Word that begin with EN: Enslave (Part 1)



Previous post of words that begin with EN: Enlighten, Enjoy


From the Melanated Man:



-make (someone) a slave.

-cause (someone) to lose their freedom of choice or action.



-a person legally owned by another and having no freedom of action or right to property.

-a person who is forced to work for another against his will.

-a person under the domination of another person or some habit or influence: a slave to television.


(I have been waiting for the right time to do a post on this word. Granted I wanted slightly more followers before I put it out there, but that’s OK.)


Based off the previous posts, we know the etymology of the letters EN (-in, -inward, -inside.) It has been established that everything that relates to life comes from within ourselves. We create our realities, on an conscious and unconscious level.

So how is it that we, black-melanated individuals, let another people enslave us in ALL ways imaginable?

Were they (Caucasians) really that clever and powerful  for us to be enslaved by them?

Or did we voluntarily place ourselves into slavery? Is it really that hard to believe?!

This took place LONNGGG before the formation of the United States…

before the Transatlantic Slave Trade…

and even before *Jesus Christ the Savior died on the cross!!!

(I recommend reading the book *The Destruction of the Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams. It explains how black-melanated civilization was systemically deconstructed into its current state, beginning over 6000 years ago in ancient Egypt and Ethiopia.)


At some point in our history thousands of years ago, black-melanated people slowly but surely gave up the fight for their freedom and liberation. We decided that *OUR way of life wasn’t enough. We made the choice to assimilate the others’ (Caucasoid Asians, Europeans) culture into ours; we never thought the worse  of the others’ motives or intentions. Also, we never trusted each other (which is still occurring to this day) to fight and protect OUR culture and way of life.

Even if there were guns and diseases destroying our civilization, we did NOT have to surrender. We could have fought to our deaths and/or extinction (doesn’t sound worth it, huh?), and in some cases WE DID, but it was the exception NOT the rule. We were only concerned by our survival, not our THIRIVAL.

How has black-melanated enslaved themselves into today?

In a nutshell, becoming acclimated into Western standard of modern society, which includes:

how we EAT,

*where and how we LIVE,

*how we are EDUCATED,

*how we WORK to obtain the American Nightmare Dream,

*our BELIEF systems (religion),

…damn it, basically everything!!!! We are Western society’s ultimate consumer.

Our current mental enslavement  is definitely a product of our self-surrender. How come?

We don’t appreciate OR understand our value to the planet and the universe, which is why we have been taken advantage of for so long by the others.

Somewhere along the line we forgot WHO we were/are….




*Future Post




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