Why I Won’t Date a White Man

YESSSSS!! I couldn’t have said it better than this, C.C. You’ve hit the nail and then some with this post! Thank you once more!

Whispers of a Womanist

When I first started dating my boyfriend, he took me to a wharf alongside the Belt Parkway of New York City. It was the middle of the night and the city wore an unfamiliar silence as we walked alongside one another under the night sky. Our bubble of new love was abruptly popped when our eyes strayed from one another onto a dead animal frozen in it’s last position. It was not the animal or its death that ended our bliss but the symbolism it bore. Namely, what seemed a formidable place to spend time, proved a potential deathbed to those as dark as the sky above– our potential fate mirrored in the slain animal forgotten in city’s silence.

I share this anecdote to illustrate that choosing to date or marry black is sign on to a lifetime of these moments. If I decided to do as many women my…

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9 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Date a White Man

  1. I’ve heard many black women tell me why they don’t like white men. I’ve even had female cousins and aunts tell me they don’t find white men attractive. But CC took it to another level. She broke it down better than any woman I’ve ever heard! I had to give her props on this one. It was really on point!

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