Celebrating the Beauty of Black Melanin-Dominant Women!!

“This is a sight to behold. Almost made me shed a tear.

Don’t care too much about the fact they’re a part of with a sorority. It is what it is. Nevertheless, they are attractive, presumably intelligent young women. This was the most beautiful thing (besides my wife and two daughters lol), that I’ve seen today.

To all of my Black sistas, no matter the shape or size, no matter the struggles you are going through in your life, YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CREATURES CREATED BY THE CREATOR! I have mad love for all of you!

Be encouraged and keep fighting, ladies!”

-The Melanin Man


Article originally posted on Atlanta Blackstar (click link for original)


By Kiersten Willis

Florida A&M University alumnae and sorority sisters are making waves for their photographic beach celebration of the beauty of Black women.

“We wanted to do something that celebrated not just ourselves, but Black excellence, beauty and womanhood,” Amanda Bryd of the Beta Alpha chapter of Delta Sigma Theta told NBC Miami Wednesday, July 26, of the shoot.

Deemed “Melanin Illustrated,” the viral Instagram photo shoot features 28 line sisters posing in nude bikinis against the blue ocean and white sands of Costa Rica. While soaking up the sun for a three-day celebration of a decade of sisterhood, the business professionals bonded by relaxing in pure-water hot springs and mud baths, and going zip-lining and horseback riding, according to NBC.

“Black women are often overlooked in beauty,” said LaToya Owens, who organized the trip, to Yahoo Style. “This was our way to shine a light on all types of Black beauty.”

(First picture is a slideshow)





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