Black Women, Don’t Fall for the Okie Doke!!

“My name is Harriet Tubman and I didn’t approve of this. Where’s my cut?”

From the Melanated Man:


I had to break from the posts I had scheduled because I have something that’s burning that I need to take of my mental oven before I let it BURN!

“We interrupt this broadcast on eating habits for this special public announcement…”

This message is specifically for you, black women! YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK AS WE SPEAK!

First off, I don’t believe in coincidences.

Everything that is released and/or displayed to the general public by the media is planned and coordinated.

There is no so such thing as CHANCE with the powers that be.

I bring to your attention the subject of Harriet Tubman gracing her presence on the American $20 bill, and the well-timed release of Beyonce’s latest album Lemonade.


Let’s start off with the Miss Harriet Tubman…

If you’re not familiar with Harriet Tubman (I’m pretty sure you are), she is one of the major pioneers of the Underground Railroad, a system of secret routes and passages for freeing slaves back in the early to mid 1800s. Anyone who knows anything about slavery and the United States understands the two go hand and hand. The United States used free labor (BLACK SLAVERY!) to build the economic foundation of this country.

This is what you call raw, unregulated capitalism!

And the thinking goes that Harriet Tubman was against this form of capitalism (or any form of capitalism that takes advantage of the meek ) to where she risked her life to free her fellow brothers and sisters from the tyranny.

America is ruled by the almighty *dollar, which is the symbol of American capitalism.

Which pretty much contradicts everything Harriet Tubman stood for.

But let’s assume that by placing Harriet Tubman of the $20 dollar bill it means that times are changing and true racial progress is developing. Does racial progress mean economic progress for black-melanated people?

Will we rise from the doldrums of the economic latter and prosper like our Caucasian-brethren?

Will “Black Lives Matter” FINALLY? Or are we being pacified by Massa?

I don’t think Miss Tubman would approve.



Hope it has some seeds in that lemon…


Now to Beyonce…

Miss Knowles (or Mrs. Carter to those who respect their marriages) released her album secretly and unannounced to the public this past Saturday night.

(For those you who don’t me, I’m not a fan of Queen Bey or her “Beyhive.” )

I listened to about a quarter of the album and talked with others who listened to the album in its entirety (looking at you, wifey and bro-ham!) and got the sense that it was a bash ’em, emasculate-your-husband-to-the-world extravaganza, minus a song or two concerning our young black men being shot down by the police.

I understand the woman may be hurt that her husband Jay-Z cheated on her, AND I  understand she needed a way to vent. But did she have to broadcast ALL OF HER EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE TO THE ENTIRE WORLD? Emboldening every woman (BLACK WOMAN) to emasculate (or flat-out embarrass them) their man as well, just because he slipped up with a “side ho?”

(*I’m not going to get into the COMICAL semantics of  modern-day monogamy because that’s a post all by itself, but I digress.)

REALLY? Like we BLACK MEN don’t get enough of that (I told on myself didn’t I?) Images like this only WIDEN the divide between BLACK MEN and BLACK WOMEN.

Have you had ENOUGH OF THAT?

I understand the influence of the music industry. Also, I understand the influence of certain popular music artists (Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West, etc.)  have on many feeble minds of the masses. We strive to be the images that they so effortlessly portray. They are brilliant marketers for Massa.

Their every move is calculated; it goes well beyond just dollars and cents they make off us common folk.


So what do Harriet Tubman and Beyonce have to do with all of this?

Well, there’s a certain Clinton running for the Democratic Presidential ticket. And it’s not Bill again. 

Hillary Clinton needs all the help she can get to win the ticket and the Presidential election. What better way to build the self-esteem of BLACK WOMEN (potential voters) than to place a sacred pioneer like Harriet Tubman on the $20 dollar to make it seem like BLACK WOMEN have a voice in this country?

And while you’re at it, let’s devalue men (BLACK MEN) even more than they already are due to unemployment and the likes by further emasculating them?

It’s all a ploy. The timing is impeccable. During the Primaries?

Do you seriously think Trump is getting in that office?


Don’t get gamed into it BLACK WOMEN.

These are the same people (Caucasians) who called you nappy-headed heathens and imposed a European standard of beauty so you can FIT into their system.

You TRY to imitate THEIR STYLE!

These are the same people who raped your ancestral mothers and sisters and diluted your gene pool in the process.

You create further  dilution with INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIPS!

These are the SAME people who know deep down you are the *MOTHER OF ALL CIVILIZATION AND THE HIGHEST VALUED BEING ON THE PLANET…

…All because you can REPRODUCE BLACKNESS (MELANIN!!!)

*And they know that IF and WHEN you all collectively become CONSCIOUS, their rule will END.

But your minds are on things that have NO LIFE OR LIGHT within them. And I’m not just talking about eating either.

*You’re trying to fit into a lifestyle that does not suit your natural gifts and talents.

You’re blessed straight from the WOMB.

From your hair, lips, and thighs. To your intuitiveness, spirituality, and UNMATCHED unconditional love.

There’s no other like you.


And we love you for who and what you are and can become!


Remember that BLACK WOMEN! Don’t fall for the Okie Doke !



Peace and Love to my melanated MOTHERS AND SISTERS,

The Melanated Man


*Future post







6 thoughts on “Black Women, Don’t Fall for the Okie Doke!!

  1. Melanin man… Too many conspiracy theories for me. Life is just not that complicated! You might want to check your stats again. Black women are the least likely to date outside of their race because of the faith and respect we still have for the black man. Most black inter-racial couples involve a black man and a whatnot. Black men want to lay with black women for their hips and thighs, but then want them to have the demeanor and personality of women of other races. That’s what’s crazy! Anyways, lemonade may prove to be Beyoncé’s greatest work yet. What does your wife think of these posts? #lemonade #May1st

    Liked by 1 person

    • Stats can be manipulated for the benefit of those presenting it, including MYSELF. I go by what I see in my own life and what tptb are promoting in the media. And that message applies to black men as well ; but today’s post is for black women. Not concerned about Beyoncé winning a Grammy from her handlers…as for my wife, YOU can take it lol!!!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. “You’re blessed straight from the WOMB.

    From your hair, lips, and thighs. To your intuitiveness, spirituality, and UNMATCHED unconditional love.

    There’s no other like you.


    And we love you for who and what you are and can become!”
    Wow! That was on point! I feel you on that. Great post MM!

    Liked by 1 person

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