ED vs EL: The Five Different Eating Diets Discovered by our Melanated Ancestors

From the Melanated Man:

Unbeknownst to many, there are five different types of eating styles. Many assume that we must eat food to live, which is not necessarily the case. There are other forms of consumption that our ancient melanated ancestor knew much about, yet are not taught or promoted to the masses for obvious reasons.

Of course, these diets were based off the biology of Melanin-Dominant people. Again, melanin is the key to all of this.

Ordered from longest to shortest lifespan length:

  1. Breathatarian Only consumes clean air, and nothing else.


What is the first thing we do when we are born, or when we first wake up in the morning?

We take a breath. Breathing is the single most important thing that we do just to live. Clean, unpolluted air is most essential to a healthy life, physically and mentally. There was a time in a very distant past where clean air was the norm on the earth, and that was all the body needed to survive. Those days are lonnggg gone.  Today you basically have to pay for it i.e. relocating to areas that are not heavily populated or occupied by manufacturing and power plants, which is going to cost in more ways than one.

2.  LiquidtarianConsumes only clean water to supplement clean air.


Alkaline water with a PH above 7 is what the body needs to maintain balance. Our bodies are 80-90% made of water, so drinking clean alkaline water doesn’t require the body to digest it. From my own personal experience, consuming only clean alkaline water reminds me of a cleanse.

Not too long ago, even during the very early stages of Industrial Revolution, clean alkaline water was aplenty. If the air was not sufficient and/or compromised, there was always good clean water to turn to. But big, dirty industry has become ingrained into our psyche. And just like the air, drinkable water, not necessarily clean alkaline water, has become a expensive commodity to attain. The majority of the cheap bottle water that is sold to the public is not necessarily the best water we should consume as well.


3. Fruittarian Consumes organic, non-GMO fruits to supplement clean water and clean    air.

4. Vegetarian – Consumes organic, non-GMO vegetables to supplement organic, non-GMO fruits, clean water and clean air.


Fruits and vegetables that have not been damaged by pesticides and genetically engineered (i.e. fruits without seeds) will give you the nutrition needed when the air and water is not enough. It may be more taxing on the body to retrieve the nutrients compared to just inhaling air and/or drinking water. It’s not an extreme detriment, though.

Even though the awareness involving the importance of organic, non-GMO produce has increased over the past five to ten years, you can still be hard pressed to find it in most common groceries stores. And if you so happen come across some untampered, pure produce, the selection is small and the cost exorbitant. Which is why I personally advocate for self-farming and gardening. But we have to be careful who we obtain our seeds from; Monsanto controls 60-70% of the seed supply in the world.


5. The Meat-Eater – Consumes meat and meat by-products to supplement the aforementioned listed above.


There should be no wonder why the Meat-Eater diet has the shortest life expectancy of all the other diets. To obtain even the smallest of nutrients, your body is overworked by digesting animal flesh or animal by-products.  It doesn’t matter if it’s organic, non-GMO; the body still has to work the same regardless. And over a long period 60 to 70 years, the body will run it’s course.  Thus, the cancers, heart diseases, strokes, weakened immune systems, etc. will pop up all of a sudden. In some cases, these ailments show up early as well.

And which diet is heavily promoted by the state and powers-that-be?  95% of all restaurants, no matter the ethnicity, is catered to “meat-eaters.”

Is that a coincidence? 




So there you have it. Those are the true five main eating diets. There is some truth to the Food Pyramid we were taught in school.

Isn’t it? Sort of.


food pyramid-simple.png

‘Remember this?’


We have been suckered into thinking that we need a combination of only  four of those diets.They’ve also added sections for breads, pastas, salts and SUGARS. AND Breathatarian , which includes the most important thing we do as HUE-mans, is erroneously left off.

Do you think the modern Food Pyramid is correct? Or has it been created to keep the masses in check, and the system intact?

You be the judge. In my opinion, the pyramid should be flipped upside down, listing the five diets in order of life expectancy:





A rough sketch of the real, hidden Food Pyramid


That makes too much sense to me. What do you think?


Keep learning and transforming, brothers and sisters!


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man



Also: Refer to Dr. Llaila Afrika’s “African Holistic Health” for more details on the five diets.



a repost: It’s Official: Geoengineering “Experiment” to Block Sun for Climate Change

Article posted on Waking Times (click link for original)

Cassius Methyl, Guest

It’s official: the US government’s partners in academia are going to openly spray us. It’s a move toward a future where they openly spray the skies to supposedly fight climate change.

Harvard scientist David Keith and his partner are going to spray the sky with aluminum oxide and other chemicals to “experiment” with geoengineering: solar radiation management (SRM) as they call it, to block out the sun.

They want to block out the sun to supposedly combat climate change, but the well documented history of weather modification for military purposes suggests there are other motives.

According to MIT’s Technology Review:

“A pair of Harvard climate scientists are preparing small-scale atmospheric experiments that could offer insights into the feasibility and risks of deliberately altering the climate to ease global warming.

They would be among the earliest official geoengineering-related experiments conducted outside of a controlled laboratory or computer model, underscoring the growing sense of urgency among scientists to begin seriously studying the possibility as the threat of climate change mounts.

Sometime next year, Harvard professors David Keith and Frank Keutsch hope to launch a high-altitude balloon, tethered to a gondola equipped with propellers and sensors, from a site in Tucson, Arizona. After initial engineering tests, the “StratoCruiser” would spray a fine mist of materials such as sulfur dioxide, alumina, or calcium carbonate into the stratosphere. The sensors would then measure the reflectivity of the particles, the degree to which they disperse or coalesce, and the way they interact with other compounds in the atmosphere.”

According to the Guardian:

“US scientists are set to send aerosol injections 20km up into the earth’s stratosphere in the world’s biggest solar geoengineering programme to date, to study the potential of a future tech-fix for global warming.

The $20m (£16m) Harvard University project will launch within weeks and aims to establish whether the technology can safely simulate the atmospheric cooling effects of a volcanic eruption, if a last ditch bid to halt climate change is one day needed.”

This comes after a United Nations “geoengineering governance initiative” was launched, and the Carnegie Council announced the launch of a “Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative.” This comes after CIA director John Brennan proposed they spray the skies and do “solar radiation management” (SRM) to fight climate change in 2016.

Some powerful forces are pushing very hard for the ability to spray the skies with aluminum, to modify the weather and set a precedent where they can spray anything on us.

This precedent where we can’t identify what is sprayed on us could usher in a new era of chemical or biowarfare against citizens.

As victims of the US’ long history with experimenting on citizens can attest to, this is a serious possibility. Just research the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments, the spraying of San Fransisco in Operation Sea Spray, ect.

The forces pushing for spraying are not a mystery, and they’ve been at work on geoengineering for decades.

They are found at military industrial complex affiliated institutions such as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Harvard, MITRE Corporation, Raytheon, and others. If you want to know what “the system” is, it’s MIT. They are an academic limb of the military industrial complex.

Half a century of progress toward modifying the weather for military purposes (and to create a global warming false alarm to justify it) coming out of MIT and similiar entities was well documented in Peter A. Kirby’s book “Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project.” Or, you could read his even more recent article on the topic. Or, you could listen to an interview with Peter Kirby about all of this.

However, the truth is geoengineering is obviously already happening in the US and around the world: just look up at the sky. Those giant high altitude “chemtrails” that turn into haze in the sky and persist all day are active geoengineering efforts before they disclose it and take it to an even further level.

So what these people are really trying to do, is normalize geoengineering in the public’s perception.

David Keith is a pawn putting on a show of “experiments” for geoengineering, experiments that seem fairly redundant if you know how far the technology of geoengineering has been developed. Then they can say “we tested it and it’s safe,” and they will spray us much worse than they already are.

Speaking from experience being in every major region of the US and one region of Australia in 2016 and 2017, I can tell you California, particularly central and northern California has it possibly the worst right now.

In California, they spray heavy, and the dry air seems to let the material fall down on people so badly you can smell it, and in some areas (like Sacramento, California) the material they spray can make you instantly sick.

They sprayed Sacramento with a plastic smelling, sharp, irritating aerosol in late 2016. They seemed to use two distinct kinds of spray: the first from about January 2016- August 2016 smelled starchy, powdery, kind of ashy and metallic like aluminum. The smell fills the air and the house if windows are left open.

It’s unmistakable that the spraying is what you smell: the smell always comes right after they spray, and you can watch it fall down.

Then in August, the smell changed distinctly to a sharp, plastic, static electric type of smell and it was much worse.

The worse plasticky spray pierces through closed windows unlike the other kind, and is carried by the rain, as if they spray into rain clouds.

The rain used to wash away the smell of chemtrails in my experience, but it actually carries the new plastic smelling spray straight through the walls of your house when it rains. It makes you wonder about what we will be subject to in the future, experiencing that, trying to shut the chemtrails out of the house.

We just can’t let this go further. They are already spraying, and they want little opposition to spraying much harder. Who knows what other interests they have in spraying: it seems they want to set a precedent. The US would probably like to direct rain systems, give some areas drought (Iran) and give some areas water.

Some power players would probably like us to all be poisoned with aluminum. Nanoparticles of aluminum, what they have been known to spray, can make people docile and confused like someone with Alzheimer’s. Aluminum is detrimental to our health, comparable to mercury.

So we have to push back as hard as we can, no matter how exhausted we are, the people who see what’s happening and have the gall to stand up.

In conclusion, this is from an article about the Carnegie Council’s recent steps toward geoengineering:

“If we don’t protest their proposal to spray the skies now, in 20 years we’ll be living in an aluminum poisoned nightmare where questioning the health of geoengineering the weather, hazing out the sun to combat climate change, will be as taboo as being critical of vaccines.

We cannot allow geoengineering to become normalized in the public consciousness.

a repost: Could This Be the Beginning of the End of the American Project?

Originally posted on Atlanta Blackstar (click link for original)
By: Kamau Franklin
America’s dominant position is changing as both a world power and as a Western propaganda model for constructing a liberal democratic society. The question to ponder is, are we at the precipice of a fundamental shift away from an American-led world order and, if so, what will be the cause behind it? Will it be because the U.S. concedes its international dominance or because the U.S. implodes from internal conflicts that remove it from its hegemonic position?

Over the past 20 years, there have been clear signs that a realignment of the U.S. post-World War II order is at hand: The targeted and successful terrorist attacks in September 2001, followed by two unresolved wars that were not clear U.S. victories; the emergence of China as the soon to be largest economy in the world; the 2008 financial meltdown that was the greatest economic upheaval since the Great Depression; the decades-long steady accumulation of resources to a small uncaring corporate elite; incredible demographic shifts in the United States that have left whites feeling a loss of complete control that crystallized itself in the election of Barack Obama winning the Presidency, twice.

These dizzying events have brought us to a point where tectonic plates are shifting and history is being reshaped. A history that is leading to a less-powerful, inward-looking America that in the next 20 years may cause a civil-war-type rupture that could literally divide the country.

Many think the unilateral position of the U.S. will be most affected by its pulling back from international trade, economic and political ties, thereby reshaping the international order and undoing the U.S. “leadership” position. As the Trump administration seeks to implement its “America First” rhetoric, it is doing so with some caution that is meant more for a U.S. audience than a larger shift in policy. Using less “soft” power diplomacy through a reduced State Department coupled with less international aid (the relatively meager amount it gives), less support for international organizations like the U.N., the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank is not a full withdrawal from international leadership.

America influence will still be extensive with the threat of sanctions and its return toward limited but “hard” power. The U.S. military will be given more leeway to act in American interest, as its ramped up involvement in Yemen and Syria indicate. A bolstered military budget and increase in bombastic “get tough” language on so-called “rogue nations” will take the place of real diplomacy. Western nations will be inclined to support such risky actions because keeping a Western-supported world order is still in their interest.

Even the eventual disengagement (whether formal or not) from the Paris Accords will be met with more rhetoric of displeasure than policy shift away from America. Over the next four years, most of western Europe and allied Asian countries will look to ride out the Trump presidency, hoping for a more stable leader in the next election for president.

The real unraveling of America as we know it will be based on domestic strife. At the core will be the irreversible shift in demographics that is driving a resurgence of open white nationalism as part of mainstream body politic. The idea of white racial control has never gone dormant, as some would like to believe. Instead, it has been kept in check by liberal control of U.S. social, civil and media institutions that have the capacity to modify behavior. Whatever the shortcoming of liberal ideological thinking, the idea that open racial hostility would have a cost on one’s liberty, career or reputation helped mollify the public behavior of political and economic elites as well as the white working class. Media, business, unions, schools, et al., were careful to preach a racial-tolerance rhetoric that made the harshest forms of racial bigotry a thing to be hidden or to be ashamed of.

Right-leaning politicians would work around this politically correct mandate with “dog whistle” politics to the “silent majority.” The chastising of “welfare queens” and promotion of Black faces to represent criminality and drug taking was enough to get the message across without actual name-calling. More liberal politicians would look to prove to potential white voters that they would stand strong against the always suspected “bad behavior” of the “indolent” Black populace. Making sure each election run for national office would include at least one speech directing Black people to “stop complaining,” “get jobs,” “pull up their pants.” All in a cynical attempt to show how to be tough on Blacks as to offer comfort to whites.

After 40 years, these devices have run their course and the liberal order has come apart. Conservative think tanks and media have reawakened a noncompliant racial temperament among a critical mass, if not outright majority, of whites to shake off accusations of racism and to stop hiding behind euphemisms. It is back in vogue for whites to describe their dislike of Black people and anything that is non-Christian and non-European in origin, while openly expressing their own so-called grievances.

For the majority of the white electorate, it’s clear that the idea of “losing America” is the driving force for this new grievance. Unlike Black people who have been limited in responses to racial oppression by the lack of sheer numbers and resources, white people have not had those constraints. The sense of a collective cultural ownership whites have developed through a partially false but uplifting historical narrative of controlling one’s individual fate makes being “led” or outnumbered by others an inconceivable outcome for the majority of white Americans.

Their solution? Let’s take the county back a few decades. The 1950s is not far enough. Instead, we seem to be entering a period reminiscent of the 1920s, a time when the Klan marched openly in D.C with over 40,000 participants, according to the New York Times, their biggest demonstration ever, with over 200,000 onlookers. The reason for the march was to show support for a proposed law to restrict immigration based on origin and race.

At the time, the Klan was three million strong and buoyed by the recent “The Birth of a Nation” film that portrayed them as the saviors of the American project, one that keeps whites on top and everyone else in their place.

Although mainstream pundits like to suggest that Trump voters are not driven by race, it seems preposterous to suggest otherwise. At the center of American history has always been a promise that whites will keep the best for themselves and control “their” destiny. The two most important establishing events of the nation are wars fought to achieve it (the Revolutionary War) and to keep it that way (the Civil War).

Whites will eventually lose their clear majority in the next 25 years or so, from 63 percent of the total population to under 50 percent, although they will still make up the largest minority in the country. This will continue to lead to a consolidation of white voting trends over time, from the 58 percent that voted for Trump to growing percentages for those politicians who promise to keep whites on top. When these promises can’t be met at the ballet box because the population trends won’t allow it, the white working class and its elite conservative backers will look for other means to keep power. There is no civilian population in the world better armed than white Americans. History in the United States has shown us that retaining power does not just stop at voting, there is a willingness to use other means. From laws and codes restricting the votes of others to riots upon other communities to festive lynchings to war.

The idea that America will reach another moment of racial reckoning seems unlikely to some, particularly liberal elites who have the most to preserve. They’re probably the same people who could not see Donald Trump wining the White House. Once the unthinkable happened, those same pundits boiled it all down to economic anxiety, an anxiety that still has unemployment for the white working class at a historically low point and that still has white wealth far above other racial groups. The white body politic is destined to move away from liberal ideas of equality. Even if those ideas were always more for public consumption than actual implementation, the real drive will be for the retention of power and the keeping of country and resources. Those not prepared to contemplate the dramatic changes this era of American history can bring are shielding their eyes away from the origins of the American project and the desire to return to them.

a repost: The First Weaponized Hurricane Caused Widespread Destruction in 1947

Article posted on Waking Times (click link for original)

Terence Newton, Staff Writer

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, some speculated the storm had been intensified and steered by a clandestine government weather modification program, ultimately leading to the massive devastation which followed. For most people, a notion as this falls in the category of conspiracy theory, yet, since the 1940’s the government has been experimenting with weather modification with the aim of weaponizing the skies above.

Pioneered by scientists at General Electric (GE), and supported by the military, weather modification began 1940’s, when post WWII research efforts towards the skies. In 1947 a joint program with US Government and GE seeded the first hurricane with dry ice, causing it to sharply change course, turning back toward land and causing significant destruction and at least one confirmed death in Savannah, Georgia and the coast of South Carolina.

This story is not theory, and has been told before, namely in The Brothers Vonnegut – Science and Fiction in the House of Magic, by Ginger Strand.

Weather scientists working for GE had figured out that dispersing particles of dry ice into super-cooled clouds will cause water crystals to form, serving as nuclei for rain drops, thereby causing rain to unnaturally fall. Part of Project Cirrus, the experiment involved GE employees Bernie Vonnegut, brother of the acclaimed American author Kurt Vonnegut, along with Nobel Prize winner Irving Langmuir and his assistant Vincent Schaefer, who were corroborating with top U.S. military brass in an effort to perfect the technique of cloud seeding.

After several successful experiments producing rain, snow and fog in the northeastern United States, the team targeted a small hurricane in October of 1947 which had just passed over the southern tip of Florida heading eastward into the Atlantic Ocean. The team flew two military B-17’s and one B-29 bomber into the storm carrying meteorological equipment, photographers, and airborne dry ice dispensing equipment, reporting, “pronounced modification of the cloud deck seeded.”

According to Strand:

“The seeding plane dropped about eighty pounds of dry ice along a 110-mile-long track parallel to the squall line and another hundred pounds into the top of a large cumulus cloud boiling up from the storm…. as the planes circled to take more photographs, observers saw a new line of rain falling parallel to where they had seeded. It looked like a trench shoveled out of the hurricane’s spiral of clouds.” ~Ginger Strand

Initially uncertain of the results of this experiment, the following day the team again flew into the storm and were surprised to find major turbulence in their path, later realizing just how dramatically effective their initial test was. The seeding had worked, and the storm had made a sharp turn eastward.
Again, as noted by Strand:

“Later, they found out the reason for the rough skies. Immediately after they had seeded it, the hurricane, made a dramatic dogleg turn. Inscribing a huge 7 over the Atlantic Ocean, it turned westward and plowed back to the mainland. It was battering Savannah with eighty-to-one-hundred-mile-an-hour winds when they flew over.” ~Ginger Strand

To Langmuir and his colleagues, this meant the experiment worked, although triggering severe weather in Savannah, Georgia, and while the scientists watched from their bombers, a path of destruction was laid below.

“As the unknowing scientists clutched their armrests in the sky above, a thousand people were taking shelter in Savannah’s city hall. Windows were smashed, boats were tossed ashore, sugarcane fields were flattened, a downtown bank lost its roof, and several parked planes were destroyed. Charleston took a hit too, with waves topping its seawall, parts of the city flooded, and a lumberjack killed by a falling tree. All in all, damage from the storm’s second landfall was estimated at $23 million.”~Ginger Strand

The mission was declared a success for GE and the war department, and while initially, GE had attempted to deflect any blame for affecting the hurricane, a number of lawsuits were filed, aiming to hold GE accountable for the damage on the ground.

“Cirrus was canceled, and lawsuits were threatened. Only the fact that a system in the 1906 season had taken a similar path, as well as evidence showing that the storm had already begun to turn when seeding began, ended the litigation.” [Source]

The Age of Scientific Destruction Began

Weather modification and cloud seeding began shortly after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, while the world was wondering if scientific advancement would seed the demise of the planet. With the dual forces of human nature and scientific rationality, so began the era of science trumping life.

The truth is, now we live in an era of much more severe government secrecy, of black budgets, and of utterly insane defense spending, and in this climate, the public has no idea what the military is capable of or what it is really doing. For those who still have doubts that weaponized weather is part of the basket of horrors being employed to control and dominate our world today, a quick trip down the memory hole should serve as a wake up call.

If corporations and the government were capable of redirecting and intensifying a hurricane some 60 years ago, is it that hard to imagine this happening today?

ED vs. EL: Foods that Enhance and Purify Melanin

From the Melanated Man:

Spring will officially be upon us in a couple of days. There’s no better time to alter your eating habits according to your biology Melanin-Dominant Family than right NOW! For those of you who truly want to reconnect with the REAL YOU, please take heed to the list of foods below that can assist you in your journey.

It’s an extensive list, by no means a perfect one. But I believe it’s pretty DARN close. I trust the source of the list put in the time and effort to validate it as well.

It’s time to cleanse ourselves of the toxins that are poisoning us from the inside out, and transform the way we are living in these stressful times. When our consumption changes, we will transform not only ourselves but the world around us.

Hope this list is suffice.


(List taken from the book What is (Quatum) Melanin Physics? by Neb Heru**MUST READ**)

*Be advised that a good portion of these foods on the list may not be available to you. Do your best to add the foods that you are able acquire. 



-Amaranth Greens

Image result for amaranth greens

“Amaranth Greens”



Image result for katuray



-Bell Peppers

-Burro Banana

Image result for Burro Banana

“Burro Banana”


-Chayote (Mexican Squash)

Image result for Chayote




-Dandelion Greens

Image result for dandelion greens

“Dandelion Greens”

-Garbanzo Beans (chick peas)-optional

Image result for garbanzo beans

“Garbanzo Beans”

-Izote-cactus flower/ cactus leaf-grows naturally in California

Image result for izote cactus flower

“Izote Cactus Flower{“



Image result for jicama



-Lettuce (all except iceberg)

-Mushrooms (all except Shitake)

-Mustard Greens

Image result for mustard greens

“Mustard Greens”


-Nopales-Mexican Cactus

Image result for Nopales





-Poke Salad-greens

Image result for poke salad

“Poke Salad”

-Sea Vegetables (wakame/dulse/arame/hijiki/nori/kelp)

Image result for wakame


Image result for dulse



Image result for arame seaweed


Image result for hijiki



Image result for nori

“Nori” (used for sushi wraps)

Image result for kelp

Image result for kelp



-Spinach (use sparingly)

-String Beans

-Tomato-cherry and plum only



Image result for tomatillo




-Turnip Greens

Image result for turnip greens

“Turnip Greens”





-Bananas-the smallest one or the Burro/mid-size (original banana) “found in most farmers markets in the U.S.A.

-Berries-all varieties-Elderberries in any form-no cranberries

Image result for elderberries





Image result for currants



Image result for dates



Image result for figs



-Limes (key limes preferred with seeds)



-Orange (Seville or sour preferred, difficult to find)

Image result for orange seville







Image result for prune



-Soft Jelly Coconuts

Image result for soft jelly coconuts

“Soft Jelly Coconut”

– Soursops -(Latin or West Indian markets)

Image result for soursop


-Sugar Apples (chermoya)

Image result for sugar apples

“Sugar Apple”


All Natural Herbal Teas

Alvaca (or Tulsi)






-Lemon Grass

-Red Raspberry

-Sea Moss Tea


Spices & Seasonings


-Bay Leaf




Image result for marjoram



-Sweet Basil


Image result for tarragon




Image result for achiote





Image result for coriander


-Onion Powder



Natural Salts

-Pure Sea Salt

-Powdered Granulated Seaweed

-Kelp/Dulce/Nori-Natural Seaweeds


Natural Sweeteners

-100% Pure Maple Syrup – Grade B recommended

-Maple “Sugar”-(from dried maple syrup)

-Date “Sugar”-(from dried dates)

-100% Pure Agave Syrup – (from cactus)


Nuts & Seeds – (includes Nut & Seed Butters)

-Raw Almonds and Almond Butter

-Raw Sesame Seeds

-Raw Sesame “Tahini” Butter



High “MAGNETIC” Alkaline Herbs

-Yellow Doc(k)

Image result for yellow dock herb

Image result for yellow dock herb

“Yellow Doc(k)”



Image result for sarsaparilla


Moringa  (click link for more information on the Moringa tree)


Image result for moringa tree

“Moringa tree”

Image result for moringa

“Benefits of the Moringa Tree”

-Pau De Arco

Image result for pau d'arco

“Pau De Arco”


-Lilly of the Valley also known as “Ladder to Heaven”

Image result for lily of the valley

“Lilly of the Valley”

-Black Pepper Corn


-Black Onion Seed (contains Melanin)

Image result for black onion seed

Image result for black onion seed

“Black Onion Seed”



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man












a repost: Several Types Of Slavery That Exists Towards African People In America.


Article posted on ThyBlackMan.com (click link for original)

Despite what the public school his-story books say about American slavery, but the truth is that it NEVER ended in 1865 because it still happens today in America in several forms.

1. Economic Slavery – Many of us are trained at a very early age especially in the public school system to be economic slaves instead of being entrepreneurs and business owners and that’s a fundamentally flawed way of thinking. And that’s artificial success that is not beneficial to the community as a collective.

Example: Many of us have a deep mental illness of relying on parasitic capitalists to help pay our bills and feed our families by going to work 9-5 every week and while that suburban guy gets far more money in a day than the brother or sister from the urban area would get because they only get scraps in the form of a paycheck just to survive.

2. Debt Slavery – Many urban kids each year are being overcharged by colonial universities in particular between $50,000-$100,000 dollars for courses that cost between $500-$1,000 online. The student debt of $1.2 trillion dollars a year is egregious.

Example: An urban kid majors in neuroscience for four years and he gets let’s say $200,000 in debt because these colonial universities are basically setting this young man up for a lifetime of debt that he will never be able to get himself out of because he has to pay all of that money right back to the colonial institution.

3. Financial Slavery – Many young people in the hood look up to rappers and reality tv stars wanting to emulate the “Get Filthy Rich” mindset and this mentality is not only counterproductive by keeping a lot of us financially enslaved, but it is also a huge form of mental slavery that is a tremendous curse to a lot our youth these days. But this destructive behavior is also promoted by corporate sponsored bastardized urban music on corporate owned radio stations across the country.

Example: “Most corporate sponsored bastardized rap songs that are played on the corporate owned urban radio stations these days often promote messages of financial Irresponsibility when you hear urban artists say “I blow through my money” or “I make it rain at the club.” When a lot of young people in the hood hear these types of messages from the corporate radio, they are gonna emulate it and then they end up losing all their wealth because they were told by corporate rappers to “make it rain at the club.”

4. The Prison System – One of the biggest forms of slavery that’s currently happening in America is the mass incarceration epidemic that’s basically a modern day holocaust in America. It has severely crippled our community over the past few decades. The prison system and many big corporations make millions and billions of dollars each year off of the mass exploitation of cheap/unpaid labor just like The NCAA.

Example: “These parasitic capitalists here in Alabama extract over $300 million a year from our community through the prison system because to them, they only care about profits over the lives of people, especially the brothers and sisters that are currently incarcerated in The Pen.”

The Conclusion – Slavery still affects us to this day in several forms and it’s time to break the mental chains of slavery to be spiritually free.

Riddle of the Day

From the Melanated Man:

Ask yourself this question…
What does a Melanin-Dominant incarcerated individual and a Melanin-Dominant professional physician have on common besides the obvious?
In my opinion

They both work, perpetuate, and support a system that is destructive to their anatomy and biology in the physical and metaphysical realms.
One is forced to against their will, the other one does it willingly. Financial stability and social status is only an illusion to segregate their commonality in the grand scheme of things.
At the end of the day they both have a common enemy… eradicating the Eurocentric lifestyle and mindset off the face of the earth!
Think about it, fam. Let me know your thoughts.

Peace and Love to my Melanated family,

The Melanated Man

a repost- After Seven Long Years, Freedom: An Interview With Marissa Alexander

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Wearing an ankle monitor at all times was one of the many restrictions placed on Marissa Alexander during her two years of home confinement. (Photo: Courtesy of Marissa Alexander)

By Victoria Law

Wearing an ankle monitor at all times was one of the many restrictions placed on Marissa Alexander during her two years of home confinement. (Photo: Courtesy of Marissa Alexander)

As the clock struck midnight on January 26, Marissa Alexander was finally able to pull off her ankle monitor. The Florida mother of three was officially done with her two-year sentence of home confinement and electronic monitoring.

Despite the late hour, she drove to her sister’s house where she, her mother and her sister had a toast to her freedom. The next morning, she took her youngest daughter to breakfast before dropping her off at school; something that she’d never before been able to do with her six-year-old. That night, she took her 16-year-old twins to dinner. That weekend, family and friends threw a party in her honor. And finally, on Sunday, Alexander put a baseball cap on and headed to a local bar to watch the football game in anonymity. It was the first time the Jacksonville mother had been able to do so since her legal ordeal began in 2010.

No Justice When Black Women Fight Back

As reported previously on Truthout, in July 2010, Marissa Alexander gave birth to her baby girl. The previous year, she had separated from and obtained a restraining order against her then-husband Rico Gray, who had been violent toward her on more than one occasion. But when she learned that she was pregnant, she amended the order to remove the ban on contact. The two still lived in separate houses.

Nine days after the baby’s birth, Gray was in Alexander’s house and attacked her. “He assaulted me, shoving, strangling and holding me against my will, preventing me from fleeing all while I begged for him to leave,” Alexander recounted in an open letter. She escaped into the garage, but realized she had forgotten the keys to her truck. The garage door opener refused to work. She grabbed her gun, which was legally registered, and reentered her home to either leave another way or grab her phone to call for help. When Gray charged at her, she fired a warning shot. Gray left, then called the police and reported that Alexander had shot at him and his sons. She was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

In court, Alexander tried to argue self-defense under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. But the pretrial judge ruled that Alexander could have left her own home through the front or back doors. In a 66-page deposition, Gray admitted to abusing not only Alexander, but also the other four women with whom he had children. At trial, several witnesses, including several family members, testified that they had seen injuries that Gray had inflicted on Alexander; Gray’s sisters-in-law also testified that he had a reputation for violence in the community. Nonetheless, the judge instructed the jury that, when considering whether Alexander had acted in self-defense, she had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Gray was committing aggravated battery when she fired. After 12 minutes, the jury returned with a guilty verdict.

In Florida, the prosecutor has the discretion to add a 10-20-Life sentencing enhancement, which requires a 20-year minimum sentence when a firearm is discharged. The Florida Department of Corrections has noted that Black people are more than twice as likely as white or Latino people to have the enhancement added to their sentence. Alexander was no exception; prosecutor Angela Corey decided to add that enhancement, and Alexander was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Three months before Alexander was sentenced, stand your ground was interpreted very differently in Sanford, Florida. On February 26, 2012, police initially refused to arrest George Zimmerman after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old unarmed Black teenager. The following year, Zimmerman successfully invoked Stand Your Ground as a defense, with the judge instructing the jury that Zimmerman had no duty to retreat. He was fully acquitted. The comparison thrust Alexander’s case into the national spotlight, garnering her support from around the country. Her story became a symbol of how domestic violence survivors, particularly women of color, are criminalized when they defend themselves.

In 2013, an appeals court overturned her conviction, remanding her for a new trial. The court also stated that, if convicted, Alexander’s sentences must be served consecutively rather than concurrently. The prosecutor once again charged Alexander with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. If convicted, Alexander faced 20 years for each count, totaling 60 years in prison. However, the following year, Alexander agreed to a plea bargain that included time served for the 1,030 days she had already spent behind bars, another 65 days in jail and two years of house arrest.

The Cost of “Freedom”

In addition to the monitor strapped to her leg, Marissa Alexander was required to carry this GPS handheld device with her at all times during her home confinement. (Photo: Courtesy of Marissa Alexander)In addition to the monitor strapped to her leg, Marissa Alexander was required to carry this GPS handheld device with her at all times during her home confinement. (Photo: Courtesy of Marissa Alexander)

On January 27, 2015, after 1,095 days behind bars, Alexander walked out of jail. An ankle monitor was clamped to her left leg and she began her two years of home confinement.

Alexander told Truthout there was no doubt that after prison, house arrest provided some relief. “Being at home and being able to be in the privacy of your own home and turn on a light and sit on a toilet by yourself with the door shut, you just cannot compare that to prison,” she said.

Under house arrest, no one told her to sit up and recite her prison ID number, and no one regulated her schedule or her meals. “I can go to the fridge and get what I want when I want,” she said.

Still, those small freedoms came with a price tag. In Alexander’s case, it was a fairly hefty one. She had to pay not only for the ankle device and cost of monitoring, but also a monthly drug test, even though she only took one drug test during the entire 24 months. Alexander estimates that she paid slightly over $10,000 for those two years.

This number does not include the cost of electronic monitoring between November 2013, when she was released on bond awaiting her new trial, and November 2014, when she returned to jail to complete her 65-day sentence. During those 12 months, Alexander was responsible for paying $105 biweekly for electronic monitoring. Supporters raised the money covering those fees plus her living and legal expenses.

If Alexander fell behind on paying, or failed to pay the entire amount before her sentence expired, it would be a technical violation of her sentence. “It wouldn’t be a new charge,” explained Alexander. But had that happened, Alexander would have ended up back in court where a judge could decide to either extend the length of probation or end it and issue a judgment. The judge could also decide to send Alexander back to jail for violating the terms of her probation. Fortunately, Alexander’s supporters had raised enough money to cover these costs.

There were other, non-monetary costs as well. For the first six months, Alexander was granted permission to leave her house only to take her children to and from school, look for employment and attend church services. “All the other things you’re able to do, like grocery shopping or upkeep and things like that, I wasn’t able to do,” she told Truthout. Fortunately, family and friends stepped in and were able to help keep her kitchen stocked and run any other errands that Alexander and her children might need.

Six months later, Alexander filed a motion to have the terms of her confinement relaxed. The judge agreed and so, each week, Alexander turned in a schedule specifying where she planned to be at any given hour. “The idea is that you don’t deviate from your schedule,” she explained. The monitor worked via GPS, allowing the company to track her every location. The strict scheduling meant that, if the line at the grocery store was moving slowly, she would worry about getting home on time or risk getting a violation. “There’s been many a time that I’ve been cutting it close at getting home for whatever reason and I needed gas and my truck was on E [empty] and I was just like, ‘I’m going to have to have somebody else get the gas for me or wait for the next day to go back out and get the gas,'” she recalled.

Sometimes, her schedule was not entered into the company’s system correctly. “It’s human error, it happens,” acknowledged Alexander. She remembered several occasions in which she had specified on her schedule that she would be attending church, but when she walked out of her door and began making her way there her monitor began sounding an alert. On these occasions, her cell phone would promptly ring. “Hey, you’re not scheduled to be out. Why are you out?” the voice on the other line would ask. Alexander recalled, “In those instances, I’ll go back home. I wouldn’t go and do what I needed to do.”

But even when her schedule was entered correctly, the restrictions still prevented Alexander from fully participating in her children’s and family’s lives. After the first six months, she was allowed to attend parent-teacher conferences for her children, but not allowed to be at their extracurricular activities. “I missed my daughter’s entire basketball season,” Alexander said. Other family members would attend the games, but Alexander was not allowed to do so. At times, she arrived in time to see the last two or three minutes, but she was never able to sit on the bleachers and cheer for her daughter. She also missed her youngest daughter’s elementary school award ceremony. And there were many sunny days when she couldn’t take her children to the park or out for a bike ride. “Those things are always really difficult,” she recalled.

Electronic Monitoring Can Lead Back to Jail

“In the grand scheme of things, you cannot compare home confinement to prisons,” Alexander told Truthout five days after her sentence was finished. But, she continues, the ways in which home confinement and electronic monitoring are structured are more likely to lead people back to prison than allow them to succeed. “Think of the people who didn’t make the news and don’t have that kind of support,” she said in a video to supporters one year into her house arrest.

“I feel like it’s money-making. Period,” she told Truthout. For electronic monitoring to be an actual alternative to incarceration, there would need to be “some type of pathway for people to really and truly get back on their feet and have resources available to them and some type of support system.” While Alexander had family and friends who supported her throughout those two years, most people lack that kind of support.

“You are putting people in the position that they are trying to pay for something that is difficult for them to pay for,” she said of the fees that most people on monitors are required to pay. Those that can’t keep up with the fees are sent back to jail. “Whatever money you paid to the system, they got, but you’re back in jail so now the taxpayers are paying for you. It’s a mess.”

In addition, she noted that having a felony conviction is frequently a barrier to employment and failure to find work is considered a violation of probation. Nationwide, over 150 cities and counties have “banned the box,” or eliminated the question of conviction history on an initial job application. Florida’s Duval County is not one of them. Alexander, who has a bachelor’s degree in information technology and a master’s degree in business, was able to circumvent the degrading experience of checking the box and explaining her record by launching her own consulting business. Of course, she understands that not everyone has that option, and that for many people, securing a job while on home confinement is a formidable task.

“If you don’t have the support you need and the resources to get employment and somewhere to stay, then you are not going to be successful on it,” she said.

Looking to the Future

When we spoke, five days after shedding her ankle monitor and its accompanying restrictions, Alexander was still feeling the effects of the past two years. “I find myself wanting to stay in my house just like I was doing before,” she said, noting that she hasn’t become fully accustomed to the fact that she is free to go to the store or simply step outside her house when she wishes, without repercussions. She need not miss the next award ceremony or basketball game.

Alexander is also now free to advocate for changes in the system that punished her for defending herself. In February, she spoke before the Senate Rule Committee in favor of Senate Bill 128, which would shift the burden of proof from the defendant to the state in Stand Your Ground hearings. “I’m just going to give you three numbers,” she stated before the committee. “Number one. Number 12. And number 20. For me, one shot, a 12-minute verdict got me 20 years. I did go through a Stand Your Ground hearing. And in that hearing, you could tell the court and the prosecution struggled with that because it was difficult. With that said, putting a defendant in the position where they have to bear the burden of proof, in my opinion, removes your Constitutional right, the Fifth Amendment.” In early March, she flew to New York City to speak on a panel examining women, violence and incarceration at the Beyond the Bars conference at Columbia University.

During her two years of home confinement, Alexander wrote a book manuscript about her experiences. She also started the Marissa Alexander Justice Project, an organization that will work to end domestic violence, the criminalization of abuse survivors, mandatory sentencing, sentencing disparities, the school-to-prison pipeline and the adjudication of teenagers as adults, for which Florida has the highest rate in the country.

Alexander already has connections with social justice advocates and groups that have supported her through her legal ordeal. She’s planning to utilize these connections to see how the Project can fit in with and bolster existing efforts.

“I’m going to be part of what’s already out there and use my experiences and my name to bring more to it,” Alexander said. “I’m not separate from anybody. This will be my contribution in solidarity.”

a repost- Secret of the Pyramids: Signs of Ancient Technology (Check this out!)

pyramid egypt

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The idea that civilizations progress from a primitive state to a more advanced one is a fallacy… If one… looks at the historical references and findings with an unbiased mind, what one encounters is civilizations that used highly advanced technologies.

Remains left from ancient Egypt, the Mayans and the Sumerians indicate that branches of science such as electricity, electrochemistry, electromagnetics, metallurgy, hydrogeology, medicine, chemistry and physics were used to a considerable extent.

Electricity was efficiently generated and widely utilized in ancient Egypt. The Baghdad battery and the first arc lights were used at that time. But was electrical generation limited to these in ancient Egypt?
A careful examination of Egyptian history immediately reveals the sophistication in perfect illumination. No soot has been found in the corridors of the pyramids or the tombs of the kings because these areas were lit using electricity. Relief carvings show that the Egyptians used hand-held torches powered by cable-free power sources.

The arc lamp used in the Lighthouse of Alexandria is further proof that electricity was used in ancient Egypt. The energy required to power the Lighthouse of Alexandria for 24 hours a day could only have been supplied by a regular electrical source.

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a repost: Obama Awarded JFK Medal of Courage After 8 Years of Drone Bombings

Article posted on Waking Times (click link for original)

Isaac Davis, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Former U.S. President Barack Obama was just named the 2017 recipient of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award, “the most prestigious award for public servants.” Named after JFK’s 1957 book, Profile in Courage, it is awarded annually by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation to “public servants who have made courageous decisions of conscience without regard for the personal or professional consequences.”

Obama will receive this award for his efforts in promoting democratic principles in the face of severe political opposition by members of Congress and a divided national political body.

“Faced with unrelenting political opposition, President Obama has embodied the definition of courage that my grandfather cites in the opening lines of ‘Profiles in Courage’: grace under pressure,” Schlossberg said. “Throughout his two terms in office, he represented all Americans with decency, integrity, and an unshakeable commitment to the greater good.”

Obama is being recognized for “his enduring commitment to democratic ideals and elevating the standard of political courage in a new century,” the foundation said, citing the expansion of health care options for millions, restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba and leadership on an international climate change agreement.” [Source]

Of course, Mr. Obama is humbled, as he should be, however, an award like this gives pause for those who wonder why so much of Obama’s legacy of war, military adventurism, surveillance, and indiscriminate drone bombings of Middle Eastern and African people is so under-represented in conversation about the merits of his eight year tenure as president.

Obama – 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Winner

In 2009, then President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his actions in the first year of his presidency including the “promotion of nuclear nonproliferation and a “new climate” in international relations fostered by Obama, especially in reaching out to the Muslim world.”

When the Nobel Prize was announced, many on both sides of the political rightfully thought it was a joke at first, and as Obama’s presidency ground on, it became absolutely clear that while although Obama was indeed a charismatic, charming, and visually appealing president, he in no way was concerned with halting U.S. imperialism or even slowing down the infamous drone bombings which have killed thousands of innocent people, including women and children.

The Nobel Peace Prize, and now the JFK Profile in Courage Award, are indeed jokes because Obama has never been a true supporter of democracy, liberty, or even peace. Not only did he fail to honor his promise to close Guantanamo bay prison, but he also ended up being the first president in U.S. history to be at war for the entire duration of his presidency, averaging a whopping 72 bombs a day dropped on foreign countries, most of which were majority Muslim nations.

“Every Tuesday — reported the New York Times — he personally selected those who would be murdered by mostly hellfire missiles fired from drones. Weddings, funerals, shepherds were attacked, along with those attempting to collect the body parts festooning the “terrorist target”. A leading Republican senator, Lindsey Graham, estimated, approvingly, that Obama’s drones killed 4,700 people. “Sometimes you hit innocent people and I hate that,” he said, but we’ve taken out some very senior members of Al Qaeda.”” ~John Pilger

Furthermore, Obama’s accomplishments as president include the destruction of Libya, the financing of political coups in other nations, launching U.S. military intervention in Africa, massive advances in domestic and international surveillance, unprecedented persecution of whistleblowers, and the material support of Islamic terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and ISIS.

An Anti-Democratic Legacy of Imperialism 

While on the surface, awards like these are fantastic for public relations, we live in the era of half-truths, hypocrisy and ignored realities. A time when organizations which have historically promoted democracy, justice, peace and liberty openly engage in superficiality and sycophancy, choosing to remain blind in the presence of betrayal by our leaders.

It is a sign of the times, though. People no longer seem to care for substance or truth, only style and bias confirmation. War mongers don’t deserve peace prizes, and presidents who leave behind a legacy of imperialism and warfare do not deserve to be honored for their so-called courage in the service of democracy.