Crude Oil is Melanin/Blood to the Earth



From the Melanated Man:

I listened to a YouTube video recently and there was something mentioned that sparked my curiosity, reminding of a thought I had awhile ago. It was stated that basically the Earth is a living organism just like any other living organism that breathes, moves, produce and reproduce, and  consumes.

That is a fact.

There is no way we would survive if it were not so.

I remember mentioning in a previous post (it may have been this one LOL) that our bodies, specifically BLACK-MELANATED BODIES, are a microcosm of the universe as a whole. If you want to understand the universe with its seemingly infinite DARKNESS and innumerable BLACK HOLES, need not look any further than your own HUE-MAN body.

The answers lies within. That statement rings true on so many levels.

Nevertheless, the same can be applied to the Earth itself. But we are steadily killing her. And by we, really I’m talking about Massa, the elite, the-powers-that-be, THE UNNATURAL!

The UNNATURAL: most of your supposedly friendly brethren who lack pure MELANIN.

We’ve been hood, nooked, and crooked into believing that their way is NATURAL! Just so we can secure a comfortable, easy way of living. Slowly being put to sleep, calcifying that pineal gland, the THIRD EYE. To accomplish this feat, they’re stealing her lifeline, her MELANIN, her spiritual connection to the rest of the universe…


And through a purification process (or denaturing process) they change it to gasoline/petroleum. Now, it’s ultimately WASTE to the Earth, but a necessary need to us civilized folks. Just like vampires,the life is being sucked out of the planet to survive and perpetuate the MADNESS (THE MATRIX!) On a cellular scale, relative to Mother Earth, it can be observed through the exploitation of the ITS MOST NATURAL PEOPLE, the MELANATED majority. And the abuse is a never-ending cycle of DEATH AND DESTRUCTION. This cycle (or Merry-Go-Round) we’re riding on is infected by a deadly virus that we must rid ourselves of immediately or we will soon fall by the wayside.

The Earth is fighting back with a vengeance, though.

Through global warming and natural weather disasters (*those that are not manufactured by the elite) the Earth is trying to rid itself of the virus, very similar to our body’s immune system.

It’s getting rid of everything that is UNNATURAL to its system.

These are truly the END TIMES.

We have to get our bodies (our temples) in order physically and spiritually. The time for playing games are over. The warning shots have been fired and made clear. If we don’t have your temples in tune with MOTHER NATURE, in connection with the LIFE SOURCE (THE SUN!) and the Creator of the universe, we will perish. Like the Good Book says, “you shall perish for a lack of knowledge.”  The knowledge is available to those who seek the TRUTH. We have to properly apply the knowledge for the betterment and advancement of what’s REAL.


I have a request: Take a step back and examine yourselves, BLACK MAN/BLACK WOMAN! I mean really examine your life.

Examine the life you have been living and ask yourself if it feels NATURAL to you. Here are some introspective questions you should ask yourself:

Physically, has your life been NATURAL to you?

Professionally and economically, has your life  been NATURAL for you?

Spiritually, has your life been NATURAL WITHIN YOU?

Are you connected to what’s REAL in this universe?

Who has benefited from the life you are currently living? Is it you, the people you serve, or both?

Are the people you serving conducive to your ultimate well-being? Are YOU yourself conducive to you own well-being?

Is there balance overall?


These are some basic, standard questions for any BLACK-MELANATED individual who wants to get back in CONNECTION with their TRUE SELVES.  You have to be able to answer them openly and honestly.


It’s imperative. Time is running out quickly.



Peace and Love to my Melanated Family,

The Melanated Man


*Future post





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