Did you know? : For Enjoyment or Healing-The True Nature of your favorite Playground Sets

From the Melanated Man:


So are your favorite playground sets really for your enjoyment?


Per African Holistic Health by Llaila Afrika:




The “sliding board” is actually the African “negative gravity ionic device.” This instrument usually had an electromagnetically charged board and 12 (or 24) magnet charged steps. These steps (chakra planes) were used to recharge the positive chakra while the board was used to stimulate the pineal gland and increase circulation to the brain. The patient would slide down the board head first and/or feet according to the type treatment of necessitated. (Pg xxxix to xl)




The “swing” is another ill-named African healing instrument. The horizontal bar would support the swing; the bar would be suspended and attached to vertical support posts (three posts), which were arranged in a pyramid shape. The posts and the horizontal bar would be charged by magnets. Thus, the patient would swing through the electromagnetic force field; the alpha-gamma rays and the pyramidal energy field would cause a polarization of energies on a psychic and physical level. This is a Pendulum Pyramidal Healing device. (Pg xl)




The “see-saw” or African Electromagnetic Adjustable Alignment board is an ancient healing device. It was arranged in a circular sphere according to the organ being treated. The alpha ray energy angular were used. The board was placed on a pyramid pivot with crystals or metals as a counterbalance for the dis-eased patient. Then, the patient would be caused to “see-saw” according to the rhythm vibrations of the dis-eased organ. This would result in polarization of the dis-eased organ. The internal organ vibration adjustments caused by the electromagnetic force field of board, pyramid, crystal and ionic wave force excited the healing care. (Pg xl)


From a metaphysics perspective, here is the difference between the African-conscious mindset versus European mindset:

In the hands of the African-conscious individual, these things have a meaningful purpose, to heal.

In the hands of the European-minded individual, these things have no purpose worthwhile at all but to perpetuate the idea of enjoyment and killing time.


Hope you enjoyed this piece of information!


Peace and love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man

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