About The Melanin Man

I was IN-SPIRED to start this blog due to my awakening from the MATRIX. The paradigm that is currently in place has the masses in a comatose state, especially the majority of the black (melanated) population. Time is running out and is time for the most natural people to Earth to rise above their prison-like mindset and become the men and woman they were destined to be, free our planet from the tyranny it’s under and bring harmony and balance to the universe, OUR UNIVERSE! WAKE UP, and let’s get to work!



“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

Matthew 9:37



By the way, check out my book “The Chronicles of a Southern Black Alkhemist: Volume 1”. You can purchase it through me (send me an email on themelanatedman86@gmail.com) or off Amazon (click link) for $13. It’s a great read, a semi-memoir of my life. You won’t be disappointed!


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8 thoughts on “About The Melanin Man

  1. So, I was checking out some of the people you follow yesterday because I love what you write about, and I stumbled upon a blogger with a post that disturbed me. I am all about equality and having a voice, but some voices need to be hushed because they are offensive to the well-being of man-kind as a whole, for example, Donald Trump, please check out this post https://aladyhoodjourney.wordpress.com/2017/02/02/call-me-a-f-lover/ I would love your feedback!

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    • Well…these are my thoughts concerning that post. When it comes to the LGBT community’s ability in this country to get certain agendas pushed that will benefit them and ultimately succeed in their quest, especially when the plight of Black folk (I hate using that term lol) is constantly being ignored and not surprisingly condemned, is disturbing. This is based on what I observe in the mainstream media. Yet that may not be the case in reality. When it comes to the mainstream media, you never get the whole truth either. They are in the business of inciting the masses’ emotions. But I can sense there is definitely real frustration amongst Black folk (sigh) concerning the media’s obsession with everything LGBT. I understand completely, yet personally I try to keep my emotions in check and steer away from name calling or bashing anyone unnecessarily (our emotions can be fickle at times.) I can’t say the same for everyone. And the other thing is that I sense she may have not have been talking about the entire LGBT community but a certain segment of that group as well. But that’s my opinion. Hope my feedback is suffice and understandable. Thanks for checking out my blog also. Peace and love to you and with you regarding this matter.

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      • I appreciate your thoughts. I advocate for the rights of all individuals. As brown Americans, we know first hand what it feels like to be oppressed. Our foundation in this country was built on distrust and a lack of respect for our humanity. I think, as brown americans we should definitely be last to discriminate against another just because our causes are not always at the forefront, but we definitely should no bash and tear down others, because we know how that feels. I have friends and family that are gay and whether she was targetting all those in the LGBT community, it is saddening how she is trying to tear them down. I know of individual’s who have ended their lives from reading posts like that! She went waaayy to hard, so that is why i did. I will always stand up for the equality of others. Thanks for reading

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  2. Hello there,

    I am nowadays researching a lot about pineal gland and third eye and all that has to do with it.
    I would like to point out that your supermacist conclusions that black people are superior because they have higher melanin are very misleading. If you tell anyone they are superior based on something which is not earned, you are basically brainwashing people like Hitler or likewise.
    The thing is everyone is equal because all is one and differences between races have to do more with rational/spiritual principles within human beings. Dont do the same as stupid white people who say blacks are inferior due to lower iq and stuff – this is the same logic.
    Everyone has to find his inner peace and balance within those principles. Such thinking makes only negative emotions.
    Calcification in whites has probably many reasonable explanations such as more stressful lifestyles which are set upon white people by their masters – so you see, everyone is a victim, not only black people (that is what many black supermacists say)

    I am a white european with great respect for all cultures and I want to spread understanding. please don´t fall for the same ideas of superiority as some in history have.

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    • I admire your opinion and perspective and the respectful way you presented it. I will say that my basic truth is that when it comes being human and experiencing life to its natural fullest on this planet realm the way it was intended to be experienced by the Creator(s) from the WAYYY beginning, having the gift of melanin was, IS, a primary factor. Regardless of how things are currently constructed to suit those groups of people who are absent, have very little of it or ignorant of its existence, eventually science and nature wins out. I won’t venture to say that those individuals who are absent the gift of melanin don’t have souls, because a few groups I know of think those two instances are correlated. But as you said, calcification in whites, and unfortunately today a few blacks and other melanated groups as well, greatly hinders their experience in this realm and that has everything to do with having melanin or how you take it. That knowledge, I believe, is being downplayed or outright deemed controversial and a conspiracy by those behind the scenes to keep the current construct alive and well. From a spiritual standpoint, I don’t think I’m better or worse than any man on this planet. But my views have taught me to be thankful everyday for my black skin and the ability to see through the madness with my now UNCALCIFIED third eye. Hopefully I can inspire those who curse their blackness to do the same. No regrets here…this works for me.

      Peace…and Love from The Melanin Man.


  3. If you’re going to quote the word of God, don’t turn around and teach fallacies such as some humans being created superior to others. You remind me of so many cult leaders like Joel Osteen for one, who will quote scripture and make it mean whatever they want. If you’re going to stick with this melanin supremacy thing go for it, that’s your prerogative . If you’re going to quote God’s word, then teach the principles he taught. You can’t pick and choose what you think is right, it’s all his word, take it or leave it.

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