The Melanin Man’s Personal Interpretation of the Race Chart

From the Melanated Man:

In a previous post I mentioned I would create my own terms in regards to race and melanin. That last couple of posts I have dibbled and dabbled with it but I’m making it official with this one. Just to reiterate, my purpose, my own personal purpose, in doing this is to break the chain of identifying myself and others by color. I do not feel comfortable identifying myself and others by a nation/country (or continent in regards to Africans, Africans in Diaspora) either.  I do not believe or adhere to nationalism, another one of those -isms that creates a false sense of pride and security.

This is my effort in rewiring my brain, so to speak.

I like to think of myself as a low-key scientist. Hell, I spent (well, currently paying off) over $55,000 in school loans to attain a degree in  civil engineering,so I wouldn’t be off-based to make that claim of myself haha!When it comes down to the biology and Kemet-stry, the science of it all, the seen and the unseen, there is an obvious difference between the races.

So here we go.

(Note: my interpretation practically goes hand and hand with this one.)

Group #1: The Melanin-Dominant (picture order: Africans, Aboriginals, Africans in Diaspora)



Group #2: The Melanin-Lite (Mexicans, Malaysians, Native Americans, Japanese,various Oriental)



Group #3: The Melanin-Recessive (Caucasians, Europeans)



So there you have it, simple as that. From now on, I will do my damnedest not fall back in the habit of color coding the races+calling out nationalities. I’m still a work in progress so work with me.


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man




10 thoughts on “The Melanin Man’s Personal Interpretation of the Race Chart

  1. Very interesting post. Also provocative. It is a touchy subject to a few. For me it’s not. Hell I have a sense of humor with it. You can call me black, African American, Negro, Colored, Descendant of Africa etc, just don’t call me ugly hahahaha. I think we put too much labels on skin color and ethnicity. Especially in America.

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    • Yes!! Too many labels man, I’m with you on that!! Not a big fan of labels at all, even though what I did with this post can be considered the same thing😌. At least I have some control over that and not going by the ” accepted” terminology. It just makes sense to me. It’s just crazy to say and think like that for me sometimes because not too many people speak or even think about melanin that way. But hey I don’t wanna be a part of the crowd any more anyway so… Lol

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