The True Hidden Science of Self-Exploitation (AKA “Selling Out”)

Chaos always wins out! (not my image lol)

From the Melanin Man:

Society as a whole pushes the individual to do their best in every thing he/she does and participates in. From our early rearing years to adulthood, we are fed the notion that we must effectively produce on some level to prove our value and the worth we possess. In fact, how and what we produce is directly tied to the basic necessities of survival. It has been embedded in the collective psyche of the common woman/man to the point that an individual cannot function properly unless they are “working productively”, which is the etymology of the term exploitation.

Exploitation in general is nothing new or contemporary; it has existed since the dawn of creation. In fact, it is the primary reason why the MA-terial/physical realm exists in the first place. Without the energy syphoned from the original CHAOS beings (Black-melanated woman/man) to power it, this temporal realm would be no more. So how do you keep the party (humanity, material realm) going when the all the lights (hidden knowledge brought into the light)have been turned on?

You fall for the lie that this realm is actually REAL. You trick your mind into thinking that your life matters, that your actions have “consequences” whether they be good or bad, positive or negative. You believe that if you are not a “productive member of society” for the good of mankind, your life is not worth the melanated womb that you created it in. And that’s some massive MIND-FUCKERY and brainwashing going on!

We, melanated peoples, are asked to “give it your all” (sell out) and produce because it infuses this realm to keep going. Our need to express ourselves, to invent and create, in all endeavors ranging from the arts to the sciences, is DANGEROUS. And that goes double for the “conscious” (or SOUL-ALIVE) of our group. I’m taking a risk just by sharing my thoughts concerning this matter on a platform I did not build or not maintaining. This information can be even more hidden on the internet (yes, I do think I’m being censored just a little bit lol) or worse, stolen and co-opted for a cause that is inclusive to everyone that may or may not have the spark of life (a soul.) If the melanated collective were a little more in sync, we could be telepathic with each other, and this wouldn’t be an issue.


The danger in our need to manifest our glory on this realm not only causes us to be muted and subdued, but our success in doing so keeps us as a whole entrapped in this filthy meat locker we call humanity even longer than we should be. Yes, it’s a double-edge sword.

Here’s the game: Over thousands of years the melanated woman and man have been derided amongst the masses (the useless eaters) but have been worshipped and revered within the elitist occult groups who know the real knowledge of what’s what. That tactic was to lower the esteem of the melanated collective enough to where the insecure of us would feel the need to prove our worth, and thus, feeding more energy into this dying realm to keep it going.

(Have you ever wondered why there have been so many end-of-the-world , dystopian movies produced within the last 40 or so years? We are in the END TIMES.)

And they are trying to switch the game on us: The Civil Rights Movement. Black Lives Matter. An increase in interracial copulation and breeding. We’re being accepted. But why the faux switch up? To build our esteem back up, maybe we’ll want to stick around this hellhole a little bit longer, put a little more energy (soul!) into this because we’re finally being noticed after all this time.

(Maybe that’s why it’s harder for the melanated woman to let go of the illusion/hologram in comparison to her counterpart. The woman DESIRES love/acceptance, the man not so much.)

We can’t keep getting tricked into giving away our souls (because that is the ONLY thing about us that is REAL!) to a dying cause. This is a classic case of the “creator getting trapped within its own creation.” That’s why for the longest now I haven’t thought that much of classifying myself as a CREATOR. As a melanated being encased in a human shell, exploitation of the soul is required for the human shell and its accompanying ego to survive. And the ego doesn’t want to disappear whatsoever, so it places strongholds (fears) to keep us from an existence worth putting our soul-energy into.

But the end is nigh. The ancient knowledge is coming out. This ship is sinking and it’s too many holes to fill. They (the gatekeepers of this illusionary realm) know it, we know it, even the comatose of our collective know it even if they won’t admit it in their heart of hearts. This is the endgame, we are in the end times.

And personally, I’m feeling like returning back into the realm of the UNCREATE anyway.

Love always fam,

The Melanin Man

“Insecurity of Self Breeds the NEED to create and express.”


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