Words that start with EN: Enlighten

From the Melanated Man:



-to give (someone) greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation.

-to give (someone) spiritual knowledge or insight.


The etymology of the first two letters en means “in or within.” Light illuminates and brightens, just like consciousness. Inner light. So why does the Webster Dictionary define the word enlighten with “someone giving knowledge or insight to another?” The correct term would be “exlighten,” and as I type that word Spellcheck does not recognize it. Figures…damn English language. But I was enlightened to create a word that makes sense according to the definition that is widely assumed by the sheep, or the unconscious.

To be enlightened is to be illuminated from within. To gain spiritual knowledge from within. To gain understanding from within. And how do you gain the knowledge? Having a connection with the Creator and respecting the world outside and inside yourself. We become the producers of our reality.

You can’t gain KNOWLEDGE from within when there is chaos within your universe. Unhealthy appetites ranging from denatured, refined, and genetically-modified foods; illegal  and legal drugs; and federal-authorized vaccines. We are destroying the temple God gave us, yet we still pray asking for a healing and a miracle. The games we play with ourselves.

Let’s gain the ENLIGHTENMENT that we have been seeking day and night for by taking care of ourselves, the right way! God gave us everything we need to live this life. Don’t abuse it.


Be Blessed Melanated Family!!




4 thoughts on “Words that start with EN: Enlighten

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