ED vs. EL: Eating Meat, Huh?!


From the Melanated Man:



Do we need any meat for that matter??


So what is my  beef with eating meat, so to speak?

You know these animals we are partaking at the dinner table have lives too, right? ANIMALS LIVES MATTER!!! Chickens, cows, pigs, etc. have to undergo so much torture before they actually meet their end:

Chickens get their necks wrangled or slit OR they are scalded alive…



Cows  have to travel many miles to a slaughtered house; by the time they get there they dehydrated and sickly, where are they are then shot in the HEAD…



Pigs have to endure the a combination of torture and death that cows and chickens go through…



And fish, well, you take them out of the water and it’s a done deal.



(I’m not a big fan of PETA and their politics (Michael Vick?) but I do agree with their message of protecting animals that quite honestly don’t have many protection rights.)


On a spiritual/metaphysical level, there is a consequence to eating animals that have been killed so gruesomely. At their moment of death they have an extremely high level of fear within themselves, which is stained within the blood after their life force has left their tattered bodies (animals have souls too.) When you eat dead blood you are also eating their fear, which manifests within your own being.

It causes you to live your life within THE MATRIX!

You become afraid to take chances and to think OUTSIDE OF THE BOX!

The more of the dead blood that you eat, you take on the characteristics of the DOMESTICATED! We are told how and when to eat/shit/sleep, where and how to live (or aspire TO live), and what we can and can not do (destinies are set).

And like a domesticated animal, you have become TAMED!

Tamed from your NATURAL SELF!

Death becomes you as you partake of death. We are what we consume.

It’s funny the more I think about it, due to the fact that most of our people are church-going, spiritual folk. Yet after church on Sundays, where are we running off to?

Church’s Chicken, KFC, Popeye’s, Longhorn’s, Golden Corral, etc., etc., etc.!!! The pastor included. If the pastor is eating dead blood, and he’s suppose to be preaching the Living Word?! Isn’t that a contradiction in itself?



From my personal experience with abstaining from eating meat, I realized how much work it took my body to break it down. I took a 90 day sabbatical from eating meat and the first time I ate chicken (fried chicken at that!) I felt like my body aching all over for the next 36 hours AFTER EATING IT! Fried chicken (or pretty much anything fried) is a major staple of our cuisine. If my body took this much energy breaking down fried chicken, can you imagine how much it took to break down steak? Or some RIBS???


Some good-ass ribs!!

Advisory Note: The itis (that magical, sleepy, tired feeling you get after eating what is shown above) is NOT a good thing. It leads to all types of health issues or dis-eases such as weight gain, acid reflux, heartburn, strokes, and heart attacks.


I had the itis after eating that chicken. I could physically feel that chicken taking my energy/life force away.  I felt suppa-duppa weak! And ever since then I have be done with meat.

I took a risk in fasting that 90 days. Deep down I knew that there may be a chance that I would never eat meat again. My body would not be able to readjust to breaking it down. My knowledge base BEFORE my fast was expanding; I had already began to cut meat from my diet 3 to 4 days out of week. My life has TRANSFORMED, for the better, because of it.  And I appreciate the lives of animals even more so than before. I appreciate MY LIFE even more so than before.

Eating meat everyday, at least three (3) times a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year takes its toll.You multiply that over a 70 year life span, you would have eaten meat at LEAST 76,650 times in your lifetime. Does not seem like alot, right?

Well, when you factor in the cancer-causing antibiotics you have to treat your meat with..

Along with the fact that your meat may be also processed (contaminated) to preserve its shelf life..

Did you forget about how much energy/life force it takes your body to process that meat, as well as the metaphysical/spiritual side to it?

AND it takes your body NO LESS than 24 hours to digest said meat? When you multiply the 3 times a day we eat meat by 365, it totals to 3 years taken from your life within one (1) year. Now multiply those 3 years by 70; it equals 210 years taken from your life by eating meat 3 times a day!!

Can you IMAGINE living an extra 200 years?! Honestly, YOU CAN’T! Sure all of this foolishness  may be hypothetical and theoretical, but when you think about it, it’s not as far-fetched as many may believe, in my opinion.



As I mentioned before, you are what you consume. DEATH! Which is why we are dying of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, AIDS, even common colds, etc. Our bodies can not breathe and we are over-working our organs. Meat causes your body to become acidic, which causes your body to become toxic.

“But what about protein?You need protein!!”

Ever heard of beans and peas? And there are many, MANY vegetables that pack a major protein punch (spinach, please?) You ever wondered where these animals that we eat get their protein from? You need to cut out the middle man, or middle chicken/cow/pig/fish for that matter. 

Eating meat is about as bad as shooting up cocaine or smoking Marlboros. You just don’t see the US government outlawing it or the Surgeon General placing a label on the pack.

Are the powers that be really concerned about our well-being? Oh, I forgot, my eating condition won’t let me think OUTSIDE THE BOX.


For those of you who are still eating meat, I want you to consider taking a step back and think/be conscious about what you are eating at the dinner table. Something was sacrificed for your enjoyment/pleasure. Think about this, if push came to shove, and there were not enough animals to feed the planet, would you eat a HUMAN BEING? If you eat animal flesh everyday, it wouldn’t be a shock if you started to eat HUMAN FLESH.


Is it really that much of a difference???



Peace and love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man



Next: “Vegetables have Life/Light as Well”

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