Do I sense a shift amongst my peoples?

From the Melanated Man:


Me and the misses threw a birthday party for our girls this weekend (their birthdays are a week apart from each other so we split the difference.) Hence this conspicuously-timed post: ED vs EL: Parent-approved holidays for Child Drug Use.

We had the normal spread: Chicken wings, hot dogs, baked beans, potato chips, cake and ice cream, sodas, plus a SNOW CONE machine (smh.) I did grill some vegetables such as asparagus,zucchini and yellow squash, and some red potatoes. Also, I concocted a batch of some black bean quinoa burgers, meshed with sweet potatoes and spinach. My mom made a delicious spinach salad. I was shocked to see that many of our guest partook of the vegetable AND my burgers, and they loved it.

Through conversations with the guests I noticed how they were looking to change their eating habits, just as myself, in their everyday lives.

Less meat and  sugar, more veggies and water they inclined.

I’m sensing that people, my black-melanated peoples, are noticing in their own lives that their is a problem with the current eating paradigm and look to do better. Is their something in the air? What’s going on here?

I feel a shift. That’s FANTASTIC!!

What’s funny is that there were many hot dogs and chicken wings leftover, as well as soda and cake and ice cream than the veggies (granted the black bean quinoa were leftover as well but it will catch on at some point.) We have to get rid of all of this SHIT!

But I’m happy more black-melanated people are beginning to wise up. It really warms my heart.

To all family and loved ones who came and attended the party, we enjoyed you and next time the spread is going to be WAYYYY more healthier. Glad you watched your consumption as well.

(To the misses, I hope you are reading this. NO MORE SNOW CONE MACHINES!!!!)




Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man

4 thoughts on “Do I sense a shift amongst my peoples?

  1. I will happily take the cake, icecream and hotdogs. Lol… Indeed many of us are becoming more and more health conscious which is a wonderful thing. I remember back in the day when we ate mostly natural foods you very RARELY heard of people suffering from one of the innumerable ailments that we hear about today. It’s also funny how eating bad is so cheap yet they rack up the prices on healthy foods as high as diamonds (exaggeration) and this isn’t mere coincidence. It’s all by design. Tsk tsk tsk

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  2. I agree-there is positive shift. I mean who wants to live on medication for the rest of their days? So many of our ailments are preventable. I make all natural desserts and at almost all of my events[which have mostly Black attendees], people ask what’s in it before they purchase, even young folks. I just love that.

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    • I think this generation is way more conscious with food than previous ones, which is a step in the right direction. We may do better than our parents in that arena.

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