Question of the Day: Sugar over SEX?! REALLY?!


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From the Melanin Man:


I read this article the other day on Natural News (check it out: Sugar over sex? Almost half of those polled would rather give up sex for a year than sacrifice their daily sugar hit, dated September 22, 2017) that mentioned a recent poll conducted on Brits that they would rather give up sex for a year than sacrifice their daily hit of SUGAR!

That blew me away. It amazes that sugar is not considered illegal by the government. Oh wait, let me stop being delusional. The world will literally have to come to an end for that to occur (wasn’t that suppose to happen on Saturday, September 23?)

To paraphrase Dave Chappelle ala Rick James, “Sugar’s a HELLUVA drug!”

I have to ask fam, would you choose to give up sex for a year for SUGAR??

I asked my wife that same exact question, and needless to say I was disappointed in her response. I must not be doing my job in the bedroom good enough. SMH.

PLEASE leave a comment with your answer. I’m very curious to know. Going to start my own poll and see whether we’re too far gone than I realize.


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanin Man

18 thoughts on “Question of the Day: Sugar over SEX?! REALLY?!

  1. I was in the store the other day buying some food and some junk food (sugar). I bought a small cake. The clerk told was like, “See now I’m going to have to grab me a cake. That looks good. I’m just going to have to double up on my insulin.” I’m like, “ma’am it’s really not worth it, if you have to take extra insulin shots!” She’s like, “It don’t matter. I am already on insulin.” I look at her trying to emphasize that how much it’s really not worth it, but she had her mind set.
    Most black people like your latest post said are Jesus freaks/ Christians. But will refuse to take care of their temple. Temple when broke down is: Temp (Temporary) and Le or El (Elohim/ god). Our Temples are temporary positions of god but yet most so called Christians destroy them. Then have the nerve to scream Jesus help me when their in their hospital bed. Let me quit. Before I irritate myself thinking about it. LMAO!
    And just to add another point but doesn’t the bible say to procreate (have sex)? But you choose sugar! Man our world is ass backwards.

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