What Sparked My Transformation (Part 3)

Feeling like Superman



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From the Melanated Man:


So now we are back in Atlanta. With this newfound knowledge and purpose for my life.

As I mentioned earlier I lost over 70 pounds on our return and my relationship with my spouse was great. I promised myself I would never revert back to the old habits that I had prior to leaving for Florida.

At this point I wasn’t eating any meat but I was still hanging on the fence about removing it totally from my diet. And I was taking in more fruits and vegetables then I ever had in my life up to this point. I was also cutting out more foods that I learned did not add but subtracted  from my health overall.   I was hovering around 200 pounds and only needed to lose 25 more pounds to reach my original goal of 175 pounds.


Regarding my job situation…

Of course I was still with my first job  and I wasn’t making any money due in part that projects were few and far in between considering the firm is young and black-owned. My manager and I were still having our conversations so my relationship and unpaid time with the firm felt like a gain because what I didn’t receive in a steady paycheck I gained with invaluable information that I wouldn’t have gained anywhere else.

(Plus I had BOTH of my children at the house, taking care of them. I have thoroughly took pleasure in being a FULL-TIME DAD. That sounds better)


Our conversations inspired my continuance to read and learn…

My knowledge-based had increased exponentially. I started off learning about how black folks should eat, and I moved on into melanin, metaphysics, and dabbling in cosmology and astrology.

At the same time I had moved away from Christianity, becoming more a FREE thinker (sorry, mom, it wasn’t working for me.)

The hobbies that I used to enjoy as a kid up into young adulthood (sports, watching TV, playing video games, and OF COURSE eating) I began to enjoy  them less and less.

I became LESS emotional about life and everything that has happened in MY life.

I became calm. My INsight became clearer. I have internal peace.

It feels goooood!


BECAUSE of this transformation that started with my weight and my eating habits, I became THIS person that I never knew existed within myself.


After an attempt to eat some home-cooked fried chicken one September afternoon (mind you after taking the 90-day fast from meat, the longest of my life) my days of consuming animal flesh were finished. My body showed me the LIGHT by taking more than 36 hours to digest it, causing me to feel sore ALL over my body the entire time (funny how I remember every single detail from that event?!)

I ran my first 5K run on Thanksgiving Day, the day a majority of black-melanated people consume themselves with extreme amount dead waste or DEATH.  I followed that up with a 10k recently this past March. I never saw myself ever doing such a thing.

My immediate AND extended family  have started to take notice of this transformation.

The first time I lost weight it did not make that much of any impact to those around me because the changes I made were not SIGNIFICANT.

Only ate less of the same shit and worked out hard as hell.

AND I didn’t lose over 100 POUNDS (and counting!) the last time either.

My peoples ask me all the time what I have done this time around that was different from last time. I tell them…

And they applaud me. As for implementing it into their own lives…nope. I love them regardless.

That let’s me know how much work that needs to be done. It gives me purpose and incentive to keep pressing on, fighting the good fight!


The more conscious I have become regarding this current paradigm of living, the more I want to implement into my own life to protect myself and the people I love. My relationships with my loved ones have been altered because of it, starting with my wife.


My wife is probably my biggest supporter regarding my transformation. She has been there from the beginning and has seen the changes that have occurred from Day 1. When I changed my eating habits it threw her for a loop because she wasn’t used to it (and still isn’t to some degree.) Plus I was the one doing all of the cooking so when my cooking habits became healthier; it caused an uproar.

In my mind I was making changes that could be beneficial for not only me but for her and the kids.

She’s a doctor. I thought THAT would make sense to her.

But doctors are human too.

In her mind, she felt like the joy was being taken away from the marriage. That was something we had in common. Something we ENJOYED  together. Now that commonality was being taken away.

Things have improved over time regarding this situation; even though at times I think she misses the old me of days past. It’s a work in progress. Now as far as the how the kids SHOULD eat and taken care of in general, that’s a another topic for another post.

One battle at a time, right?

Now this situation can applied any other of my (and yours) family members and loved ones.

Remember I am just talking about EATING THE RIGHT WAY with them.

I haven’t touched on the OTHER knowledge that I have obtained as well.

It  has led me to creating this blog. I have so much I want to share with people, especially my family and loved ones, that a conversation here and there won’t suffice.

I don’t believe that I have all of the answers to the problems that plague black-melanated folk.

I don’t believe that my perspective is the only perspective either.

But I do think there are MANY people I know and don’t know that can relate in some form or fashion on the perspective of EATING. About 99.9% of the people I know, skinny and big, have had problems with health and eating according to their biology. Although we know about the health issues plaguing the black-melanated community, we as a people still underrate it tremendously.

So I think I know a little bit about eating and being health conscious. I have the personal experience and I have been through the fire of losing weight twice. I’m confident to say I AM an expert in that arena and I can help others who need help.


But the journey BEYOND just eating according to your biology, you may not be ready for.

You may not be concerned with  learning about the pseudosciences (according to Western, Caucasian thought) of melanin, metaphysics, astrology, and cosmology  and you have this grand awakening.

You may not be willing to question the validity of religion.

You may not be ready to give up those vices that could be hindering your growth.

You may not think the powers-that-be want to destroy you INSIDE  AND OUT.

I can’t force you to see what I see. I will continue to share with you and maybe ENLIGHTENMENT will happen within yourself.

That choice is yours whether or not you you want to open your eyes (or that THIRD EYE) and go deeper down the rabbit hole.

Nevertheless I love you!



Peace and Love  to my melanated family, blood and not blood (lol!),

The Melanated Man


P.S. My current weight as I type this post is between 165-170 lbs. I think I’m shooting for 140, but to be honest my ultimate goal is to eat the way I SHOULD eat only to sustain myself. Doesn’t matter how small I get as long as I adhere to that principle.












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  1. congratulations my friend on everything you’ve accomplished. I understand it’s not an easy journey, but you persevered none the less.. well done

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