Movie to Check Out: Captain Fantastic


From the Melanated Man:

This is a movie you should go see, if it’s still in the movie theaters, with both your eyes (and THIRD EYE) and both ears wide open. This movie really hits on how we should live not only on a familial level but also on a broad community spectrum, although the main cast is Caucasian. There is much food for thought to be had. We are so caught up with modernity and obtaining a convenient lifestyle we have become CUT OFF from nature which has turned against us. We are becoming artificial beings and in the process we are being rejected by the forces of Mother Nature.

That’s truth. The film definitely drives that point home.

If the Creator wanted us to have a convenient lifestyle there would be no point in our existence. Period.

We were given everything that we needed at birth to not only survive, but THRIVE. We were incarnated on this planet to produce and bring forth righteous fruit, and I’m not just talking about offspring.  We have forgotten about that. Now the majority of us are too exhausted to fulfill our true life purpose by the end of the week because we have been sucked dry to the bone by a vampire-like system (MATRIX)  that needs BLACK minds and bodies, dead or alive, to exist.

And we continue to perpetuate the situation.

Listen, I don’t have all the answers. On occasions I may be too out there to be taken seriously. But I do know that if you do not know yourself, BLACK MAN/WOMAN, you will be doomed for an INEVITABLE DEFEAT! Take a break from your “busy” schedule to re-educate yourself on yourself. And be willing to open your mind to new trains of thought (check out post Melanin Production )

If you are NOT growing and evolving when it comes to knowledge of self , you are DYING!

There’s NO in between.

I know this from personal experience.

Check out Captain Fantastic…may be in the dollar movies by now. If not, please rent it from Redbox or OnDemand when it becomes available. It’s worth your time and dead money!



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man



a repost: The Conservative Belief in Human Supremacy Is Destroying Our Planet


Article posted on (click link for original article)

The following is an excerpt from the new book The Myth of Human Supremacy by Derrick Jensen (Seven Stories Press, 2016):

“The modern conservative [and, I would say, the human supremacist] is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.” —John Kenneth Galbraith

I’m sitting by a pond, in sunlight that has the slant and color of early fall. Wind blows through the tops of second-growth redwood, cedar, fir, alder, willow. Breezes make their way down to sedges, rushes, grasses, who nod their heads this way and that. Spider silk glistens. A dragonfly floats a few inches above the water, then suddenly climbs to perch atop a rush.

A family of jays talks among themselves.

I smell the unmistakable, slightly sharp scent of redwood duff, and then smell also the equally unmistakable and also slightly sharp, though entirely different, smell of my own animal body.

A small songbird, I don’t know who, hops on two legs just above the waterline. She stops, cocks her head, then pecks at the ground.

Movement catches my eye, and I see a twig of redwood needles fall gently to the ground. It helped the tree. Now it will help the soil.

Someday I am going to die. Someday so are you. Someday both you and I will feed—even more than we do now, through our sloughed skin, through our excretions, through other means—those communities who now feed us. And right now, amidst all this beauty, all this life, all these others—sedge, willow, dragonfly, redwood, spider, soil, water, sky, wind, clouds—it seems not only ungenerous, but ungrateful to begrudge the present and future gift of my own life to these others without whom neither I nor this place would be who we are, without whom neither I nor this place would even be.

Likewise, in this most beautiful place on Earth—and you do know, don’t you, that each wild and living place on Earth is the most beautiful place on Earth—I can never understand how members of the dominant culture could destroy life on this planet. I can never understand how they could destroy even one place.


Last year someone from Nature [sic] online journal interviewed me by phone. I include the sic because the journal has far more to do with promoting human supremacism—the belief that humans are separate from and superior to everyone else on the planet—than it has to do with the real world. Here is one of the interviewer’s “questions”: “Surely nature can only be appreciated by humans. If nature were to cease to exist, nature itself would not notice, as it is not conscious (at least in the case of most animals and plants, with the possible exception of the great apes and cetaceans) and, other than through life’s drive for homeostasis, is indifferent to its own existence. Nature thus only achieves worth through our consciously valuing it.”

At the precise moment he said this to me, I was watching through my window a mother bear lying on her back in the tall grass, her two children playing on her belly, the three of them clearly enjoying each other and the grass and the sunshine. I responded, “How dare you say these others do not appreciate life!” He insisted they don’t.

I asked him if he knew any bears personally. He thought the question absurd.

This is why the world is being murdered.


Unquestioned beliefs are the real authorities of any culture. A central unquestioned belief of this culture is that humans are superior to and separate from everyone else. Human supremacism is part of the foundation of much of this culture’s religion, science, economics, philosophy, art, epistemology, and so on.

Human supremacism is killing the planet. Human supremacists—at this point, almost everyone in this culture—have shown time and again that the maintenance of their belief in their own superiority, and the entitlement that springs from this belief, are more important to them than the well-being or existences of everyone else. Indeed, they’ve shown that the maintenance of this self-perception and entitlement are more important than the continuation of life on the planet.

Until this supremacism is questioned and dismantled, the self-perceived entitlement that flows from this supremacism guarantees that every attempt to stop this culture from killing the planet will fail, in great measure because these attempts will be informed and limited by this supremacism, and thus will at best be ways to slightly mitigate harm, with the primary point being to make certain to never in any way question or otherwise endanger the supremacism or entitlement.

In short, people protect what’s important to them, and human supremacists have shown time and again that their sense of superiority and the tangible benefits they receive because of their refusal to perceive others as anything other than inferiors or resources to be exploited is more important to them than not destroying the capacity of this planet to support life, including, ironically, their own.


Especially because human supremacism is killing the planet, but also on its own terms, human supremacism is morally indefensible. It is also intellectually indefensible. Neither of which seems to stop a lot of people from trying to defend it.

The first line of defense of human supremacism is no defense at all, literally. This is true for most forms of supremacism, as unquestioned assumptions form the most common base for any form of bigotry: Of course humans (men, whites, the civilized) are superior, why do you ask? Or more precisely: How could you possibly ask? Or even more precisely: What the hell are you talking about, you crazy person? Or more precisely yet, an awkward silence while everyone politely forgets you said anything at all.

Think about it: if you were on a bus or in a shopping mall or in a church or in the halls of Congress, and you asked the people around you if they think humans are more intelligent than or are otherwise superior to cows or willows or rivers or mushrooms or stones (“stupid as a box of rocks”), what do you think people would answer? If you said to them that trees told you they don’t want to be cut down and made into 2x4s, what would happen to your credibility? Contrast that with the credibility given to those who state publicly that you can have infinite economic (or human population) growth on a finite planet, or who argue that the world consists of resources to be exploited. If you said to people in this culture that oceans don’t want to be murdered, would these humans listen? If you said that prairie dogs are in no way inferior to (or less intelligent than) humans, and you said this specifically to those humans who have passed laws requiring landowners to kill prairie dogs, would they be more likely to laugh at you or agree with you? Or do you think they’d be more likely to get mad at you? And just think how mad they’d get if you told them that land doesn’t want to be owned (most especially by them). If you told them there was a choice between electricity from dams and the continued existence of salmon, lampreys, sturgeon, and mussels, which would they choose? Why? What are they already choosing?


This is too abstract. Here is human supremacism. Right now in Africa, humans are placing cyanide wastes from gold mines on salt licks and in ponds. This cyanide poisons all who come there, from elephants to lions to hyenas to the vultures who eat the dead. The humans do this in part to dump the mine wastes, but mainly so they can sell the ivory from the murdered elephants.

Right now a human is wrapping endangered ploughshares tortoises in cellophane and cramming them into roller bags to try to smuggle them out of Madagascar and into Asia for the pet trade. There are fewer than 400 of these tortoises left in the wild.

Right now in China, humans keep bears in tiny cages, iron vests around the bears’ abdomens to facilitate the extraction of bile from the bears’ gall bladders. The bears are painfully “milked” daily. The vests also serve to keep the bears from killing themselves by punching themselves in the chest.

Right now there are fewer than 500 Amani flatwing damselflies left in the world. They live along one stream in Tanzania. The rest of their home has been destroyed by human agriculture.

This year has seen a complete collapse of monarch butterfly populations in the United States and Canada. Their homes have been destroyed by agriculture.

Right now humans are plowing under and poisoning prairies. Right now humans are clearcutting forests. Right now humans are erecting mega-dams. Right now because of dams, 25 percent of all rivers no longer reach the ocean.

And most humans couldn’t care less.

Right now the University of Michigan Wolverines football team is hosting the Minnesota Golden Gophers. More than 100,000 humans are attending this football game. More than 100,000 humans have attended every Michigan home football game since 1975. There used to be real wolverines in Michigan. One was sighted there in 2004, the first time in 200 years. That wolverine died in 2010.

More people in Michigan—“The Wolverine State”—care about the Michigan Wolverines football team than care about real wolverines.

This is human supremacism.


I just got a note from a friend who was visiting her son. She writes, “Yesterday morning when I emptied the compost bucket, the guy next door called out to ask if that was ‘garbage’ I was putting on the pile. I told him it was ‘compost.’ We went back and forth a couple of times. Then he said, ‘We don’t want no [sic] animals around here. I saw a raccoon out there. There were never any animals around here before.’ What better statement of human supremacism?”


Recently, scientists discovered that some species of mice love to sing. They “fill the air with trills so high-pitched that most humans can’t even hear them.” If “the melody is sweet enough, at least to the ears of a female mouse, the vocalist soon finds himself with a companion.”

Mice, like songbirds, have to be taught how to sing. This is culture, passed from generation to generation. If they aren’t taught, they can’t sing.

So, what is the response by scientists to these mice, who love to sing, who teach each other how to sing, who sing for their lovers, who have been compared to “opera singers”?

Given what the ideology of human supremacism does to people who otherwise seem sane, we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the scientists wanted to find out what would happen if they surgically deafened these mice. And we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the mice could no longer sing their operas, their love songs. The deafened mice could no longer sing at all. Instead, they screamed.

And who could blame them? This is human supremacism.


Or there’s this. Just yesterday I spoke with Con Slobodchikoff, who has been studying prairie dog language for more than thirty years. Through observing prairie dogs non-intrusively in the field, he has learned of the complexity of their language and social lives. But he has done so, he said, without the aid of grants. Time and again he was told that if he wanted to receive money for his research—and if he wanted to do “real science” instead of “just” observing nature—he would have to capture some prairie dogs, deafen them, and then see how these social creatures with their complex auditory language and communal relationships responded to their loss of hearing. Of course he refused. Of course he didn’t receive the grants.

This is human supremacism.


And then today I got an email from a botanist friend who has worked for various federal agencies. His work has included identifying previously unknown species of plants. He said this work has not been supported by the agencies, because the existence of rare plants would interfere with their management plans, including the mass spraying of herbicides. His discoveries have been made on his own time and on his own dime.

It’s a good thing science is value free, isn’t it?

I told him Slobodchikoff had said to me that the scientific establishment makes it very difficult for people to manifest their love of the world. Slobodchikoff said this as someone who loves the earth very much.

My botanist friend agreed. “Science makes it very hard to love the world. Most scientists want the world to fit nice, clear, linear equations, and anything that doesn’t fit is ignored, unless you can get a publication out of it. Love isn’t a concept that would even come to mind concerning the natural world. The natural world is just a means to an end. A thing to be dissected, so they can get tenure. I was talking to a local botany professor, about how geology can drive speciation/change, and he was actually surprised to consider anything outside of genetic mechanisms. I was surprised at his surprise: his view just seemed so limited. A plant to him is an isolated, discrete entity, rather than the expression of the complex interactions and relationships between all the entities/factors in the environment going back 3.5 billion years.”


Or there’s this. I just saw a snuff video of scientists pouring molten aluminum into an anthill to reveal the shape of the tunnels. Then the scientists marveled at the beauty of the shape of the anthill they just massacred to the last ant.

This is human supremacism.


Or there’s this. The air around the world has recently been declared to be as carcinogenic as second hand smoke. The leading cause of lung cancer is now industrial pollution.

This is human supremacism.

Activist, philosopher, small farmer, teacher, leading voice of uncompromising dissent, Derrick Jensen holds degrees in creative writing and mineral engineering physics. His books include Dreams; Endgame, Volumes 1 and 2; As the World Burns, with Stephanie McMillan; A Language Older Than Words; The Culture of Make Believe; What We Leave Behind, with Aric McBay; The Derrick Jensen Reader, with Lierre Keith; and Deep Green Resistance, with Aric McBay and Lierre Keith.

a repost: Julieka Dhu, Australian Aboriginal Woman Was Dragged Like a ‘Dead Kangaroo’ and Killed in Police Custody



Despicable. BLACK-MELANATED people are getting abused all over the globe.


Original article posted on (click link for original)

Black Lives Matter in Australia. As attention has been paid to Black women who have lost their lives while in police custody and in encounters with law enforcement in the United States — women such as Sandra Bland, Miriam Carey, Rekia Boyd and Korryn Gaines — there is another name to add to the list, halfway around the world.

This month marked the second anniversary of the death of Julieka Dhu, 22, an Indigenous Yamatji woman who was arrested on Aug. 2, 2014 for failure to pay A$3,600 (US$2,742) in fines. She is referred to as Ms. Dhu, out of cultural respect for Aboriginal people’s avoidance of referring to the name of a dead person. Ms. Dhu was taken into custody in Port Hedland in Western Australia. On Aug. 4, she was dead in a jail, in a case that bears similarities to Sandra Bland in Texas. Two years later, there is no justice, as the family seeks the results of an official investigation into her death, and demands the release of the video footage of her final moments alive — so that Australia may come face-to-face with its racism against Black people.

And Ms. Dhu had no business being in jail, much less dying.

“What stood out for me was she was a family violence victim. She had a broken rib, and she was in horrendous pain,” Amy McQuire, an Aboriginal journalist with 98.9FM in Brisbane, told Atlanta Black Star. “She shouldn’t have been there in the first place. She should’ve been protected.”

As NITV reported, an inquest found that the cause of death was septicaemia and pneumonia due to an infection from broken ribs and blood-filled lungs. Police ignored her cries for help and her vomiting, with police sergeant Rick Bond reportedly telling her she was a “f—— junkie, you will sit this out,” and that she was “faking” her pain, was “full of s—” and disrupting the “smooth running” of the police station.

Ms. Dhu was even dismissed as a mental case. One policewoman reportedly said, “I am not going to hurt my back for her.” She was taken to the hospital twice in the back of a police van, given a quick lookover and returned to jail, as Al Jazeera reported. The third time, her condition ever worsening, the sergeant reportedly told Ms. Dhu, “This is the last f—— time you’re going to hospital,” according to the inquest. They dragged her from her cell “like a dead kangaroo” an hour before she was pronounced dead.

“They didn’t seem to understand her pain. They thought she was trying to get out and they didn’t take her seriously,” McQuire said. “If it wasn’t for the family, we wouldn’t have heard about it,” she added.

The coroner, who is a white woman, has said she does not want to release the closed-circuit video footage of Ms. Dhu’s death because it would “traumatize” the family — which suggests that the family is not already traumatized, and that white folks know what is best for Black people.

Shaun Harris, Ms. Dhu’s uncle and Family Spokesperson for the “Justice For Julieka Dhu” Black Death In Custody Campaign, has seen the footage of her death and demands its release, arguing that this vital evidence disproves and contradicts testimony given in the investigation.

“This footage also, and very clearly depicts amongst other seriously liberty depriving actions, a very young and very vulnerable and ‘dying’ if not ‘dead’ or ‘very very close to death’ Ms Dhu being dragged out of her cell ‘like a dead carcass’ as the public has already been informed via the Coronial Inquest and being ‘roughly placed’ in the locked back of a police 4WD ‘in handcuffs,’” said Mr. Harris in a statement he provided to Atlanta Black Star. “They very ‘roughly’ dragged her out of the back of the ‘paddywagon’ and blatantly continued to place this poor dear neglected girl in a wheelchair with absolutely no compassion, her head rolls back in a very lifeless motion. The police proceed to seemingly “casually” wheel this seemingly already lifeless body hastily into Hedland Emergency for the 3rd time,” he added.

As McQuire noted, Black women in Australia are most likely to be locked up for unpaid fines.

“In Western Australia, Aboriginal women and women in general are incarcerated for failure to pay fines,” she said. “Why would a young Aboriginal woman call the police if she knows it will happen to them? It’s almost as if they can get away with killing Aboriginal women.”

Meanwhile, the media have not paid much attention to Ms. Dhu, or to Aboriginal people in general.

“The media haven’t covered it much, but they haven’t put it in prominence. You compare it to how they treat white victims. The conversation on domestic violence is primarily focused on white victims,” McQuire said.

And according to The Guardian, Black Australian women are 45 times more likely to suffer from domestic violence than are their white counterparts.

Australia is a racist country that is not addressing or coming to terms with itself. And despite the years of genocide, enslavement, the stealing of Black children and the continuing atrocities, white Australians look at the Black Lives Matters movement in the U.S. and breathe a sigh of relief that they do not have a racism problem. Rather than confront its injustices, Australia blames Black people for their own problems. And as McQuire noted, Australia’s prison-industrial complex and draconian laws are targeting Aboriginal people, because it is easier to warehouse people than deal with the underlying issues.

Meanwhile, she added that Indigenous Black people are experiencing “unresolved and intergenerational trauma,” with an “attempt to assimilate into a white way of thinking, and continual racism.”

That racism was on display on Aug. 21, when Eddie Betts, an Aboriginal player for the Adelaide Crows of the Australian Football League, was a victim of game-time racism. A white woman threw a banana at Betts during the game, according to Yahoo 7 News, reflecting a decades-long tradition of white spectators terrorizing Black athletes and calling them apes and monkeys. Earlier this year, memes were posted on social media comparing retired AFL star Adam Goodes to Harambe, the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo who was put down after a Black 4-year old child fell into the animal’s enclosure in May.

And recently in The Australian, a newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch, a racially offensive cartoon was published which depicted an alcohol-drinking Aboriginal father who could not remember his son’s name. Such offensive and harmful media images reflect “the way white people see Aboriginal people as a whole,” and “they are so used to getting away with it,” said McQuire.

These events come at a time when the Northern Territory is embroiled in a scandal over the torture of Black children in the Don Dale juvenile detention facility. Footage shows prison staff spraying teargas at teenage boys who were attempting to escape and youth stripped and held down by guards. Another video shows a boy shackled in a restraint chair with a hood placed over his head for two hours, in an image reminiscent of Guantánamo Bay or Abu Ghraib. The Northern Territory government recently approved use of the torture chair. According to The Guardian, 97 percent of the children in juvenile detention in the Northern Territory are Black. In addition, suicide is the biggest cause of death for Aboriginal people under the age of 35.

Meanwhile, the case of Julieka Dhu is not an aberration. In Western Australia, a comatose Indigenous man named Nathan Khan was shackled to a bed after collapsing during a court appearance for a driving offense, and “tied down like a dog” according to The Guardian. And Australian Lawyers for Human Rights urged the New South Wales government to investigate the death of Rebecca Maher, 36, a Wiradjuri woman who was kept in a holding cell for alleged intoxication, and died within five to six hours, as Lawyers Weekly reported.

“Indigenous Australians are among the most highly incarcerated peoples in the world, being 15 times more likely than other Australians to be imprisoned. The vulnerability of Aboriginal Australians to death whilst in police custody has been well documented,” the organization said in a statement.

Aboriginal people are nearly 30 percent of people in prison, although they are merely 2 percent of the Australian population, according to the Australian version of the open letter created by Letters for Black Lives, an ongoing project for communities in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter. The letter added that according to studies of the Victorian police, young African people were targeted at a much higher rate than others, “and statistics of Aboriginal people who have died in police custody, often as a result of over-incarceration, neglect and outright abuse, are also shockingly high.”

According to Al Jazeera, about 1,400 Australians have died in police custody since 1980, with Aboriginal people making up a disproportionate number. Ms. Dhu was born a year after the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, a 1991 inquest into 99 Australian Aboriginal deaths in custody between 1980 and 1989, with 339 recommendations designed to reduce the incarceration of Indigenous people. These recommendations were largely ignored, including ending the practice of jailing Aboriginal people for unpaid fines. Although the report focused mainly on Aboriginal men who died in custody, there were a number of women, including Nita Blankett, whose 1982 death mirrored that of Julieka Dhu.

Blankett, the mother of five, died of a chronic asthma attack while serving a six-month sentence. The corrections staff knew she was a chronic asthmatic, yet failed to act, and acted only when it was too late.

“Although the deceased had complained that she was ill, appeared distressed and asked for a doctor and an ambulance, those responsible failed to understand, or they underestimated, the severity of her asthma attack. When a decision to take the deceased for medical treatment was finally acted upon there was still a delay in the order of 30 minutes before the prison van conveyed her from the prison,” according to the report, noting a further 10-minute delay due to a defective wheelchair. “Having regard to the deceased’s condition the consequent delay was unreasonable. Medical opinion before the Commission indicated that if the delay had not occurred it is likely that, with proper resuscitation, the deceased would have survived.”

Since that report, things have worsened, and about 340 Indigenous people have died in prison and police custody.

“Australia is apparently ‘meant to be’ an apparent ‘world class’ health system, and yet it’s the still thriving and still very deeply ingrained institutional and systemic racism in today’s apparently civilized Australia that ensured that my happy and bubbly niece Ms Julieka Dhu was denied proper medical treatment and ‘denied’ living a full life,” Harris said, adding that “bad people with very bad hearts and souls, will always continue to inflict bad things when they are in supposedly ‘good positions of power’, aka power positions to help to stop and prevent public ‘IN-Justice’ and to ‘right the wrongs.’”

“We’ve never had any police officer or prison guard held accountable for the death of an Aboriginal person,” McQuire lamented. “Australia is such a racist country, and I don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

Ms. Dhu was treated like a dead kangaroo carcass. And her family needs white Australia to see the video of what the police did to her. Because in a white-dominated society, they refuse to believe Black cries of suffering unless you can produce the video, and even then they’re not so sure.

Music that INSPIRES: “I Found My Smile Again” by D’Angelo


This song encapsulates my overall day to day vibe. Listening to this song let’s me be thankful of the highs I have now by way of the personal lows I  had to overcome. And in the process I rediscovered myself, gaining knowledge that enhanced my inner being.  I came out a better man and individual.  I want to dedicate this song to my two beautiful toddler girls, because you truly have inspired me, for helping me find my smile again!


Lyrics by Michael “D’Angelo” Archer

I found my smile again
You helped me find my smile again
I found my smile again
You helped me find my smile again

I don’t know what it is that you’re doing
All I know is baby, that you’re shonuff doin’ it good
And you look at me, and my hear just starts the moving
I haven’t felt like this in a while
Girl, I wanna thank you for helping me find my smile

I found my smile again
You helped me find my smile again
I found my smile again
You helped me find my smile again

My smile, hello hello smile, I haven’t seen you in a while
Your love, girl your love, you make me feel like I’m on a cloud
And since I laid eyes on you, my spirit’s been brand new
And I wanna thank you child, oh, helping me find my smile

I found my smile again
You helped me find my smile again
I found my smile again
You helped me find my smile again

I found my smile again
You helped me find my smile again
I found my smile again
You helped me find my smile again
You helped me find my smile again

Honey baby got me smilin’
Honey baby got me smilin’
Honey baby got me smilin’

Smilin’, smilin’, smilin’
Smilin’, smilin’, smilin’

I found my smile again
You helped me find my smile again
I found my smile again
You helped me find my smile again

I found my smile again
You helped me find my smile again
I found my smile again
You helped me find my smile again

Having a Moment: We’re Infected by the Dead Ideology of Money



From the Melanated Man:


money-a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes; coins and banknotes collectively.

currency-a system of money in general use in a particular country

This subject has been on my mind for a considerable amount of time, and I’ve been doing some major reflection in general because of it. Pretty much everything that we do or connected with in this society is attached  to money, or  currency.

If you don’t have MONEY, you don’t have anything.

You won’t live a decent life.

You won’t amount to anything.


That’s a true fact if you choose to live and be involved in this MATRIX, this THREE-DIMENSIONAL ILLUSION. I have heard a many of people, especially BLACK FOLKS, make statements such as:

“Of course money is not real” to make it seem as if they know the obvious trying to make you feel stupid but they don’t truly understand the game that’s being played…

…or my personal favorite, “It takes money to make money.” Very true…if you play by the rules of this MATRIX.

We give value, or we give life, to DEAD PAPER! Paper that is manufactured from a TREE, a living organism, that was KILLED so we can thrive within this ILLUSION, to play this manufactured GAME OF LIFE that we’re trapped in!

(Don’t me wrong, some of us gifted individuals may use DEAD PAPER to create masterpieces of literature and poetry, visual arts, etc. Thus, that creativity  brings BACK LIFE in a different form/expression. There can be BALANCE within the action of CREATIVITY by producing LIFE from DEATH.)

Whether you use DEAD PRESIDENTS, debit cards, or Rush cards, the concept of MONEY is nevertheless a DEAD IDEOLOGY! Even the idea of building credit by getting into debt (through home ownership, credit cards, auto loans, school loans, etc.) is the biggest CON GAME ever to be taken seriously in the HISTORY OF HUMANITY!

We are so bought into this ILLUSION.When are going to LET GO?

How is it possible that the U.S. federal government can bail out  crooked banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America with billions and billions of dollars,  and the supposedly US National Debt is $19.5 trillion dollars at the moment…and counting? Where did that money come from? So the government can just PRINT money from out its ASSHOLE, divvy it out where they see fit and all is HONKY-DOREY, huh?


Why can’t they print money to end poverty? To create a quality education system for everyone? To raise minimum wages to a reasonable living standards? To pay off its own debt?

“Hey Mr. President, I’m waiting for an answer…”


The more I think about the actuality of the situation, the  more pissed off I become, and quite honestly, a little distraught with the madness. Because the sad reality (and it’s truly sad from my perspective) of this entire dilemma is that we validate this ENTIRE FACADE EVERY DAY ! Everything that we need to survive, want to secure a tolerable existence, desire to fulfill our life’s purpose requires that we participate in the MAKE BELIEVE system of MONEY. We validate the system unconsciously…

…whether we’re CONSCIOUS or not, on any level!

As I type this post for publication, which requires an Internet service to reach the multitudes which entails the NEED for MONEY, my actions validate the SYSTEM. So what’s the DAMN point?

Again, we are so bought into this ILLUSION! When are we going to LET GO?


When have you ever needed MONEY to start a REVOLUTION? To make REAL CHANGE?

Having our BLACK businesses is nice and dandy.

But what are building toward? Are we a cohesive unit? Do we have the same goals in mind?

Or are we going into business for self, as individuals? To make MONEY, just to add more duckies to the bank account to play with, sticking with this ILLUSION, the status quo?

Building within this SYSTEM is NOT sustainable for us in the long run. Another reason that the SYSTEM of MONEY still reigns supreme is due the HIDDEN AGENDA of  promoting  a unified, multicultural nation which DOES NOT EXIST.  It serves as a medium between those that DO NOT have similar goals, similar mindsets and to be honest, similar MELANIN CONTENT. So in essence, that DEAD PAPER personifies a  DEAD RELATIONSHIP outside the exchange of CURRENCY  on a metaphysical level.  

At some point BLACKS as a whole must graduate back to a BARTER SYSTEM , the exchange of services and goods instead of currency, the most solid economical relationship  you can have.

One that is also RESPECTFUL to Mother Nature as well.

If we are of ONE MIND and  ONE SPIRIT, it is achievable! There would be not issue of TRUST  when it came to maintaining the ECONOMICAL VITALITY of the community. The goals for EVERYONE would be the same.

First, we must let go of the ILLUSION of MONEY and get back to the REAL!


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man







a repost: The Lack Of Accountability From Black Parents When It Comes To Black Kids Being Harmed In The American Public School System

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I had read a story about a 6 year old black girl in Chicago that was arrested for “allegedly” stealing a piece of candy off a teacher’s desk by a racist security guard.

The girl’s mother told the Daily News that the school treated her daughter very harshly like other black kids are treated at the school.

The racist guard said, ‘I’m teaching her a f?—?-g lesson. She took a piece of candy and I handcuffed her under the stairs”

My first thought was why is there no protocols to prevent incidents like this. I know why because the main protocol they like to use on black kids, particularly black boys is called systemic racism that makes them harm our kids in very irreparable ways.

Second, these black parents that deliberately throw their kids to these evil savages wanna get all mad and shit when their kids get harmed by them and wanna blame them solely for harming their child.

Third, I noticed many black parents are coming up with all sorts of excuses as to why they can’t even fathom taking up the responsibility of educating their own children when they say things like

1) I gotta work today

2) It’s too hard

3) It’s too stressful

4) I don’t have the time nor energy to do that and all these other weak pathetic excuses that they can come up with.

For me personally, these black parents that put their kids in harm’s way by sending them to these bigots are ALSO to blame for their kids being harmed by them because they actually chose to send their kids to these racist paternalistic baby sitting services to be harmed.

When I hear stories like the 6 year old girl arrested or boy suspended for having an afro, it makes me angry not only at the bigot controlled school system, but also at the parents that agreed to put their kids in harm’s way.

And then these black parents will also blame the school system for destroying their son’s future by putting him in jail without taking accountability for their own actions of setting their child up for his own extermination by the prison system which disgusts me.

One of the worst mistakes that we ever did during the 20th century was actually putting our kids in the hands of our historical enemy. Even Malcolm X said it best, “Only a fool would allow the enemy to teach their children” and that statement is so true, especially in today’s society.

Nowadays, there are however more black parents taking up the responsibility of educating their own kids because black parents are and should be their child’s first teacher because nobody can truly understand their child like they can.

The Conclusion – If you want to boost your child’s self-esteem and empower them, homeschool them and keep them out of the toxically racist public school system.

Staff Writer; Joe Davis

a repost: Stop Whining, Take Action


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Suffering then is not something that happens to us in such a way that we have no control over it. Suffering is not something that we must endure in order to be worthwhile. In fact, it is our own controllable reaction to experiences which determines how those experiences will affect us. Man’s responses to his experiences are based on his view of those experiences. If a painful experience is viewed as a step in his inevitable suffering plight, he passively submits to the pain and expenses it in all the intensity of its agony.  If the same painful experience is viewed as an obstacle for man’s mastery, man actively confronts the pain and seeks to overcome it. If he accepts the pain as the natural signal of a need for some type of change of either a physical or metaphysical form, then the person knows that something must and can be done.” Dr Naim Akbar The Community of Self  page 59.

No one escapes the vicissitudes of life, the pain and suffering, the peaks and valleys of life the things William Shakespeare called “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” No one is immune or exempt from experiences that knock the wind out of us, that throw us for a loop or knock us down. There is no avoidance or escape from what some call failure because failure  is part of the success process. Life is such that each one of us must experience setbacks, obstacles, defeats and disappointment to go along with and counter balance the successes, triumphs, exhilarations and joys of living.

I tell folks the only people with no problems we know of, are in the cemetery. Problems, challenges, setbacks  and disappointment are all part of the life experience. We cannot evade them. So if you are going through something be glad, be thankful; it means you are still alive. Life is such that challenges are an integral aspect of our existence.

So if this is true and it is, then we should not be overly concerned about problems. We have to see beyond the obstacles, challenges and pain and focus on our goals, focus on our dreams and aspirations and how we can bring them into being, how we can manifest them on this plane. I am not suggesting we ignore problems. We must acknowledge them but don’t become overwhelmed or use our imagination to awfulize the challenge, problem or situation by blowing it our of proportion and making it seem worse than it really is.

They say within every problem lies the seed of its resolution. So we need to look at the problem not as an end or a roadblock but as a bridge to where we want to go be or do. Many of our problems we bring on ourselves or we contribute to. Challenges are a way for us to look at ourselves, take inventory of our strengths, talents and goals and decide whether we want to give up and give out or do we find a way or make a way out of no way.

We come from creative people, genii who mapped and charted the stars,  were the first to navigate rivers and oceans,  the first to drain swamps, irrigate land, built pyramids that modern man still doesn’t know how they did it. Our ancestors solved problems of survival and asked the profoundest questions about human existence and came to some deep conclusions. Western philosophy is based loosely on what our ancestors discovered.

Our African ancestors were the first philosophers, the first metaphysicians, their knowledge and discoveries laid the foundation for all science, philosophy and ethics. This creativity, this intuition, this awesomeness is in our DNA. We just have to remember, meaning to rejoin ourselves with this ancient wisdom and potential. The same DIVINITY and INFINITE INTELLIGENCE that was available to our ancestors is accessible to us right here right now! We just have to tap into it. We have to know and realize we can tap into it at any time at any place and it will come to us and offer ways to overcome, endure and transcend any situation.

Our ancestors who were brought to these shores were faced with horrific challenges, degradation and unfathomable abuse. But they found ways to overcome and stand tall. When  you are having difficulties get centered and calm your breathing, then allow the peace within you to take over. Peace and sobriety are our real essence. Remember you have the power to define your situation, you can use your imagination to see a different you, a different response to whatever you are going through. Do not try to tell INFINITE INTELLIGENCE how to resolve your situation, listen to the still small voice within you and trust it has your best interests even if what you hear seems impractical. Learn to think beyond your own mental limitations, to expand what you think is possible. The UNIVERSE is on our side, we are part of it and it is part of us so it wants the best for us at all times.

As I said problems are opportunities for us to see what we are made of, how resourceful, resilient and awesome we really are. Many of these issues we’ve brought on ourselves due to foolishness, our egos run amuck or the inevitable consequences of faulty thinking and actions. We have to learn to take ownership for our flawed thinking, recognize this is our responsibility and work to alter those thoughts and decisions that took us down the slippery slope.

You are not being punished by your idea of god or your theology. Some of this is the result of our own erroneous thoughts and actions. Some things are beyond our control, the only response is to control yourself by reframing how you perceive and react to what is going on. While we may not have any control over the situation we can control how we respond, how we react, how and what we think about it. We have power and agency in all situations whether we can change the situation or not.

I once saw a bumper sticker that read, “Help Stamp Out Global Whining“. I chuckled when I saw it but actually there is a message in it. We have the ability to choose whether we whine about our lives, our circumstances and situations or we man and woman up and respond in a mature fashion. We can choose to give up, wallow in self-pity and helplessness or we can choose to solve or resolve the challenges in our  lives.

If the situation is chronic we can make or find a way to make it bearable without resorting to negative thoughts, maladaptive behaviors or harmful addictions. We can transcend our challenges in a healthy manner, be in it but not of it; not allow it to get the best of us. Someone once said, “Circumstances don’t make a person, they reveal him or her.”  Your are  not defined by your troubles. You are greater than anything that is bothering you.  Stop whining and choose to be resilient. Look at the situation, determine to figure out how to resolve the issues, be persistent and patient until you achieve your breakthrough.

Written by Junious Ricardo Stanton

Crude Oil is Melanin/Blood to the Earth



From the Melanated Man:

I listened to a YouTube video recently and there was something mentioned that sparked my curiosity, reminding of a thought I had awhile ago. It was stated that basically the Earth is a living organism just like any other living organism that breathes, moves, produce and reproduce, and  consumes.

That is a fact.

There is no way we would survive if it were not so.

I remember mentioning in a previous post (it may have been this one LOL) that our bodies, specifically BLACK-MELANATED BODIES, are a microcosm of the universe as a whole. If you want to understand the universe with its seemingly infinite DARKNESS and innumerable BLACK HOLES, need not look any further than your own HUE-MAN body.

The answers lies within. That statement rings true on so many levels.

Nevertheless, the same can be applied to the Earth itself. But we are steadily killing her. And by we, really I’m talking about Massa, the elite, the-powers-that-be, THE UNNATURAL!

The UNNATURAL: most of your supposedly friendly brethren who lack pure MELANIN.

We’ve been hood, nooked, and crooked into believing that their way is NATURAL! Just so we can secure a comfortable, easy way of living. Slowly being put to sleep, calcifying that pineal gland, the THIRD EYE. To accomplish this feat, they’re stealing her lifeline, her MELANIN, her spiritual connection to the rest of the universe…


And through a purification process (or denaturing process) they change it to gasoline/petroleum. Now, it’s ultimately WASTE to the Earth, but a necessary need to us civilized folks. Just like vampires,the life is being sucked out of the planet to survive and perpetuate the MADNESS (THE MATRIX!) On a cellular scale, relative to Mother Earth, it can be observed through the exploitation of the ITS MOST NATURAL PEOPLE, the MELANATED majority. And the abuse is a never-ending cycle of DEATH AND DESTRUCTION. This cycle (or Merry-Go-Round) we’re riding on is infected by a deadly virus that we must rid ourselves of immediately or we will soon fall by the wayside.

The Earth is fighting back with a vengeance, though.

Through global warming and natural weather disasters (*those that are not manufactured by the elite) the Earth is trying to rid itself of the virus, very similar to our body’s immune system.

It’s getting rid of everything that is UNNATURAL to its system.

These are truly the END TIMES.

We have to get our bodies (our temples) in order physically and spiritually. The time for playing games are over. The warning shots have been fired and made clear. If we don’t have your temples in tune with MOTHER NATURE, in connection with the LIFE SOURCE (THE SUN!) and the Creator of the universe, we will perish. Like the Good Book says, “you shall perish for a lack of knowledge.”  The knowledge is available to those who seek the TRUTH. We have to properly apply the knowledge for the betterment and advancement of what’s REAL.


I have a request: Take a step back and examine yourselves, BLACK MAN/BLACK WOMAN! I mean really examine your life.

Examine the life you have been living and ask yourself if it feels NATURAL to you. Here are some introspective questions you should ask yourself:

Physically, has your life been NATURAL to you?

Professionally and economically, has your life  been NATURAL for you?

Spiritually, has your life been NATURAL WITHIN YOU?

Are you connected to what’s REAL in this universe?

Who has benefited from the life you are currently living? Is it you, the people you serve, or both?

Are the people you serving conducive to your ultimate well-being? Are YOU yourself conducive to you own well-being?

Is there balance overall?


These are some basic, standard questions for any BLACK-MELANATED individual who wants to get back in CONNECTION with their TRUE SELVES.  You have to be able to answer them openly and honestly.


It’s imperative. Time is running out quickly.



Peace and Love to my Melanated Family,

The Melanated Man


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a repost: In 2016 Can we rebuild Black Wall Street?

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“There are [Blacks] who are willing to worship the pyramids of 4,000 years ago but will not build pyramids in the present so their children may see what they left behind as well. We have a leadership who rallies the people to look at past glories but leave their children neglected; who will make great analytical and oratorical dissertations on the inadequacies of Eurocentric education and yet will not contribute one penny of their money or their time to the construction of their own schools.” Dr. Amos Wilson, Afrikan Centered Consciousness versus the New World Order.

Montoya Smith, host of the Atlanta talk show, Mental Dialogue, asked: Can we rebuild Black Wall Street? “No, really,” he added, recognizing the depth of his question and assuring folks he was not kidding or just being rhetorical.

So, what was Black Wall Street? Most of what I have learned about it was obtained from a book by John Sibley Butler titled, Entrepreneurship and Self-Help Among Black Americans, A Reconsideration of Race and Economics, which contains an exhaustive section on Tulsa, Oklahoma’s history and a detailed account of what took place in its Greenwood District. Some of the information below comes from Dr. Butler’s book. I also learned from face to face conversations with six of the survivors of the Tulsa Riot.

Black Wall Street was burned to the ground in 1921 by a White mob. The Greenwood District, located in the northern section of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was once called “Negro Wall Street,” and “Little Africa.” It was home to hundreds of Black owned businesses and sat on valuable land desired by White oil speculators, who even tried to buy parcels of that land from Blacks for ten cents on the dollar immediately following the Tulsa riot. Fortunately and wisely, Blacks refused to sell.

Despite hundreds of Black lives lost in the riot and all of Greenwood’s businesses destroyed, the story of that economic enclave during the ensuing seventeen years was one of triumph over tragedy. By 1923, as a result of Blacks pooling their money to capitalize new enterprises, the Black business district was even larger than before, and Greenwood was completely restored by Black people by 1938. Ultimately, urban renewal and integration, which allowed Blacks to shop at non-Black stores, led to the demise of “Black Wall Street.”

To Amos Wilson’s point, Greenwood was a pyramid built by Blacks in the early 1900’s. Instead of looking back and merely reveling in the successes if Mound Bayou, Mississippi, and other enclaves that came before them, Black people in Greenwood built upon those legacies. Thus, my answer to the question posed by Montoya Smith, “Can we rebuild Black Wall Street?” was and is an emphatic and unequivocal, “YES!”

My answer to that question is based on the fact that we have done it before under far worse circumstances than we are under today. But as I listened to the other guest on Montoya’s show, Mr. Jay West, entrepreneur and President of the Lithonia Small Business and Merchants Association located on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia, I became even more convinced.

Immediately impressed by Mr. West and the work his group is doing in a city that is approximately 85% Black, I sought him out to learn more. Jay West understands and promotes local business support. “I do 95% of my shopping right here in Lithonia,” West said, “because I know that one dollar spent here has the multiplier effect of three dollars, as our businesses support one another.”

West is absolutely correct, and the Lithonia merchants association will benefit collectively and individually from circulating their dollars; they will grow their businesses and create more jobs. This nascent organization can be the model from which new Black Wall Streets can be rebuilt across this nation; it is on track to encourage more entrepreneurship and demonstrate the power of a cohesive, mutually supportive, self-directed, and economically empowered network of conscious business owners and consumers who are committed to growth and sustainability.

True partnerships between educated consumers and business professionals in Black economic enclaves comprise the basis for real power in the marketplace, i.e. collective purchasing programs and affinity groups, revolving loan funds, business equity funds, and financial leverage to stimulate future growth. Lithonia is in that space right now, and there is plenty of room for more cities and segments within those cities to do the same.

To draw the discussion closer to home in Atlanta, “Can Sweet Auburn be sweet again?” John Wesley Dobbs called it the “richest Negro street in the world.” Suffering its own riot in 1906 that left 25 Black men dead, Sweet Auburn can also be rebuilt, and with leaders like Jay West and others in Atlanta, I am confident that pyramid will be built.

Written By James E. Clingman

a repost: Self-Made 26-Year-Old Tech Entrepreneur Creates Multi-Million Dollar Telecommunications Company – Atlanta Black Star

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At only 26-years-old, Freddie Figgers is the CEO of a $2.2 million Florida telecommunications company.

According to a 2014 study by Insight Research Corp, telecommunications services revenue worldwide will grow from $2.1 trillion in 2014 to $2.4 trillion in 2019.

This great news means there is money to be made in this industry. However, African-Americans are not the ones making it.

Figgers Communication hopes to change that.

In addition to being a successful business mogul, Figgers is an inventor, patent holder for four inventions and a software designer who strives for perfection.

The 26-year-old even achieved all of this without finishing college.

This real-life Tony Stark (Marvel’s Iron Man) spoke to Atlanta Black Star about his tremendous foray into the tech industry and how he plans to inspire others.

As a young Black man, Figgers has always had a passion for technology. At the early age of 9, that passion began to flourish when his father purchased a used 1989 computer from a Goodwill thrift store.

He didn’t know then that the old computer would be the keystone to his tech empire.

“I broke the computer down several times to get it back working,” he said. “[By the sixth time] I finally got it back together and now it runs Windows XP.”

However, his life was a not a straight path. Figgers was abandoned by a dumpster as a newborn by his birth mother. It took 16 years to get rid of a rash he developed from being abandoned.

Within 13 days, he was matched with an adoptive family who taught him how to become a great man in the face of unforeseen tragedy.

The kindness of his adopted parents changed Figgers and made him appreciative of the life he has today, he said.

“My parents were strict,” he recalled. ” ‘Don’t go anywhere’ [they instructed]. I really appreciate it because it turned me into who I am today.”

Figgers added, “It’s amazing that you can meet people like that, and till this day, I have never met my biological parents. I have never had the interest.”

In the early 2000s, 12-year-old Figgers became part of a program called Net Quincy, based in his hometown of Quincy, Florida.

This program was a public-private partnership to provide telecommunications and internet service to residents in the small town.

People in the town heard about his computer repair prowess, and he landed a part-time job as a computer technician.

He worked with them for several years accumulating more hours under his belt.


“A lot of them felt envious of a child trying to compete with them,” Figgers explained. “I was just a 14-, 15- year- old kid. I [wasn’t] trying to take [their] job!”

At 16, Figgers realized he could make more money working for himself. So he left the Net Quincy program to start his own repair company, operating out of a backyard shed. Local residents brought in their damaged personal computers and laptops, and he repaired 50-60 computers a week on average.

This was just the beginning.

Figgers created a cloud database back in 2005 — before cloud computing was mainstream — that digitized and stored clients’ records.

“After I saw the computer market, I wanted to see what makes these computers share resources … That was the networking aspect … I was going around to local car dealerships, law firms and realtors, [helping them] move from physical [record keeping] to a cloud-based solution. I was doing this at 15 in 2005.”

He created and maintained nine web servers at that time.

Even though the young man had the talent for networking and computer repair, software was his true passion. He said his financial backing came from software he designed for clients.

All of his technical wizardry was self-taught, and his parents gave him the tools to carry out his dreams.

Figgers has designed banking security applications, a remote patient monitoring system for senior citizens, and countless other software programs for an array of clients.

In his interview with ABS, Figgers revealed that he dropped out of college around 2009 after being presented with an opportunity to design a program for $65,000.

“The school thing wasn’t for me,” he explained.

He made the software program, earned the money and went off to create his telecommunications empire.

This was the breaking or making point in his life because he had his share of doubters.

“I was told no my whole life. The only person who believed in me was my father. No one believes you until they see a check. And that’s the story of my life … If you believe in something go for it.”

He said the government and Federal Communications Commission discouraged him from trying to acquire cell towers. It took Figgers three years to put up his first tower. In 2010, he purchased his first cell phone tower at the affordable price of $400,000. And when the tower malfunctioned, he ground it out by going back to software design to earn enough money to repair it.

Today, the entrepreneur has 18 towers in Florida with plans to acquire more.

His company designs and manufactures telecommunication handsets, provides cellular, mobile broadband, home phone and international calling and wireless internet.

Figgers Communication also provides wireless 4G LTE without a yearly contract.

The inventor and entrepreneur has also created a cell phone that prevents texting and driving with the aim to stop vehicular homicides.