The Importance of the Pineal Gland, OR YOUR THIRD EYE





Image created by Sik Harlan. The comparisons between the Egyptian “Eye of Ra” to the layout of the pineal gland and rest of your brain.

From the Melanated Man:

Just the facts on this post, no preaching today folks! (lol)

Mentioned in the Melanin Production post, the pineal gland is where the production of melanin takes place, inside and outside your body. Also mentioned is the fact that the pineal gland needs SUNLIGHT, which is mainly received through the retina of your eyes.

Hence the nickname THE THIRD EYE for the pineal gland.

The health and vitality of the pineal gland is important for your ability to tap into thoughts and consciousness that is BEYOND this current 3D paradigm, or PRISON.

More background on the pineal gland:

(Taken from Melanin: What makes Black People Black! from Melanin section)

  • The Pineal Gland helps to regulate the hypothalamus glands release factors that stimulate the pituitary to secrete the Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and aides the Lutenizing Hormone (LH). FSH stimulates the ovaries and the movement of sperm and LH stimulates egg and sperm production. Consequently, a Black person with an under-stimulated Pineal Gland or one that uses drugs or eats processed (junk food) foods will harm the Pineal Gland and have reproductive problems.
  • The Pineal Gland regulates insulin levels, the adrenal cortex and the Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH). ACTH is secreted by the *Pituitary Gland and is essential for physical and mental growth and development. In other words, a Black person’s level of thinking (mental growth) needed to solve their race’s problems cannot be achieved with a low amount of Melanin caused by an under-stimulated Pineal Gland.
  • The Melanin secreted by the Pineal Gland aides the posterior Pituitary’s effect on the hormone Oxytocin. Oxytocin stimulates uterine contraction during the birth of a baby. Oxytocin is similar to morphine, it is one of the main hormones that causes people to bond to each other…
  • The Pineal Gland’s ability to secrete Melanin is SUNLIGHT DEPENDENT…
  • Sunlight deprivation results in an under-stimulated Pineal Gland causing the child to grow up and become an adult with decreased reproductive function (decreased gonad weight.) In adult adult animals that have no reproductive organ (gonad) due to castration, the Pineal Gland gets small and the Pituitary gets large.
  • The under-stimulated Pineal Gland decreases the reproductive organs response to Gonadotrophins (fertility drug.) This causes a decrease weight of the ovaries and testicles. The Pineal Gland increases sperm production and helps female fertility.
  • The Pineal Gland increases progesterone hormone (sex hormone that regulates menstrual cycle, pregnancy, etc. made by the Corpus Luteum.)

(Taken from What is (Quatum) Melanin Physics, Page 54-55)

The Pineal Gland is the core regulator of how much of this biological life you are able to resonate with at any particular time, and it actually is on a cyclic interchange. So we know for example in Solar System there appears to be what People have been trained to call daytime and night time, and we know there are certain things that happen during daytime and night time, because as frequency of light changes the temperature also changes. And so with the Pineal Gland being a regulator, of the modulation of the activity of Melanin, this it does, it the modulator and it is a regulator for the activity of Melanin. So the Pineal Gland does two things primarily as far as chemical activity. Daytime it creates a chemical known as *Serotonin and during night time (Shadow Hours) it creates a Chemical (AL CHEMICAL) known as *Melatonin. Serotonin is needed to allow the cells to begin to become very active in discharging waste, and absorbing nutrients…At night time Melatonin comes out in darkness, and the Brain has to be sealed off the light, so the eyes have to be closed, to activate Melanin stimulating Hormones. This stimulates the process of Melatonin; from the Pineal Gland Melatonin is released into the blood stream, to cause the cells to now begin to use the nutrients during the day and to rebuild the cells. So literally you’re supposed to die during the daytime and be regenerated during the night.


  • Get plenty of SUNLIGHT, NOT ARTIFICIAL LIGHT! Sweat the impurities out of your body TOO when you exercise as well!
  • Get sufficient amounts of sleep during the night with no TV, RADIO, OR LAMPS LEFT ON!

This will benefit your well-being and livelihood with efficient production of Melanin, your MAIN LIFELINE.



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man

*Future Post


7 thoughts on “The Importance of the Pineal Gland, OR YOUR THIRD EYE

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  3. Hi, I am interested in the Images you have comparing the pineal gland and the eye of Horus and the eye of Ra. I would like to use them in my book. Thanks for any information that you can provide.

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    • I found the images via a Google search. I think I typed in something along the lines of “third eye pineal gland” something of that sort. But that’s pretty much it.


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