Psychology Differences between the Melanin-Dominant (Blacks) and the Melanin-Recessive (Europeans, Caucasians, whites)



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From the Melanin Man:

If we only had the opportunity, AND the environment, to  be who we REALLY are. In every single facet of our lives, EVERY SINGLE DAY,  we practice the European-Centered Thought patterns that contradict our TRUE NATURE.

Time to REPROGRAM back to our original programming!


Courtesy of African Holistic Health (Llaila Afrika)

Melanin-Dominant (Black-Africans)

(African-Centered Thought)

Melanin Recessive (Caucasians, Europeans, whites)

(European-Centered Thought)

-Equally uses right and left hemisphere of brain and mid-brain. -Characterized by unholistic Egotism, illogical use of left mind, non-spiritual individualism, rationalizations and non-creative.
-Characterized by right-minded spiritual concepts, love, affection, and sharing. -Rationales based upon conflict between evil subconscious and good conscious. Military logic and predator nature.
-Time exists in the “now” and is eternal and cyclic. Future, past and present are combined. -No present tense of life. Life exists in the past and future; this results in time conflicts and places no value on present.
-Time is based on the beginning and ending of an event and is composed of the seen and unseen (spiritual, God manifested) causes of an event. Commonly called colored people time. Time is fixed by the event. For example, the seasons of spring, summer, winter and fall start according to nature’s (unseen) clock. -Time is a fixed abstract measurable duration. The seasons start according to a fixed calendar and not according to nature.
-Thoughts are concept oriented. The meanings of thoughts as well as of words are based on the story (situations) they are used in. For example, the word “bad” can be meant as good, modern, intellectual, excellence or bad. Consequently, this gives rise to statements such as “that’s a bad car.” -Thoughts are linear oriented. The meaning of words are fixed and based upon static logic rationales. Consequently, a “bad car” means a car unacceptable instead of the Afri-Centric meaning of an excellent car.
-Culture is based upon Maat, the family (extended) marriage, ancestors, harmony with nature, spirituality -Culture is based upon creating evil to control good and creating good to control evil.

-Have a pride-type family (similar to animals).

-Control of nature.

-Religions are political systems used to manipulate the powerless.

-Communal. Family-centered. -Self-centered.
-Property owned by society; shared resources. -Property is owned by individuals; no sharing of resources.
-Marriages: Predominantly polygamous included polygyny and monogamous marriages. -Monogamous and the practice of polygamous relationships as sexual recreation (illegalgamy).
-Sex is reproductive, regenerational, and spiritually used to serve Maat. -Sex is a physical activity, recreational, and reproductive.
-Individual’s value in society is based upon what the individual contributes to society or “you are what you do.” -“You Are What You Own.”
-Economics. Abundantly sharing your goods, talent, labor, child rearing, and knowledge with society. -Economics based upon scarcity, consumerism, or the creation of shortages. Thus, only an elite few can gain access to goods, resources, talent and knowledge.
-Science is wholistic and controlled by Maat. -Science is rational and abstract based upon one group (the elite) controlling a system.
-Religion. Monotheism (belief in one God). -Belief in many Gods. God created the Devil. (Evil type God).
-A person is born to achieve their highest level of humanism. – A person is born in sin.
-Life is based on sense (seen) and NON-SENSE (unseen) and is beyond the power of the mind. -Life based upon seen, measured, touched or abstracted knowledge.
-Humans belong to God (no slavery). -Humans are owned by man (Full Slavery).



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanin Man

8 thoughts on “Psychology Differences between the Melanin-Dominant (Blacks) and the Melanin-Recessive (Europeans, Caucasians, whites)

  1. The general population doesn’t realize that these exact points on the European side are what lead to colonialism. I just had a conversation with someone from Saudi Arabia (person of color, POC), and he agreed with me that no other group of people in modern history has set out to conquer in the manner that early Europeans did. Their psychology gives rise to the need for dominance/suppression/elitism, which is in direct conflict with the rest of the world! [Most] POC are peace-loving and family-oriented by nature. Pay attention when you meet new people, and observe whether you feel love/acceptance or competition/strife/imbalance. I don’t mean to over generalize, but most times, people from family-centered cultures tend to make you feel loved and accepted. By no means am I saying that all people in these groups fit these statements. There ARE exceptions!!

    Great post.

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    • I had a few Caucasian “friends”, well rather associates, in college but of course we fell off after graduation. If it wasn’t for that medium of higher indoctrination…I mean education…at a PWI I wouldn’t have met them at all. If we’re left alone and unbothered, not constantly MANIPULATED by the powers that be, I think we NATURALLY gravitate to our own kind despite the personality deficiencies and flaws we may encounter. That’s my perspective though.

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  2. This is the exact reason why I don’t buy into evolution theory, that a certain population of indigenous people migrated to colder climate. Then over time mutated into white people (albinism). Albinism is a deficiency in melanin production, but it does inhibit them from producing DARK melaninated offspring. Their no way we have any relation to people with no soul.

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  3. Great post MM! Dr Afrika is a genius. I just started reading his book,Pills for ills that can Kill. I can’t put the book down. It’s about all the useless prescription drugs. I think you’d really enjoy the book. Pick it up when you get a chance.?

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