Word that begin with EN: Enslave (Part 2)



Refer to previous post: Word that begin with EN: Enslave (Part 1)


From the Melanated Man:


We understand the deeper, more metaphysical meaning of the term enslave. No one can force you into slavery or any other compromising situation unless you voluntarily give them your power. That’s a cold hard fact of life. People, especially black-melanated people, have to realize that.

You and I make choices every minute and second, every day. Granted, we may live in world, or MATRIX, where the choices are automatically presented to us, which require no authentic thought. But it is our responsibility to self-educate ourselves and look deeper at the choices that are given to us on a platter. We have to ALWAYS ask question. That is when you are your CONSCIOUS SELF. When you are not your CONSCIOUS SELF,  you are UNCONSCIOUS, liable to make decisions against your best interests, and thus, you enslave yourself.

I understand that we have car notes, mortgages,credit cards, power, water, cell phones, and many other bills to pay but you enslave (and in-debt) to these items thinking it IMPROVES your life. I thought God our Creator gave us EVERYTHING we needed from the beginning? Are these THINGS/MATERIALS/DEVICES really improving our lives? Or are we just keeping up with the Joneses, or as the Good Book would say, “covet thy neighbor’s house?” One for our own ENSLAVEMENT!

We spend hundreds of millions of our dollars eating food mass produced by another person we may never meet face-to-face, not once questioning the validity of the fool…I mean food…OR the person we bought it from. Why is it that we have become so MODERN and CIVILIZED that we refuse to grow our own food that benefits our biology and anatomy? “Because we are ALL THE SAME.” ENSLAVED again!

We choose to participate in a government that time and time again has screwed black-melanated people over from the beginning of its inception, and yet we scream and shout, “YES WE CAN!” Did we not learn anything from the Civil Rights Movement, the biggest setup/trick concocted by the powers that be to get us in the loop? “Lincoln and the Union fought for our freedom.” Did they really? “The United States is the greatest country on the planet!” SLAVE!!

We put our faith in belief systems (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.) whose origins we are not even familiar with. Origins go way beyond what the pastor, minister, priest or whomever we listen to preach to us. Wasn’t RELIGION used against the indigenous (like Native Africans) to steal from them and kill them in the process? Isn’t the religion that was so generously given to us by our colonizers the VERY same thing we created thousands and thousands of years ago? Now what are we really BELIEVING in? Do our RELIGION(S) truly benefit us concerning true enlightenment and growth?

We are STILL enslaved.

(I’m not advocating we have our OWN, in a sense we act/behave just like our EXTERNAL oppressors did us, only just among ourselves. No Black Capitalism, no Black Supremacy.)


How can we free ourselves from OURSELVES?

First step we need to question whether the lives we are living are doing our souls a favor. Are we really gaining anything from this MATERIALISTIC paradigm? Where is our enlightenment in all of this?

The next step is to learn about ourselves. Learn from our ancestors, the people we descend from. Read the right books that informs us of our history (I have a suggested list on the way.) As individuals we need to learn more about the talents and skills we can offer among ourselves to build the WHOLE. Each and every one of us has gifts bestowed to us by the Creator that should be useful for our RISE. We need to learn the power of meditation and prayer, for we know the answers we seek lie within.

Then we must put that knowledge to action. Have it in our hearts that the way we must live and proper is only for OWN benefit. That should be enough INSPIRATION, to use our gifts to fight and protect OUR way of life.

If we don’t live as the Creator saw fit for the MOST NATURAL BEING TO THIS PLANET , we will continue to enslave ourselves to another’s way of living and we will soon perish, which is what is currently underway.




Peace and love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man



P.S. Don’t worry, I got more posts coming your way regarding all that I discussed above.










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