Having a Moment: I Do It For the Kids…And Myself!

From the Melanated Man:

Sometimes I have doubts that my message may never resonate with loved ones, the followers who follow this blog, and those who happen to come across my blog by chance. My message may be too strong or it may be SO FAR-FETCHED that my BLACK brothers and sisters may not receive it.

And that’s OK.

They may not be ready to walk down the path that I walk, or they NEVER may be ready. They may choose that they have it all figured and my message, and those who relay that SAME message, will do them no good.

That’s a cold, hard fact of this life.

And AGAIN…that’s OK.

At the end of the day I’m building a foundation for my two girls that they can follow, build on, and pass down to future generations. They need to know the INFORMATION that wasn’t available to me when I was a child. My parents loved me very much, but they didn’t know anything about eating to live, MELANIN, METAPHYSICS, etc.

If they had I don’t guarantee they would have taught me.

We lived in the Bible Belt, so taking part in these subjects puts you in the “you worship Satan…you’re going to Hell!” category.

The parents went strictly by the GOOD BOOK, with a little football sprinkled in it.

Fortunately, I grew up and out…and I KNOW BETTER.


Anyway, I’m equipping my kids with the tools that will give them the opportunity to THRIVE as BLACK-MELANATED WOMEN, in all their womanhood.

“But what if they don’t accept it either?”

Well, I am a better person INSIDE and OUT  having the experiences that I had and for showing the courage to share my experiences and the KNOWLEDGE I have obtained to others as well.

And at the end of the day, if I’m the only person that is enriched by this blog and/or the knowledge I share, so be it.

It won’t break my spirit who does or doesn’t partake of “The Melanin Man” (smh LOL), or if the kids reject my teachings like they reject their dad’s broccoli (crying inside.)

Whether you know it or not, this gives me JOY; the writing and self- expression. It’s therapy for me. If I don’t release I become intellectually constipated (either that’s going to be a post or I’m adding it to my Terms page.)

And I REALLY do want to help my loved ones,known and unknown. But they must come to the conclusion that they want to help themselves FIRST.

Whose to say they need MY help?

Plus, I don’t know everything either, but I’m forever learning. I’m a LIFE-LEARNER!


To self: You are doing a good job, and remember that your journey is you own. Let your light shine so that others can do the same within themselves.


Having a moment, peoples, having a moment.


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man




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