a repost: Several Types Of Slavery That Exists Towards African People In America.


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Despite what the public school his-story books say about American slavery, but the truth is that it NEVER ended in 1865 because it still happens today in America in several forms.

1. Economic Slavery – Many of us are trained at a very early age especially in the public school system to be economic slaves instead of being entrepreneurs and business owners and that’s a fundamentally flawed way of thinking. And that’s artificial success that is not beneficial to the community as a collective.

Example: Many of us have a deep mental illness of relying on parasitic capitalists to help pay our bills and feed our families by going to work 9-5 every week and while that suburban guy gets far more money in a day than the brother or sister from the urban area would get because they only get scraps in the form of a paycheck just to survive.

2. Debt Slavery – Many urban kids each year are being overcharged by colonial universities in particular between $50,000-$100,000 dollars for courses that cost between $500-$1,000 online. The student debt of $1.2 trillion dollars a year is egregious.

Example: An urban kid majors in neuroscience for four years and he gets let’s say $200,000 in debt because these colonial universities are basically setting this young man up for a lifetime of debt that he will never be able to get himself out of because he has to pay all of that money right back to the colonial institution.

3. Financial Slavery – Many young people in the hood look up to rappers and reality tv stars wanting to emulate the “Get Filthy Rich” mindset and this mentality is not only counterproductive by keeping a lot of us financially enslaved, but it is also a huge form of mental slavery that is a tremendous curse to a lot our youth these days. But this destructive behavior is also promoted by corporate sponsored bastardized urban music on corporate owned radio stations across the country.

Example: “Most corporate sponsored bastardized rap songs that are played on the corporate owned urban radio stations these days often promote messages of financial Irresponsibility when you hear urban artists say “I blow through my money” or “I make it rain at the club.” When a lot of young people in the hood hear these types of messages from the corporate radio, they are gonna emulate it and then they end up losing all their wealth because they were told by corporate rappers to “make it rain at the club.”

4. The Prison System – One of the biggest forms of slavery that’s currently happening in America is the mass incarceration epidemic that’s basically a modern day holocaust in America. It has severely crippled our community over the past few decades. The prison system and many big corporations make millions and billions of dollars each year off of the mass exploitation of cheap/unpaid labor just like The NCAA.

Example: “These parasitic capitalists here in Alabama extract over $300 million a year from our community through the prison system because to them, they only care about profits over the lives of people, especially the brothers and sisters that are currently incarcerated in The Pen.”

The Conclusion – Slavery still affects us to this day in several forms and it’s time to break the mental chains of slavery to be spiritually free.

6 thoughts on “a repost: Several Types Of Slavery That Exists Towards African People In America.

  1. Slavery is a very difficult concept to actually concretely describe because like you have articulated, it does exist in many forms.

    There is very nasty, brutal slavery such as the Islamic slave trade or the type of slavery endured by Africans in the “new world”. There are types of slavery that makes you wonder if it should be called slavery at all because of how those “slaves” were treated.

    I agree largely with what you have written and I commend you for sharing your thoughts. Now I do have some issues with this write up however.

    To me it has a socialist/Marxist tone. Because, black folks are not the only one having debt issues, incarcerated, economically deprived. So, to me the implication is for us to unite with other groups to overthrow these aspects of the society.

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    • That’s a good observation, didn’t notice that when I read it. The objective has to be more clear and concise as not to cause any confusion and doubt, blacks working amongst ourselves because goals are different.

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