a repost: New DNA Proves African Americans Are In Fact Indigenous Aborigines Of America – Better News

Some of us are already privy to this knowledge. To the rest of us this knowledge may have never crossed our mind. Nevertheless, it’s STILL contrary to the popular opinion that still infects our grade schools, universities, and perpetuated the mainstream media to this day. It’s always refreshing to be reminded of this piece of knowledge. Can’t lie, makes me feel good inside! Enjoy your day, melanated family!
-The Melanated Man
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New DNA Proves African Americans Are In Fact Indigenous Aborigines Of America

New DNA Proves African Americans Are In Fact Indigenous Aborigines Of America

Malcolm X once stated “Aborigine. Which means what? Black Folks.” Then he later went on to say “You and I are Aborigine.”


Malcolm X stated that the rock landed on us after he returned across the waters because he learned new things. He learned that the rock had truly landed on us, and that we were from these lands.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. also stated, in his I Have A Dream speech that we are held in exile in our own homeland. Now we have a lot of scholars out there, and individuals are missing the point. How can you be held in exile in your own homeland, without it being your own homeland?

The tens of millions of Black Americans, or rather Indians, who ‘disappeared’ after 1492 did not all die in the ‘holocaust’ inflicted within America. Hundreds of thousands were shipped to Europe and Africa as Indian slaves.

The whole slave trade story was given to all of us in reverse. A mass colony of Africans were not shipped from Africa to America. The truth is that Black Indians were shipped from America to Europe!

They were then shipped from Spain to Africa as commodity for African resources. These Black Indians, now mistaken as African Americans, were shipped back to America and classified as “African Slaves.” This part of our history is what the school systems fail to mention in history programs.

The American Colonization Society was an organization formed in 1816 with the purpose of transporting free African Americans, or rather Indian Slaves; classified as Negros back then, from the United States to settle on the west coast of Africa.

During the decades, the society operated and transported more than 12,000 people to Africa, and the African nation of Liberia was founded.

The term African-American, to refer to all black people was endorsed only since 1988, but was against the desires of the majority of black people. In fact, the term was endorsed by only five people; including Rev. Jesse Jackson and Ramona Edelin leading the charge, as a result of a gathering called The African American Summit, without the input of the majority of black people.

Author Avis J. Smith went to the District court in Washington, D.C., to stand against this term, as well as against the notion that a small group of powerful individuals should be able to compel the masses into adopting it.

The systematic destruction of the Native Americans, or rather Native Indigenous Aborigine people, and their entire way of life was not only one of recorded history’s greatest tragedies, but, as with the slave trade, deeply spiritually wounding to all involved.


5 thoughts on “a repost: New DNA Proves African Americans Are In Fact Indigenous Aborigines Of America – Better News

    • Not anymore. The majority of us still need to raise our vibrations to even entertain this information. And for those in power who wish to keep this knowledge hidden must do so to keep us ignorant so they can stay in control of the illusion. Unfortunately that’s just the state of the world at the moment, bruh.

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  1. This is something that still gets debated. I do think that African people are the oldest people on the planet. If that’s true then that means we were in Africa,South America,Europe,Australia, Asia..etc… If we were here in America before or with “native Americans” then that would mean we are entitled to reparations. But to get reparations you have to be a nation. So since we’re not a nation we can’t get any monetary payback. It’s also hard for many black people to grasp since we have been taught that we came to Cuba,America,Puerto Rico and Mexico on slave ships. Since we have been told we were brought here as slaves we can’t conceive of anything else. But I know that you can’t believe the his-story books. They have been lying to us about our story since grade school. This is the objective of the public fool system. Some teachers like Ivan Van Sertima believed the Olmec stone heads n Mexico were Africans. Were we in America before Columbus?? I guess it’s possible. We have to think outside the box. They lie to us so much sometimes I don’t know what to believe. Although I see myself as a nationalist or Pan African,I do believe the world is ours. The whole world belongs to us. The European has colonized almost everywhere on the earth. They lay claim to any lave they want. It’s time for people of African descent to fight back and claim what id rightfully ours. But first we have to change our minds and consciousness. This is the battle we face. And it’s not an easy task. But thanks for bring up the issue.

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