ED vs EL: Vegetables have Life/Light as Well





From the Melanated Man:



I think most people realize that overcooking your vegetables is not ideal. I remember the broccoli that I used to eat in school would look just LIKE what is pictured to the right above.

I wonder if it was cooked that way intentionally?

All of the nutrients that are in the vegetables BEFORE they are cooked dies our when they are overcooked. So when you consume your overcooked vegetables not only does it NOT help your body but it also puts your digestive system under unnecessary stress and duress.

That’s what we call empty calories. It’s like the body is working for free: all give, no take home pay.

Eating empty calories doesn’t only apply to overcooked vegetables (*starches, anyone) but this post is focusing on that.

And the worst part about the situation is when you consume of food with empty calories, you are still HUNGRY!!

But we go back and consume more of the same overcooked vegetables…


Overcooked collard greens! I know they are good…


Sounds like your annual Thanksgiving doesn’t it?

How often do you see a fresh salad our some lightly cooked asparagus or green beans on the platter for the holidays? As Katt Williams would say, “don’t worry, I’ll wait!”

We boil our vegetables in water far too long, with MEAT and/or LARD for seasoning, as well as any other seasoning that may contain monosodium glutamate, or *MSG (no thank you on the Lawry’s.)

But hey, when are only doing what we have been taught to do, and has been passed down since slavery days. *The way we are cooking and eating is one of the most important and overlooked issues in our own ENSLAVEMENT!

But I digress. Let’s keep it simple right now; let’s get back to the overcooked vegetables.


The CANNED GOOD overcooked vegetables…

You are not doing yourself any favors by consuming these…



Empty Calorie City!!!

You might as well eat dog shit. Canned vegetables/goods have so many preservatives and additives,not to mention the  fact the food is overcooked. If you are not sure about this, let me repeat: PRESERVATIVES AND ADDITIVES THAT IS PUT IN YOUR FOOD IS NOT GOOD OR NATURAL TO YOUR BODY!

Are we really trying to kill people(*depopulate is a better word) when we have these canned food drives for the *homeless and needy?

My gut (no pun intended) is leading to me to say HELL YEAH!


From a metaphysical perspective, the vegetables contain the SUNLIGHT your body and soul needs (ever heard of photosynthesis?) The melanin that you, black-melanated man/woman, have needs that sunlight, and if you are not receiving it from the SUN itself (*which you can), you have to get it from secondary sources like your veggies.

The sun provides your vegetables ALL of the minerals and nutrients to that your body needs (PHOTOSYNTHESIS!)

(As I mentioned before, if we all we need is the sunlight for our minerals and nutrients, then are eating vegetables really that necessary? Is eating at all necessary? Just something to ponder on..)

You are doing yourself a disservice by cooking your vegetables to DEATH. We eat death, we produce dead and insignificant lives…and ultimately a dead soul.



So if we are cooking our veggies, we can lightly saute them with a little *sea salt and with a pinch of grapeseed oil.(Personally I use olive oil for my sauteed vegetables, but I’m probably going to move away from that because its advised not to heat olive oil for it’s not good for your body. I’m learning, too.) You can steam your vegetables as well. And if you want to really get bold with it, it them raw. I have eaten some of my veggies raw and they’re not half bad. You have to RETRAIN your tastebuds to get to that point, and it takes time. This not a overnight thing.


Eat more vegetables! Let me rephrase that: eat more lightly cooked, steamed, and/or raw vegetables.



NEXT: Starches, Oils and the SUGARS: Are they REALLY Necessary?


*Future Post




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