ED vs. EL: …And the WHITE SUGARS!



Is there REALLY a difference?


From the Melanated Man:



Refer to previous posts: ED vs. EL: Eating Meat, Huh?! 

ED vs EL: Vegetables have Life/Light as Well ,   ED vs. EL: ‘White’ Starches and Oils



We FINALLY reach the sugar portion of this series.

It won’t be that extensive today. I’m going to get straight to the POINT.

Random thought: I need a break from the food-related posts for minute (I know you’re probably thinking the same thing.) I’m getting burned out at the moment with it. I’m so passionate about how we SHOULD be eating that I know that there is always something to throw out there that can be beneficial for my peoples.


White, refined sugar, next to meat, is our BIGGEST weakness. As mentioned many, MANY times, refined sugar is a FDA-approved DRUG.

It’s on their FOOD PYRAMID!

Does anyone even go by the food pyramid anymore?

(Side note: White, refined sugar is removed from the sugar cane, its natural source, thus changing its chemical makeup, extracting all nutrients and minerals, becoming DENATURED in the process. A BLACK MAN by the name of Norbert Rillieux actually invented the process of sugar refinement in 1846, during slavery times. Beforehand slaves would harvest the sugar cane and refine it by hand. What is even more crazy is that the SAME sugar that was refined by slaves was used to BUY AND SELL SLAVES as well. Little did the those slaves and Rillieux know that white, refined sugar would create a CATASTROPHE to their health.)


White, refined sugar is sold EVERYWHERE!

It is inserted into EVERYTHING that we eat!

Is it that REALLY that necessary a nutrient? Wait, sugar is NOT a nutrient. Right?

The-powers-that-be have saw fit that sugar is a necessary NUTRIENT (smh) for the masses, as long as you monitor your intake.

That’s the trick. Drugs are NOT essential in any way imaginable; we take them for a temporary HIGH to relieve stressors in our life, only treating the symptoms and NOT the core of the issue.

We black-melanated folks have SO MANY stressors in our lives…starting from BIRTH! Due to our reluctance to unify together as one and fight the REAL issues as a collective unit, we embrace the individualistic culture that has grown out of this parasitic, capitalistic society and hope for the best…as individuals.

Damn it I’m off topic…

During holidays I would indulge in red velvet cakes, key lime cakes, and pecan pies (I still do on RARE occasions) and sweet beverages, hoping to ease the direct (personal struggles) and indirect (overall black struggle) stresses in my life.

And of course I gained weight. And more problems.

I believe ALL of us in some form of fashion has a sugar addiction.

It’s a very, VERY, VERRRRYYY hard habit to kick.


From African Holistic Health:

“It takes four pancreas to process white sugar….White sugar stresses the pancreas, kidneys, liver, starves the brain of oxygen, causes adrenal weakness, baldness, attention deficits blindness, tooth decay, high blood pressure, allergies, bone loss, infertility, cataracts, glaucoma, nerve damage (i.e. multiple sclerosis), brain damage (Alzheimer’s), senility, kidney failure, diabetes, mood swings, hypoglycemia, hyperactivity, and arthritis. It causes cellular waste to congest the soft tissue and bones, requires large amounts of water to flush it out the system and it is one of the most addicting and harmful drug used.”


And you wonder why we need health insurance? Keep eating the standard American (becoming worldwide) diet.

(I’m pushing my kids to be doctors…or dentists.)

For those who don’t realize it (but I think you do), your health insurance companies are “in bed” with the food industry.

“White sugar robs the body of minerals and vitamins, especially Vitamin E. This robbery results in drowsiness, temper outburst, hyperactivity, mood swings, tantrums, mischievousness, delinquency, laziness, and violence.”

Vitamin E helps remove antioxidants from your body. Without it you can experience the following listed above.

We can’t just blame white sugar for black people’s overall demeanor and behavior as a people, even though we consume it large amounts DAILY.

I can. That’s what drugs do.


So what about raw sugar cane and artificial sweeteners? Shouldn’t they be a better alternative?

“Brown sugar and raw sugar is white sugar with brown caramel dye on it. Concentrated sweeteners are drugs and addicting. The other names for processed sugars are honey, maple syrup, barley or rice syrup, molasses, corn syrup, sucrose, concentrated fruit juice, pasteurized (cooked orange juice), dextrin, dextrose, maltose, dry cane juice, succanet, sorbitol, fructose, and mannitol.”

Add aspartame to the list for you Splenda lovers.


The only sugars we SHOULD be consuming is from FRESH FRUIT(and maybe some sugar cane and agave plant.)

That is the standard we SHOULD adhere to. But our tastebuds have been conditioned for a strong, sweet aftertaste for hundreds of years. And like I mentioned earlier, the PROCESSED foods we eat ALL have some amount sugar (and MSG) in it. As a collective unit through a concerted effort, it will take years to break the “white” sugar habit.

We are in a constant state of sickness, physically and mentally, because of it.

All because of this white sugar SHIT we eat.

I apologize to anyone who I may offend with these strong words. There are a many of black-melanated people that make a living selling sweets. With love and care through some HARD WORK.

And I’ve enjoyed  their products very HAPPILY as a matter of fact. I respect their craft.

But what else can you call a food that does NOTHING but destroy you,inside and out?

As Rick James would say, “White sugar is a HELL OF A DRUG!”



I don’t have all the answers and I don’t live a *perfect life so to speak, but I do understand through personal experience that certain things you put into your body is not conducive to your entire being. From the meats to our sugar intake, this eating holocaust is a complex situation for black-melanated people. It’s something similar to a rat trying to find his way out of a maze.

We have been BAMBOOZLED. And alot of us still can’t see the big picture.

With the knowledge I have so far I’m going to do my best to help those who WANT to be helped. And STILL learn more myself.

Hopefully through these last couple of weeks you learned something regarding how our eating affects our fight for true independence for blacks. I have more posts on eating coming up in the future but I want  to  switch it up little bit more and discuss the other arenas in our struggle that needs addressing as well.

Get back to the melanin and some metaphysics, and much more!!!




Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man


*Future post



Reference: Afrika, Llaila. African Holistic Health. Copyright 2009.








ED vs EL: What is Monosodium Glutamate (or MSG?)



From the Melanated Man:


What is Monosodium Glutamate, famously known as MSG?


“Monosodium glutamate is a salt of the amino acid Glutamate Acid, one of the most abundant naturally occurring non-essential amino acids (building blocks of DNA”)


Basically the salt molecule of the Glutamate Acid is a taste receptor. Glutamate acid is detected by our taste buds to signal the presence of protein in food; the purpose being to discern real food from UNREAL FOOD.

Discerning nutrition (LIGHT) over taste (A MOMENTARY PLEASURE or “HIGH.”)

Yet the food industry has figured out a way to create synthetic MSG (PROCESSED) by hydrolyzing  vegetable protein or fermentation of glucose from starchy foods like potatoes.

Remember…food nutrients extracted from their natural sources is a DRUG.

Synthetic   MSG is used in foods such as Americanized Chinese, Korean, Japanese foods as well many, many PROCESSED, REFINED, AND DENATURED FOODS sold in restaurants and your local supermarkets.

Synthetic MSG tricks your tongue into thinking that certain foods are nutritious when there isn’t ANY nutrition; it initiates your pancreas to produce insulin when it is not needed…


Thus, your blood sugar drops due to the insulin influx.

Sounds like the beginning of Type II Diabetes, right?


What are the symptoms of consuming large amounts of MSG?

  • burning sensation in the back of the neck, forearms and chest
  • numbness in the back of the neck, radiating to the arms and back
  • tingling, warmth and weakness in the face, temples, upper back, neck and arms
  • facial pressure or tightness
  • chest pain
  • headache
  • nausea
  • rapid heartbeat
  • bronchitis (difficulty breathing) in MSG-intolerant people with asthma
  • drowsiness
  • weakness


What foods and ingredients contain high amounts of synthetic MSG?

(This is SMALL list…relatively speaking.)


Food and beverages


  • Foods sold at FAST FOOD restaurants: ALL chicken products, ALL Sausage products, Parmesan, Ranch Dressings, Croutons, ALL Dipping Sauces, ALL Gravies, ALL Tomatoes and Mushroom soups
  • Taco Bell® – seasoned meat – contains autolyzed yeast – which contains free glutamate
  • Other menu items that contain soy sauce, natural flavors, autolyzed yeast or hydrolyzed protein which can contain up to 20% free glutamate acid – the  active part of MSG.    
  • Hamburger Helper Microwave Singles®  (targeted towards children)
  • Doritos®
  • Campbell’s® soups – all of them
  • Pringles® (the flavored varieties)
  • Boar’s Head® cold cuts and most of their hot dogs
  • Progresso® Soups – all of them
  • Lipton® Noodles and Sauce
  • Lipton® Instant soup mix
  • Unilever or Knhttp://www.msgtruth.org/orr® products – often used in homemade Veggie dips. 
  • Kraft® products nearly all contain some free glutamate
  • Gravy Master®
  • Cup-a-soup® or Cup-o-Noodles®
  • Planters® salted nuts – most of them
  • Accent® -this is nearly pure MSG
  • Braggs® Liquid Aminos – sold at Whole Foods
  • Hodgson Mill Kentucky Kernel Seasoned Flour®
  • Tangle extract (seaweed extract) – found in sushi rolls (even at Whole Foods)  Seaweed is what MSG was first isolated from.
  • Fish extract – made from decomposed fish protein – used now in Japanese sushi dishes – very high in free glutamate.
  • sausages – most supermarkets add MSG to theirs
  • processed cheese spread
  • Marmite®
  • supermarket poultry or  turkeys that are injected or “self-basting”
  • restaurant gravy from food service cans
  • flavored ramen noodles
  • instant soup mixes
  • many salad dressings
  • most salty, powdered dry food mixes – read labels
  • flavored potato chips
  • restaurant soups made from food service soup base or with added MSG
  • beet juice – it is used as a coloring, but MSG is manufactured from beets and the extract may contain free glutamate acid – Yo Baby – organic baby yogurt has just changed the formula to include beet extract
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • dough conditioners
  • malted barley flour – found in many supermarket breads and all-purpose flours including: King Arthur, Heckers, and Gold Medal flour
  • body builder drink powders containing protein
  • Parmesan cheese – naturally high in free glutamate
  • Medications in gelcaps – contain free glutamate acid in the gelatin
  • Cosmetics and shampoos – some now contain glutamate acid
  • Fresh produce sprayed with Auxigro in the field.




  • yeast extract
  • yeast food or nutrient
  • soy protein isolate
  • soy sauce
  • texture protein
  • dry milk and whey powder
  • Kombu extract
  • texture protein
  • “natural flavors” – may contain up to 20% MSG
  • carageenan
  • sodium caseinate
  • calcium caseinate
  • monopotassium glutamate
  • glutamate acid
  • gelatin
  • bouillon – any kind
  • Pectin
  • Enzyme Modified
  • Anything with “enzymes” listed
  • Anything with “seasonings” listed
  • hydrolyzed vegetable protein (found in many processed AMERICAN foods, like canned tuna and even hot dogs)
  • hydrolyzed plant protein (found in many processed AMERICAN foods, like canned tuna and even hot dogs)
  • autolyzed yeast (found in many processed AMERICAN foods, read labels)
  • malted barley
  • Protein concentrate
  • leptin


Some things to consider when you’re eating a Big Mac or Chick Fil’a Sandwich:


  • The FDA admits that MSG has been proven to induce asthma attacks in certain individuals.
  • Asthma deaths have increased with the increased use of MSG in the US food supply.
  • Childhood allergies have increased with the increased use of MSG in the US food supply.
  • Glutamate induces epileptic seizures.
  • Glutamate increases histamine response.
  • Glutamate is found in large amounts in gluten, and casein (wheat and milk proteins)
  • Both Mercury and glutamate acid are still found in certain vaccines. Vaccines are suspected of being an environmental trigger for autism in children.
  • Obesity and Type II Diabetes have increased to epidemic levels in the US in children since the introduction of MSG into the American diet.  Type II Diabetes has actually DOUBLED in the past 30 years in the U.S. 


The food industry is a HUGE contradiction. I am advocate for black-melanated people growing and producing our own food; we will know WHAT and HOW our food is produced.

When you don’t have control of where your food comes from, you hold yourself hostage to the trappings of others.

But we first have to wean ourselves off this drug called MSG.




Hope this information helps you in some capacity.




Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man




References: http://www.msgtruth.org/









Black Women, Don’t Fall for the Okie Doke!!

“My name is Harriet Tubman and I didn’t approve of this. Where’s my cut?”

From the Melanated Man:


I had to break from the posts I had scheduled because I have something that’s burning that I need to take of my mental oven before I let it BURN!

“We interrupt this broadcast on eating habits for this special public announcement…”

This message is specifically for you, black women! YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK AS WE SPEAK!

First off, I don’t believe in coincidences.

Everything that is released and/or displayed to the general public by the media is planned and coordinated.

There is no so such thing as CHANCE with the powers that be.

I bring to your attention the subject of Harriet Tubman gracing her presence on the American $20 bill, and the well-timed release of Beyonce’s latest album Lemonade.


Let’s start off with the Miss Harriet Tubman…

If you’re not familiar with Harriet Tubman (I’m pretty sure you are), she is one of the major pioneers of the Underground Railroad, a system of secret routes and passages for freeing slaves back in the early to mid 1800s. Anyone who knows anything about slavery and the United States understands the two go hand and hand. The United States used free labor (BLACK SLAVERY!) to build the economic foundation of this country.

This is what you call raw, unregulated capitalism!

And the thinking goes that Harriet Tubman was against this form of capitalism (or any form of capitalism that takes advantage of the meek ) to where she risked her life to free her fellow brothers and sisters from the tyranny.

America is ruled by the almighty *dollar, which is the symbol of American capitalism.

Which pretty much contradicts everything Harriet Tubman stood for.

But let’s assume that by placing Harriet Tubman of the $20 dollar bill it means that times are changing and true racial progress is developing. Does racial progress mean economic progress for black-melanated people?

Will we rise from the doldrums of the economic latter and prosper like our Caucasian-brethren?

Will “Black Lives Matter” FINALLY? Or are we being pacified by Massa?

I don’t think Miss Tubman would approve.



Hope it has some seeds in that lemon…


Now to Beyonce…

Miss Knowles (or Mrs. Carter to those who respect their marriages) released her album secretly and unannounced to the public this past Saturday night.

(For those you who don’t me, I’m not a fan of Queen Bey or her “Beyhive.” )

I listened to about a quarter of the album and talked with others who listened to the album in its entirety (looking at you, wifey and bro-ham!) and got the sense that it was a bash ’em, emasculate-your-husband-to-the-world extravaganza, minus a song or two concerning our young black men being shot down by the police.

I understand the woman may be hurt that her husband Jay-Z cheated on her, AND I  understand she needed a way to vent. But did she have to broadcast ALL OF HER EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE TO THE ENTIRE WORLD? Emboldening every woman (BLACK WOMAN) to emasculate (or flat-out embarrass them) their man as well, just because he slipped up with a “side ho?”

(*I’m not going to get into the COMICAL semantics of  modern-day monogamy because that’s a post all by itself, but I digress.)

REALLY? Like we BLACK MEN don’t get enough of that (I told on myself didn’t I?) Images like this only WIDEN the divide between BLACK MEN and BLACK WOMEN.

Have you had ENOUGH OF THAT?

I understand the influence of the music industry. Also, I understand the influence of certain popular music artists (Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West, etc.)  have on many feeble minds of the masses. We strive to be the images that they so effortlessly portray. They are brilliant marketers for Massa.

Their every move is calculated; it goes well beyond just dollars and cents they make off us common folk.


So what do Harriet Tubman and Beyonce have to do with all of this?

Well, there’s a certain Clinton running for the Democratic Presidential ticket. And it’s not Bill again. 

Hillary Clinton needs all the help she can get to win the ticket and the Presidential election. What better way to build the self-esteem of BLACK WOMEN (potential voters) than to place a sacred pioneer like Harriet Tubman on the $20 dollar to make it seem like BLACK WOMEN have a voice in this country?

And while you’re at it, let’s devalue men (BLACK MEN) even more than they already are due to unemployment and the likes by further emasculating them?

It’s all a ploy. The timing is impeccable. During the Primaries?

Do you seriously think Trump is getting in that office?


Don’t get gamed into it BLACK WOMEN.

These are the same people (Caucasians) who called you nappy-headed heathens and imposed a European standard of beauty so you can FIT into their system.

You TRY to imitate THEIR STYLE!

These are the same people who raped your ancestral mothers and sisters and diluted your gene pool in the process.

You create further  dilution with INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIPS!

These are the SAME people who know deep down you are the *MOTHER OF ALL CIVILIZATION AND THE HIGHEST VALUED BEING ON THE PLANET…

…All because you can REPRODUCE BLACKNESS (MELANIN!!!)

*And they know that IF and WHEN you all collectively become CONSCIOUS, their rule will END.

But your minds are on things that have NO LIFE OR LIGHT within them. And I’m not just talking about eating either.

*You’re trying to fit into a lifestyle that does not suit your natural gifts and talents.

You’re blessed straight from the WOMB.

From your hair, lips, and thighs. To your intuitiveness, spirituality, and UNMATCHED unconditional love.

There’s no other like you.


And we love you for who and what you are and can become!


Remember that BLACK WOMEN! Don’t fall for the Okie Doke !



Peace and Love to my melanated MOTHERS AND SISTERS,

The Melanated Man


*Future post







Do I sense a shift amongst my peoples?

From the Melanated Man:


Me and the misses threw a birthday party for our girls this weekend (their birthdays are a week apart from each other so we split the difference.) Hence this conspicuously-timed post: ED vs EL: Parent-approved holidays for Child Drug Use.

We had the normal spread: Chicken wings, hot dogs, baked beans, potato chips, cake and ice cream, sodas, plus a SNOW CONE machine (smh.) I did grill some vegetables such as asparagus,zucchini and yellow squash, and some red potatoes. Also, I concocted a batch of some black bean quinoa burgers, meshed with sweet potatoes and spinach. My mom made a delicious spinach salad. I was shocked to see that many of our guest partook of the vegetable AND my burgers, and they loved it.

Through conversations with the guests I noticed how they were looking to change their eating habits, just as myself, in their everyday lives.

Less meat and  sugar, more veggies and water they inclined.

I’m sensing that people, my black-melanated peoples, are noticing in their own lives that their is a problem with the current eating paradigm and look to do better. Is their something in the air? What’s going on here?

I feel a shift. That’s FANTASTIC!!

What’s funny is that there were many hot dogs and chicken wings leftover, as well as soda and cake and ice cream than the veggies (granted the black bean quinoa were leftover as well but it will catch on at some point.) We have to get rid of all of this SHIT!

But I’m happy more black-melanated people are beginning to wise up. It really warms my heart.

To all family and loved ones who came and attended the party, we enjoyed you and next time the spread is going to be WAYYYY more healthier. Glad you watched your consumption as well.

(To the misses, I hope you are reading this. NO MORE SNOW CONE MACHINES!!!!)




Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man

Having a Moment 4.25.16…

From the Melanated Man:


It is me or has there been  so much that has happened in past 4-5 days in the world? Something feels different in the air (*and I’m not talking about chemtrails.) Something feels off. You have these entertainers dying off (Prince, WWE wrestler Chyna, now R&B crooner Billy Paul), “revolutionary” albums being secretly dropped (Lemonade, anyone?), not to mention Harriet Tubman being placed on the $20 bill (is THAT really revolutionary?), and the wacky Presidential Primaries.

All within the middle of NBA (and small-time NHL) playoffs!!!

What’s up with all these DISTRACTIONS? All at the same time?

What are the powers-that-be cooking up behind the scenes to try to sneak under the noses of the masses? Or has it already happened?

This isn’t the first time a bunch of major events has happened all at the same time, but now, just speaking for myself, I have become hip to the MATRIX so I realize that what I see in mainstream news are DISTRACTIONS!!!!Everything that happened recently in the news that would  be considered major news besides the Harriet Tubman issue and the Presidential Primaries is within the *ENTERTAINMENT realm (or MENTAL DETAINMENT.)

What has entertainment done for black-melanated people besides having us shucking and jiving for the masses and placing the masses (and ourselves) in a coma mentally and spiritually?

Does placing Harriet Tubman on a $20 bill mean there is TRUE progress? Or is it a ruse?

Does the presidential election really matter for blacks in general (or everyone else for that matter?) Or is the president election a production produced by the wizard(s) behind the scenes?

I’m sorry. I’m having a moment…

ED vs. EL: ‘White’ Starches and Oils


From the Melanated Man:


Refer to previous posts: ED vs. EL: Eating Meat, Huh?! , ED vs EL: Vegetables have Life/Light as Well


Originally I was going to do a post with starches, oils, and sugars all together. But I figured sugar needs its OWN post by itself because for black-melanated people it’s probably our biggest weakness besides ANIMAL FLESH. And also I have specified WHITE starches since that is more the REAL concern/issue than your natural starches (although you shouldn’t partake too much of the natural starches either.)

All of the white starches  that we eat are PROCESSED, DENATURED, AND DEAD! Here’s a comprehensive list of the those white starches we like to eat regularly:



White rice (Rice and gravy, fake “Chinese” fried rice)




Spaghetti noodles





Macaroni (with cheese)





Bleached, white flour (used for frying chicken, baking cakes and cookies and other various side dishes)




Bleached, white bread (with our hot dogs and hamburgers)


And much, much more!


(If there are any other starches I missed, inform me. Having brain farts.)


Your white starches do not have any LIFE or LIGHT within them (let alone any nutritional value) because they have been…

Bleached with chemicals…

Processed and preserved WITH chemicals…

And last but not least, we OVERCOOK them!

(Plus, this nonsense will more than likely be undigested and STORED AS FAT!!!!)

As mentioned before, we should be consuming more NATURAL starches, according to our activity level of course. And when we consume of the NATURAL starches, we should NOT be eating i.e. …





…Sweet potato souffle…





…OR Corn casserole!


I know what your are thinking, “There goes the holiday dishes, AND the Sunday dinners.” I know it looks good and TASTE good.

But don’t these dishes look a tad bit overcooked?




Again, if we love life and into celebrating life, don’t contradict yourself by eating DEATH!!


Here is a small list of starches (that SHOULD be steamed, lightly sauteed and/or grilled) we should consume more of:

  • Brown, wild, basmati rice (no gravy!)




  • Potatoes (white, red, and/or sweet)
  • Wheat bread (preferably rye bread)
  • Corn
  • Whole grain pastas (spaghetti, macaroni WITHOUT the sauces)
  • Whole grain oatmeal
  • Yellow Grits





  • Couscous (my favorite!)
  • Wheat flour (a healthier alternative to help slowly break away from the sweets and fried foods)




Now to the oils. I am going to take an paragraph from Dr. Afrika’s African Holistic Health to help explain the cooking oil:


Oil is processed, cooked, filtered, and refined. Nutrients destroyed, oil becomes synthetic transoil to retard spoilage and prolong its shelf life. The vital vitamins and minerals and fiber is dissolved with toxic chemicals and filtered out of the oil. In the refinement process, a gasoline solvent is used to dissolve the oil after extraction. Then it is treated with toxic poisonous lye, alkalis and caustic soda. Next, it is bleached to make it nice and clear. These refinement chemical and bleach leave a horrible odor and taste; so the oil is then chemically deodorized and perfumed  and poisonous antioxidants added. Residual amounts of the chemicals stay in the oil, which cause it to be unsafe fr human consumption. Some refiners add trace amounts of white sugar to make the oil addicting. Processed oils are a highly concentrated synthetic chemical that are harmful. Polyunsaturated, saturated and hydrogenated oils that are processed are equally health destructive. However, the consumer watchdogs, USDA and FDA, approve this and law does not require the listing of all the chemicals in the oil. The final oil product has been heated several times and further reheating by the consumer causes it to be even more dangerous. Cold pressed oils are the safest. They are concentrated and weaken the digestive system and thicken the blood making it into sludge (sewage.) Processed or cooked oils cause unidentified diseases.”

Processed Oils

  • Increase the incidence and severity of cancer
  • Contribute to inflammation of joints
  • Weaken immunity
  • Increase fluid retention (edema)
  • Decrease and interrupt mitochondria function
  • Increase cell death
  • Slow down cell growth and development
  • Decrease the cells of the brain, liver,skin,etc.
  • Mutate cells
  • Decrease energy
  • Impair, fetal and infant brain development
  • Cause fats to become transoils and rancid (rotten)
  • Decrease communication between cells


So what some of the examples of processed oils to avoid?

  • Vegetable Oil (Crisco, anyone?)
  • Canola Oil  (How about some Mazola?)
  • Corn Oil
  • Soybean Oil
  • Hydrogenated Oil
  • Margarine


Use these cold-pressed (crushing the seed or nut, forcing out the oil) alternatives:

(All preferably extra virgin and unfiltered)

  • Olive oil (not for cooking)
  • Coconut Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Sesame Oil
  • Flaxseed Oil


Hopefully this information can benefit you in some capacity and as a people we can slowly but surely break the chains of this sadistic food prison we have subjected ourselves too.

One day at a time!



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man




References: Afrika, Llaila. African Holistic Health. Copyright 2009.









ED vs EL: Parent-approved holidays for Child Drug Use



Just Say NO!



From The Melanated Man:


This is going to be short and sweet like *sugar. Yes sugar.

White sugar.

This post is sort of the prelude to the in-depth discussion I will have on sugar later. But have you wondered how people have addictions, for instance drug addictions, later in their adult life? Well it starts at an young age.

Like when you are baby.

Sugar is a government-approved drug just like *caffeine and aspartame. Any substance extracted from it’s natural and intended plant is a DRUG. That’s a little preview to the post on sugar that is on the way. Something to think on.

And as parents we let our kids have free reign to all of the chocolate, candy, cakes, AND sweet beverages they can get their hands, especially these times of the year:


Their Birthdays














Mardi Gras (for those familiar with it from Mobile, AL)


…AND every other day when we want to keep them quiet or when they have done something good.

We figure it’s OK to allow our child to partake of some treats ( or tricks!) so they can get a ARTIFICIAL HIGH!

But just like any HIGH you are gonna want to increase the level of potency. And it may not necessarily lead to actual drug use such crack cocaine or heroin, *but there are MANY other addictions besides that.

What is it that we are teaching our kids, these black-melanated kids, regarding their food consumption, and consumption IN GENERAL at an early age?


Let’s wise up, peoples!



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man


*Future Post

Rest in Peace to a Prince…




From the Melanated Man:


Rarely I keep up with the entertainment news due to the reason of *WHO is in control of it. But when an major icon, a MAJOR black-melanated icon, passes away too soon that is MAJOR news in my eyes.

The artist formerly known as Prince passed away yesterday from bouts with the flu. He was ONLY 57. Some people don’t believe the flu ( or influenza) killed Prince, even though there are people who die from the flu yearly. I have heard people say that his immune system may have been weakened by an unannounced case of cancer or diabetes, with the flu pushing off the edge. He has been on record saying that he battles with *epilepsy, a very serious neurological disease that is nothing to play with.

And Prince was a *VEGETARIAN!!! REALLY?! That means he was SOMEWHAT health conscious, right?

(Which begs the question…I wonder what KIND of  vegetarian Prince really was?)

The fact that Prince had to go outside of the black-melanated community for medical care and advice is a problem. We can’t take care of ourselves.

The fact that their (Western, Caucasian medical philosophy) care and advice is considered CARE and ADVICE for us is THE PROBLEM. We don’t KNOW HOW to take care of ourselves.

People can speculate whether he was killed underhandedly by another entity and it may be a cover up of some sorts. And it may be true; we will never know.

But I can honestly see that it wouldn’t have been necessary. Prince took *MEDICATION (which is poison) so he can hurry back to touring so he please the Massa…I mean the masses. The medication could have mistakenly or unmistakably  interacted with his epilepsy and with him being alone in a elevator, he could have had a seizure with no help around and died.

That is entirely possible. We trust and lay with the enemy and their medical machinations, we perish. Sooner or later.

Just like Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, etc.,etc., etc.!!!!

All for the sake of *ENTERTAINMENT. Or shall I say *MENTAL DETAINMENT.

Working for our MASTERS; to keep our minds OCCUPIED.



Prince  wrote and sung beautiful music beloved across the globe. He was special, and shouldn’t have had to go outside of his community for medical assistance.

He fought, then gained total control of his brand. That made him an enemy to the music industry, but now an unmistakable ally with his death and the billions AND BILLIONS of dollars he is going to make them now. We shouldn’t allow our people to be used like a rag doll for another man’s survival and purpose.


Let’s keep educating ourselves people…on OURSELVES, inside AND out!


Thank you for your contribution Prince, and may the Creator bless you in the afterlife! We love you!



Peace and love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man



*Future post


Note to my Followers from the ‘Man’


From the Melanated Man:


If you are wondering why I have been doing so many posts on food lately, that is where my mind is at the moment. In the next week or two I  will begin to get back into melanin, metaphysics, and much, MUCH more! I hope you are getting something out of these posts, if not, I know I am. It’s been a liberating experience for me. My goal is to shine my light  so your light can shine as well. 




Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man


Food for Thought: The Chore of Grocery Shopping





From the Melanated Man:


I was grocery shopping at Wal-Mart (smh) the other day and I was browsing through the aisles getting the items I normally get for my family and myself. I checked out the ingredients on some of the items that I had  for my wife and kids (because of course, I eat only FRESH PRODUCE now) and began to become depressed. There were a couple of items that I was considering buying for myself (some almond milk, please!) and I put it back on the shelf because of the EXCESS ingredients in these items.

Trust me, I have cravings for some cereal (organic corn flakes, I mind you) or a nice fruit smoothie with almond milk. That doesn’t sound bad, right?

Well if you consider how many ingredients are in almond milk then you will understand why I placed it back in the freezer.




VERY disappointed.

What CAN I eat these days?

Now I understood a while ago food that is pre-packaged, not fresh, or self grown is 100% of the time a RISK to eat, let alone buy it. Habits die hard and it took me awhile to overcome eating it myself.

Now I  battle with buying the shit for my loved ones with full knowledge of the damage it could cause them. My wife, of course has to make the decision to change in her own time.

My baby girls… they don’t know any better.The Oreos, Tombstone Pizza, the Skittles and M&Ms..

It KILLS me. And at times I feel I have failed them. It’s never too late. Although they’ve grown accustomed to the ARTIFICIAL, I will do everything in my power to guide them in the right direction.

If you don’t have a farm or *your own garden, PLEASE STAY CONSCIOUS during your grocery excursions.

Look out for your family’s best interest…



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man



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