Video Blog-The Folly of Big-Times Sports: An Introduction to Numerology (Part 3)

I’m not familiar with the science, or pseudoscience to the uninitiated, of Numerology (from Wikipediathe branch of knowledge that deals with the occult science of numbers.)Some of you may believe this to be folly itself. But for me personally, I’m definitely open-minded about it. I think it may be beneficial to learn how the eliteMassa, the-powers-that-be, etc. keeps the wheels rolling through the use of Numerology.

Hopefully I will be able to learn it and use it at some point in the distant future, when I’m retired from blogging.

But any who, this guy was able to predict the winner of Super Bowl 50 and previous two Super Bowls, as well as the recent NBA Finals prior to their occurrence using Numerology. He picked next year’s Super Bowl winner as well. I’m not telling, If you want to find out yourself, check out the video. He spits some other knowledge concerning the whys behind all of these shenanigans as well.

I’m not a gambling man, I might be placing me a bet for the Super Bowl this year.



9 thoughts on “Video Blog-The Folly of Big-Times Sports: An Introduction to Numerology (Part 3)

  1. Another great post MM. I’ve been following RFG Chosen One since he first came on YouTube back in 2014. I don’t always agree with everything he says but he us usually on point. I can tell he’s done the research. Otherwise how can he predict the Super Bowl champs. His track record speaks for it’s itself. I’ve been studying sacred numerology for over fifteen years. I have always been interested in it. I have several books on occult science and ancient Kemetic astrology. Many of these sports owners are Freemasons and they use this type of science to decide who will win these games. It was kind of a letdown once I did the research. I didn’t want to believe that sports wee rigged. As a kid I played basketball,baseball and football. The elites have taken the fun out of everything. They control the news and stage events(9-11,school shootings,terrorist attacks). All this to control the minds of the masses. And they know people love their sports team too. So the players are nothing but pawns on a chess board. I have no doubt that players throw games because it’s all about covering the spread. And Vegas has to make their money at ALL times. I’ve made some money myself once I knew it was rigged. The NFL likes to create upsets and interesting storylines. That’s why I knew the Panthers wild lose against the Denver Broncos with year. I bet two guys $100 each that the Panthers would lose. It was an easy $ I even won $50 against a co-worker that the Cleveland Cavs would beat the Warriors in game 7. How did I know??? During the NBA finals I saw that the real King James birthday was on June 19. I knew that game 7 would be on that day. So if it went to game seven I knew it would be a ritual celebration for the royal family to have Lebron(King James) win the NBA championship on that day.
    I find it interesting that not ONE station in the mainstream media brought up the fact Lebron won on that day. If they did it might make people realize it was a strange coincidence. But I don’t believe in coincidences anymore. Like the death of Prince. he just happen to die on the Queen Elizabeth birthday. See the connection?? The son of a Queen is a Prince. What about Afeni Shakur’s death. She just happen to die on the birthday of Niccolo Machiavelli. Which was the alias of Tupac. Hmmmmmm…..coincidence??? Come on! What are the odds of that? And of course the media once again didn’t bring up that connection either. It’s really DEEP when you think about it. They have people killed on certain dates and people win games on certain dates. They pretty much control everything you digest on television and films. I could go and on. But I think you get the picture. By the way Cam Newton threw that Super Bowl on purpose. He didn’t even play like his normal self. It was all about so that Peyton Manning(Great White Hope) could go out on top. Ride off into the sunset on his white horse(Bronco). The Panthers were 15-1 the entire season. Then they just crumble at the Super Bowl against an old out of shape That sounds like a Hollywood script. Oh yeah,that’s right…it is.

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  2. I got the USA Today newspaper today. The headline: The Greatest Comeback. It goes on to say “The New England Patriots STAGED an historic comeback,digging out of a 28-3 hole to beat Atlanta in the first overtime game in Super Bowl history.”
    It’s all in plain sight brother.

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