Having a Moment 4.25.16…

From the Melanated Man:


It is me or has there been  so much that has happened in past 4-5 days in the world? Something feels different in the air (*and I’m not talking about chemtrails.) Something feels off. You have these entertainers dying off (Prince, WWE wrestler Chyna, now R&B crooner Billy Paul), “revolutionary” albums being secretly dropped (Lemonade, anyone?), not to mention Harriet Tubman being placed on the $20 bill (is THAT really revolutionary?), and the wacky Presidential Primaries.

All within the middle of NBA (and small-time NHL) playoffs!!!

What’s up with all these DISTRACTIONS? All at the same time?

What are the powers-that-be cooking up behind the scenes to try to sneak under the noses of the masses? Or has it already happened?

This isn’t the first time a bunch of major events has happened all at the same time, but now, just speaking for myself, I have become hip to the MATRIX so I realize that what I see in mainstream news are DISTRACTIONS!!!!Everything that happened recently in the news that would  be considered major news besides the Harriet Tubman issue and the Presidential Primaries is within the *ENTERTAINMENT realm (or MENTAL DETAINMENT.)

What has entertainment done for black-melanated people besides having us shucking and jiving for the masses and placing the masses (and ourselves) in a coma mentally and spiritually?

Does placing Harriet Tubman on a $20 bill mean there is TRUE progress? Or is it a ruse?

Does the presidential election really matter for blacks in general (or everyone else for that matter?) Or is the president election a production produced by the wizard(s) behind the scenes?

I’m sorry. I’m having a moment…

2 thoughts on “Having a Moment 4.25.16…

  1. There does seem to be a lot going on lately. I’ve witnessed it on an individual level. For example, so many people are still in financial crises, mainly stemming from the Recession, and the others can barely support themselves and resort to a leeching lifestyle. I don’t know if this crab in a bucket wave is pandemic and will continue for several more decades, or I’ve just run across some unlucky individuals who make poor life choices. To come full circle, these silly media antics are indeed a distraction from what’s really happening with people, and the national arguments are not ones that address the true problems we face. I believe this is major source of frustration for most. Everyday we are pushed to consume the products of the entertainment industry but can barely feed ourselves. What a travesty.

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