Food for Thought: The Voting Process, Your Participation = Validation for the Matrix


From the Melanated Man:

This is going to be short and sweet today, fam!

These are my thoughts and personal opinions, and I know that the current presidential election has been one of  most volatile  (and downright ridiculous) elections in recent memory. The sad thing is this circus show is not unprecedented, these types of tactics to “herd the sheep” to vote for the candidate the powers-that-be  have already preselected are not new. But we, especially my Melanin-Dominant brethren in this country, seem to have an obligation to the ones who came before us to vote since they risked their lives for the right to vote. If they only knew that the Civil Rights Movement and the push for voting rights were the ultimate push for participation, certainly not emancipation, into this corrupt system. A system that cannot survive without a permanent underclass, slaves, or in today’s standards, debt-slaves! No matter what creed or color!  Our right to vote is only given to us to make us feel like we matter. But the casual observer of current politics should know that ALL politicians on EVERY level, no matter their affiliation (because they’re ultimately one in the same) are beholden to the whims of corporations, the elite. They both work hand-in-hand. In fact, the U.S. government is practically a corporation in its on right! Look it up for yourself ( and I will have a post on this later as well.)

So why indulge them by voting?

Subconsciously ( in some cases, consciously) you’re giving them permission to continue the madness.

I guess ignorance is bliss.

I’m not voting. I refuse to take part in the madness. it doesn’t matter who I vote for: Democrat, Republican, Independent, or Green! One way or another, they’re loyalties will not be to the people, whether they want them to be or not. They answer to a higher order, and it’s definitely not God!

Think out this before you unwittingly cast your vote today when you’d be better off eating some GMO McDonald’s, etc.
Peace and Love to my Melanated family,

The Melanated Man

16 thoughts on “Food for Thought: The Voting Process, Your Participation = Validation for the Matrix

  1. Although I agree with you wholeheartedly, I did vote. The presidential candidates are a joke, so I wrote in Dick Gregory and I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

    I do think voting on a local level does count only because I have yet to collect enough information to prove that it doesn’t. I’m talking about the local politicians and statewide bills and laws. Do you think our vote counts on a local level?

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    • Lol that’s funny…IMO the local level vote matters ONLY because you’re closer to the candidates than on the national thus, so you can have a better relationship with the candidates on the local level. But ultimately all leadership on every level has to answer to the top dog eventually in one form or another. Their loyalty will always lie to the “shield” so to speak before they think about the people. That’s the ugly unpopular truth. My two cents. ✌✌✌

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      • I agree with you on that. And unfortunately that’s a foolish move. The system’s too poisonous to change from within, either you become consumed by it or decide to not deal with it at all. There’s no in between. you can’t blame people for trying though, but at some point the strategy has to change, even if the new strategy is considered “radical.” What do you have to lose at the point? But I’m an idealist I guess. Smh lol

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  2. I’m an independent myself. But this was a good post. You made some very valid points that are hard to disagree with. Now we enter the Trump era. Will he turn out to be a vile racist President?? Will blacks benefit from some of his policies? We shall see…..

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  3. Hey MM,check this out. This is a great post by Dr Valentine. He explains what the elite have planned for Amerikkka. And how we are all being manipulated. This was really on point! Phil always sees the BIG picture.

    “(1) In 2003 the legitimately elected democratic government of the nation of Georgia was overthrown in what was called the “ROSE REVOLUTION”—turning this sovereign nation (with Soros’ funding) into A U.S. military puppet for the purpose of gaining a military buffer-zone against Russia for “pipeline privileges”. Thousands were killed. And it failed…!
    (2) Next; in 2004, it was the “ORANGE REVOLUTION” in the Ukraine (which Soros admitted to funding), implemented by the CIA’s private agency hit-squad called Stratfor; again… to set up a military buffer zone against Russia and what would later become known as the “BRICS” alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) … Still ongoing … thousands died.
    (3) In 2009 they attempted a “GREEN REVOLUTION” within Iran, but Iran deciphered their bullshit and hooked up with Russia…which pissed them off and led to…
    (4) Coordinated NATO and EU political moves against Russia in 2011 (like Hellary tried to do when blaming them for “undermining the election”), with what became known as their “SNOW (WHITE) REVOLUTION”, both of which were successfully thwarted by Iran and Russia, leading to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin kicking “Sorry Soros” and his front “NGOs” (Non-Governmental Organizations) out of Russia, and issuing an International arrest warrant against him for crimes of sedition – ie; attempting to undermine the sovereignty and governmental infrastructure of a sovereign nation.
    That being the case…what do you think the end-game of the Parasitic Elite is if Hillary gets to steal this “selection” through the “Selectoral College” in January?? If Trump is assassinated (like they already have plans to do), what do you think will occur? Remember… ALL THE CHAOS YOU SEE IN THE MEDIA AND ON THE STREETS OF AMERICA IS BEING FUNDED BY GEORGE SOROS AND HIS PARASITIC ILK…Just like he funded “BLACK LIVES MATTER”!!! For example…Has the Media told you that most of the thousands of “Protesters” you see calling for the assassination of Trump, emptying grammar schools, High Schools, College campuses, and destroying property – were actually BUSED IN on hundreds of buses – while…SOME WERE CONTRACTED AT $50. PER DAY FOR THEIR PARTICIPATION…??!!
    This stage of the Parasitic Elite’s global “Color Revolution” I call the “COLOR ME CLUELESS REVOLUTION”, where the “thousand-headed ass” – the “mentally-sheared Sheeple” (both black and white) are blindly lighting the fuse for what will ignite a megaton explosion of rage and in-fighting, leading to EXACTLY what the Parasitic Elite are counting on…a complete IMplosion of our National Sovereignty and “Rights” not yet signed away through Executive Orders by the last 2 administrations (Bush and Obama’s) because…
    (1) Whites will have turned their guns on Blacks, and Blacks will damn sure turn their guns on Whites…
    (2) Brother will turn against Brother…
    (3) Sister will turn against Sister…
    (4) Husband will turn against wife, and vice versa…; and finally,
    (5) As witnessed today .. the political ignorance of the sheeple will turn them into mobbed-up “useful idiots” that will pit them against their own “Nationalist Sovereignty”, and go to war with their own government in preference of “Globalism” and “Corporate Fascism”.
    And what better way to kick this perilous party off with a bang, than to set off yet another “False Flag” … perhaps this time, one that will REALLY convince the people that it’s “The Donald’s” fault. How about a low-level Nuke in some god-forsaken industrially depressed city? Hey… it’s all coming apart anyway…so why not? Even Canada is offering “sovereign statehood” to any state in the United States that wishes to join them because of the Trump victory.
    F**king idiots…!!
    Family… the Parasitic Elite sees this victory by Trump as a dangerously influential social meme that has spread to Europe, and they are s**tting bricks because it threatens the socio-political and economical gains acquired via their “spoils of never-ending war”. Trump’s “nationalism over globalism” got the Parasites spooked because new elections and issues of national and constitutional sovereignty for virtually all of Europe are just around the corner. So through Hillary – they HAVE TO WIN BACK THE UNITES SNAKES!
    Here’s just a small sample of what the Trump victory caused in the EU…;
    – The UMP (Union for Popular Movement) in France just changed their names to “The Republicans” in the run-up to their 2017 election primaries from Nov. 20 thru the 27th…
    -Dec. 4th – Italian referendum on Constitutional reform…
    -Dec. 4th – Australian presidential election…
    -March 15th, 2017 – General elections in The Netherlands…
    -March 26th, 2017 – German state elections in Saarland..
    -April 23rd thru May 7th, 2017 – Presidential and general elections in France…
    In fact, if you don’t think it’s about your sovereignty and freedom against the Vatican-led, Khazarian-Banker mafia’s vice-grip on the tits and testicles of every form of life on this flatted plane, check what Marine Le Pen, president of the National Front – who ran on the ballot to reclaim the sovereignty of France, said…; “…Congratulations to the new President of the US, Donald Trump, and the American people – (you’re) free!”
    FREE from what?? FREE from whom??
    Are you getting the picture? What Trump did was to f**k with the Vatican faction of the Illuminati’s time-table for bringing the world to heel with their globalist agenda. Make no mistake about it…there is an internal war going on between white secret society factions for ultimate control, AND WE (both the “black” and “white” citizenry) ARE THE PAWNS ON THE CHESSBOARD OCCUPYING THE “BLACK” AND “WHITE” SQUARES – BEING MOVED BY THE PUPPETEERS – NOTHING BUT CANON FODDER IGNORANTLY BLEEDING FOR – AND DANCING TO – THE DISSONANT TUNES OF THIS PATHOLOGICAL PIED PIPER!!
    Finally (And I know you’re “eye-weary” JUST about now; but hang in there)…;
    Take a look at this map (See attachments). What do you think this means? If “Black people” were SOOO freakin’ down for a Clinton presidency… where the fuck is all the damn “blue”? Hey… here’s one to tickle ya noodle…Why did Farrakhan vote for Trump? Could it be that his once “Messiah candidate” Obama murdered his financier Qaddafi, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that he and his predecessor Bush were both in bed with the Saudi Arabian “Wahhabist agenda” that I delineated in my previous post? Those same Wahhabi who were virulent enemies of Libya…?
    Listen… America got TOO many guns to be fucked with from the OUTSIDE! It’s estimated on average that there are at least 500 to 1,000 guns for every American in these United Snakes. Which statistically make “us”… America… the possessor of THE BIGGEST DOMESTIC STANDING CITIZEN-ARMY IN THE WORLD!!!
    For example, it has been estimated that American hunters in Wisconsin ALONE number 600,000… making them the 8TH LARGEST ARMY IN THE WORLD; more men with arms than Iran – more men with arms than France and Germany combined!!
    But wait!! Pennsylvania has 750,000 hunters, with Michigan following close behind at 700,000 – bringing a combined estimated national average to perhaps 30, 40, to 50 million armed Americans … many of them ex-military men. And let’s not forget their wives and children.
    NOW you know WHY Clinton and Obama Demon-crats have been fighting HARD – tooth and nail – to strip our asses of our guns…!
    The ONLY way these parasites could conquer the people occupying this land is FROM THE INSIDE … by causing us to tear ourselves apart from WITHIN! And a race-based civil war would be the PERFECT staging ground for a ritual national suicide. And THEY KNOW THIS…! All this bullshit protesting is to get you emotionally hyped and logically dimwitted – to deaden your critical thinking to see “WHITE” vs “BLACK” as the new “Color Revolution”, while they sit back and watch us put those very guns to our OWN damn heads … and commit national suicide…!!!
    Look… between “THE DEVIL” (Clinton) and “THE DEEP BLUE SEA” (Trump) … I’d rather learn how to swim with a Trump in office (by getting maximum fire-power against ALL enemies – “FOREIGN” (the Black/Gray Pope’s International Banksters) and “DOMESTIC” (white racist-maggot mutha-fukkas who would DARE fuck with me and mine) … than end up as a pile of Nuclear ash…! Cause that witch Hillary is ON RECORD saying she has NO trouble GOING FULL-ON NUCLEAR…!!!
    Wake up family!! Wake da’ fugg up America!! .. and get ya’ heads out of your ADHD, overblown, all-too bulbous, overeating, obese asses…!! Remember what our ancestral warriors told us; the REAL revolution will NOT be televised!! So why the hell are you paying attention to the media’s bogus 1080p “Color-ed” Revolution”


      • It is. His explanation on the revolutions hit home for me. What’s a revolution really? I guess it depends on who is sponsoring it. Smh he’s passionate isn’t he? Lol

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      • Yeah it really drives home the point. Too many black people can’t see the larger picture. They can’t see the “unseen hand” pulling the strings. Phil is good at exposing that reality. The matrix is great at confusing the masses.


      • It’s crazy. When you unplug from the mainstream in every aspect of life it becomes easier to see the bullshit. The more I pull out, the more I see. It’s a sobering reality only because of my upbringing. I hate it that my parents and elders wasn’t exposed to the real truth, but each generation has a different purpose. Hopefully my kids will be a step ahead than where their father was as they mature, when it comes to truth. I’m gonna do my best to make sure that happens.

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