Food for Thought: Your Career Ambitions Could Be Impeding the Liberation of Your Soul

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From the Melanin Man:

Every man & woman, especially the melanated, that has been raised in the American K-12 educational system has been pressed and pressured to choose a career path of some sort. Whether it be STEM-related, business-focused, in the medical field or whatnot, you and I have been thoroughly interrogated throughout our formative years to choose an occupation that will pay some lucrative dividends. Maybe that occupation will provide you some mental and spiritual gratification of some sort, even though that is not the primary goal despite the fact that the “dream job” scenario is widely advertised and rarely if ever fulfilled. Your “dream job” doesn’t exist; it never did. It is a poorly constructed concept that has very little value besides making a human being feel better about being human. 

Feel good is for children.

For the melanated man /woman, you were/have been/continue to be programmed to work and sustain the current paradigm of civilization, for the benefit of its physical and metaphysical creators and not yours. A paradigm that is destructive and counterproductive to the souls of the original men and women of this physical manifestation. At best, the hell that we endure on the plantations of productivity is to maintain a decent enough physical existence to keep us from losing our minds. And the saddest part is that our parents, because of their own ignorance, are one of the biggest conspirators when it comes to slaving for the entities that keep us engulfed in a sea of despair. I’m pretty sure the mothers and fathers that birthed us don’t wish to send their seeds into the slaughter of exploitation, just like those same seeds would want nothing more to have the love and approval of their parents when it concerns their life decisions. Quite the conundrum, isn’t it? 

Are our career ambitions distracting us from liberating the soul that inhabits each Melanated man/woman? 

Should we lose our minds, the minds that we’ve been programmed with since Day 1, so we can attain a mind conducive to breaking the strongholds (seen and unseen) that keep our souls asleep?  

The soul’s ultimate goal is to liberate itself from the weeds of humanity and the physical realm entirely. Through each life cycle it has endured, every human avatar it has clothed itself with, the ultimate goal remains the same. The indigenous (the first, original to the land) Melanated man/woman reigned supreme for thousands, millions of years prior to their fall and subsequent appearance and rise of the caucasoid. To return to our former glory of yesteryears gone by is redundant, since as a whole we’ve mastered humanity and the material realm. It’s just that for some reason a significant percentage of souls have not wanted to let go of this physical illusion and have stuck around longer than necessary. The caucasoid has been able to alter the blood and DNA of Melanated men and women through so many nefarious means and methods over the last 500 or so years that the Melanated man/woman has become his/her own worst enemy and greatest supporter of the continued world-wide supremacy by the caucasoid.


” Whoever, therefore, would master a man, must first master that man’s blood. This must be borne in
mind if any advance is to be made in practical life. For example, the individuality of a
people may be destroyed if, when colonizing, you demand from its blood more than it
can bear, for in the blood the ego is expressed. “

Rudolph Steiner, The Occult Significance of Blood


The indigenous Melanated man/woman is in such savage, deteriorated state that it makes the war-like caucasoid appear refined and civilized. Our career ambitions, which are also tied to familial ambitions, have been born only out of a need to survive, which is expressed through the ego. The ego of the modern Melanated man/woman will do whatever it can to procure its survival according to the ways of the blood, which was manipulated and violated by the caucasoid. Esoteric writings of Kemet and Ancient India have made clear that in order for the soul to free itself from the physical realm, submission of the ego to the soul is the most important step. The modern Melanated man/woman must regain possession of their blood from the caucasoid’s programming before they can get a handle of their ego for it to even began the process of submission to the soul.

The soul can’t continue to reincarnate because it has failed to corral the ego and its attachment to the illusion of physical/ material. The game has gotten ridiculously more complex and sophisticated that in this day and age it has become damn impossible for liberation on any level. 


Keep learning fam,

The Melanin Man


The True Hidden Science of Self-Exploitation (AKA “Selling Out”)

Chaos always wins out! (not my image lol)

From the Melanin Man:

Society as a whole pushes the individual to do their best in every thing he/she does and participates in. From our early rearing years to adulthood, we are fed the notion that we must effectively produce on some level to prove our value and the worth we possess. In fact, how and what we produce is directly tied to the basic necessities of survival. It has been embedded in the collective psyche of the common woman/man to the point that an individual cannot function properly unless they are “working productively”, which is the etymology of the term exploitation.

Exploitation in general is nothing new or contemporary; it has existed since the dawn of creation. In fact, it is the primary reason why the MA-terial/physical realm exists in the first place. Without the energy syphoned from the original CHAOS beings (Black-melanated woman/man) to power it, this temporal realm would be no more. So how do you keep the party (humanity, material realm) going when the all the lights (hidden knowledge brought into the light)have been turned on?

You fall for the lie that this realm is actually REAL. You trick your mind into thinking that your life matters, that your actions have “consequences” whether they be good or bad, positive or negative. You believe that if you are not a “productive member of society” for the good of mankind, your life is not worth the melanated womb that you created it in. And that’s some massive MIND-FUCKERY and brainwashing going on!

We, melanated peoples, are asked to “give it your all” (sell out) and produce because it infuses this realm to keep going. Our need to express ourselves, to invent and create, in all endeavors ranging from the arts to the sciences, is DANGEROUS. And that goes double for the “conscious” (or SOUL-ALIVE) of our group. I’m taking a risk just by sharing my thoughts concerning this matter on a platform I did not build or not maintaining. This information can be even more hidden on the internet (yes, I do think I’m being censored just a little bit lol) or worse, stolen and co-opted for a cause that is inclusive to everyone that may or may not have the spark of life (a soul.) If the melanated collective were a little more in sync, we could be telepathic with each other, and this wouldn’t be an issue.


The danger in our need to manifest our glory on this realm not only causes us to be muted and subdued, but our success in doing so keeps us as a whole entrapped in this filthy meat locker we call humanity even longer than we should be. Yes, it’s a double-edge sword.

Here’s the game: Over thousands of years the melanated woman and man have been derided amongst the masses (the useless eaters) but have been worshipped and revered within the elitist occult groups who know the real knowledge of what’s what. That tactic was to lower the esteem of the melanated collective enough to where the insecure of us would feel the need to prove our worth, and thus, feeding more energy into this dying realm to keep it going.

(Have you ever wondered why there have been so many end-of-the-world , dystopian movies produced within the last 40 or so years? We are in the END TIMES.)

And they are trying to switch the game on us: The Civil Rights Movement. Black Lives Matter. An increase in interracial copulation and breeding. We’re being accepted. But why the faux switch up? To build our esteem back up, maybe we’ll want to stick around this hellhole a little bit longer, put a little more energy (soul!) into this because we’re finally being noticed after all this time.

(Maybe that’s why it’s harder for the melanated woman to let go of the illusion/hologram in comparison to her counterpart. The woman DESIRES love/acceptance, the man not so much.)

We can’t keep getting tricked into giving away our souls (because that is the ONLY thing about us that is REAL!) to a dying cause. This is a classic case of the “creator getting trapped within its own creation.” That’s why for the longest now I haven’t thought that much of classifying myself as a CREATOR. As a melanated being encased in a human shell, exploitation of the soul is required for the human shell and its accompanying ego to survive. And the ego doesn’t want to disappear whatsoever, so it places strongholds (fears) to keep us from an existence worth putting our soul-energy into.

But the end is nigh. The ancient knowledge is coming out. This ship is sinking and it’s too many holes to fill. They (the gatekeepers of this illusionary realm) know it, we know it, even the comatose of our collective know it even if they won’t admit it in their heart of hearts. This is the endgame, we are in the end times.

And personally, I’m feeling like returning back into the realm of the UNCREATE anyway.

Love always fam,

The Melanin Man

“Insecurity of Self Breeds the NEED to create and express.”

When the E.G.O. (False Self) Has “Human” Goals and Ambitions to Achieve that Contradicts Your Melanated Soul’s (True Self) Transformation…

From the hood classic (sarcasm!) “Menace 2 Society”, where esoterically Bill Duke’s cop character acts as the soul interrogating the machinations of the ego, portrayed by Caine (Tyrin Turner’s character.)

…Suffering BEGINS!!!

The definition of E.G.O.:

E: Expectations, Expressions, & Emotions
G: Gone
O: Overboard

You gotta get OVER yourself to GET BACK YOUR-SELF!!!

In-joy your day peoples!!!

The Melanin Man

Food for Thought: Cognitive Dissonance and the Slavery Industrial Complex

Image is not my own

From the Melanin Man:

Throughout the time I’ve been blogging it’s obvious that I don’t mind courting controversy whatsoever. But I have to admit, what I’m about to discuss will be one of the most outrageous and ridiculous takes (to the majority of those still being mind-fucked by mainstream media) I have ever prepositioned. To the initiated, I’m pretty sure you’ve already had this thought and have came across information that supports this theory as well.

But first let’s review the term cognitive dissonance.

(Courtesy of Brittanica)

Cognitive dissonance, the mental conflict that occurs when beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by new information. The unease or tension that the conflict arouses in people is relieved by one of several defensive maneuvers: they reject, explain away, or avoid the new information; persuade themselves that no conflict really exists; reconcile the differences; or resort to any other defensive means of preserving stability or order in their conceptions of the world and of themselves. 

Basically when a HUMAN is met with new information that contradicts their preexisting beliefs, they act in denial, descend into survival mode, in order to protect the foundation that their self-created identity is built upon. It’s funny how a HUMAN reacts when the very foundation of its existence is challenged; they are willing to do “whatever it takes” to protect the fabrication of its un-real nature.

Melanin is an primordial element of impermanence and transformation. The Black-melanated man and woman CANNOT operate as a human being, which has to justify its existence through belief to MAINTAIN its existence. The Black-melanated man/woman was, is, and ever will be what it has been since the advent of creation. The human shell has an expiration date.

Which is to say, as a Black-melanated being, you must be willing to “renew you mind” DAILY and NOT CONFORM to the reality of this world (Romans 12:2.)

And this leads me to what I really wanted to talk about…the way the Middle Passage and American slavery prior to the Civil War has been reenacted, portrayed, and written in history books (either by Caucasoids or Black-melanated organization) is a FARCE!!!

A half-truth AT BEST!

There’s been information out for some time now that suggest that a faction of the Moors (a Black-melanated priesthood that originated from Ancient Kemet, who set and spread the foundation by which modern civilization as we know globally is set upon) sold out their own to build up the United States to what it is to be esoterically…the New Kemet of the Western Hemisphere! And we’ve been told in conjunction that various African tribes sold their captured rivals to the Caucasoid for their own profit and gain. Add in the fact (one that isn’t widely known for obvious reasons) that there were already a good many of black-melanated individuals in the Americas that somehow got bamboozled into the mix.

It leads me to think that maybe the origin of how the Middle Passage and American slavery came about was not as devious as it is portrayed to the masses.

An contemporary example that best resembles what I am trying to say is when you see an job advertisement from a reputable company for a position that perfectly fits your skillset depicted through your resume. You ace the interview and subsequently offered the job; you happily accept it. The first month or two is great as you are making new friends and making that new money, more money than you could imagine. Then after a while, the warts of the job and the company overall that you chose to ignore initially for whatever reason (which I’ll get to momentarily) become more obvious to you and begins to effect you daily on greater scale than you anticipated. You realize that the promises of fair competition and cooperation were a falsehood to hook you in. Your hours increase but pay remains the same, and more of your off time becomes company time. You notice that the people you thought were your friends, the ones you thought were colorblind, only dealt with you because they saw the benefit they could gain by being attached to you. You feel abused, and that’s without anyone touching you in a sexual manner. In your heart of hearts, you know you don’t control your own destiny. Soon it becomes obvious to you what you truly are to the organization that hired you: a slave, or an indentured servant that is not able to buy their own freedom. Or more cruelly accentuated by Laurence Fishburne in the 1999 movie The Matrix: A FUCKING BATTERY!!!

Then you reach a breaking point: either you continue to deny the fact that your continued participation with this company will continue to slowly break you down and eventually destroy the inner joy you had within, or you quit and continue to fight to protect your core essence that makes you YOU.


One would think that if self-love is evident, the choice is simple. But the longer you stay attached to the company, the more you become dependent of it for your SURVIVAL, tuning out the only part of you that is real.

“Survival is the ULTIMATE religion.”

-Bobby Hemmitt

When it comes to the events that occurred that led to the creation of the United States of America (who some of us consider to be a thickly-veiled corporation), the Black-melanated man and woman was sold, literally and figuratively, a bill of goods that has yet to be satisfied by the other party. There’s no way the Black-melanated man and woman willingly gave up their culture and allowed for a lower level species to take advantage of them, without putting up a fight? And taken advantage to a degree where it has caused significant psychospiritual damage that has lasted all the way to the current day and age? I truly think that our ancestors had to be coerced into bondage with promises that wasn’t intended to be kept, for the purpose of building a society similar to ancient civilizations such as Kemet and India in image, but parasitically capitalistic in nature.

If that were not that case, why are we repeatedly reminded of the traumas of slavery by Hollywood and the educational system today? Where they propagate the idea that we were powerless in our pursuit of rebelling against the establishment without the assistance of the Caucasoid. Yet there hasn’t been one slave ship to be recovered proving that the Middle Passage did in fact occur. Let’s not forget the occult symbology featured on such things like the American dollar, the American flag, and the structures along the National Mall that keep the Black-melanated man and woman entranced with contemporary American way of living.

Through trauma, repetition, and symbols, we have been brainwashed. And it has materialized as economic dependency, religious zealotry, extreme nationalism, and reprobate spirituality within the masses of Black-melanated men and women in North America. You repeat a lie long enough it becomes fact (the Moon Landing, anyone?) A widely accepted truth is just a lie agreed upon by the masses.

Anything that’s REAL (i.e. knowledge) stands on its without the need to be boastful or repetitious (unlike the human condition.)

It’s about DAMN time we question the validity of the American slavery/Middle Passage narrative. This is one stronghold that the collective of our people must begin to overcome to unleash the beast that lies within.

Make the breakthrough!

The Melanin Man

” Ignorance is humanity’s no-so-secret weapon for its survival.”

Food For Thought: What is Redemption, for real for real?

See the source image
“Didn’t realize this movie was so esoteric”

(Courtesy of

redemption (n.)
mid-14c., “deliverance from sin,” from Old French redemcion (12c.) and directly from Latin redemptionem (nominative redemptio) “a buying back, releasing, ransoming” (also “bribery”), noun of action from past participle stem of redimere “to redeem, buy back,” from red- “back” (see re-) + emere “to take, buy, gain, procure” (from PIE root *em- “to take, distribute”). The -d- is from the Old Latin habit of using red- as the form of re- before vowels. In the Mercian hymns, Latin redemptionem is glossed by Old English alesnisse.

redeem (v.)

early 15c., “buy back, ransom,” also in a theological sense, “deliver from sin and spiritual death,” from Old French redimer “buy back,” from Latin redimere “to redeem, buy back,” from red- “back” (see re-) + emere “to take, buy, gain, procure” (from PIE root *em- “to take, distribute”). In Middle English Latin redimere sometimes was translated as againbuy. Meaning “make amends for” is from 1520s. Sense of “make good” (a promise, obligation, etc.) is from 1840. Related: Redeemed; redeeming.

Redemption is not saving a soul that has already been saved. To redeem your soul (redemption), is to about “gaining back” your true self, your inner being (soul, chaos) by way of transforming and transcending your specific human condition. The words “redeem, redemption, renew” are code words for the science of alchemy.

Melanated woman/man beings have been have roamed the earth since time immoral and have mastered/”redeemed” humanity a million times over. So why are still here in this material realm?

That’s an honest question.

I mean, we’ve stuck around so long know we’ve been reduced to the role of the “Magical Negro” that made Morgan Freeman so famous in the first place. Are we really still here to assist the melanated-deficient or to be more PC, “melanated- adjacent”?

That’s another legitimate honest question. I wonder….:-)

Keep asking questions,

The Melanin Man

Food For Thought: Sleep is an Unescorted Furlough to your Real Reality

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Not my own image

From the Melanin Man:

I “woke” up this morning (sheesh) and had a epiphany that was very centering. Man, it takes a good little minute for your body to “warm up” in the morning, or rather, my soul to get used to being back in a machine after returning from its temporary leave.

After getting my kids off to school and sitting on the couch in the living room commiserating with my wife about knick knack things, I was still in a daze trying to collect myself. Since I don’t have to rush off in the morning to some corporate plantation or some other soul-killing money making racket, I have the opportunity to properly collect myself. That’s a small luxury/ reprieve that many of us take for granted. And it’s an important one.

I can’t see how anyone can call anyone else who doesn’t work and/or does nothing “productive” with their time, who chooses to sit on their ass all day a lazy bum. It actually takes work being a lazy bum. After returning from a realm (sleep, dreaming, the real reality) where you’re basically omnipresent and free to be nowhere and everywhere, NO-THING and EVERY-THING all at once, you come back to a place where you can only use an atom-sized amount of your melanated soul’s infinite abilities in a machine that is programmed to only handle so much at one time.

It took just as much work typing that sentence as it did accepting that reality. That’s a hard pillow to swallow.

So yes, the basics functions of eating and shitting do take effort even if they are SOOOOOO FUCKING MUNDANE! Yeah, ask those individuals who are regularly constipated just how much work they have to give to let out a turd.

Giving away your attention to a TV or a cellphone half the day does take work, even if what you’re watching is some foolishness. It’s hard to focus on any one thing for a long period of time with a soul that is itching to break the chains from a machine that’s so singular.

That’s why I never understood the concept of vacationing. You’re working to take a break from work. REALLY?!

Even traveling the world for kicks and giggles is a chore. Are you really expanding your mind, or are you doing some human shit because you don’t RE-MEMBER that you been there, done that, got a T-shirt and the balloon many other lifetimes ago?

Just how much more being a human do you have to endure before you should move on to the next thing? What is the next thing exactly? Is it set the same for everyone or based off your own imagination? Have I already been there many times over? Does it change a bit after every lifetime I go through?

Just some questions I ask myself that I already know the answer too, but due to my limited perspective in this body and to keep this lifepath a mystery, I (the soul) have to feign ignorance.

Rambling much, ain’t I?! (lol)

For me, at this point after experiencing so many lifetimes already, I have a specific reason for waking up every morning besides the novelty of being a human. It has its plus and minuses, strengths and weaknesses. I will say that humanity does have a unique redeeming quality (not in the “come to Jesus, save your soul” kind of way for you Christian hardheads) that should not be overlooked. You really go through the fire in this place. To me, that is the only meaningful purpose of being human.

But how many times do you need to be redeemed? That really depends on you 🙂

If you’re not “dead”, sleep is your only escape from the contradictory nature of humanity. How come the greatest melanin production occurs at night while you sleep? And some of best sleep I get is right after coitus.

Hmmmm…I wonder why 😉

Melanin=sleep=your only saving grace from the madness!! Ase to my mentor in spirit, Bobby Hemmitt!

Stay “rested”,

The Melanin Man

Random Thoughts about Sports at 11:38 (1111) pm on a Sunday Super Bowl Night…lol!!!

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From the Melanin Man:

I haven’t written anything in a couple of months and the first thing I write about is something related to the ORIGINAL reality TV (like anything on the TV is real anyway)…sports! Not by accident that I’m writing this after the ending of the world’s most popular massive ritual called the Super Bowl.

Which I DID NOT watch, but seen the score on my phone (damn technology!) and was not surprised that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (led by the greatest hidden state-sponsored athlete of our generation, Tom Brady) won the game by a score of 31-9 (which if you put together in numerology it equals to 4.) Not gonna repeat the obvious of how and why the Super Bowl was rigged (you can read and/or listen to that here and here), but all wanted to say is that I wish I was a betting man and foreseen that in the four (4 again) major professional sport championship in the 2020 (4 once more) season, for the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, MLB World Series, NFL Super Bowl, NBA Finals, there was a team from the state of Florida in each one (Tampa Bay Lightening, Tampa Bay Rays, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Heat.)

Florida is also known as the Sunshine State, which the Kemet God Ra is represented by the sun and the “PAN-demic” that has caused “PAN-ic” across the world is called the CORONA-virus, which the corona is the plasma expelled from a star or sun (same thing.)

(I notice how the term corona-virus has effectively been replaced by COVID-19 in the media and amongst the masses, which was intentional of course.)

Sidebar: Pan is the originally-Kemet Greek god of nature and fertility symbolized by the goat. When awakened from his slumber, Pan gave a great shout that caused great fear, later coined as PAN-ic. The suffix -demic means “people”, which PAN-demic means great fear amongst the people. Subconsciously (the one of consequence), it could mean that the people, specifically melanated peoples, should return to their true nature resembling that of Pan, which is also related to the also originally-Kemet Roman god Dionysus, the god of ecstacy. But let me get off this tangent (lol!)…

Yeah, the major sports organizations knew the game, or rather, fixed the script to fit the coronavirus narrative.

Thinking about this foolishness had me thinking about the Super Bowl ritual that occurred a couple of years ago between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, where I myself was born and currently reside. It wasn’t an accident that the Falcons (the animal head of Kemet god Heru, the original Christ consciousness) had a huge 28-3 (4!) lead and subsequently blew the lead and lost the game to the PA-triots (symbolizes white male patriarchy.) That was a MAJOR mind fuck toward melanated peoples, especially those that cheer for and reside in Atlanta, the current unofficial “Black Mecca” of America.

Despite its superficiality and faux image of Black progress, there isn’t another city in the United States quite like Atlanta when it comes to Blacks achieving some level of success on a wide scale. The origin of the name “Atlanta” stems from the Atlantic Ocean, which its name originates from Atlantis, one of the original technological civilizations created by melanated peoples that predated and heavily influenced Ancient Kemet. That’s the spiritual connection that enhances the melanated peoples, either consciously comatose or not, that reside in the Metro Atlanta region. It’s not a coincidence that the two teams that have the Falcon and Hawk mascot (Heru is also represented as a Hawk) reside in Atlanta, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that they will never win anything of consequence. Any symbology that represents the rising of the Christ consciousness amongst the melanated population even on a subconscious level must be avoided and averted AT ALL COSTS. The custodians of confusion that keep this system of humanity from evolving know where that power lies, and it’s best that that power is kept at a low enough level for them to feed off of.

I just had to get that off my chest. I felt like it had to be said because I haven’t seen it said this way anywhere else on ‘net, and I don’t think I said as much I should have said. But it was enough to get the point across lol.

One last thing, I correlate the significance behind the number 4 to the number of sides a square has, which is also the shape of a box. Isn’t that the endgame after all? To keep us in a FUCKING BOX called humanity?

Become Black Dot Alive, family!

Spoken with conviction,

The Melanin Man