Food for Thought: Your Career Ambitions Could Be Impeding the Liberation of Your Soul

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From the Melanin Man:

Every man & woman, especially the melanated, that has been raised in the American K-12 educational system has been pressed and pressured to choose a career path of some sort. Whether it be STEM-related, business-focused, in the medical field or whatnot, you and I have been thoroughly interrogated throughout our formative years to choose an occupation that will pay some lucrative dividends. Maybe that occupation will provide you some mental and spiritual gratification of some sort, even though that is not the primary goal despite the fact that the “dream job” scenario is widely advertised and rarely if ever fulfilled. Your “dream job” doesn’t exist; it never did. It is a poorly constructed concept that has very little value besides making a human being feel better about being human. 

Feel good is for children.

For the melanated man /woman, you were/have been/continue to be programmed to work and sustain the current paradigm of civilization, for the benefit of its physical and metaphysical creators and not yours. A paradigm that is destructive and counterproductive to the souls of the original men and women of this physical manifestation. At best, the hell that we endure on the plantations of productivity is to maintain a decent enough physical existence to keep us from losing our minds. And the saddest part is that our parents, because of their own ignorance, are one of the biggest conspirators when it comes to slaving for the entities that keep us engulfed in a sea of despair. I’m pretty sure the mothers and fathers that birthed us don’t wish to send their seeds into the slaughter of exploitation, just like those same seeds would want nothing more to have the love and approval of their parents when it concerns their life decisions. Quite the conundrum, isn’t it? 

Are our career ambitions distracting us from liberating the soul that inhabits each Melanated man/woman? 

Should we lose our minds, the minds that we’ve been programmed with since Day 1, so we can attain a mind conducive to breaking the strongholds (seen and unseen) that keep our souls asleep?  

The soul’s ultimate goal is to liberate itself from the weeds of humanity and the physical realm entirely. Through each life cycle it has endured, every human avatar it has clothed itself with, the ultimate goal remains the same. The indigenous (the first, original to the land) Melanated man/woman reigned supreme for thousands, millions of years prior to their fall and subsequent appearance and rise of the caucasoid. To return to our former glory of yesteryears gone by is redundant, since as a whole we’ve mastered humanity and the material realm. It’s just that for some reason a significant percentage of souls have not wanted to let go of this physical illusion and have stuck around longer than necessary. The caucasoid has been able to alter the blood and DNA of Melanated men and women through so many nefarious means and methods over the last 500 or so years that the Melanated man/woman has become his/her own worst enemy and greatest supporter of the continued world-wide supremacy by the caucasoid.


” Whoever, therefore, would master a man, must first master that man’s blood. This must be borne in
mind if any advance is to be made in practical life. For example, the individuality of a
people may be destroyed if, when colonizing, you demand from its blood more than it
can bear, for in the blood the ego is expressed. “

Rudolph Steiner, The Occult Significance of Blood


The indigenous Melanated man/woman is in such savage, deteriorated state that it makes the war-like caucasoid appear refined and civilized. Our career ambitions, which are also tied to familial ambitions, have been born only out of a need to survive, which is expressed through the ego. The ego of the modern Melanated man/woman will do whatever it can to procure its survival according to the ways of the blood, which was manipulated and violated by the caucasoid. Esoteric writings of Kemet and Ancient India have made clear that in order for the soul to free itself from the physical realm, submission of the ego to the soul is the most important step. The modern Melanated man/woman must regain possession of their blood from the caucasoid’s programming before they can get a handle of their ego for it to even began the process of submission to the soul.

The soul can’t continue to reincarnate because it has failed to corral the ego and its attachment to the illusion of physical/ material. The game has gotten ridiculously more complex and sophisticated that in this day and age it has become damn impossible for liberation on any level. 


Keep learning fam,

The Melanin Man


When the E.G.O. (False Self) Has “Human” Goals and Ambitions to Achieve that Contradicts Your Melanated Soul’s (True Self) Transformation…

From the hood classic (sarcasm!) “Menace 2 Society”, where esoterically Bill Duke’s cop character acts as the soul interrogating the machinations of the ego, portrayed by Caine (Tyrin Turner’s character.)

…Suffering BEGINS!!!

The definition of E.G.O.:

E: Expectations, Expressions, & Emotions
G: Gone
O: Overboard

You gotta get OVER yourself to GET BACK YOUR-SELF!!!

In-joy your day peoples!!!

The Melanin Man