Did You Know?: “The Deck of Cards”



From the Melanated Man:

Another post on the true meaning of one of America’s favorite play toy: the deck of cards. From Poker to to Tunk to Spades, the deck of cards is a staple we truly enjoy.  But like many things, it’s original purpose has been forgotten.

Take it from here Dr. Afrika…


Per African Holistic Health by Llaila Afrika:

The Caucasians have reduced the deck of cards to a play toy. they are African in origin and had the symbolism of Egyptian Tarot cards and African astrology and spirituality. The cards were used to teach astrology, astronomy, mathematics, divining, spirituality, and to diagnose and treat diseases. A deck of cards has…

Two Colors: Red and Black; active and passive; positive and negative; Male Principle and Female Principle; Masculine Signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Feminine Signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces).

Four Suits: Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades; the four elements (fire,water,air, earth); the four seasons.

Twelve Court Cards: Kings, Queens, Jacks; the twelve months of the year.

52 cards: The 52 weeks of the year.

13 Cards in each Suit: The 12 signs of the zodiac and the sun; the body of Osiris that was cut into 13 pieces (dis-membered, so we must re-member).

Values of Numbers: Seven and nine. The number seven (7) is the center of each suit. Ancients believe there were seven planers. They are heavenly forces (seven planets) that symbolize Chakras; Ma’at and the Seven Halls of Osiris. There are seven days to a week. The number nine (9) as the last single number. The Cycle of experience; the number that includes all planets; and is the highest digit. After nine, there is “0” and the sequence starts over with “1.” There are nine holes in the body (umbilical navel hole is closed.)

The Joker: The “remnant of days” beyond the logical seven times fifty-two, to total our required 365 1/4 days for the Sun’s travel in the solar year. This is more fully explained in the Mystic Text Book. the Joker is the “highest” symbol in the deck. Usually pictured as fate in a fools clothes. It is rejected or “played wild” in Caucasian card games. Its true significance is identical with that of the “0” or “Fool Card,” in Egyptian Tarot. It also symbolizes “1” day that is part of the 365 1/4  day solar year. It is the spiritual element that completes the earth’s existence (365 days).

Basic Characteristics of Personality or Disease

Fire Sign Hearts=Aries,Leo, Sagittarius

Earth Sign Spades=Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Air Sign Diamonds=Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water Sign Clubs=Cancer,Scorpio, Pisces


Quality of Personality or Disease

Cardinal (Outgoing, initiators, aggressive, illness) = Aries (Hearts), Cancer (Club), Libra (Diamond), Capricorn (Spade).

Fixed (resist change,originators, severe disease)=Taurus (Spade),Leo (Hearts), Scorpio (Club), Aquarius (Diamond)

Mutable (flexible, versatile, healing is fast) = Gemini (Diamond), Virgo (Spade) Sagittarius (Heart), Pisces (Club)


Suits of Cards

The order corresponds to the Seasons: Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades or Spring, Summer, Harvest, Winter.


The next time you decide to jump into a game of Spades or Texas Hold Em’, remember what that deck of cards truly stands for.



Peace and love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man

a repost: Chicago Cops Sodomized Black Man with a Screwdriver and Lied Under Oath — So Why Did They Get to Keep Their Jobs?

WTF???? Smh


Article posted on Atlanta Blackstar (click link for original post)


A police officer in Chicago who was found to have sexually assaulted a man with a screwdriver while another officer watched gets to keep his job.

Nearly a decade ago — on Oct. 17, 2007 — a civil court jury found that Officer Scott Korhonen, a member of the Chicago Police Department, had committed the assault while his partner Gerald Lodwich observed. The victim, 20-year-old Coprez Coffie, received $4 million compensation for his ordeal, plus almost $675,000 for his legal fees.

However, last month journalist and activist Shaun King exposed the fact that neither officer involved had been arrested on criminal charges. And in fact, they had not even been sanctioned following an internal police investigation. Because of these things, neither officer served time in jail for the crime, and both were allowed to keep their jobs with the police department.

On Aug. 28, 2004, officers Korhonen and Lodwich pulled over a van in which Coffie, a Black man, was riding with  friends on Chicago’s west side. The officers searched Coffie, his friends and the van, eventually letting everyone but Coffie leave.

They subsequently strip-searched Coffie, then while he was handcuffed, shoved a screwdriver deep into his rectum, causing him internal injuries.

Additionally, King reports that “the judge call[ed] this injustice a ‘clear case’ where a ‘preponderance of the evidence’ prove[s] that Korhonen inserted a screwdriver into another man’s rectum.” He also writes that “the judge also said that the ‘evidence clearly showed’ that they both lied under oath and gave false testimony.”

So not only was a Black man sexually assaulted by a police officer while another officer watched, a civil court found that they did this in a legal setting, a judge believed that they lied under oath, and they were still allowed to not only walk free, but continue doing their jobs.

The very sparse media coverage on this case, which is a 360-degree miscarriage of justice from nearly every angle, is astounding.

Food for Thought: The Voting Process, Your Participation = Validation for the Matrix


From the Melanated Man:

This is going to be short and sweet today, fam!

These are my thoughts and personal opinions, and I know that the current presidential election has been one of  most volatile  (and downright ridiculous) elections in recent memory. The sad thing is this circus show is not unprecedented, these types of tactics to “herd the sheep” to vote for the candidate the powers-that-be  have already preselected are not new. But we, especially my Melanin-Dominant brethren in this country, seem to have an obligation to the ones who came before us to vote since they risked their lives for the right to vote. If they only knew that the Civil Rights Movement and the push for voting rights were the ultimate push for participation, certainly not emancipation, into this corrupt system. A system that cannot survive without a permanent underclass, slaves, or in today’s standards, debt-slaves! No matter what creed or color!  Our right to vote is only given to us to make us feel like we matter. But the casual observer of current politics should know that ALL politicians on EVERY level, no matter their affiliation (because they’re ultimately one in the same) are beholden to the whims of corporations, the elite. They both work hand-in-hand. In fact, the U.S. government is practically a corporation in its on right! Look it up for yourself ( and I will have a post on this later as well.)

So why indulge them by voting?

Subconsciously ( in some cases, consciously) you’re giving them permission to continue the madness.

I guess ignorance is bliss.

I’m not voting. I refuse to take part in the madness. it doesn’t matter who I vote for: Democrat, Republican, Independent, or Green! One way or another, they’re loyalties will not be to the people, whether they want them to be or not. They answer to a higher order, and it’s definitely not God!

Think out this before you unwittingly cast your vote today when you’d be better off eating some GMO McDonald’s, etc.
Peace and Love to my Melanated family,

The Melanated Man

Doctor Strange Decoded! (Oh yeaahhh…)





From the Melanated Man:


YOU…HAVE…TO…GO…SEE..THIS …MOVIE!! I saw it this past weekend and all I have to say is…

Best movie of the year in my opinion! I love this movie!!


(Disclaimer: PLEASE…if you have not seen this movie DO NOT CONTINUE reading this post!)


My third eye enjoyed every bit of this movie from the beginning to the end (granted I missed the first 15 minutes but I practically know what happened anyway: Dr. Strange loses feeling in his hands from wreck, the villains are introduced yada yada yada!)

It’s interesting that I have been kind of looking into occultism, mysticism, etc. with the last couple of months; this movie hit right home for me! I’m still new to this occult information but I could tell there were many, many occult symbols in the movie that I noticed from my studies. The entire premise of the movie is focused on how the world as a whole is currently turning away from conventional Western thought and philosophy back toward Eastern thought and philosophy.

This  is metaphysics galore!

It briefly discusses chakras,the power of meditation, and alternate dimensions. And with everything that you may have encountered with this blog, the movie also heavily talks about the dark force, or dark matter (melanin). There are so many easter eggs and messages hidden in plain sight in this movie I don’t know where to begin. But I have to start somewhere, and I’ll start by discussing the synopsis.

Note: You have to use today’s movies as a learning tool instead of for entertainment, secretly brainwashing the unawakened individual, especially these “superhero” movies. If you remove the tried-and-untrue plot and theme of good vs. evil, or better yet flip the two, you will began to truly understand what the power-that-be are throwing at you. They have taken  knowledge that they have stolen from our ancient melanated ancestors, capitalized on it, and manipulated it into a lukewarm form to keep you locked into their game, their system, their Matrix. Open you THIRD EYE, the most important eye, to see past their bullshit. 

Also, Everything in bold besides the characters names are my thoughts and opinions.


Let’s begin.


Synopsis: Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Dr. Stephen Strange, a brilliant neurosurgeon who loses the ability to use his hands from a car accident. After seeking help through conventional Western medicine and experimental procedures, he looks for guidance from  former paralegic who was healed by the name of Jonathan Pangborn (portrayed by Benjamin Bratt). Pangborn leads him to Kamar-Taj, Nepal the secret compound of an ancient mystic aptly named the Ancient One   (portrayed by Tilda Swinton.) Strange is skeptical of her methods when she tells him that she does not heal anyone yet their students heal themselves. But she shows Strange the powers she possess i.e. through astral projection, and Strange is skeptic no more. Though at first The Ancient One shuns Strange for his arrogance, she is convinced by her aide Mordo (portrayed by Chiwetel Ejifor) to take in Strange. From there, Strange begins to train and enhance his abilities as a powerful mystic, impressing his pupils and his teachers the Ancient One and Mordo. As Strange becomes more intune with his new abilities, he crosses paths with Kaelcillius (portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen), one of the Ancient One’s former pupils who has broken off on his own with a couple of followers, seeking to bring to Earth  the powerful Dormammu of the Dark Dimension, where time is non-existent and life is immortal. 



There is no need to talk about the obvious whitewashing with Tilda Swinton being cast as the Ancient One in a historically Brown-populated Nepal. In a sense, in my opinion, it was a brilliant move. As Strange said in the movie after her death by the hands of Kaelcillius, “she was complicated.” No one knew the exact age of the Ancient One, but it was said that she had lived for many centuries. No one was sure how she was able to live for so long, but is was discovered by Strange that she was stealing energy from the Dark Dimension to live as long as she did. For starters, the Dark Dimension is not really  dark (or evil);  it is only portrayed that way in the movie. It is a subtle reference to dark matter, or better yet melanin. The more you enhance and respect the power and the gift of melanin, the more you attain inner peace. If you were to translate this situation into real life, the Ancient One played by Swinton represent how Europeans, Caucasians, Melanin-Recessive groups have stolen knowledge concerning EVERYTHING from the physical realm to the metaphysical realm from the ancients (the Africans, Aboriginals, Melanin-Dominant groups) to attain dominance over the world over time. Melanin-Recessive groups have ALWAYS depended on Melanin-Dominant groups’ innate natural ability and knowledge to survive, and ultimately to take over.  Kaelcillius knows about the Ancient One drawing energy from the Dark Dimension, which caused him to break off from the Ancient One in the first place.??

If you noticed in the movie there were numerous, numerous books in the compound’s library guarded by Wong (portrayed by Benedict Wong) of knowledge on the mystics arts and the such. Somewhere the powers-that-be have hidden this stolen knowledge from the general population where it is heavily guarded. For my esoteric followers and readers, could be  the Vatican, right? The powers-that-be have given bits and pieces of this knowledge to certain entities (in Dr. Strange’s case, the privileged European/Caucasian)  who have created institutions (i.e yoga shops, certified meditation gurus, etc.) to capitalize on it.  In the movie, it is revealed that the Earth is protected from other dimensional entities by three buildings called Sanctums (definition of sanctum- a sacred place, especially within a temple or church) that are located in London, New York City, and Hong Kong. For those of my esoteric individuals, it has been known that power and control of the planet has been divided amongst three cities on Earth: London, Washington D.C., and the Vatican City. Two of the cities have been switched, but the symbolism is still valid. London runs all banking industries in the world, Washington D.C. is in charge of all military operations, and Vatican City of course is on top of ALL religious entities and institutions that exist (rather it be Islam, Christianity, or Hinduism.) Instead of the protecting the people from  extraterrestrial or alternate dimensional forces, these real-life “sanctums” are trapping the overall consciousness of the people, especially my Melanin-Dominant brethren, into mental and spiritual slavery. These “sanctums” are not sacred at all; it is preventing the people from true liberation of body and soul. Dr. Strange is hailed as the “hero” and the protectors of these “sanctums” in the movie. But just like all of these “superhero” movies and shows produced by the Jewish elite of Hollywood (yes, most, if not all, of your major players in the entertainment industry are Jews. Look it up!), Strange’s ultimate goal symbolically is to protect the status quo of the day: white, Western civilization supremacy.

As mentioned earlier, at the beginning of the movie Dr. Strange only seeks to heal himself and his persona is one of arrogance and pride. At first he shunned and disregarded the “unconventional” methods of the Ancient One. Now this is a not so subtle shot by those who are consumed with Western thought and philosophy against the natural healing methods of the body and spirit that have been advocated and preached by our ancient Melanin-Dominant ancestors since time immoral (you have to acquire the book African Holistic Health!) Our continual dependence on Western thought and philosophy, which teaches to look outside of yourself for the answers, constantly has us in state of disarray and discontentment. And although Dr. Strange embraces his “newfound ” philosophy and powers, the movie secretly still seems to drive home the point that Western thought and philosophy still takes precedence over the “unconventional.” When Dr. Strange was  injured fighting one of Kaelcillius’ henchmen protecting the New York sanctum, he returns to the hospital that he practiced in New York City for medical assistance from his nurse girlfriend Christine Palmer (portrayed by Rachel McAdams, the most useless character in the movie) And the ultimate insult was when the Ancient One (the same one that drew so much of her energy from the Dark Dimension) was mortally wounded by Kaelcillius himself and she is rushed back to the same hospital in a attempt to be revived. If these methods that the Ancient One and Dr. Strange practiced were so liberating, why every single time each one was injured did they end up in a hospital? To be saved by conventional Western medical philosophy? Couldn’t they just heal themselves or trust the body to heal itself through natural means? The powers-that-be: “You may dibble and dabble with this natural, mystical nonsense if you like, but eventually at some point you will end up back in our hands.” In short, the medical philosophy of Western civilization will always be the foundation for man, hue-man, mankind, whatever. Smh

Mordo is my favorite character throughout the entire movie. Of course he is the only Black-African main character in the movie. I love that. And at the beginning of the movie he is portrayed as a henpeck who is ignorant to what’s really going on. Although at first he supports the idea of Dr. Strange becoming a pupil of the Ancient One, he increasingly becomes wary of Dr. Strange when he learns time manipulation with the Eye of Agamatto, which holds the Infinity Stone of Time. He warns against using the Eye to break the Laws of Nature; it is implied that he is a avid believer of protecting the Natural Law.And honestly, in this reality, most Black, African, Melanin-Dominant people have no problem doing that.  Mordo also sees a similar thirst for power and knowledge in Strange that he recognized in “evil” Kaelcillius. When he finds out that the Ancient One has been able to live hundreds and hundreds of years by way of energy drawn from the Dark Dimension, the same Dark Dimension Kaelcillius had seek to unleash on Earth,  he loses all faith in all he had trusted and believed up to that point.He realizes that there was no  difference between the Ancient One and Kaelcillius. Ultimately, he was manipulated by the Ancient One, just like most Melanin-Dominant people are by these Melanin-Recessive individuals in power who they believe are all-knowing and/or have great influence on their own merit. When Kaelcillius and his minions are defeated by Strange with the Eye of Agamotto through a time loop , Mordo turns away from him, Wong, and the rest of mystical guard. He determines that Dr. Strange, the Ancient One, and Kaelcillius are all one in the same in that essentially they seek dominion and influence one way or another:

Dr. Strange the surgeon is no different from Dr. Strange the mystic. He relishes the idea of having the ability to control life and death and time (see White Savior Industrial Complex.)

The Ancient One has no problem of being a major figure of influence, a keeper of supposed hidden knowledge, which resembles the current state of the world politics (who controls 98% of the world’s resources?)

Kaelcillius seeks to be the one who unleashes the Dark Dimension, the gift of immortality, on the people, which is the White Savior Industrial Complex in reverse.


Mordo makes his own path, which should serve as inspiration to my Melanin-Dominant brethren. He can only trust in himself and respect the only laws that truly matter at the end of the day, the Laws of Nature. This is why Mordo resonates so much with me. At the end of the credits. Mordo is shown visiting Pangborn, the paralegic who was healed by the Ancient One. Mordo takes Pangborn’s energy that he attained from his time in Nepal to walk again from him. He says that there are “too many sorcerers in the world”(of course Mordo will be portrayed as the next villain/enemy in the sequel of Dr. Strange.)

sorcerer (n.)-a person who claims or is believed to have magic powers; a wizard.


If you apply the “sorcerer” term to certain individuals amongst the general population who have knowledge that can help others but choose not to except for their own gain, then it makes too much sense. Pangborn chose not to learn more about his abilities, instead dipping back into his regular existence as a tradesmen. There is great responsibility in having knowledge that can help others, and you have responsibility to yourself to learn as much as you can about yourself. There is NO honor in sitting on knowledge for your own benefit or refusing to self-learn out of fear. To trick others in thinking that it is OK  is an act of sorcery. That was what Mordo was implying with Pangborn.


One last thing…


As mentioned previously, Dr. Strange was able to defeat the Dormammu with the Eye of Agamotto through looping time. Every time Dr. Strange came to Dormammu to bargain, Dormammu killed Dr. Strange. Thus Dormammu became a prisoner to Dr. Strange’s manipulation of time. Some of you, like myself, may shun the concept of time. What is true today will be true tomorrow. There is nothing new under the sun, according to the Good Book. So in essence, time does not exist. If the Dark Dimension represents real truth and knowledge, time, or the concept of time, will not change that. The enemy to the truth (Dr. Strange?) will always be the same as it was yesterday, today, and the next. So why did Dormammu bargain with Dr. Strange? He was the truth, and Dr. Strange was no match for him whatsoever. What did Dr. Strange have that Dormammu didn’t? The concept of time, which is the biggest concoction ever created by the elite. It has the majority of people, specifically Melanin-Dominant people, living in the moment, which works right in the hands of the powers-that-be. No matter how long you may have to fight off your enemies, you should never submit to their will. Especially when you have truth on your side. That scene alone will reinforce the lie to the masses that time is your enemy, that this life and reality is the only one that matters. That’s how I see it.




So there you have it. That’s my two cents on the movie. If you have any other thoughts on the movie feel free to write them in the comment section. If you love or hate the hell out of this post please feel free to write in the comment section. I’m open to all your opinions. Thanks for indulging me on this post by reading it; it took me over FOUR hours to write this post. I’m certainly dedicated to uplifting my people and imparting some knowledge that I may have to others.


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man







a repost: Realities Faced by Black Canadians are a National Shame




And Canada was a place for refuge for us when nearly 180  years ago…smh.


Article posted on Black Agenda Report (click link for original post)


by Robyn Maynard

This article previously appeared in the Montreal Gazette.

Black Montrealers continue to experience dehumanizing treatment across institutions.”

After holding consultations in Quebec, Nova Scotia and Ontario last month, the United Nations Working Group on People of African Descent issued a statement that sheds light on realities, too-often invisible to most Canadians, that should be seen as a national shame.

The group’s preliminary findings confirm what is already well known in Canada’s black communities: that systemic discrimination has subjected black people to racial profiling by law enforcement, soaring incarceration rates, disproportionate poverty and poor health, the over-apprehension of black children by child welfare agencies and lower graduation rates. Black women, they note, face a rate of poverty that is almost five times higher than that of white Canadian women, and are one of the fastest-growing groups in federal prisons.

Underlying these injustices, the UN Working Group has made clear, is systemic racism.

The UN is right to be concerned, and Montreal is by no means exempt from this criticism: Both its historical and contemporary realities are defined by a systemic anti-blackness that goes too frequently un-named. The enslavement of black (and indigenous) persons was not an uncommon practice in New France, and indeed was legal until 1834. The fact of slavery remains all around us: acclaimed art historian Charmaine Nelson reminds us that many present-day Montreal streets, buildings and institutions are named after white businessmen like James McGill and John Redpath who traded in plantation crops worked by slave labor.

Enslavement may be over, but centuries later black Montrealers — the largest visible minority in the city — continue to experience dehumanizing treatment across institutions. A 2010 study by sociologists Léonel Bernard and Christopher McAll found that it was over-surveillance, and not the rates of so-called “black crime,” that accounted for up to 60 per cent of the over-incarceration of black youth in Montreal.

“The enslavement of black (and indigenous) persons was not an uncommon practice in New France, and indeed was legal until 1834.”

A report commissioned by the Montreal police, leaked to La Presse, found that in St-Michel and Montréal-Nord, up to 40 per cent of black youth were stopped in 2006-2007, a rate that indicates a high degree of racial profiling by police officers.  Much of this heightened policing was justified to the public as curbing “gang activities,” when in reality, in 2009, only 1.6 per cent of crimes were gang related. High profile cases of police abuse of black Montrealers and alleged abuse continue to surface, including the recent case of Veckqueth Stevenson, a legally blind black man in his 50s, who has accused the police of using excessive force and unjustly arresting him, ironically, while he was at Nelson Mandela Park.

Black women and girls are not exempt, though we hear even less about their experiences locally; the case of Majiza Philip, a black woman who says she had her arm broken by police in 2014, is one example, however. A 2008 study found that black girls in Montreal are three times more likely than white girls the same age to have been arrested two times or more.

Beyond the criminal justice system, numerous studies have demonstrated that black children are apprehended from their homes by child welfare at alarming rates in Montreal, and this, too, can be attributed to racism.

The UN Working group is not the first to point out these injustices, nor are they the only ones proposing solutions. Black Lives Matter-Toronto and other black activist groups in Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, Vancouver and Montreal have been steadily mobilizing to address anti-black racism. Across cities, black communities have denounced, among other issues, the recent deaths of Abdirahman Abdi in Ottawa, and Bony Jean-Pierre in Montreal, both at the hands of police in 2016.

If Canada intends to genuinely reckon with its still-living legacy of black enslavement, the injustices brought to light by the UN — alongside those highlighted by black activists around the country — need to be both addressed and redressed.

Robyn Maynard is an activist and writer living in Montreal, author of the forthcoming book Policing Black Bodies (2017).

Did you know? : For Enjoyment or Healing-The True Nature of your favorite Playground Sets

From the Melanated Man:


So are your favorite playground sets really for your enjoyment?


Per African Holistic Health by Llaila Afrika:




The “sliding board” is actually the African “negative gravity ionic device.” This instrument usually had an electromagnetically charged board and 12 (or 24) magnet charged steps. These steps (chakra planes) were used to recharge the positive chakra while the board was used to stimulate the pineal gland and increase circulation to the brain. The patient would slide down the board head first and/or feet according to the type treatment of necessitated. (Pg xxxix to xl)




The “swing” is another ill-named African healing instrument. The horizontal bar would support the swing; the bar would be suspended and attached to vertical support posts (three posts), which were arranged in a pyramid shape. The posts and the horizontal bar would be charged by magnets. Thus, the patient would swing through the electromagnetic force field; the alpha-gamma rays and the pyramidal energy field would cause a polarization of energies on a psychic and physical level. This is a Pendulum Pyramidal Healing device. (Pg xl)




The “see-saw” or African Electromagnetic Adjustable Alignment board is an ancient healing device. It was arranged in a circular sphere according to the organ being treated. The alpha ray energy angular were used. The board was placed on a pyramid pivot with crystals or metals as a counterbalance for the dis-eased patient. Then, the patient would be caused to “see-saw” according to the rhythm vibrations of the dis-eased organ. This would result in polarization of the dis-eased organ. The internal organ vibration adjustments caused by the electromagnetic force field of board, pyramid, crystal and ionic wave force excited the healing care. (Pg xl)


From a metaphysics perspective, here is the difference between the African-conscious mindset versus European mindset:

In the hands of the African-conscious individual, these things have a meaningful purpose, to heal.

In the hands of the European-minded individual, these things have no purpose worthwhile at all but to perpetuate the idea of enjoyment and killing time.


Hope you enjoyed this piece of information!


Peace and love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man