Did You Know? Africa’s OWN Natural Nuclear Reactor



From the Melanated Man:

I was reading an article earlier today discussing how the Fukushima disaster that occurred back in 2011 is continuing polluting the Pacific Ocean with radiation. I reposted another article about this topic maybe a little over six months ago. Both articles mention the devastating effects of the radiation pollution within the Pacific could certainly last for thousands and thousands of years.I wondered how it could be possible for the Earth, which is a living being itself, could recover from not only this travesty, but the other massacres and constant poisoning that are  byproducts of  mankind’s MAN-ipulation.

Thus, I was more curious on the subject of nuclear energy.

I consider myself to be a scientist by way of my civil engineering degree, and I have worked within a coal-fired power plant before. I understand the power plant process: coal  is intensely heated to boil purified water into piping-hot steam, which spin the turbines that generate your electrical  energy. Wallah. 

Nothing more, nothing less.There isn’t that much of a difference between  a coal-fired power plant and a nuclear power plant…

…BESIDES THE FACT that nuclear power plants are HEAVILY guarded for obvious reasons, and there is radioactive waste involved.

All in all, one uses coal and the other uses the nuclear reaction between plutonium and uranium to heat the water into steam to spin the turbines. I was little unfamiliar with the nuclear reaction process between plutonium and uranium. So I did some research on it.

Oddly enough, I came across this article:

2-Billion-Year-Old African nuclear reactor proves that Mother Nature still has a few tricks up her sleeve

Check out these links  as well:




This was an incidental find on my part. I did not even know there was such thing as an “natural nuclear reactor.”


Yet I was not surprised either. Like the Good Book says, “there is nothing new under the sun.”

Contrary to what the hell Massa, the powers-that-be may be claiming to be the newest technology these days.

AND AGAIN…it came from the African continent no less.


There should not be any more reason to wonder why the African continent has been constantly raped and abused of its resources, human and non-human. ALL MODERN TECHNOLOGY AND THE KNOWLEDGE TO BUILD IT COMES FROM AND IS SUPPORTED BY THE AFRICAN CONTINENT!!

Check out: A Reblog: Facts on Coltan

Facts are facts, people.

Once I learned of this natural nuclear reactor in Africa, naturally I assumed since Mother Earth knew how to create her own nuclear reaction (a natural means in electrical energy generation procedure, anyone?) that she knew how to get rid of the waste created from that nuclear reaction. 

Does that make sense to YOU?!!!!

It definitely makes sense to me.

So how much should we really be concerned about the waste that was caused from the Fukushima incident? Granted, the electric energy that is generated by nuclear power plants is done by ARTIFICIAL MEANS. That ARTIFICIAL WASTE produced from that ARTIFICIAL NUCLEAR REACTION will obviously have a different, possibly catastrophic effect on the planet and its inhabitants.

BUT…once again, if Mother Earth is a living being, is it also possible that she can self-correct herself over the course of time if we treated her the way she was meant to be treated in the first place?

I think so.Personally I believe Mother Earth to be highly-intelligent organism.

Hue-mans, specifically my Melanin-Dominant brothers and sisters, definitely have the ability to  self-correct and rid ourselves of the ARTIFICIAL, EUROPEAN LIFESTYLE we have been accustomed to and return back intune with Nature, with Mother Earth.  I’m pretty sure Mother Earth intrinsically knows how to clean herself and return her roots as well. \

My Melanin-Dominant brothers and sisters, we have to stop feeding the beast, THIS ARTIFICIAL EUROPEAN PARADIGM, for that to happen. We have to cease our participation in the madness so it can DIE ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Remember…Participation = Validation

We have the strongest connection to the planet out of any group of people, Melanin-Dominant brothers and sisters. We have to lead the pack in this endeavor. Our Melanin-Recessive brethren, who are leading the pack, continue to go against the grain and damn us all to Hell in the process. Mother Earth definitely has the ability to overcome the wrath, but it may come at the cost of riding itself of the parasites.

Many of us are demonstrating parasite behavior…THAT MUST END IMMEDIATELY FAM!!!

Let’s get back to where it all started, where it was intended to be in the beginning.

That’s the only way we will totally achieve the freedom and liberation we deeply desire!



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man






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    • I know right? It’s all a control game…If you get a chance, read through the post again. In my haste to post this I made a couple of mistakes, and I’ve corrected them and added to the post as well. Maybe it will make more sense to you if you were confused a bit lol.

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