Eating to Die vs. Eating to Live : Part 1

Blessings to  my melanated family,

Do you know how to EAT to live? Before you answer that question, think it through. If I had to guess, these would be the responses I would receive:

“I only knew what my parents taught me!”

“If I didn’t know how to eat, I would be dead, fool!”

And my personal favorite….

“I LIVE to eat. I love to enjoy food, that’s a part of enjoying life. What would be the point of living?”

That last response gets me every time. At least 80% of the black community does not know how to eat to live, or better yet, makes an effort to do such.  That is my personal belief. What if I told you we were not meant to eat everyday, or that we only needed to eat according to the amount of physical activity? Never heard that have you?

The health calamities in the black community are endless: high blood pressure, heart attacks and heart failures, diabetes, cancers, kidney diseases, etc., etc., etc. We are working our bodies too hard eating our life away. By eating dead food. Dead meat, overcooked vegetables, and an overabundance on sugar…white sugar…which is unofficially a drug.  Every single day. Oh, where’s the fruit? I forgot, you can get that in the peach cobbler or the banana pudding. By the time we find out we have health issues the damage has been done. We need to do right from the womb…THE WOMB!!!

We are doing our children a disservice. It is imperative we reprogram our children from McDonalds Happy Meals to fresh, living vegetables and fruit. Preferably home grown, but different topic for another post. Being a big man most of my life gave me the opportunity to see the holocaust that is occurring through the food served by the powers that be (another post.) Killing my fellow melanated brothers and sisters who are clueless to the Matrix (and again, another post.) Luckily I made the change and I am seeing life clearer every second. When you put life in your temple instead of death…there you go!

Check this out

Unhealthy Fellowship: Traditional After-Church Dinners Are Often High in Fat and Could Further Encourage Obesity

To be continued…


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