Rest in Peace to a Prince…




From the Melanated Man:


Rarely I keep up with the entertainment news due to the reason of *WHO is in control of it. But when an major icon, a MAJOR black-melanated icon, passes away too soon that is MAJOR news in my eyes.

The artist formerly known as Prince passed away yesterday from bouts with the flu. He was ONLY 57. Some people don’t believe the flu ( or influenza) killed Prince, even though there are people who die from the flu yearly. I have heard people say that his immune system may have been weakened by an unannounced case of cancer or diabetes, with the flu pushing off the edge. He has been on record saying that he battles with *epilepsy, a very serious neurological disease that is nothing to play with.

And Prince was a *VEGETARIAN!!! REALLY?! That means he was SOMEWHAT health conscious, right?

(Which begs the question…I wonder what KIND of  vegetarian Prince really was?)

The fact that Prince had to go outside of the black-melanated community for medical care and advice is a problem. We can’t take care of ourselves.

The fact that their (Western, Caucasian medical philosophy) care and advice is considered CARE and ADVICE for us is THE PROBLEM. We don’t KNOW HOW to take care of ourselves.

People can speculate whether he was killed underhandedly by another entity and it may be a cover up of some sorts. And it may be true; we will never know.

But I can honestly see that it wouldn’t have been necessary. Prince took *MEDICATION (which is poison) so he can hurry back to touring so he please the Massa…I mean the masses. The medication could have mistakenly or unmistakably  interacted with his epilepsy and with him being alone in a elevator, he could have had a seizure with no help around and died.

That is entirely possible. We trust and lay with the enemy and their medical machinations, we perish. Sooner or later.

Just like Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, etc.,etc., etc.!!!!

All for the sake of *ENTERTAINMENT. Or shall I say *MENTAL DETAINMENT.

Working for our MASTERS; to keep our minds OCCUPIED.



Prince  wrote and sung beautiful music beloved across the globe. He was special, and shouldn’t have had to go outside of his community for medical assistance.

He fought, then gained total control of his brand. That made him an enemy to the music industry, but now an unmistakable ally with his death and the billions AND BILLIONS of dollars he is going to make them now. We shouldn’t allow our people to be used like a rag doll for another man’s survival and purpose.


Let’s keep educating ourselves people…on OURSELVES, inside AND out!


Thank you for your contribution Prince, and may the Creator bless you in the afterlife! We love you!



Peace and love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man



*Future post


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