Food For Thought: Read the Ingredient List!



Ingredients for Hamburger Helper



From the Melanated Man:


For those of you who only check out how many calories are in your food so you can shed some pounds, it may be best to do a double take for that ingredient list. You are doing yourself a great disservice if you don’t.

You should know at this point that I STRONGLY recommend eating foods that preferably  have ONE ingredient, which is the food itself, such as an apple or head of cabbage


But if you HAVE to get foods in a can, carton, box, or bag, the rule of thumb is to buy prepackaged foods with NO MORE that three (3) ingredients. Most likely than not they don’t contain preservatives and additives. The task is DAMN near impossible to pull off, even with prepackaged organic foods sold at ORGANIC supermarkets. But it’s doable and you have to be CONSCIOUS of it (I’m not perfect either, but I’m improving.)

Notice the Hamburger Helper ingredient list above. It lists AT LEAST 26 ingredients, with Monosodium Glutamate (*or MSG) listed as one of them.

And you thought MSG was only in Chinese food, right?


Even your spices and herbs.

If you don’t have passing knowledge of chemistry, LEAVE THE SHIT ALONE!

Trust me, foods like the Hamburger Helper picture above will definitely kill you, physically AND *metaphysically.



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man


*Future post


Some examples of SAFE prepackaged foods: Skinny Pop,  olive oil flavored Boulder Chips, Wild Oats Green Beans





2 thoughts on “Food For Thought: Read the Ingredient List!

  1. If you didn’t know…Humana Insurance offers a discount on food that has the stamp Great for You as did the Wild Oats Organic Green Beans. [Wal-mart…I don’t usually shoe at Wal-mart but will for certain items to receive the discount]

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