a repost: The First Weaponized Hurricane Caused Widespread Destruction in 1947

Article posted on Waking Times (click link for original)

Terence Newton, Staff Writer

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, some speculated the storm had been intensified and steered by a clandestine government weather modification program, ultimately leading to the massive devastation which followed. For most people, a notion as this falls in the category of conspiracy theory, yet, since the 1940’s the government has been experimenting with weather modification with the aim of weaponizing the skies above.

Pioneered by scientists at General Electric (GE), and supported by the military, weather modification began 1940’s, when post WWII research efforts towards the skies. In 1947 a joint program with US Government and GE seeded the first hurricane with dry ice, causing it to sharply change course, turning back toward land and causing significant destruction and at least one confirmed death in Savannah, Georgia and the coast of South Carolina.

This story is not theory, and has been told before, namely in The Brothers Vonnegut – Science and Fiction in the House of Magic, by Ginger Strand.

Weather scientists working for GE had figured out that dispersing particles of dry ice into super-cooled clouds will cause water crystals to form, serving as nuclei for rain drops, thereby causing rain to unnaturally fall. Part of Project Cirrus, the experiment involved GE employees Bernie Vonnegut, brother of the acclaimed American author Kurt Vonnegut, along with Nobel Prize winner Irving Langmuir and his assistant Vincent Schaefer, who were corroborating with top U.S. military brass in an effort to perfect the technique of cloud seeding.

After several successful experiments producing rain, snow and fog in the northeastern United States, the team targeted a small hurricane in October of 1947 which had just passed over the southern tip of Florida heading eastward into the Atlantic Ocean. The team flew two military B-17’s and one B-29 bomber into the storm carrying meteorological equipment, photographers, and airborne dry ice dispensing equipment, reporting, “pronounced modification of the cloud deck seeded.”

According to Strand:

“The seeding plane dropped about eighty pounds of dry ice along a 110-mile-long track parallel to the squall line and another hundred pounds into the top of a large cumulus cloud boiling up from the storm…. as the planes circled to take more photographs, observers saw a new line of rain falling parallel to where they had seeded. It looked like a trench shoveled out of the hurricane’s spiral of clouds.” ~Ginger Strand

Initially uncertain of the results of this experiment, the following day the team again flew into the storm and were surprised to find major turbulence in their path, later realizing just how dramatically effective their initial test was. The seeding had worked, and the storm had made a sharp turn eastward.
Again, as noted by Strand:

“Later, they found out the reason for the rough skies. Immediately after they had seeded it, the hurricane, made a dramatic dogleg turn. Inscribing a huge 7 over the Atlantic Ocean, it turned westward and plowed back to the mainland. It was battering Savannah with eighty-to-one-hundred-mile-an-hour winds when they flew over.” ~Ginger Strand

To Langmuir and his colleagues, this meant the experiment worked, although triggering severe weather in Savannah, Georgia, and while the scientists watched from their bombers, a path of destruction was laid below.

“As the unknowing scientists clutched their armrests in the sky above, a thousand people were taking shelter in Savannah’s city hall. Windows were smashed, boats were tossed ashore, sugarcane fields were flattened, a downtown bank lost its roof, and several parked planes were destroyed. Charleston took a hit too, with waves topping its seawall, parts of the city flooded, and a lumberjack killed by a falling tree. All in all, damage from the storm’s second landfall was estimated at $23 million.”~Ginger Strand

The mission was declared a success for GE and the war department, and while initially, GE had attempted to deflect any blame for affecting the hurricane, a number of lawsuits were filed, aiming to hold GE accountable for the damage on the ground.

“Cirrus was canceled, and lawsuits were threatened. Only the fact that a system in the 1906 season had taken a similar path, as well as evidence showing that the storm had already begun to turn when seeding began, ended the litigation.” [Source]

The Age of Scientific Destruction Began

Weather modification and cloud seeding began shortly after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, while the world was wondering if scientific advancement would seed the demise of the planet. With the dual forces of human nature and scientific rationality, so began the era of science trumping life.

The truth is, now we live in an era of much more severe government secrecy, of black budgets, and of utterly insane defense spending, and in this climate, the public has no idea what the military is capable of or what it is really doing. For those who still have doubts that weaponized weather is part of the basket of horrors being employed to control and dominate our world today, a quick trip down the memory hole should serve as a wake up call.

If corporations and the government were capable of redirecting and intensifying a hurricane some 60 years ago, is it that hard to imagine this happening today?

Did You Know? Africa’s OWN Natural Nuclear Reactor



From the Melanated Man:

I was reading an article earlier today discussing how the Fukushima disaster that occurred back in 2011 is continuing polluting the Pacific Ocean with radiation. I reposted another article about this topic maybe a little over six months ago. Both articles mention the devastating effects of the radiation pollution within the Pacific could certainly last for thousands and thousands of years.I wondered how it could be possible for the Earth, which is a living being itself, could recover from not only this travesty, but the other massacres and constant poisoning that are  byproducts of  mankind’s MAN-ipulation.

Thus, I was more curious on the subject of nuclear energy.

I consider myself to be a scientist by way of my civil engineering degree, and I have worked within a coal-fired power plant before. I understand the power plant process: coal  is intensely heated to boil purified water into piping-hot steam, which spin the turbines that generate your electrical  energy. Wallah. 

Nothing more, nothing less.There isn’t that much of a difference between  a coal-fired power plant and a nuclear power plant…

…BESIDES THE FACT that nuclear power plants are HEAVILY guarded for obvious reasons, and there is radioactive waste involved.

All in all, one uses coal and the other uses the nuclear reaction between plutonium and uranium to heat the water into steam to spin the turbines. I was little unfamiliar with the nuclear reaction process between plutonium and uranium. So I did some research on it.

Oddly enough, I came across this article:

2-Billion-Year-Old African nuclear reactor proves that Mother Nature still has a few tricks up her sleeve

Check out these links  as well:




This was an incidental find on my part. I did not even know there was such thing as an “natural nuclear reactor.”


Yet I was not surprised either. Like the Good Book says, “there is nothing new under the sun.”

Contrary to what the hell Massa, the powers-that-be may be claiming to be the newest technology these days.

AND AGAIN…it came from the African continent no less.


There should not be any more reason to wonder why the African continent has been constantly raped and abused of its resources, human and non-human. ALL MODERN TECHNOLOGY AND THE KNOWLEDGE TO BUILD IT COMES FROM AND IS SUPPORTED BY THE AFRICAN CONTINENT!!

Check out: A Reblog: Facts on Coltan

Facts are facts, people.

Once I learned of this natural nuclear reactor in Africa, naturally I assumed since Mother Earth knew how to create her own nuclear reaction (a natural means in electrical energy generation procedure, anyone?) that she knew how to get rid of the waste created from that nuclear reaction. 

Does that make sense to YOU?!!!!

It definitely makes sense to me.

So how much should we really be concerned about the waste that was caused from the Fukushima incident? Granted, the electric energy that is generated by nuclear power plants is done by ARTIFICIAL MEANS. That ARTIFICIAL WASTE produced from that ARTIFICIAL NUCLEAR REACTION will obviously have a different, possibly catastrophic effect on the planet and its inhabitants.

BUT…once again, if Mother Earth is a living being, is it also possible that she can self-correct herself over the course of time if we treated her the way she was meant to be treated in the first place?

I think so.Personally I believe Mother Earth to be highly-intelligent organism.

Hue-mans, specifically my Melanin-Dominant brothers and sisters, definitely have the ability to  self-correct and rid ourselves of the ARTIFICIAL, EUROPEAN LIFESTYLE we have been accustomed to and return back intune with Nature, with Mother Earth.  I’m pretty sure Mother Earth intrinsically knows how to clean herself and return her roots as well. \

My Melanin-Dominant brothers and sisters, we have to stop feeding the beast, THIS ARTIFICIAL EUROPEAN PARADIGM, for that to happen. We have to cease our participation in the madness so it can DIE ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Remember…Participation = Validation

We have the strongest connection to the planet out of any group of people, Melanin-Dominant brothers and sisters. We have to lead the pack in this endeavor. Our Melanin-Recessive brethren, who are leading the pack, continue to go against the grain and damn us all to Hell in the process. Mother Earth definitely has the ability to overcome the wrath, but it may come at the cost of riding itself of the parasites.

Many of us are demonstrating parasite behavior…THAT MUST END IMMEDIATELY FAM!!!

Let’s get back to where it all started, where it was intended to be in the beginning.

That’s the only way we will totally achieve the freedom and liberation we deeply desire!



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man






a repost: 11 Good News Stories You Probably Didn’t Hear About

Article posted on Collective-Evolution (click link for original)


By Alexa Erickson-February 2, 2017

People tend to get wrapped up in the negatives of life. We find reasons to complain, we find reasons to be sad, we relish in the fact that misery loves company. It can be hard, as a journalist, to get stuck reporting on just the bad stuff, because there is a lot of work that must be done to improve the world we live in, and the bad news is valuable in prompting people to wake up and make a change for the better.

But to be collectively evolved for the better, we have to pave a path of light, and journalists have the wonderful opportunity to help create that journey.

Just like one story can disturb you, others can lift you up. Scrolling through social media you might suddenly be warmed by the simple sight of a puppy, and it reminds you how important it is to surround yourself with things that warm your soul, while also learning how the bad news has prompted good news to happen.

A general theme of 2016 was just how bad the year was. We harped on war, lost celebrities, deaths, political scandals, and more. But what about all of the amazing things that happened?

Last year may have had its downfalls, but so many wonderful things worth acknowledging happened, too. Here are 11 of those stories to put a dose of positivity in your life, and to remember that it’s not all bad. In fact, there’s so much beauty, and so much goodness too.

A zero-fuel plane completed a trip around the world

André Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard were told by the aviation industry that flying day and night without any fuel was impossible, but the pilots proved them wrong, becoming the first of their kind to circumnavigate the globe in a solar-powered plane. Such news gives hope for a clean and sustainable future.

U.S. carbon dioxide emissions have drastically dropped

They are so low in fact, that they dropped to their lowest level since 1991, thanks to natural gas and hydro power gaining a greater share of the U.S. electricity mix.

For the first time since 1054, Leaders of the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches have met with each other

Pope Francis became the first pontiff to ever meet a patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Christian leaders let go of centuries of division for the historic event that was held in a room at the Havana airport.

The plastic crisis could be over in the foreseeable future

With five trillion pieces of plastic currently in the ocean, it’s nice to hear that the Ocean Cleanup Project is working to remove 40 percent of it over the next 10 years by emulating a coastline. The operation runs on power generated from ocean currents.

Giant pandas are no longer endangered

The news was announced this past September by the International Union for Conservation. Currently, 67 reserves exist in China spanning 5,400 square miles for the pandas.

China put an end to the ivory trade

By the end of 2017, the country plans to have completely ended the ivory trade, ending a controversial business steeped in greed for a simple status symbol. The market being restricted in China will save about 20,000 elephants annually.

105 tons of ivory and 1 ton of rhino horn burn in Nairobi National Park on 30th April 2016. They were set ablaze by President Uhuru Kenyatta in the largest ivory burn in hisory.

Twenty countries made a commitment to protect marine environments

Protected marine parks have now been implemented in various countries, including the U.S., who created the largest of them all just off the coast of Hawaii, spanning 1,140,000 square kilometers.

The manatee has been taken off the endangered species list

Though it is now considered “threatened,” which is still unfortunate, news that the species has flourished in recent years is certainly worthy of attention. In Florida alone, there has been a 500 percent increase in the manatee population.

World hunger reached a 25-year low

In 2010, there were 821 malnourished people in the world. Today, however, there are now 795 million. Though that number is still devastatingly too high, the extreme drop of 26 million people no longer being starving provides hope, and proof we are moving in the right direction to correct the problem.


After 100 years, tiger populations are finally coming back

One hundred years ago, tigers were endangered, but they are finally starting to see a slight increase once again. A global survey from the WWF revealed that the wild tiger population has increased to 3,890. Since 2010, an increase of 690 tigers have boosted the population. The rise is largely in part due to conservation successes in India, Russia, and Nepal.

Costa Rica’s electrical grid can now power on renewable energy

Thanks to its small size, and utilizing low-energy industries, Costa Rica was able to run on 100 percent renewable energy for 76 days straight, making it the second time it’s done so in a row. The news proves that drawing on multiple energy sources both at a regional and local level can permit for major cut downs on fossil fuels.

Also, there is a shift in overall global consciousness that is helping to raise our awareness and see the truth of what’s going on in our world so we can make real, lasting and drastic change that will allow us to thrive on earth together. It’s a time to be optimistic and centre ourselves in love. You can watch our latest feature documentary all about it here.


A Shout Out! Get to know “Sevananda”


From the Melanated Man:

This is my favorite store in the world! Well, maybe Atlanta. The unique Sevananda Natural Foods Market.

“Seva” means selfless

“-ananda” means bliss and joy

Website: http://www.sevananda.coop/

467 Moreland Avenue NE

Atlanta, Ga 30307

It is a natural foods store in the Little Five Points district that has been around since 1974!!!  They sell vegan and vegetarian local foods, organic foods, non-GMO foods, and a heap of herbs, grains, supplements, incense, candles, etc.

I wonder if they have always been that kind of store or if it was a progression…

For them to be around this long I am surprised it’s still not as well known as it should be. I guess since the general consciousness of the population regarding food has been raised over the last 10 maybe 15 years I think the popularity has risen considerably in that time frame. I have never experienced a natural foods store like. Part of the reason is that the store has a very Afrocentric, conscious vibe to it, and most of the staff is melanin-dominant, and friend as well! I love that fact! The store is also co-op. So you can become a member-owner if you choose to, like myself.

You get six shares, $20 a share, which you can pay yearly, all at once, or a couple of shares at a time when you start. As a member-owner you can voice your opinions,be on a Board Committee,  vote the Board of Directors who are in charge of the governance of the store, or be a candidate for one of the Board of Director’ position yourself. As a member-owner, you have an opportunity to attend educational ans health classes hosted by Sevananda. Annnndddd there is a 10% monthly discount for member-owners, an additional 5% discount for those who are 65 and older each time you shop there!

Everyone who I have met that is owner-member and/or involved with Sevananda seem like they really care for  its welfare. That’s something that is uncommon in this corporate wasteland. I looked at the amount food co-ops in general there were listed and their were no more than maybe 25 co-ops in the country alone! That’s truly a shame. There may be more that’s not officially recorded, but it does not help if people don’t know they exist.

This may be a more common avenue to take for when more  people start to wake up and  change  their eating habits. Melanin-dominant people, we need to embrace the co-op format in our own communities. There are a very  few pockets of us who have community gardens and that’s good, but it needs to be more commonplace. This type of format could spill into other areas of commerce for us, where we can start to build those self-sustaining communities that we’ve been clamoring for, that at one point we did have. Bring our talented brothers and sisters back from European suburbia to serve their people.

Anyway…I just wanted to give a shout out to Sevananda. If you’re ever in the area stop by and check it out.

Peace and love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man

ED vs. EL: Agriculture has domesticated the common man




From the Melanated Man:


I got a dandy one for you today.


Domesticate (verb)to convert (animals, plants, etc.) to domestic uses (under a household, dome), tame (an animal) and keep it as a pet or for farm produce, cultivate (a plant) for food.

wild (adj.)– (of an animal or plant) living or growing in the natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated.

(noun)-a natural state or uncultivated or uninhabited region.


Excerpt from Evolution, consequences and future of plant and animal domestication

The question “why farm?” strikes most of us modern humans as silly. Of course it is better to grow wheat and cows than to forage for roots and snails. But in reality, that perspective is flawed by hindsight. Food production could not possibly have arisen through a conscious decision, because the world’s first farmers had around them no model of farming to observe, hence they could not have known that there was a goal of domestication to strive for, and could not have guessed the consequences that domestication would bring for them. If they had actually foreseen the consequences, they would surely have outlawed the first steps towards domestication, because the archaeological and ethnographic record throughout the world shows that the transition from hunting and gathering to farming eventually resulted in more work, lower adult stature, worse nutritional condition and heavier disease burdens10, 11. The only peoples who could make a conscious choice about becoming farmers were hunter–gatherers living adjacent to the first farming communities, and they generally disliked what they saw and rejected farming, for the good reasons just mentioned and others.

Instead, the origins of domestication involved unforeseen consequences of two sets of changes — changes in plants and animals, and changes in human behaviour. As initially recognized by Darwin12, and elaborated by Rindos13, many of the differences between domestic plants and their wild ancestors evolved as consequences of wild plants being selected, gathered and brought back to camp by hunter–gatherers, while the roots of animal domestication included the ubiquitous tendency of all peoples to try to tame or manage wild animals (including such unlikely candidates as ospreys, hyenas and grizzly bears). Although humans had been manipulating wild plants and animals for a long time, hunter–gatherer behaviour began to change at the end of the Pleistocene because of increasingly unpredictable climate, decreases in big-game species that were hunters’ first-choice prey, and increasing human occupation of available habitats14, 15.

I remember learning about man’s transition from hunter-gatherer to agriculture. What was never talked about was how and why that transition took place. No one never talks about what food actually does to you on a metaphysical level, the cellular level, the level you can’t see with your naked eye. So far I have talked about the benefits of eating fresh  fruits and vegetables, removing  animal flesh and white salt and sugar from diet, admonishing everything that is artificial. What if the fresh foods we partake are effecting us consciously and subconsciously without even realizing?

As I mentioned before, the natural foods that we eat should contain light/life. Slightly cooked or steamed, preferably eaten raw. In essence, our bodies are condensed light, and light partakes of light. Sounds simple. But that light can be altered. It can be manipulated. When you take a species from its natural habitat, from an uninhabited Mother Nature, you began to change its genetic makeup. We know that it’s true with domesticated animals such as dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish in a aquarium, etc. The same can be applied to wild animals in the zoo, and man-made wild safaris. They are more docile, tamed. They’re lifespans decrease as well. Whose to say the same can’t be said for the , fruits and vegetables that we eat?

Like I said, those plants have life.

Before agriculture took place, those plants/vegetation were wild as well.  They were in their natural state. But in this day and age, you’d be hard pressed to find any plants/vegetation we consume as such. And as I’ve touched on in previous posts, consuming domestic food ultimately creates a domesticated man.  Even if you have your own garden, growing you own food, you’re not getting the full benefit of your crops because of what you have to do to cultivate it.

So how are melanin-dominant individuals (Blacks for the uninitiated) suppose to liberate themselves when the consumption is tamed? From the food (which makes us look like fools) to the entertainment?

“But we have to eat, stupid!  Without agriculture, we couldn’t supply the world population!”

Well some of you are already hip to the esoteric fact that our melanin-dominant ancestors, well over 50,000 years ago when they were actually dominant on this planet, were able sustain themselves with little to no food consumption.What they is true…only the strong will survive. 


There is  evidence that shows a correlation in the time period, between 10,000-12,000 years ago when man began to adhere to a agricultural lifestyle, brain size began to shrink in relation to our ancient ancestors who ate untamed food.

“Brain size doesn’t mean squat. I’m pretty sure that we’re still smarter than our ancient ancestors with all our current technology.”

Not quite. Our melanin-dominant ancestors had practically none of the technological gadgets that resemble anything from today, yet they were intelligent enough to create  calculus and physics, astrology and astronomy, cosmology and cosmogony, medicine, etc. They created the foundation of all this so-called modern technology that just popped out of nowhere over the last 80-90 years.

You can’t do all of that on a mind that is domesticated and trained. 

So for the last 400-500 years have our people been actually fighting for true liberation? In every facet imaginable, physically and spiritually? 

Or are we fighting for acceptance in this game called “The Matrix”,which is an illusion?

Orrrr…..do we even know what we actually need to fight for? Do we understand our true history?

According Chancellor Williams in The Destruction of Black Civilization, he dates the decline of melanin-dominant people rule on this earth around the same time agriculture comes on the scene. Is that a coincidence?

The question that I need answering is  did our melanin-dominant ancestors inadvertently create their own demise with agriculture, or was this concoction introduced by a group of melanin-recessive individuals (Caucasians, Europeans for the uninitiated) who have the least spiritual connection to this planet?

My logic wants to go with the latter, but I’m still researching. It wouldn’t bother me one bit if it was the former, or a little bit of both.

I only seek the truth, even if it hurts like hell.

(to be continued)

Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man

“Ownership is a one-sided relationship!”



From the Melanated Man:

I reposted an article recently on how man’s sense of superiority is destroying the planet as we speak. There was a statement made concerning man’s destructive need to own and conquer everything and everyone. I wanted to elaborate more on that topic.

FYI, when I mention the word man, I intentionally leave off the hue-; the type of being that I’m referring to that contains this trait to own and conquer has no color, is MELANIN-RECESSIVE, at the bottom of the chart.  HUE-MANS, MELANATED individuals  who have a true connection to not only the planet but the universe do not have traits, unless they choose to inherit them, to assimilate into a Eurocentric frame of mind.

Ownership (from Google)-the act, state, or right of possessing something.

The idea of ownership fits nicely in the ARTIFICIAL, MATERIALISTIC WESTERN PHILOSOPHY that rules the current day! Anything that does not have its own life source besides the energy and value we give it (i.e. a business, a house, a car) is fair game. It is the perfect foundation for the  CAPITALISTIC, PARASITIC WESTERN SOCIETY. Since the majority of us  MELANATED folk worship and hold true this wonderful philosophy, we can only mesh with folk with the same mindset, ignoring the minority of us who choose to retain their AFRICAN-CENTERED perspective.

Hence, unity amongst us is futile.

You know, when those things that have LIFE get added into this philosophy, the problem becomes harrowing and devastating.

Because HUE-MANS are not meant to be slaves, unless they want to be.

And no ANIMAL really wants to be a pet, entertainment for the masses, or served for DINNER!

Also, the earth does NOT want to be OWNED only to serve the benefit of PARASITES!

Speaking of the earth, if you have an AFRICAN-CENTERED perspective, there no possible way you can own land! At best you are occupying space. And during your time of occupying space,a physical and metaphysical relationship is developed between you and Mother Earth. And a relationship is all about RESPECT.

You treat her right, she will do the same to you.

But when you own that land, that space, it gives you the ability to do whatever you want to do with it. With an EUROCENTRIC perspective, the earth only serves the interest of those with that mindset. They rape and steal from Mother Earth until there is no more for her to give.

“Give me your oil to fuel my industry!”

“Give me your trees so I can make DEAD PAPER for people to worship!”

The earth is a living and breathing organism! It has a LIFE of it’s own! And she’s fighting back as we speak!

Did it give you permission to own her? 

It is not possible for man to have a connection with the earth if he has no MELANIN. Without that connection, there is NO relationship. Hence, the creation of the ownership ideology.

Ownership is a one-sided relationship. Remember that.


My MELANATED family, we need to dump this useless concoction, and ultimately this  EUROCENTRIC mindset and get back in touch with what’s REAL.

Respect the earth! Don’t abuse her to DEATH!

Honor the animals with reverence! Refrain from eating DEAD BLOOD!

Love your fellow HUE-MANS! We’re not meant to be slaves to another man’s whim, or VICE VERSA!

I know I may be sounding like a broken record, but it’s TRUTH.

IMO, it’s the only TRUTH that matters at the end of the day.


As my old pastor would say, “Be encouraged!”



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man



Movie to Check Out: Captain Fantastic


From the Melanated Man:

This is a movie you should go see, if it’s still in the movie theaters, with both your eyes (and THIRD EYE) and both ears wide open. This movie really hits on how we should live not only on a familial level but also on a broad community spectrum, although the main cast is Caucasian. There is much food for thought to be had. We are so caught up with modernity and obtaining a convenient lifestyle we have become CUT OFF from nature which has turned against us. We are becoming artificial beings and in the process we are being rejected by the forces of Mother Nature.

That’s truth. The film definitely drives that point home.

If the Creator wanted us to have a convenient lifestyle there would be no point in our existence. Period.

We were given everything that we needed at birth to not only survive, but THRIVE. We were incarnated on this planet to produce and bring forth righteous fruit, and I’m not just talking about offspring.  We have forgotten about that. Now the majority of us are too exhausted to fulfill our true life purpose by the end of the week because we have been sucked dry to the bone by a vampire-like system (MATRIX)  that needs BLACK minds and bodies, dead or alive, to exist.

And we continue to perpetuate the situation.

Listen, I don’t have all the answers. On occasions I may be too out there to be taken seriously. But I do know that if you do not know yourself, BLACK MAN/WOMAN, you will be doomed for an INEVITABLE DEFEAT! Take a break from your “busy” schedule to re-educate yourself on yourself. And be willing to open your mind to new trains of thought (check out post Melanin Production )

If you are NOT growing and evolving when it comes to knowledge of self , you are DYING!

There’s NO in between.

I know this from personal experience.

Check out Captain Fantastic…may be in the dollar movies by now. If not, please rent it from Redbox or OnDemand when it becomes available. It’s worth your time and dead money!



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man



A Reblog: Dahr Jamail – Arctic Sea Ice Could Disappear This Summer

Should we concern ourselves with climate change? It depends on your the lifestyle you want to live.
If you want the latest and greatest modern technology and lifestyle, I would worry.
The days of human detachment from the earth are drawing to a close.
We have to start getting back in tune with nature before Mother Nature decides to CLEANSE itself of the parasites (black, white, red, brown, don’t matter) that continue to suck it dry!
By Dahr Jamail, Truthout | Report

Ice in the south Artic Ocean melts in a photo taken on July 20, 2011. (Photo: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)

Ice in the south Arctic Ocean melts in a photo taken on July 20, 2011. (Photo: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)


Climate scientists tracking anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD) have long feared what is referred to as a blue ocean event.

A blue ocean event means a complete absence of Arctic sea ice, allowing the heat of the sun to fully penetrate the open waters of the Arctic, which would then dramatically accelerate the rate of warming in the Arctic.

This dramatic shift would then cause a profound disruption of both atmospheric and ocean-current circulation around the globe, contributing to an increasingly ice-free Arctic, rising sea levels and dramatic increases in ACD everywhere.

To see more stories like this, visit “Planet or Profit?”

This March, Truthout reported on the Arctic sea ice nearing a record low total volume, a measure that many scientists believe to be the single most important factor in determining the health of the Arctic sea ice. That same month, NASA reported that the winter Arctic sea ice extent had already hit an all-time low.

These trends, coupled with ongoing record heating in the Arctic, mean that it is not out of the realm of possibility that the blue ocean event could occur as early as this September.

The Importance of Arctic Sea Ice

The role of Arctic sea ice to the global climate is made clear by the National Snow and Ice Data Center, which has emphasized that this ice works to keep the polar regions of the planet cool and moderate the global climate.

According to the Data Center: “Sea ice has a bright surface; 80 percent of the sunlight that strikes it is reflected back into space. As sea ice melts in the summer, it exposes the dark ocean surface. Instead of reflecting 80 percent of the sunlight, the ocean absorbs 90 percent of the sunlight. The oceans heat up, and Arctic temperatures rise further.”

In both 2007 and 2012, Arctic sea ice saw dramatic declines in extent (how far it reached), area (how much total surface it covered) and most importantly, volume.

The precipitous drop-offs in each category were much faster than scientific modeling predicted; most predictions for the blue ocean event estimated that it would not occur until around 2100.

Navy Predicted 2016 Blue Ocean Event

Robert Scribbler, who used to work as an editor at IHS Jane’s 360 with a focus on emerging threats, sees ACD as the single most important emerging threat that humans face. He now maintains a climate blog that tracks ongoing ACD events around the world, as he sees ACD and social and economic justice inexorably linked.

“Since April 27th, according to a record of sea ice extent provided by JAXA, daily rates of sea ice loss have been in the range of 75,000 square kilometers for every 24 hour period,” Scribbler wrote. “That’s 300,000 square kilometers of sea ice, or an area the size of New Mexico, lost in just four days.”

A blue ocean event would generate a number of serious impacts. The East Siberian Arctic Shelf, which scientists estimate contains several times more heat-trapping gases than the amount that currently exists in the atmosphere (currently 407 parts per million carbon dioxide), is already releasing record amounts of these gases.

A 2013 NASA study, titled “Is a Sleeping Climate Giant Stirring in the Arctic?,” warned: “In July 2012 we saw methane levels over swamps in the Innoko Wilderness that were 650 parts per billion higher than normal background levels. That’s similar to what you might find in a large city.”

That same year, US Navy researchers pointed to the implications: They predicted a sea-ice-free Arctic by this summer.

The expected blue ocean event is not the only major indication of accelerating warming. We are currently seeing the highest levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in 15 million years. Climate models predict that we may well be on track to see human-caused atmospheric warming reach well over 3.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial baseline temperatures by 2100.

Humans have never lived on a planet at 3.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial baseline temperatures.

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Dahr Jamail

Dahr Jamail, a Truthout staff reporter, is the author of The Will to Resist: Soldiers Who Refuse to Fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, (Haymarket Books, 2009), and Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches From an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq, (Haymarket Books, 2007). Jamail reported from Iraq for more than a year, as well as from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Turkey over the last 10 years, and has won the Martha Gellhorn Award for Investigative Journalism, among other awards.

His third book, The Mass Destruction of Iraq: Why It Is Happening, and Who Is Responsible, co-written with William Rivers Pitt, is available now on Amazon. He lives and works in Washington State.

A Reblog: Facts on Coltan

So why is this important for black-melanated people? If WE are the most natural beings to the planet, then we are connected the most to the planet. But why are we killing the planet for COMMODITY? FOR PLEASURE? FOR OUR SURVIVAL?

The Creator gave us everything that we needed to sustain ourselves. We are still UNCONCIOUS.

Coltan: What You Should Know

What is Coltan?
Coltan is short for Columbite-tantalite – a black tar-like mineral found in major quantities in the Congo.. The Congo possesses 80 percent of the world’s coltan. When coltan is refined it becomes a heat resistant powder that can hold a high electric charge. The properties of refined coltan is a vital element in creating devices that store energy or capacitors, which are used in a vast array of small electronic devices, especially in mobile phones, laptop computers, pagers, and other electronic devices.

Who are the primary exploiters of Coltan in the Congo?
Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and their proxy militias are the primary exploiters of coltan in the Congo. In an 18 month period Rwanda made $250 million as a result of exploitation of coltan in the Congo. Although Rwanda and Uganda possess little or no coltan, during the period of the war in the Congo, their exports escalated exponentially. For example, Rwanda’s coltan export went from less than 50 tons in 1995 to almost 250 tons in 1998. Zero cassiterite was transported from the Congo to Uganda in 1998, however by 2000 151 drums were transported.

The United Nations notes in its 2001 report on the Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources in the congo that “The consequences of illegal exploitation has been twofold: (a)massive availability of financial resources for the Rwandan Patriotic Army, and the individual enrichment of top Ugandan military commanders and civilians; (b) the emergence of of illegal networks headed by either top military officers or businessmen.”

Foreign Corporate exploitation
Although the countries mentioned above directly exploit coltan, foreign multi-national corporations have been deeply involved in the exploitation of coltan in the Congo. The coltan mined by rebels and foreign forces is sold to foreign corporations. Although, the United Nations in its reports on the Congo do not directly blame the multi-national corporations for the conflict in the Congo, the United Nations does say that these companies serve as “the engine of the conflict in the DRC.

Major United States players include:
Cabot Corporation, Boston, MA
OM Group, Cleveland, Ohio
AVX, Myrtle Beach, SC
Eagle Wings Resources International, Ohio
Trinitech International, Ohio
Kemet Electronics Corporation, Greenville, SC
Vishay Sprague. Malvern, PA

Corporations from other countries have been a part of the coltan exploitation chain. These companies include but are not limited to Germany’s HC Starc and EPCOS, China’s Nigncxia, and Belgium’s George Forrest International.

Once the coltan is processed and converted to capacitors, it is then sold to companies such as Nokia, Motorola, Compaq, Alcatel, Dell, Hewlett-Packard , IBM, Lucent, Ericsson and Sony for use in a wide assortment of everyday products ranging from cell phones to computer chips and game consoles.

What are some of the uses of coltan in modern society?
• Laptop computers
• Cellular phones
• Jet engines
• Rockets
• Cutting tools
• Camera lenses
• X-ray film
• Ink jet printers
• Hearing aids
• Pacemakers
• Airbag protection systems
• Ignition and motor control modules, GPS, ABS systems in automobiles
• Game consoles such as playstation, xbox and nintendo
• Video cameras
• Digital still cameras
• Sputtering targets
• Chemical process equipment
• Cathodic protection systems for steel structures such as bridges, water tanks
• Prosthetic devices for humans – hips, plates in the skull, also mesh to repair bone removed after damage by cancer
• Suture clips
• Corrosion resistant fasteners, screws, nuts, bolts
• High temperature furnace parts.
• High temperature alloys for air and land based turbines

Reference: http://www.congoweek.org/en/coltan-facts.html