A Poem: “Ye I Walk Through the Valley…” (from a Eating Perspective)



From the Melanated Man:



Ye I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…


I shall bypass all restaurants aptly named Church’s Chicken and KFC,

That’s Kentucky Fried Chicken for the uninitiated.

Not to mention the infamous Mickey D’s and Burger King,

As well as the local Wendy’s and Krystal’s, or White Castle for you Mid-westerners!


I shall re-calibrate my tastebuds to the nearest fresh market,

And partaketh of the those fresh tomatoes and field peas,

Of that juicy, ripe honeydew melon and oranges with their seeds intact,

Celebrating all the Creator has given me through Mother Nature.


No GMO or processed crap, just NATURAL!


I shall honor the cow, the pig, the fowl of the sea, and especially the chicken,

For they are living creatures with uninhabited  ambition such as myself.

Never again shall I consume of dead blood,

What is killed for my nourishment will inevitably bring death to my existence.


 I shall say to self, “Disregard Longhorn’s and Outback with their well-done New York strip steaks,

Abstain from those scrumptious pork ribs brought to you by Jim ‘N Nicks,

Turn your nose up to some fried catfish from Pappadeaux’s,

And last but not least, deny  yourself some delectable, crispy chicken legs from good ole Popeye’s!”


I shall be thankful for SWEETS: a SWEET apple, a SWEET mango, and a SWEEEET watermelon!

I shall be grateful for GREEN: GREEN beans, GREEN peas, and COLLARD GREENS!

For they bring thanksgiving to my living body, spirit, and soul.


I SHALL NOT consume of those fruits that bear no seeds,

I SHALL NOT overcook and kill the GREEN of my food, 

For they hold the  light and truth that is imperative to my beautiful, melanated vessel.


Ye I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…











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