Food for Thought: The Chore of Grocery Shopping





From the Melanated Man:


I was grocery shopping at Wal-Mart (smh) the other day and I was browsing through the aisles getting the items I normally get for my family and myself. I checked out the ingredients on some of the items that I had  for my wife and kids (because of course, I eat only FRESH PRODUCE now) and began to become depressed. There were a couple of items that I was considering buying for myself (some almond milk, please!) and I put it back on the shelf because of the EXCESS ingredients in these items.

Trust me, I have cravings for some cereal (organic corn flakes, I mind you) or a nice fruit smoothie with almond milk. That doesn’t sound bad, right?

Well if you consider how many ingredients are in almond milk then you will understand why I placed it back in the freezer.




VERY disappointed.

What CAN I eat these days?

Now I understood a while ago food that is pre-packaged, not fresh, or self grown is 100% of the time a RISK to eat, let alone buy it. Habits die hard and it took me awhile to overcome eating it myself.

Now I  battle with buying the shit for my loved ones with full knowledge of the damage it could cause them. My wife, of course has to make the decision to change in her own time.

My baby girls… they don’t know any better.The Oreos, Tombstone Pizza, the Skittles and M&Ms..

It KILLS me. And at times I feel I have failed them. It’s never too late. Although they’ve grown accustomed to the ARTIFICIAL, I will do everything in my power to guide them in the right direction.

If you don’t have a farm or *your own garden, PLEASE STAY CONSCIOUS during your grocery excursions.

Look out for your family’s best interest…



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man



*Future post


6 thoughts on “Food for Thought: The Chore of Grocery Shopping

  1. I really hate hood mart. I dunno how you do it.

    Any who, what’s wrong with the ingredients on the milk? I usually buy Califia brand which has the best flavor and texture to me, but has similar ingredients. Just curious cuz I haven’t done my research.
    I also feel your frustrations! I don’t have a family but it is a challenge to find certain things minus the crap/fillers unless you’re friends with a farmer.

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    • Whenever it says “Natural Flavor ” within the ingredients I become suspicious. I ask myself why do they have emphasize that separately. There was a video I seen on YouTube where it mentioned various terms that secretly may have MSG in it. And natural flavor was one of them. Yeah I’m a little paranoid.

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      • ha well you have great reason to be paranoid! We all have a right to know what we’re buying + consuming. And some of these little things can make a huge impact if consumed on a regular basis.

        I do use the term “natural flavors/flavorings” for the baked goods I sell do define salt, extracts and spices so I don’t have to list them all, if that makes you feel any better hehe

        Thank you for the feedback.

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