ED vs EL: The Five Different Eating Diets Discovered by our Melanated Ancestors

From the Melanated Man:

Unbeknownst to many, there are five different types of eating styles. Many assume that we must eat food to live, which is not necessarily the case. There are other forms of consumption that our ancient melanated ancestor knew much about, yet are not taught or promoted to the masses for obvious reasons.

Of course, these diets were based off the biology of Melanin-Dominant people. Again, melanin is the key to all of this.

Ordered from longest to shortest lifespan length:

  1. Breathatarian Only consumes clean air, and nothing else.


What is the first thing we do when we are born, or when we first wake up in the morning?

We take a breath. Breathing is the single most important thing that we do just to live. Clean, unpolluted air is most essential to a healthy life, physically and mentally. There was a time in a very distant past where clean air was the norm on the earth, and that was all the body needed to survive. Those days are lonnggg gone.  Today you basically have to pay for it i.e. relocating to areas that are not heavily populated or occupied by manufacturing and power plants, which is going to cost in more ways than one.

2.  LiquidtarianConsumes only clean water to supplement clean air.


Alkaline water with a PH above 7 is what the body needs to maintain balance. Our bodies are 80-90% made of water, so drinking clean alkaline water doesn’t require the body to digest it. From my own personal experience, consuming only clean alkaline water reminds me of a cleanse.

Not too long ago, even during the very early stages of Industrial Revolution, clean alkaline water was aplenty. If the air was not sufficient and/or compromised, there was always good clean water to turn to. But big, dirty industry has become ingrained into our psyche. And just like the air, drinkable water, not necessarily clean alkaline water, has become a expensive commodity to attain. The majority of the cheap bottle water that is sold to the public is not necessarily the best water we should consume as well.


3. Fruittarian Consumes organic, non-GMO fruits to supplement clean water and clean    air.

4. Vegetarian – Consumes organic, non-GMO vegetables to supplement organic, non-GMO fruits, clean water and clean air.


Fruits and vegetables that have not been damaged by pesticides and genetically engineered (i.e. fruits without seeds) will give you the nutrition needed when the air and water is not enough. It may be more taxing on the body to retrieve the nutrients compared to just inhaling air and/or drinking water. It’s not an extreme detriment, though.

Even though the awareness involving the importance of organic, non-GMO produce has increased over the past five to ten years, you can still be hard pressed to find it in most common groceries stores. And if you so happen come across some untampered, pure produce, the selection is small and the cost exorbitant. Which is why I personally advocate for self-farming and gardening. But we have to be careful who we obtain our seeds from; Monsanto controls 60-70% of the seed supply in the world.


5. The Meat-Eater – Consumes meat and meat by-products to supplement the aforementioned listed above.


There should be no wonder why the Meat-Eater diet has the shortest life expectancy of all the other diets. To obtain even the smallest of nutrients, your body is overworked by digesting animal flesh or animal by-products.  It doesn’t matter if it’s organic, non-GMO; the body still has to work the same regardless. And over a long period 60 to 70 years, the body will run it’s course.  Thus, the cancers, heart diseases, strokes, weakened immune systems, etc. will pop up all of a sudden. In some cases, these ailments show up early as well.

And which diet is heavily promoted by the state and powers-that-be?  95% of all restaurants, no matter the ethnicity, is catered to “meat-eaters.”

Is that a coincidence? 




So there you have it. Those are the true five main eating diets. There is some truth to the Food Pyramid we were taught in school.

Isn’t it? Sort of.


food pyramid-simple.png

‘Remember this?’


We have been suckered into thinking that we need a combination of only  four of those diets.They’ve also added sections for breads, pastas, salts and SUGARS. AND Breathatarian , which includes the most important thing we do as HUE-mans, is erroneously left off.

Do you think the modern Food Pyramid is correct? Or has it been created to keep the masses in check, and the system intact?

You be the judge. In my opinion, the pyramid should be flipped upside down, listing the five diets in order of life expectancy:





A rough sketch of the real, hidden Food Pyramid


That makes too much sense to me. What do you think?


Keep learning and transforming, brothers and sisters!


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man



Also: Refer to Dr. Llaila Afrika’s “African Holistic Health” for more details on the five diets.



13 thoughts on “ED vs EL: The Five Different Eating Diets Discovered by our Melanated Ancestors

    • You’re suppose to eat based off your activity. If you’re not doing that much physical or mental activity then there’s no reason you should be eating that much or at all. You can sustain yourself off the air you breathe, if its clean, because its suppose to have everything we need to sustain ourselves. When the air is not suffice or enough to endure a certain activity or lifestyle, then the other diets/ foods are suppose supplement that (although I would still avoid eating meat at all costs! Not worth it) Plus, once your body gets used to a certain way of activity/lifestyle, naturally your body needs less to sustain itself, or you’ll gain excess weight. I know that from personal experience. The first we do when we wake up or born into this world is breathe. So really more essential to living? You can go days without eating, try not breathing for five minutes!!! Lol I made that pyramid FYI. It’s just a rough sketch thank you very much ha!

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