The Purpose for “The Melanated Man” Blog


From The Melanated Man:


“I wanted to give you more information on what this blog is about. Over the past couple of years I have experienced and learned information concerning my health and overall awareness of the world we live in. You can say I have become ‘wise to the game.’

I have learned that the society that has been put in place does not have the common man’s best interests at heart, especially the common black (melanated) man. When it comes to our physical health, it is a modern day holocaust that is not taken seriously. When it comes to our ‘faith’, our spiritual and emotional health, we are abused like no other, not only from the shepherds who counsel us but also from those who pull their strings. The general economic situation for the black (melanated) population needs no further explanation.

But no one questions ‘The Matrix.’  Because that is exactly what it is. We are batteries, being used to feed the BEAST. I am at a point where I want to help those who I hold near and dear, and those who I have never met who are suffering like the rest of us. I see a need to share what I know, and I am going to follow the Creator’s wishes. Make no mistake, I am still a life-long learner. That’s how you become a great leader.

Topics will range from our health and how we (blacks) should really be eating, deconstructing the society (The MATRIX) we have been placed into, developing our metaphysical senses, and the power and importance of MELANIN. I’m still learning about melanin so work with me. If you have any requests on topics you would like posted, insight or questions on anything, feel free to comment or message me. If you want to write a post let me know and I can set that up. If you would like to invite others to the blog feel free to do so. This is not just about what I think; I don’t want to walk this journey by myself. Thank you  all following this blog and hopefully I can add to your life as well as to mine. Blessings be upon you all!”




4 thoughts on “The Purpose for “The Melanated Man” Blog

  1. Thanks for your posts! I am interested in the prison-industrial complex, unfair drug charges for blacks, yeast belly syndrome, diet-related mental illness, proliferation of chemicals in the environment (leading to cancer, neurodevelopment disorders, and birth defects).

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    • I appreciate the feedback. Hopefully I can get more interested readers just as yourself. This blog is helping me to learn more about myself and in general.

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