BLACKMAN-BLACKWOMAN Series: Black Men, Where Do We Go From Here?

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From the Melanin Man:


I’ve been meaning to push to post out now for a couple weeks, but been sidetracked with my mundane work tasks lol. It may be my birthday today (yay!) but I’ve been needing to get this post off my chest, so…

(Side note: Plus, let’s be real. If the current calendar had never been concocted by the powers-that-be, we would never know when our birthdays would be. Is it really that big of a deal? lol )

I wrote  about the  importance of our women, now it’s time to focus on the Black Man.




To my Black brothers from other mothers, I have to be honest with you…

We are the walking dead!

And I’m not just talking about those of us who are in jail, unemployed, deadbeat husbands and fathers, or whatever label the media places on us.

I’m talking about the ENTIRE LOT of us. Even the very small few of us who are succeeding, according to European standards, are fading away as well.

Ask yourself this question, Black Man: Are you REALLY the head of your household when you’re respecting the rules and regulations put in place by another species of man? When will we realize that we can’t break away from those who don’t care for us if they are the ones educating, employing, clothing, and feeding us?  

No wonder  the  majority of our Black Women have lost respect for us, Black Man, consciously and subconsciously. Whether or not we’re living in the household.

Who told us and set the standard for what a legal marriage should be?

Who gives us the two thumbs up when we decide choose to divorce?

Who do our women run to in order to receive child support and alimony from?

For me personally, the more I see the bullshit, the more I realize I’m NOT the man I want or need to be! Black Man, we need to create our own reality, a reality that will benefit the welfare of our women and children.



We should NOT mimic a man who is quite honestly physically, mentally, and spiritually inferior to the Black Man in every way.

WE should NOT place the protection and security of that reality within the womb of a woman who is NOT the original woman on the planet, the Black Woman.

(Another side note: Even at a young age, my mama would tell me, “You betta not bring no white gurl to my house.” Funny thing is, my mama is not nearly as conscious as I am today. She’s a Christian woman through and through lol. But she was aware enough to make such a statement.  I could never understand how a self-proclaimed woman of God could say such a thing.

But as I gotten older, I get it. No matter how much the media tries to brainwash us, nature is nature. If you are of nature, you want to be with your own.

Annnnnnd, it made me realize how much of a farce religion truly is. )


Black Man, bottom line, you are NOT EQUAL to your white, Caucasoid counterpart! For those of you who disagree, I don’t apologize. You can call me prejudice, racist, or flat out a bigot. This is how I see it, and there ain’t nothing going to change that.

So what should we aspire to be, brethren?

When you carry the God-particle (MELANIN!), you are suppose to express yourself and reality as such: in a GOD-FORM!!  That may sound preposterous, even borderline pompous and arrogant to many of us quite frankly.

But do your research. It’s TRUTH!

What is God?

I don’t believe in that superhero, -miracle-working human archetype, birthed from the Westernized, European frame of mind. That’s how the white, Caucasoid mindset perceives it, and want the masses to perceive it.

In my opinion, God is boundless and unlimited in its creativity, thinking, and expression. God is chaotic, ungovernable by external forces, yet composed, calm, and self-assured. God is omnipresent in every nook and cranny of nature and the universe.

You are essentially God in the human form , Black Man, according to your own unique talents and gifts.

Black Men, by accepting that reality, we unlock the GOD (or GODDESS lol) that is within the Black Woman. That gives her the opportunity to materialize ourselves, through her own talents and gifts, on this plane of human existence. Although we shouldn’t be looking at a two dimensional television screen in the first place, there’s a reason there’s an extreme dearth of Black Man-Black Woman relationships portrayed in a positive light on the screen. The Black Man-Black Woman relationship  will destroy this reality as we know it.

Yet the more they promote  the “We Are All Equal” message, interracial marriages, integration, etc., the wheels keep rolling on.

We’ve ALLOWED the powers-that-be to do unimaginable things to neuter and control our God nature. From the death foods,  restrictive religion and unimaginative spirituality, to the train-to-serve-Massa style of education and the mundane joy-killing life routines, we really are DEAD MEN WALKING!

I’ll give you an example, by way of a close friend of mine: For those of you who still frequent church , I want you to do an observation. Check out whose  doing most of the work in the church. Is it the men or the women? And on any given Sunday, check out the body language of the men versus the women during service? Who’s into the message more so than the other?

The Black Woman is game, guys. She’s indeed LIT, waiting for that spark **wink wink**. In spite of the wave of new age feminism and the “I Don’t Need a Man” foolishness, nonetheless, Black women who have the desire to express true  womanhood have no problem following the leadership of a man. They’re just following  the wrong man, consciously and subconsciously. And it’s killing them on ALL LEVELS (a great reference to check out on this matter is “The Wounded Womb” by Dr. Phil Valentine.) If there is ONE reason the Black Woman shouldn’t be in the workplace (besides the fact that it goes against her nature as a woman)  it is that Black Men (those who are Black-minded) can’t really protect her from the stresses of a white male-dominated workplace (e.g. sexual harassment) considering its NOT  a domain he created.



With the way I think now, I can honestly say that there are not ANY Black Men, peer or elder, in my life that I know personally who has the ability to stand on their own two feet, including myself, absent the assistance of the white male in any fashion. I know men who have parts to them that are valid and resonate with me tremendously, but they, we, are not WHOLE as men, still operating by the whims of colonizers.

That’s how I see it.

I accept the possibility that I may never experience total liberation as a Black Man in my lifetime. But that won’t keep me from trying.

It’s what I strive for now…as a Black Man.

Because in my heart of hearts, there is nothing else worth living for…as a Black Man!



I hope there are a few of you out there, my Black brethren, that share that same sentiment.



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanin Man








16 thoughts on “BLACKMAN-BLACKWOMAN Series: Black Men, Where Do We Go From Here?

  1. We should NOT mimic a man who is quite honestly physically, mentally, and spiritually inferior to the Black Man in every way.

    I live this by this.

    Where you say the majority of our Black Women have lost respect for us, Black Man
    I disagree with this. I see more and more black women waking up so to speak that black is stronger when black is together. And that being said, these women don’t have any respect for the majority of men outside of black because they all know that only black understands black.

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    • Now yeah, I think Black women have always wanted Black men too, despite the propaganda. I see more Black men and women together than not to refute that nonsense. But are these men Black-minded though? Are the women Black-minded? Thats the issue I think. One, if not both, still want the American Dream, white picket fence and all. It’s hard to break away from that conditioning. And the shit just don’t fit our nature IMO. I think the men know it doesn’t, but we don’t really voice it publicly. A good bit of the women are still mesmerized by it. And we following the women because that’s what they’ve been tricked into wanting. Which is ass backwards!

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      • Depends on how these people live is the only way to say if they’re black minded or not. Behavioural traits I guess as well as conversation.

        That american dream has always been a lie. It’s not black at all. So that we agree on. There is no american dream. The american dream is the ideal version of life in that country which in itself has nothing to do with america. I’m different to the perception of america. I hear america and I think “okay, land stolen by europeans from brown skinned people who are the true americans but the world thinks otherwise because of white people doing white people things”. The american dream should be a totem pole with a chief standing next to it and feathers hanging out his head.

        In short, this american dream regardless of what america is has nothing to do with black people. And that’s where you’re right, blacks conditioned into bullshit where they have no relevance. Heck, I’ll voice it. As a black man born to the UK, I’m from this land but I’m not of it, and therefore will never claim nor even desire the white picket fence of europoid dreams.

        Black people are waking up (I know, waking up is a cliche now) but it’s true. And honestly, I believe more and more blacks are starting to let go off europoid/”america” standards.

        As for the women who crave this dream – black women, well, a lot of black men have reached the point now where chasing women isn’t worth it. They want that? There’s plenty of white men out there looking for a “cultural” bit of ass they can show off to their upper class parents who despise their skin. Go for it. But even then, a lot of black women now are being vocally and don’t want that. Just gotta listen bro.

        But, I believe we’ve had a conversation like this before on a previous post – only black partners can understand black minds. The way we think, eat, and do about certain things only black partners can understand. Simple things such as an accent or specific words or meanings breaking out randomly during conversations. Or hand or head movements derived from the street. The way food is cooked and the cultural history of how things are done, passed down from parent to parent. All that stuff is black. I’m laughing, because, for the black women that want the american dream, none of this stuff comes with it. And that shit will send ’em lonely. So I’m good, let ’em go.

        And bro, “And the shit just don’t fit our nature IMO.” That’s not your opinion, don’t justify your opinion, you don’t need to. Say what ever the hell you want and F*** anyone who disagrees. That right there is the truth of what you say. Screw the politically correct. Our nature isn’t opinion, our nature is truth.

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  2. I could write forever on that one bruh but I’ll make a few points to keep it brief. I’m on the slave ship too even though it was going from America to Africa and Europe first and not the other way around. Never assume anything whites say is true first of all. They lie 99% of the time. Whites are the physically Walking Dead born with animal DNA. Blacks are merely the spiritually Walking Dormant (more like doormats these days) with severe spiritual constipation from giving our energy away to Jesus instead of Neberdjer, Olodumare, Bondye, etc. Those are our Supreme Beings. You cannot take Satanic Christianity and sanitize. You can only Satanize it fam. Anyway here we go……….

    1) 90% of black males and females are too far gone and will not make it because they refuse to recognize God within and have replaced it with Satanic worship of money and materialism. They are the ones who love Empire and Love and Hip Hop. Good riddens.

    2) The 10% (not talented tenth uppity shit) of us who are partially awake need to find each other in person. We cannot do this over the internet. We need to physically move our asses to a common place so we can vibe in person.

    3) We have to pool our resources and buy land.

    4) We have to start our own community on that land and provide for self.

    5) Self-hating blacks will be the greatest barrier to our success not whites and Jews.

    6) L’union fait la force. Our unity is our strength. Haiti knew it when they annihilated the French from their home.

    7) We can only fail when we do not try.

    8) You can only save yourself. It is not your job to save someone else’s soul. The whole point of existence is the personal soul journey which is why it is utterly ridiculous to think Jesus, who never existed anyway except in our minds, could die for your sins. Everyone has to pay for their own sins. No one, not even the Creator itself, can pay for yours sins because you are already the Creator half asleep.

    9) We have to break the House-Field Negro cycle that is in our collective psyche that makes us want to one-up each other all the time trying to be white. That will destroy our unity and we will end up right back where we’re at now.

    10) We must return to doing our rituals and meditation. The ancestors live within us but we must call upon them. God knows we need them like hell!!!!!!!!!!! Screw praying. Praying is begging the way most people do it anyway. Why talk when you can listen. Meditation is listening. Our inner Being knows far more than we do so we need to shut the fuck up and listen!!!!!!! Stop saying you can’t meditate. There is nothing that we cannot do…..period.

    11) We must practice Ma’at….balance…justice….reciprocity. The reason the entire world is so screwed up is because pink skins live out of balance with everything. Everything is bent toward the masculine….even feminism (fem in the name fools females into supporting it) is really just more masked patriarchy. We need balance between the masculine and feminine principles. Otherwise everything collapses into nothingness because balance it required for physical manifestation to be fruitful. Think of a seesaw.

    That’s my short list. That’s all folks!!!!!!!

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    • Man that’s a whole post!! Lol you on it though. I don’t regret the life I built so far with my wife and two girls. Learning the truth has made me appreciate them even more. But sometimes I wonder what it would be like if my spouse was a little more conscious about the truth of things. The things we could create and accomplish. I’m still working toward where I wanna be myself and we all have to walk our own path to truth. So it is what it is. Living and learning, living and learning.


  3. “You are essentially God in the human form , Black Man, according to your own unique talents and gifts.
    Black Men, by accepting that reality, we unlock the GOD (or GODDESS lol) that is within the Black Woman. That gives her the opportunity to materialize ourselves, through her own talents and gifts, on this plane of human existence. Although we shouldn’t be looking at a two dimensional television screen in the first place, there’s a reason there’s an extreme dearth of Black Man-Black Woman relationships portrayed in a positive light on the screen. The Black Man-Black Woman relationship will destroy this reality as we know it.”
    Wow! A very powerful post! Maybe your best post this year. You make very good points about black men. I like the Dr Amos Wilson clip as well. You can never go wrong quoting Wilson. Wounded Womb??? That is a fascinating book. I read it about seven years ago. I paid about $75 for it. And I don’t like paying over $40 for a very good book. But Wounded really opened my eyes to the agenda to keep the genders fighting each other. And Valentine also touched on the homosexuality pushed on the black community. He covered a lot of ground with that book. He was dropping some scriptures! lol
    But this was an excellent post man. And enjoy the comments by others. We need to have more discussions like this among black men. Thanks for this post.

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  5. We need a language that is phonetically attuned to our biochemical makeup. A language such as this will be uncomfortable for everyone but us. So called blacks and whites have different relationships with light, just observe how we react to the sun. The same goes for sound, we have different relationships with sound. Speaking a language that is not phonetically in harmony is not good for us.

    One of the first rules of colonialism is to remove the people’s language and replace it with the language of the colonizer.

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