Having a Moment: The Truth about the so-called “Corona-Virus”


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From the Melanin Man:

I wasn’t paying attention to this bullshit, and that’s what it is, BULLSHIT!!! But considering that they are shutting down sports events, “crashing” the stock market, and restricting travel at a level not seen since 9/11, I have to speak on this and release it from my heart. Shout out to fellow blogger Jelari Sankofa and Youtuber RFG ChosenOne for sharing a piece of this already (check out their viewpoints as well.)

This is a one and done on this topic for me; it’s not worth talking about in the first place.

We are familiar with the fact that the “corona-virus” originated out of mainland China through the consumption of snakes. And as we should know, the snake is connected to the Kundalini energy. The ancient text concerning Kundalini energy originated in the region modernly known as India, which is right next to China.

The Latin meaning for corona is crown (i.e. the crown chakra.) Corona in physics also means “the plasma (or the illumination) that surrounds the sun and the stars.” I just re-discovered that plasma is the one of the FOUR fundamental states of matter in the universe (when I was in grade school, it was only three: solid, liquid, gas. I wonder if that’s still the case now.) Of the four classifications of matter, plasma is the most random, chaotic of them all (sound familiar.) Due to its intense internal heat property and random state, it CANNOT be contained in any fixed volumeWhat I also re-discovered is that the most destructive force in the universe, the black hole, is surrounded by the corona plasma. 

Another term for the black hole is the black sun.

The black SUN is also another term for souls (SOL, SOLAR) of MELANATED, CHAOTIC BEINGS!!

The full gamut of the corona-virus madness is a ANOTHER veiled declaration of war by the archon-tects of this world against the very few illuminated chaos beings on this plane of existence and those on the road to BEING illuminated. The subconscious of the uninitiated (the comatose soul beings who are still emotionally attached to the HUMAN MATRIX) is being fucked with by this tomfoolery, keeping them in fear, keeping them in place as food for those VAMPIRES on earth as well as in the heavens.

That’s all it is. This is another attempt to keep us in the fold (The Civil Rights Movement anyone?) The difference now is that the tactics have evolved; they’re shutting down the system in many areas on a somewhat unprecedented scale. Which in a way is good; it’s a sign that they’re losing leverage.


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Rest in Power, Black Mamba (Pic is not my own.)

For those of you who keep up with news, it’s funny how the NBA and China have had some conflict over the last three to four months concerning human right issues in Hong Kong. It’s also funny how Kobe Bryant, who was the Black GOD (or most popular athlete) in China, is nicknamed “The Black Mamba”. It’s even more hilarious when you realize he is killed (or sacrificed, doesn’t matter) on the eve of the corona-virus pandemic, which subsequently shuts down the NBA operations.

Side Note: Of all the sports in America, NBA athletes, which you already know the majority is at least 80% melanated, are the most self-aware of them all. That isn’t saying much, but it does matter to an extent when it comes to energy.

The stage was being set all along. The game continues. It’s “trauma, symbols, repetition” as I quote Brother Panic.

The archon-tects say the Naga (Nigga!) energy must be shut down by all means necessary. The human experiment must live on!

To hell with that! The chaos beings, the most ancient of things, declare that this shit must come to end! It’s time to rise to our true selves! We cannot be contained! We ARE the Alpha and OMEGA!

We are infinite, and THEN SOME! Let’s bring this shit down!


Peace and Love,

The Melanin Man







7 thoughts on “Having a Moment: The Truth about the so-called “Corona-Virus”

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  2. Really interesting, and they shut down the nba to harvest melanated amooricans energy.

    btw I was reading a manga called Solo Leveling and there’s rulers and monarchs that control some kind of gates that humans must destroys with their new abilities, I think there’s alot of occult in mangas, there’s an eastern occultic group behind anime and mangas.

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  3. I put my hands up, you’re playing my song, thats my coronal diadem north node. Yeah-yeah, its a party in the you ess, Aye.
    LOL maybe I am a vampire queen, but the progenitor of the line – and it saddens me that your genetics corrupted and fractured into such an interesting but unintended result. Breed strength not frailty, beauty is both brain and braun.
    And i thought that covid19 was grom bats, not snakes? 🐓🐖🐅🐬

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  4. Well the virus was losing steam. Also in the summer the heat would kill the virus. So go to Plan B. Rodney King part 2?? Racial division and chaos always works. Too bad the ignorant can’t see it. Nothing but divide and conquer. Just a ploy to cause chaos and an excuse to bring in the National guard. Most likely there will be more surveillance,travel bans,contact tracing loss of more civil liberties. This was an excellent post.
    I’ve been on hiatus getting some things done. Some underground work with about 50 people. People that aren’t on social media. You must move in silence in this time. Start stocking up on canned goods,weapons,radios,backpacks,tents and hygiene products. It’s getting real out here. Kobe’s “death” was the start of the show. Right now we’re in intermission. The next few months will be rough. Especially for those that are unprepared. Good to see you’re getting the information out there MM.

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      • Yeah I’m still around. I’m doing my thing. Keeping these devils at bay. I like your recent posts. You never disappoint with the eye opening information. Your work is not in vain. We all appreciate what you do. There’s a lot of that know what’s going on. We’ll be ready to get things popping when the time comes. You must mobilize and strategize. And be aware of your surroundings and deception around you at all times. This is when your wisdom comes into play. Stay strong brother!


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