. Melanin-Recessive groups have ALWAYS depended on Melanin-Dominant groups’ innate natural ability and knowledge to survive, and ultimately to take over.  Kaelcillius knows about the Ancient One drawing energy from the Dark Dimension, which caused him to break off from the Ancient One in the first place.??

If you noticed in the movie there were numerous, numerous books in the compound’s library guarded by Wong (portrayed by Benedict Wong) of knowledge on the mystics arts and the such. Somewhere the powers-that-be have hidden this stolen knowledge from the general population where it is heavily guarded. For my esoteric followers and readers, could be  the Vatican, right? The powers-that-be have given bits and pieces of this knowledge to certain entities (in Dr. Strange’s case, the privileged European/Caucasian)  who have created institutions (i.e yoga shops, certified meditation gurus, etc.) to capitalize on it.  In the movie, it is revealed that the Earth is protected from other dimensional entities by three buildings called Sanctums (definition of sanctum- a sacred place, especially within a temple or church) that are located in London, New York City, and Hong Kong. For those of my esoteric individuals, it has been known that power and control of the planet has been divided amongst three cities on Earth: London, Washington D.C., and the Vatican City. Two of the cities have been switched, but the symbolism is still valid. London runs all banking industries in the world, Washington D.C. is in charge of all military operations, and Vatican City of course is on top of ALL religious entities and institutions that exist (rather it be Islam, Christianity, or Hinduism.) Instead of the protecting the people from  extraterrestrial or alternate dimensional forces, these real-life “sanctums” are trapping the overall consciousness of the people, especially my Melanin-Dominant brethren, into mental and spiritual slavery. These “sanctums” are not sacred at all; it is preventing the people from true liberation of body and soul. Dr. Strange is hailed as the “hero” and the protectors of these “sanctums” in the movie. But just like all of these “superhero” movies and shows produced by the Jewish elite of Hollywood (yes, most, if not all, of your major players in the entertainment industry are Jews. Look it up!), Strange’s ultimate goal symbolically is to protect the status quo of the day: white, Western civilization supremacy.

As mentioned earlier, at the beginning of the movie Dr. Strange only seeks to heal himself and his persona is one of arrogance and pride. At first he shunned and disregarded the “unconventional” methods of the Ancient One. Now this is a not so subtle shot by those who are consumed with Western thought and philosophy against the natural healing methods of the body and spirit that have been advocated and preached by our ancient Melanin-Dominant ancestors since time immoral (you have to acquire the book African Holistic Health!) Our continual dependence on Western thought and philosophy, which teaches to look outside of yourself for the answers, constantly has us in state of disarray and discontentment. And although Dr. Strange embraces his “newfound ” philosophy and powers, the movie secretly still seems to drive home the point that Western thought and philosophy still takes precedence over the “unconventional.” When Dr. Strange was  injured fighting one of Kaelcillius’ henchmen protecting the New York sanctum, he returns to the hospital that he practiced in New York City for medical assistance from his nurse girlfriend Christine Palmer (portrayed by Rachel McAdams, the most useless character in the movie) And the ultimate insult was when the Ancient One (the same one that drew so much of her energy from the Dark Dimension) was mortally wounded by Kaelcillius himself and she is rushed back to the same hospital in a attempt to be revived. If these methods that the Ancient One and Dr. Strange practiced were so liberating, why every single time each one was injured did they end up in a hospital? To be saved by conventional Western medical philosophy? Couldn’t they just heal themselves or trust the body to heal itself through natural means? The powers-that-be: “You may dibble and dabble with this natural, mystical nonsense if you like, but eventually at some point you will end up back in our hands.” In short, the medical philosophy of Western civilization will always be the foundation for man, hue-man, mankind, whatever. Smh

Mordo is my favorite character throughout the entire movie. Of course he is the only Black-African main character in the movie. I love that. And at the beginning of the movie he is portrayed as a henpeck who is ignorant to what’s really going on. Although at first he supports the idea of Dr. Strange becoming a pupil of the Ancient One, he increasingly becomes wary of Dr. Strange when he learns time manipulation with the Eye of Agamatto, which holds the Infinity Stone of Time. He warns against using the Eye to break the Laws of Nature; it is implied that he is a avid believer of protecting the Natural Law.And honestly, in this reality, most Black, African, Melanin-Dominant people have no problem doing that.  Mordo also sees a similar thirst for power and knowledge in Strange that he recognized in “evil” Kaelcillius. When he finds out that the Ancient One has been able to live hundreds and hundreds of years by way of energy drawn from the Dark Dimension, the same Dark Dimension Kaelcillius had seek to unleash on Earth,  he loses all faith in all he had trusted and believed up to that point.He realizes that there was no  difference between the Ancient One and Kaelcillius. Ultimately, he was manipulated by the Ancient One, just like most Melanin-Dominant people are by these Melanin-Recessive individuals in power who they believe are all-knowing and/or have great influence on their own merit. When Kaelcillius and his minions are defeated by Strange with the Eye of Agamotto through a time loop , Mordo turns away from him, Wong, and the rest of mystical guard. He determines that Dr. Strange, the Ancient One, and Kaelcillius are all one in the same in that essentially they seek dominion and influence one way or another:

Dr. Strange the surgeon is no different from Dr. Strange the mystic. He relishes the idea of having the ability to control life and death and time (see White Savior Industrial Complex.)

The Ancient One has no problem of being a major figure of influence, a keeper of supposed hidden knowledge, which resembles the current state of the world politics (who controls 98% of the world’s resources?)

Kaelcillius seeks to be the one who unleashes the Dark Dimension, the gift of immortality, on the people, which is the White Savior Industrial Complex in reverse.


Mordo makes his own path, which should serve as inspiration to my Melanin-Dominant brethren. He can only trust in himself and respect the only laws that truly matter at the end of the day, the Laws of Nature. This is why Mordo resonates so much with me. At the end of the credits. Mordo is shown visiting Pangborn, the paralegic who was healed by the Ancient One. Mordo takes Pangborn’s energy that he attained from his time in Nepal to walk again from him. He says that there are “too many sorcerers in the world”(of course Mordo will be portrayed as the next villain/enemy in the sequel of Dr. Strange.)

sorcerer (n.)-a person who claims or is believed to have magic powers; a wizard.


If you apply the “sorcerer” term to certain individuals amongst the general population who have knowledge that can help others but choose not to except for their own gain, then it makes too much sense. Pangborn chose not to learn more about his abilities, instead dipping back into his regular existence as a tradesmen. There is great responsibility in having knowledge that can help others, and you have responsibility to yourself to learn as much as you can about yourself. There is NO honor in sitting on knowledge for your own benefit or refusing to self-learn out of fear. To trick others in thinking that it is OK  is an act of sorcery. That was what Mordo was implying with Pangborn.


One last thing…


As mentioned previously, Dr. Strange was able to defeat the Dormammu with the Eye of Agamotto through looping time. Every time Dr. Strange came to Dormammu to bargain, Dormammu killed Dr. Strange. Thus Dormammu became a prisoner to Dr. Strange’s manipulation of time. Some of you, like myself, may shun the concept of time. What is true today will be true tomorrow. There is nothing new under the sun, according to the Good Book. So in essence, time does not exist. If the Dark Dimension represents real truth and knowledge, time, or the concept of time, will not change that. The enemy to the truth (Dr. Strange?) will always be the same as it was yesterday, today, and the next. So why did Dormammu bargain with Dr. Strange? He was the truth, and Dr. Strange was no match for him whatsoever. What did Dr. Strange have that Dormammu didn’t? The concept of time, which is the biggest concoction ever created by the elite. It has the majority of people, specifically Melanin-Dominant people, living in the moment, which works right in the hands of the powers-that-be. No matter how long you may have to fight off your enemies, you should never submit to their will. Especially when you have truth on your side. That scene alone will reinforce the lie to the masses that time is your enemy, that this life and reality is the only one that matters. That’s how I see it.




So there you have it. That’s my two cents on the movie. If you have any other thoughts on the movie feel free to write them in the comment section. If you love or hate the hell out of this post please feel free to write in the comment section. I’m open to all your opinions. Thanks for indulging me on this post by reading it; it took me over FOUR hours to write this post. I’m certainly dedicated to uplifting my people and imparting some knowledge that I may have to others.


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man







Crude Oil is Melanin/Blood to the Earth



From the Melanated Man:

I listened to a YouTube video recently and there was something mentioned that sparked my curiosity, reminding of a thought I had awhile ago. It was stated that basically the Earth is a living organism just like any other living organism that breathes, moves, produce and reproduce, and  consumes.

That is a fact.

There is no way we would survive if it were not so.

I remember mentioning in a previous post (it may have been this one LOL) that our bodies, specifically BLACK-MELANATED BODIES, are a microcosm of the universe as a whole. If you want to understand the universe with its seemingly infinite DARKNESS and innumerable BLACK HOLES, need not look any further than your own HUE-MAN body.

The answers lies within. That statement rings true on so many levels.

Nevertheless, the same can be applied to the Earth itself. But we are steadily killing her. And by we, really I’m talking about Massa, the elite, the-powers-that-be, THE UNNATURAL!

The UNNATURAL: most of your supposedly friendly brethren who lack pure MELANIN.

We’ve been hood, nooked, and crooked into believing that their way is NATURAL! Just so we can secure a comfortable, easy way of living. Slowly being put to sleep, calcifying that pineal gland, the THIRD EYE. To accomplish this feat, they’re stealing her lifeline, her MELANIN, her spiritual connection to the rest of the universe…


And through a purification process (or denaturing process) they change it to gasoline/petroleum. Now, it’s ultimately WASTE to the Earth, but a necessary need to us civilized folks. Just like vampires,the life is being sucked out of the planet to survive and perpetuate the MADNESS (THE MATRIX!) On a cellular scale, relative to Mother Earth, it can be observed through the exploitation of the ITS MOST NATURAL PEOPLE, the MELANATED majority. And the abuse is a never-ending cycle of DEATH AND DESTRUCTION. This cycle (or Merry-Go-Round) we’re riding on is infected by a deadly virus that we must rid ourselves of immediately or we will soon fall by the wayside.

The Earth is fighting back with a vengeance, though.

Through global warming and natural weather disasters (*those that are not manufactured by the elite) the Earth is trying to rid itself of the virus, very similar to our body’s immune system.

It’s getting rid of everything that is UNNATURAL to its system.

These are truly the END TIMES.

We have to get our bodies (our temples) in order physically and spiritually. The time for playing games are over. The warning shots have been fired and made clear. If we don’t have your temples in tune with MOTHER NATURE, in connection with the LIFE SOURCE (THE SUN!) and the Creator of the universe, we will perish. Like the Good Book says, “you shall perish for a lack of knowledge.”  The knowledge is available to those who seek the TRUTH. We have to properly apply the knowledge for the betterment and advancement of what’s REAL.


I have a request: Take a step back and examine yourselves, BLACK MAN/BLACK WOMAN! I mean really examine your life.

Examine the life you have been living and ask yourself if it feels NATURAL to you. Here are some introspective questions you should ask yourself:

Physically, has your life been NATURAL to you?

Professionally and economically, has your life  been NATURAL for you?

Spiritually, has your life been NATURAL WITHIN YOU?

Are you connected to what’s REAL in this universe?

Who has benefited from the life you are currently living? Is it you, the people you serve, or both?

Are the people you serving conducive to your ultimate well-being? Are YOU yourself conducive to you own well-being?

Is there balance overall?


These are some basic, standard questions for any BLACK-MELANATED individual who wants to get back in CONNECTION with their TRUE SELVES.  You have to be able to answer them openly and honestly.


It’s imperative. Time is running out quickly.



Peace and Love to my Melanated Family,

The Melanated Man


*Future post





What KILLS Melanin Production?




From The Melanated Man:

What FOODS (or DRUGS) effects your MELANIN production?

(Paraphrased from Melanin: Chemical Key to Greatness Pg. 86 and Melanin: What Makes Black People Black)

Some of these terms you never heard; when you have a chance do a Google search for further research.

  • Processed sugar ,concentrated sweeteners, sodium chloride (table salt)
  • Alcohol and vinegar
  • Caffeine
  • Street Drugs (cocaine, heroin, LSD, marijuana, etc.)
  • Codeine
  • Morphine
  • Mescaline
  • Nicotine
  • Strychnine
  • Atropine
  • Agent Orange (Dioxane)
  • Amphetamines
  • Paraquats
  • Tetracycline
  • Neuroleptics (Phenothiazines, Butyrophenones)

And many, MANY more!


On a chemical level, these chemicals attach to MELANIN because they have similar structures or functional groups to MELANIN. So when they come within contact to it, there is a chemical reaction. The reaction produces a hybrid, a new mixture similar to both parties before the reaction but different from any one of the two original chemicals.

Ultimately, your MELANIN depolymerizes (changing its polarity), making it weak and useless to your body.

This process can be understood in detail when discussing alkaloids.


(Paraphrased information taken from Melanin: What Makes Black People Black)

Mentioned in previous posts, melatonin and serotonin produced by the pineal gland are alkaloids (class of nitrogen based chemicals.) Alkaloids reacts to salt, which is created when an acid and alkaline substance interact. These salts are used to maintain stable nerves, water balance, regulate the blood volume, are essential for digestion enzymes, hormones, control thickness of the blood (coagulation), pressure inside cells (osmotic), respiratory pigments and acid-base balance (from Melanin: What Makes Black People Black.)

(This is NOT the same as table salt, which is POISON to your body, BLACK MAN/WOMAN. these are salts of sulfates, phosphates, chloride, carbonates, bicarbonates which are combined with calcium, magnesium, and potassium.)

The alkaloids serotonin and melatonin contain a similar structure as other alkaloids, such as benzene, creating a reaction. The aromatic benzene structure (a major component in  gasoline production!) cause the melanin hormones to easily chemically merge with dangerous drugs such as crack, Ritalin, cocaine, caffeine, codeine, morphine, etc. BLACKS with their higher melanin content are twice as likely to be addicted to SYNTHETIC DRUGS (as well as DENATURED, ARTIFICIAL FOODS) than any other race. These DRUGS kill the mind and body of BLACK people, specifically, negatively acting on their MELANIN PRODUCTION.


The addictions and cravings for INORGANIC (not carbon-based), UNNATURAL substances of BLACK-MELANATED individuals are amplified due our MELANIN CONTENT.

It’s imperative that we understand MELANIN to better understand OURSELVES! We have to educate ourselves on this before time runs out.

Get the books, scour the internet, do the research yourself! At some point, there has to be a group of US that can create an endeavor/system that can be implemented to properly educate our people on this topic. We have to overcome FEAR to do that.

Because as I speak at this very moment, our MELANIN is being used against us to keep us under control and from realizing our FULL POTENTIAL as a people. Creating this endless cycle of physical and spiritual destruction…


What a trick that’s being played on us!


When are we going to wake up, BLACK FAMILY????


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man


References: Barnes, Carol. Melanin: The Chemical Key to Greatness. Copyright, 1988.

Afrika, Llaila. Melanin: What Makes Black People Black. Copyright, 2009.