When Consumption Changes, “The Matrix” Will Fall

From the Melanated Man:

I was reading a some comments on a YouTube video I was watching recently. I came across a comment stating that essentially there were no true blacks leaders living to bring about change because if there were, they would already be dead! All the so-called black leaders are agents!

I do agree that most, if NOT ALL, of the black leaders promoted on the MAINSTREAM level by the ESTABLISHMENT are not our TRUE leaders. They are definitely PROXIES.

But there are many leaders who are underground that are truly concerned about the well-being and liberation of BLACK-MELANATED PEOPLE, such as Dr. Phil Valentine, Bobby Hemmitt, Llaila Afrika, Dr. Sebi, Dick Gregory, the recently-deceased Dr. Delbert Blair, and many others. There were other leaders who have passed on who were not as well-known as the Malcolm Xs and Martin Luther Kings  (the very few MAINSTREAM leaders who were NOT PROXIES) of their day and since who were just as impactful if NOT more.

John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan, Chancellor Williams, Dr. Amos Wilson, the list goes on and on.

You think, ” With all these leaders around to help bring about our LIBERATION, why hasn’t it happened yet?”

Somewhere along the line we, the rest of the BLACKS, bought into the LIE OF INTEGRATION.

Our CONSCIOUSNESS changed, which id exhibited through our CONSUMPTION.

When the majority of US decides to change OUR CONSUMPTION on ALL FRONTS, that is when we will finally rise.

When we eat DEATH, we stay DEAD.

When we entertain ourselves to a REALITY that is NOT our own, we become EMPTY IMITATIONS.

When we work to build another man’s FORTUNE, we SUCK ourselves dry of the ENERGY needed to FIGHT and IMPROVE OUR OWN PLIGHT!

We need to be the leaders. It’s not reasonable or fair to depend on one man or woman to lead us when that load should be shared amongst the MULTITUDE, especially when that MULTITUDE’S CONSUMPTION is not up to par.

And personally, I understand if there is hesitancy in those who wish to come out and lead because of that reason.


Are we really ready to change OUR CONSUMPTION, people?


Note to my followers: I’m going to cut back on my posts INDEFINITELY so I can focus on learning more knowledge to share  with you all, and HOPEFULLY start working on my book “The Black Anamoly.” I have had this on the burner for about a year but I’m ready to get started now. Mostly I will be posting videos, articles, re-blogs, and an occasional written post if the mood strikes me for the time being. So please don’t go away. I’m recalibrating myself at the moment.


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man





6 thoughts on “When Consumption Changes, “The Matrix” Will Fall

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