ED vs EL: Parent-approved holidays for Child Drug Use



Just Say NO!



From The Melanated Man:


This is going to be short and sweet like *sugar. Yes sugar.

White sugar.

This post is sort of the prelude to the in-depth discussion I will have on sugar later. But have you wondered how people have addictions, for instance drug addictions, later in their adult life? Well it starts at an young age.

Like when you are baby.

Sugar is a government-approved drug just like *caffeine and aspartame. Any substance extracted from it’s natural and intended plant is a DRUG. That’s a little preview to the post on sugar that is on the way. Something to think on.

And as parents we let our kids have free reign to all of the chocolate, candy, cakes, AND sweet beverages they can get their hands, especially these times of the year:


Their Birthdays














Mardi Gras (for those familiar with it from Mobile, AL)


…AND every other day when we want to keep them quiet or when they have done something good.

We figure it’s OK to allow our child to partake of some treats ( or tricks!) so they can get a ARTIFICIAL HIGH!

But just like any HIGH you are gonna want to increase the level of potency. And it may not necessarily lead to actual drug use such crack cocaine or heroin, *but there are MANY other addictions besides that.

What is it that we are teaching our kids, these black-melanated kids, regarding their food consumption, and consumption IN GENERAL at an early age?


Let’s wise up, peoples!



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man


*Future Post

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