Food for Thought: The Most Important Lesson I’ve Learned from Gardening (it should be obvious from the picture)


From the Melanin Man:


I have fallen in love with gardening and harvesting my own food, even if I only have a enough for food for a couple of days (lol!) It is a liberating experience to know that you have the ability to grow your own food. I have learned many life lessons from gardening…

Like the fact that deer, and unfortunately the offspring of moths, need to eat good, clean food as well. 

The deer should be ever so happy I don’t own a shotgun and don’t eat meat anymore. Those damn cabbage worms should be equally grateful that I don’t subscribe to using pesticides and/or herbicides neither.

Yet the most important life lesson I have learned is can be considered common sense, borderline second-nature to all gardeners, but somewhat taken for granted by most of us common folk…

The importance of sunlight!

Duh, right? I know, I know. Nevertheless, please keep reading.

When I first embarked on starting my garden, I had a difficult time finding a plot of land that could receive a sufficient amount of sunlight to grow my crops. The house that we currently live in is heavily wooded. Luckily I was able to find a spot in the front yard near the street (smh lol!) From last spring to this spring and summer seasons, despite the inadequate amounts of sunlight, I have had varied degrees of success with growing and harvesting my crops, from green beans and black-eyed peas, to okra and some delicious kale. But when it has come to my watermelon patch and butternut squash/zucchini plants, I’ve mostly been shooting blanks.

I have not been able to grow one watermelon, whereas the very few butternut squash and zucchini crops I was able to produce, they were a bit undersized. I know was a little ambitious with these two crops, due to the fact that they need at least six to eight hours of consistent sunlight daily to produce properly. The entire garden itself may receive maybe four hours of consistent sunlight daily…at best!

I’ve noticed during my time of gardening the yellowing of the leaves on some of my crops, meaning a lack of water and/or lack of sunlight. I’ve also noticed a mildew fungal forming on my the leaves of my butternut squash plants in particular. After some research, I discovered the mildew fungal buildup was caused by high levels of humidity and, surprise surprise, the lack of sunlight!!

Everyone knows that sunlight is the most important ingredient to the production of crops, our food supply. But do we realize the same applies to the growth and development of HUE-man beings as well?

Unless you work in a occupation that requires you to work outdoors most of the time. But we shun those type of jobs, labeling them to “menial, demeaning, and beneath us.”

Our children get maybe an hour of outside time from P.E./recess (that’s if they haven’t been removed from the schedule already) or after school and on the weekends. That’s if they’re not too busy with homework or stuck in front of a TELL-LIES-VISION (or cellphone, tablet, etc.)  playing videos games and whatnot.

How much sunlight do the majority of people, particularly my Black Melanin-Dominant brothers and sistas, receive on a daily basis? In this day and age and paradigm, it’s safe to assume not that much. I can assure you it’s nowhere close to six to eight hours a day! I mean, do we even truly know how much sunlight we actually need daily?

That’s one thing animals in the wild don’t have to worry about, because they don’t have to maintain a certain lifestyle to feel comfortable. Our current Westernized lifestyles do not value the importance of sunlight whatsoever. And in my opinion, it explains the many various health ailments that hinder not only Black Melanin-Dominant people, but the world as a whole.

Contrary to popular belief, we are not that much different from plants. Think about it: Chlorophyll to plants is what melanin is to melanated individuals. In fact, chlorophyll is the melanin to plants.

Besides water, what else do plants really need to survive and thrive?

(**Sidenote: If you’re thinking fertilizer, realize that fertilizer and like-products are only nutrients (think elements on the Periodic Table) concocted in a lab or taken from an area that is rich in those nutrients. It is sold to consumers who  occupy land that is deficient in those nutrients. How is that possible, if at one point the majority of the soil on this planet was more than likely suitable to produce without supplementary means? MAN-ipulation perhaps?!)

Plants don’t need chicken or a hamburger to live. And just to get a little deep with you, nor do they need to eat fruits or vegetables either. But we’re a LONNGGGG way from that reality, ladies and gentlemen. A lot has to change in this environment for that paradigm to return.


Just something to think about, fam. Some food for thought.


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanin Man





“Moana” and the Disney feminist agenda



From the Melanin Man:


I have to admit it, I was a big sucker for Disney movies as a young child.

I bought into the happily ever after bullshit just like the majority of kids who are brainwashed by the machinations of Disney films. Unfortunately, there is no happily ever after in real life unless you decide to make it happen and put in the hard work. And even then, more likely than not, it’s not totally that way at the end of the day.

The more I have learned the last couple of years, especially about the “Disney propaganda”, the more madness I find myself wanting to censor my daughters from.

Which leads me to the movie Moana that I recently watched on Netflix. The last animated movie that I posted about, the infamous Trolls post, has surprisingly to me received a ton of feedback than I expected to receive. Of course the feedback is mostly negative, but people have their opinions, and so do I.

Such is life. To this day, I stand by my opinion of that movie 1000% and wholeheartedly believe that the movie is STILL not suitable for children.

But anyways, I’m not going that deep with Moana as I did with Trolls so keep your pitchforks in the closet for all who happen to come across this post. I’m not going to give a synopsis of the movie as I assume you have watched the movie by now. If not, check it out on Netflix or other subscribers who have it available. Or you can just read the Wikipedia synopsis (haha!)

Check this article out as well: How the Story of “Moana” and Maui Holds Up Against Cultural Truths

So here’s my take…

On the low,  this is a tale of the aboriginal beginnings of the world, by aboriginal people who were obviously Melanin-Dominant.

**Quick fact** The original natives and settlers of islands in the Pacific, from the Melanesia to the Polynesia,  resembled Black Africans of today. Obviously, it wasn’t in Disney’s best interest to tell that part of the story.

For a time it seemed that these aborigines respected the natural order of the Earth and the delicate balance of life, innately civilized.  Then the male wind and sea demigod Maui, (who can be perceived as a metaphor for current godlike status of the white, Caucasian male) steals the heart (or the natural resources of the Earth ) of Te Fiti (or Mother Earth)  to gift to humanity. To me, Maui represents the nature of the white male (not all but generally speaking) to steal and conquer, taking his artificial role to supply the world’s peoples its needs.

(Keep this thought in mind…)

The heroine lead Moana is tasked with restoring Mother Earth back to its natural, pure state. In my opinion, her success in achieving her task is mainly due to the position that women (specifically  Black Melanin-Dominant women) are the greatest HUE-man representation of Mother Earth.

In essence, Mother Earth will only return to its natural state once the Black Melanin-Dominant woman as a whole returns to their natural state as the preeminent woman!!

That sounds like a happy-ever-after story to me. But here’s where Disney screws it up.

99% of the viewers, which are mostly children, are not privy to the real story minus the animation and familiar plotline. Nor are they familiar with the faux man versus woman nonsense perpetuated in today’s society. Throughout the film, Moana battled with mainly male figures in her quest to return the heart of Te Fiti, from defying the orders of her chief father to sail beyond the reef to persuading a reluctant Maui to assist her. It seems that Disney is unwittingly portraying all men as a whole, and not specifically the white, Caucasian male  to be the enemy to all women and their goals (i.e. equality.)

Why would they anyway, since Disney is ran majorly by white males!!! Duhhhh!!!

The portrayal seems to mirror the popular point of view of feminism, which honestly is toxic to the natural man-woman dynamic where men and women work together and are  not in competition. And I’m just not saying this because I’m a male and I have a secret hate for women. I was born from a woman and raised by a whole heap of ’em. The love for women, particularly my Black women, I have is forever unconditional.  Plus, there are plenty of women who seem to share my sentiment that popular feminism largely benefits those females of the Caucasian flavor, using women of color when it suits them best.

Look, Disney has a documented history of promoting the perceived greatness of whiteness for over EIGHTY YEARS!! Hell, they have a website dedicated to Disney Princesses, from Snow White to Ariel and Belle, baby!! So it’s not that far-fetched to think that it’s in the Disney board’s best interest to promote feminism.

“It’s just children’s entertainment, idiot. Get over yourself and your little male ego!”

Hey, I got two daughters, who are Black Melanin-Dominant, to raise and look after. Due to my ignorance and naivete of this world prior to their birth, they’ve gotten hooked to this stuff. And due to their innocence, they can’t see the shenanigans.

That’s where daddy comes in to save their brains from the madness. And I’m no longer  ignorant of it! If you think this daddy is “crazy” and “out of his mind,” so be it.

Their my seed to protect!

Their my responsibility!

I’m just doing the best I know how.


Stay woke, fam! (haha!)


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanin Man


Food for Thought: The Reluctant Entrepreneur

From the Melanated Man:

I’ve had this piece on my mind on and off for probably about a year now and I finally feel compelled enough to write about it. This may be a brief post, but rest assured this won’t be last time I talk about this subject matter either.

Before I continue, my intentions are not to  slight those of you who are entrepreneurs and own your own businesses full-time or on the side. More props to you and your success, and keep doing what you’re doing. Your determination to do for self and to provide a need or service to the community is truly an inspiration. My only goal here is to dispense some food for thought. Now that that’s out of the way…

When I was child, I dreamed of one day of not only becoming an engineer, but a entrepreneur of some sort as well. I wanted to embark on ventures that could uplift myself but my fellow man as well.

Today? Not so much.

Not with what I know about  the Matrix.

What killed those dreams, you say? Well you know about the engineer bit, if you’ve been keeping up. But that tells only one part of that story. I will be posting Part 2 very soon.

Being an entrepreneur? Maybe starting and running my own business one day? It doesn’t tickle my fancy like it once did in my adolescent state of mind. That doesn’t mean I want to work for someone else either, especially if that someone is a European/Caucasoid-owned corporation (you can include the state and federal governments in that equation as well considering they’re in cahoots with the private sector…and…they’re technically corporations themselves, too) that is only concerned about the bottom line.

And when it comes to self-determination and self-reliance for the Melanin-Dominant (Black) community on the global scale, entrepreneurship is strongly encouraged.

“We have over a $1 trillion in buying power! We should be investing that into ourselves!”

“We need our own businesses and resources!”

I understand completely  and I agree with that position. If we want to end our oppression, we need to to break ties with our oppressor altogether, on EVERY LEVEL! End of story!

Yet… I ask myself this question:  Is it really our goal to  simply emulate our oppressor’s behavior?

Does it make sense to practice capitalism, a system that was created out of theft and deceit, amongst our own collective? 

Does it make sense to adopt the same Eurocentric mindset that is ANTI-LIFE (LIGHT), destructive to our physical bodies and mental well-being as well as to the health of the planet? Just to create this illusion of progress and productivity  amongst our collective? Just to attain monetary and material wealth?!

Example: A Melanin-Dominant (Black) millionaire owns various chains of fast food restaurants giving off  the illusion of Black self-reliance and determination.

Couple of problems with this picture:

  1. Eating fast food is equivalent to eating rat poison, with no nutritional value to the body whatsoever.
  2. More than likely these fast food restaurants are located in low-income areas (mainly Black and/or Brown) that can afford the low-quality and more importantly, low-cost bullshit.
  3. The workers (who again are more than likely Black and/or Brown) are grossly underpaid.

(Note: The above example is based off this article.)

There are plenty more examples very similar to that. What’s the point of being an entrepreneur when the product/service you’re providing does more harm than good to your consumers, no matter the ethnicity? Nor does it challenge the status quo?

In the end, nothing has changed. Exploitation and oppression still reigns.

Entrepreneurship should only be another stepping stone toward deeper spiritual enlightenment and maturation into our true selves as man/woman on an individual level. It is only one avenue to help rebuild the confidence to become self-reliant and self-sufficient (i.e. The Black Wall Street). It should NOT be the end goal.  Money is only a illusion in the first place.

If we wish to be a united collective, to bring about real peace in this world, we must RE-MEMBER the African-centered philosophy of community: we are all connected to the All, and the gifts and resources bestowed upon us and this rock we inhabit shall be shared harmoniously and unconditionally (i.e barter system.)

Just like it was in the beginning. That is our TRUE LIBERATION, TRUE FREEDOM!

The doctrine of entrepreneurship a.k.a. ownership is not a NATURAL PHENOMENON. It is just another means of survival, a byproduct of this cruel paradigm, for those of us who can’t stomach the menial routine of the 9 to 5 grind.  Either way, we are still supporting a construct that is against the nature of Earth’s ORIGINAL MAN and the Earth itself.

So the next time you see an article or post that mentions “the need to support Black businesses” or highlighting “the lack of support for black businesses”, look deeper into the situation and ask yourself this question:

Will my support for Black businesses honestly bring about the physical and spiritual independence that is desired amongst myself and the Black collective I identify with?

I’m not saying “don’t support Black businesses.” I’m suggesting we  take a different view of the situation at hand, that’s all.


Just some food for thought, fam!


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanin Man

Having a Moment- Black is Not Valid (Part 1)

black is white.png

From the Melanated Man:

This post has been a couple of weeks in the making; I’ve had to digest the totality of my recent experience so I could fully understand and overstand my feelings on the topic and properly convey them.

Here’s the backstory to that recent culminating experience,  if you have not read What Sparked My Transformation (Part 1):

Since graduating from a prestigious non-HBCU Alabama college nearly seven years ago with a civil engineering degree, I have been working as a consultant for an upstart Black-owned (I’m breaking from my norm to keep it simple to today) civil engineering consulting firm in the metro-Atlanta, Ga area. I was a full-time worker for the first two and half years after school, primarily working in the office and field, mostly from 8 a.m.-5:30 pm five days a week, weekends occasionally. I  worked and  mentored by the owner/principal engineer himself,who is also Black. After that time, work began to slow down and I was essentially pushed back to part-time status. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to continue working from home by mainly writing proposals for potential projects and assisting and conducting design duties on projects when the firm acquired them. The arrangement became even more beneficial especially when my two daughters were born and my wife was (is!) in the midst of graduating medical school and finishing the subsequent residency program. All the while by staying employed by the firm, I was meeting the employment requirements for sitting for the  P.E. (Professional Engineer) licensure exam by working under the owner of the firm, a licensed P.E. Or so I thought…

Which is where I came to my current predicament. Since I took and passed my F.E. (Fundamentals of Engineering) exam in the State of Alabama, it made sense to apply for the P.E. exam in the same state as well. Plus, the majority of the projects that worked on took place in the state as well. The state board requires a minimum of four years, or 48 months, of employment supervised under a licensed-P.E. in the state of Alabama (my mentor  is a licensed-P.E. in the state of Alabama!) After completing the application and attaining the necessary references the board asked for, I figured the application process was complete and it was only a matter of time before my application was approved and I could sit for the exam.

Not quite.

A few weeks after turning in the application, I received a letter in the mail requesting my presence and that of the owner’s, my mentor, to meet with the Alabama State Board of Engineers and Land Surveyors in Montgomery, Al concerning the validity of my work experience. So my mentor and I made the two and half hour trek to the state’s capital to discuss the circumstances surrounding my employment with the firm.

And from my most honest and humble opinion, it was a complete comedy show!

The Board, which consisted primarily of middle aged to older all white-Caucasoid (again, I’m keeping it simple today) males  and a few white-Caucasoid females, basically denounced my work experience and ridiculed the my mentor’s work practices of allowing me to work from home, claiming them to be insufficient and unsound for proper development of a future licensed P.E. They said that the customary method of working in an office/field setting within a 9 to 5 time frame should have been the standard practice for training a future professional engineer licensee. They even claimed that such practice was stated within their board code book as such.

Upon reviewing the code book after the end of the meeting, it never mentioned anything of that sort; from the way the code book was worded,  the verification of the work experience is left up to the interpretation of the Board. And the common belief was that the Board overall did not agree with the “working from home” scenario. Despite the fact that  I kept working, designing plans from home and taking site visits when available, AND still kept in constant contact with the principal engineer (MY MENTOR) on a regular basis concerning the projects I worked on, potential projects, and practical engineering guidance.

“So what’s the problem?” I asked myself. “What their deal?”

Less than 24 hours, after collecting my thoughts and my emotions, I sent a email to the Board’s Executive Director, who was in attendance, expressing my disapproval of the Board’s stance on my work experience. I explained that due to the advent of modern technology, it was possible that I could effectively hone my skills as an engineer with the current setup of working from home, just as I would have commuting daily to an office doing the same job. It was the least I could do; I wasn’t going to let them have the last word without them knowing my position on the matter.

Afterwards all I could do was await for their final decision. And so I did.

I received another letter in the mail a week notifying that I was denied the opportunity to seat for the exam, only being credited for 30 months of work experience. Basically the first two and a half years. It was as if the work I completed after those first thirty months did not exist!

Ho-hum, so I need 18 more months so I can just sit for the exam. My initial thought process:

Well, I can just leave the only place I have worked and get those 18 months I need from somewhere else. No biggie! I’m not sure when the firm will produce enough work to warrant the preferred method of work the Board was asking for. I gotta do what I have to do for myself. Right?

Then I thought about the situation more thoroughly. And it became more apparently clear.

Prior to the meeting I figured the Board would be mostly or all white because of the part country I inhabited, and I was right. I figured there would be some push back because of that simple fact, and again, I was right. Yet I fulfilled all the requirements of the application by initially verifying I had worked under a licensed P.E. for actually more than four years, as well as providing the mandatory references, by which at least  three of those references had to have P.E. licensure who knew me and my work. From my perspective, that should have been enough. But it wasn’t.

Was it racism? More than likely. But that’s an unproductive mindset in this construct (Matrix!), and in my case and those who look like me, it should be expected at this point. That’s the cold, hard reality  when trying to simply survive and make a living in this white-Caucasoid dominated, European-minded, parasitic capitalistic  system.

I looked a little deeper. The firm I worked for was Black-owned, and all of the references I provided were Black. And I came to this conclusion…

I could not be validated!

Although I graduated from a P.W.I. (predominately white institution) university and damn good one, my experience, my tutelage could not be validated. Black, no matter the profession or craft, cannot be validated under a system that perpetuates the ideology of white supremacy. For instance, Black physicians are considered an oxymoron! I have heard it from our own mouths about the overall lack of distrust we have for physicians who look like us! Brainwashing at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.

Maybe I should have added a reference that was white or worked with a company that was white-owned. I’m pretty sure that would have done the trick. Almost certain it would have.

But why is that necessary? WHY??

I thought I did enough by attending a P.W.I. school. But it wasn’t. I have to further my indoctrination by working for an P.W.I. company as well. Or stay connected with white just to gain practically cookie crumbs in a system that already places a cap on the potential on any man that is non-white! Especially a Black man! And again, no matter the profession or craft. OR the amount of money that is being offered in said profession or craft.

For those of us who are ignorant to this or refuse to accept this reality, still attached to any organized religion and wishing to stay dependent on others, the term “doing what you gotta do” is definitely the motto to live by. And JUST NOW at this very moment, I fully grasp why the majority of our people do so. When you’ve become accustomed to that certain way of thinking and living, the way the Matrix has taught us to think and live, for so long and you benefit from it in some capacity, it’s damn near impossible to break away from it.

But what about those who see through the bullshit, like myself? The initiated,  I would say,  who wish to reach their full, limitless potential without being placed in a box? Just to appease the insecurities of another man whose potential as a whole may not be as limitless because of obvious reasons (i.e. melanin)?

When I was a child, I dreamed of being a civil engineer. Now as I man, I dream of being the BEST ME IN ALL FACETS OF MY EXISTENCE. How will I do that in this environment?

What is my next move, fam?


(To be continued)


ED vs EL: The Five Different Eating Diets Discovered by our Melanated Ancestors

From the Melanated Man:

Unbeknownst to many, there are five different types of eating styles. Many assume that we must eat food to live, which is not necessarily the case. There are other forms of consumption that our ancient melanated ancestor knew much about, yet are not taught or promoted to the masses for obvious reasons.

Of course, these diets were based off the biology of Melanin-Dominant people. Again, melanin is the key to all of this.

Ordered from longest to shortest lifespan length:

  1. Breathatarian Only consumes clean air, and nothing else.


What is the first thing we do when we are born, or when we first wake up in the morning?

We take a breath. Breathing is the single most important thing that we do just to live. Clean, unpolluted air is most essential to a healthy life, physically and mentally. There was a time in a very distant past where clean air was the norm on the earth, and that was all the body needed to survive. Those days are lonnggg gone.  Today you basically have to pay for it i.e. relocating to areas that are not heavily populated or occupied by manufacturing and power plants, which is going to cost in more ways than one.

2.  LiquidtarianConsumes only clean water to supplement clean air.


Alkaline water with a PH above 7 is what the body needs to maintain balance. Our bodies are 80-90% made of water, so drinking clean alkaline water doesn’t require the body to digest it. From my own personal experience, consuming only clean alkaline water reminds me of a cleanse.

Not too long ago, even during the very early stages of Industrial Revolution, clean alkaline water was aplenty. If the air was not sufficient and/or compromised, there was always good clean water to turn to. But big, dirty industry has become ingrained into our psyche. And just like the air, drinkable water, not necessarily clean alkaline water, has become a expensive commodity to attain. The majority of the cheap bottle water that is sold to the public is not necessarily the best water we should consume as well.


3. Fruittarian Consumes organic, non-GMO fruits to supplement clean water and clean    air.

4. Vegetarian – Consumes organic, non-GMO vegetables to supplement organic, non-GMO fruits, clean water and clean air.


Fruits and vegetables that have not been damaged by pesticides and genetically engineered (i.e. fruits without seeds) will give you the nutrition needed when the air and water is not enough. It may be more taxing on the body to retrieve the nutrients compared to just inhaling air and/or drinking water. It’s not an extreme detriment, though.

Even though the awareness involving the importance of organic, non-GMO produce has increased over the past five to ten years, you can still be hard pressed to find it in most common groceries stores. And if you so happen come across some untampered, pure produce, the selection is small and the cost exorbitant. Which is why I personally advocate for self-farming and gardening. But we have to be careful who we obtain our seeds from; Monsanto controls 60-70% of the seed supply in the world.


5. The Meat-Eater – Consumes meat and meat by-products to supplement the aforementioned listed above.


There should be no wonder why the Meat-Eater diet has the shortest life expectancy of all the other diets. To obtain even the smallest of nutrients, your body is overworked by digesting animal flesh or animal by-products.  It doesn’t matter if it’s organic, non-GMO; the body still has to work the same regardless. And over a long period 60 to 70 years, the body will run it’s course.  Thus, the cancers, heart diseases, strokes, weakened immune systems, etc. will pop up all of a sudden. In some cases, these ailments show up early as well.

And which diet is heavily promoted by the state and powers-that-be?  95% of all restaurants, no matter the ethnicity, is catered to “meat-eaters.”

Is that a coincidence? 




So there you have it. Those are the true five main eating diets. There is some truth to the Food Pyramid we were taught in school.

Isn’t it? Sort of.


food pyramid-simple.png

‘Remember this?’


We have been suckered into thinking that we need a combination of only  four of those diets.They’ve also added sections for breads, pastas, salts and SUGARS. AND Breathatarian , which includes the most important thing we do as HUE-mans, is erroneously left off.

Do you think the modern Food Pyramid is correct? Or has it been created to keep the masses in check, and the system intact?

You be the judge. In my opinion, the pyramid should be flipped upside down, listing the five diets in order of life expectancy:





A rough sketch of the real, hidden Food Pyramid


That makes too much sense to me. What do you think?


Keep learning and transforming, brothers and sisters!


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man



Also: Refer to Dr. Llaila Afrika’s “African Holistic Health” for more details on the five diets.



a repost: New DNA Proves African Americans Are In Fact Indigenous Aborigines Of America – Better News

Some of us are already privy to this knowledge. To the rest of us this knowledge may have never crossed our mind. Nevertheless, it’s STILL contrary to the popular opinion that still infects our grade schools, universities, and perpetuated the mainstream media to this day. It’s always refreshing to be reminded of this piece of knowledge. Can’t lie, makes me feel good inside! Enjoy your day, melanated family!
-The Melanated Man
Article posted on Better News (click link for original)
New DNA Proves African Americans Are In Fact Indigenous Aborigines Of America

New DNA Proves African Americans Are In Fact Indigenous Aborigines Of America

Malcolm X once stated “Aborigine. Which means what? Black Folks.” Then he later went on to say “You and I are Aborigine.”


Malcolm X stated that the rock landed on us after he returned across the waters because he learned new things. He learned that the rock had truly landed on us, and that we were from these lands.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. also stated, in his I Have A Dream speech that we are held in exile in our own homeland. Now we have a lot of scholars out there, and individuals are missing the point. How can you be held in exile in your own homeland, without it being your own homeland?

The tens of millions of Black Americans, or rather Indians, who ‘disappeared’ after 1492 did not all die in the ‘holocaust’ inflicted within America. Hundreds of thousands were shipped to Europe and Africa as Indian slaves.

The whole slave trade story was given to all of us in reverse. A mass colony of Africans were not shipped from Africa to America. The truth is that Black Indians were shipped from America to Europe!

They were then shipped from Spain to Africa as commodity for African resources. These Black Indians, now mistaken as African Americans, were shipped back to America and classified as “African Slaves.” This part of our history is what the school systems fail to mention in history programs.

The American Colonization Society was an organization formed in 1816 with the purpose of transporting free African Americans, or rather Indian Slaves; classified as Negros back then, from the United States to settle on the west coast of Africa.

During the decades, the society operated and transported more than 12,000 people to Africa, and the African nation of Liberia was founded.

The term African-American, to refer to all black people was endorsed only since 1988, but was against the desires of the majority of black people. In fact, the term was endorsed by only five people; including Rev. Jesse Jackson and Ramona Edelin leading the charge, as a result of a gathering called The African American Summit, without the input of the majority of black people.

Author Avis J. Smith went to the District court in Washington, D.C., to stand against this term, as well as against the notion that a small group of powerful individuals should be able to compel the masses into adopting it.

The systematic destruction of the Native Americans, or rather Native Indigenous Aborigine people, and their entire way of life was not only one of recorded history’s greatest tragedies, but, as with the slave trade, deeply spiritually wounding to all involved.


The Origins of Santa Claus(Satan Claws) — Kushite Kingdom

This grotesque-looking creature is the real spirit of Santa Claus unmasked, and he is a demon spirit known in Germany as “Krampus.” This demon (according to folklore), is supposed to be the evil side-kick of Santa Claus himself or his “alter ego.” Krampus’ role is to scare children into being good. All year long children are taught that if they […]

via The Origins of Santa Claus(Satan Claws) — Kushite Kingdom

To my Melanin-Dominant family, WE ARE THE TRUTH!!



From the Melanated Man:

When we were in grade school, we were taught to references our sources for research papers, opinion pieces, etc. etc. etc.! First reason was to avoid any plagiarizing charges. The second reason was to provide credibility to the argument you were presenting. The third reason is sort of connected with the third reason: to give credit to those sources you have chosen to reference.

Well, where am I going to with this? 

Most of those sources I presume were written by mostly Europeans scholars, scientists, and philosophers who were groomed in the Western train of thought. If you were lucky to credit sources who were “P.O.C.” (people of color), nine times of ten they were probably groomed in the same train of thought as well.

So if your position/stance challenged the standard Western philosophy, you were hard pressed to find reinforcements (see: references, sources) to back up that position.

When it comes to African history in regards to the culture, health & wellness, the math and sciences, astrology+cosmology and cosmogony, melanin and much, much more, in this day and age it is viewed from the lens of the European/Western perspective. Any other perspective, specifically the African perspective, is met with ridicule and suspicion. If it doesn’t suit the agenda the-powers-that-be have created for the masses than it is considered “pseudo-sciences” or a “conspiracy theory.”

The evidence of  our rich African history, the history of the  Melanin-Dominant of this planet, has been trashed and/or stolen by those who seek to hide the truth from a people who have long to liberate themselves from the clutches of Massa. So it does appear that we can only trust, go off the word of the European/Caucasian, the Melanin-Recessive, P.O.V.

Keyword: appear

So what can we, first on an individual level and onward collectively, do to uncover the truths we know exist concerning our people? What’s that verse, it may be a Bible verse…

So above, as below…I think it’s Matthew 6:7-13 somewhere.


Memory moment: I remember my mom used to yell these words at me when she accused me of fibbing to her, “Boy, you a lie and the truth ain’t in ya!” I’m pretty sure some of your if not most of you have heard that before from your mom.

I hate to say this, Ma, but you didn’t know what the heck you were talking about haha! (sorry, Ma,  please don’t hurt your son!) The truth is in me.

And you, too, my fellow Melanin-Dominant friend!

We originated from a people who were the originators on this planet! We have the truth and knowledge encoded in our DNA, in our melanin, to move forward as a people and to bring balance on this planet, in every way imaginable. That’s the gift we’ve been fortunate enough to be endowed with.

They can shoot us down in streets, poison our food and water supply, regulate us to minority status, dilute and alter our DNA through race-mixing or whatnot.

“We’re not going ANYWHERE!!”

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a huge, tremendous responsibility to carry. But we wouldn’t have been gifted this gift if we couldn’t handle it. Most of us, of course, don’t realize what we have and we throw that gift, wasting our lives serving a Massa who leaches off that gift and our ignorance of it for its own survival. That quote by Ma, and probably many other mothers like her, should be directed towards Massa, Melanin-Recessive individuals who take pride and seek to protect this deadly parasitic white supremacist, capitalistic, consumerist…

(I can go on and on…)

…system and society that does not benefit anyone else but them! Just as I mentioned before, they have to steal/leach from others, us, to survive! Their actions speak for itself.

Once we understand the knowledge we contain, we prove it with our daily actions, ultimately our lives. What did Jesus (omg!) in the Bible?



Collectively as a group, that is our God-given purpose and mission. Plain and simple.

Despite its many, many flaws (propagated by King James and those of his ilk obviously) that Bible does contain a whole lot of truth in it.

This post may sound like a long-winded way of saying everyone has their own truth; trust me it’s not. At the end of the day the truth of our lives should ultimately be in line, in accordance with the truths of the universe set by the Almighty Creator, the God and the Goddess.

So when you, those in my Melanin-Dominant family who understand  truth of it all, run into individuals and a system trained in the Western/Europeans philosophy of thought that seek to cause confusion and strife in this plane of existence for you, stand tall and grounded always and remember this quote…

“I am the way, the truth, and the life….”

John 14:6

…and to my non-Bible readers…

“Be true to yourself at all times!”

“The truth will set you free!”


It’s too, simple isn’t it?!


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanin Man


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“There is no such thing as race…just Melanin baby!”

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Food for Thought: The Apocalypse isn’t coming, it’s already here!!


From the Melanated Man:


The definition of apocalypse taken from Google:

apocalypse (n.)-

1. the complete final destruction of the world, especially as described in the biblical book of Revelation.



2. an event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale.
I think everyone is familiar with that definition. That’s nothing new.
Check out the original etymology of the word, taken from Online Etymology Dictionary (notice the bold words)
late 14c., “revelation, disclosure,” from Church Latin apocalypsisrevelation,” from Greek apokalypteinuncover, disclose, reveal,” from apo- “from” (see apo-) + kalyptein “to cover, conceal” (see Calypso).
We have to watch these words with the double meanings, seriously people!
Every religion known to man this day in age speaks of “the reckoning”, “the end of the world”, “Doomsday” scenarios. It’s been discussed since time immoral, which time in itself is an illusion as I briefly mentioned before.   With talks of global warming, impending wars, social dissension as well as many other calamities that’s brewing, it feels like a apocalyptic event is on the horizon.
But what if the apocalypse is already here?
What if the masses have been played like a fool, which we are, about the truth?

The Apocalypse is already here, melanated family!

Information and knowledge that’s been hidden for so long from my people, my Melanin-Dominant brothers and sisters,  is becoming “revealed”, “disclosed”, and “revealed.” Slowly but surely the truth about who we are, the true history of this world, is bubbling up to the surface.

And it’s about DAMN TIME!

You ever wondered about why there have been so many apocalyptic movies released over the last 20-25 years?

The Good versus Evil nonsense?

The entire premise of those movies is to psychologically imprint the idea in our minds that we must prevent the destruction of this parasitic capitalistic illusion, this Matrix. White (the Melanin-Recessive) supremacy supported by the suffering and occasional corroboration of the Melanin-Dominant. Programming the unawakened, spiritually dead to prevent the consciousness of the 99% majority from rising to higher dimensions of reality.

The idea of an apocalypse generates fear and angst within the Melanin-Recessive and the those spiritually dead  and treacherous Melanin-Dominant individuals.

The idea of an apocalypse should give the initiated, the awakened, inspiration and encouragement!!

Those of us who have chosen to take this path to enlighten the world must embrace this reality. We were meant and purposed to bring about the apocalypse. The Earth and its inhabitants cannot survive much longer as is. I understand that the majority of us may not make it to the other side of the transition.

On the low, from my perspective, culling the population is not all bad.

It is a necessity.

Of course, I’m talking about natural culling that is done by the forces of nature, metaphysical entities that we may or may not be aware of. Earth is going to eventually rid itself of its viruses one way or another.  This man-made culling that has been geared toward the Melanin-Dominant for too long is a concoction created by the powers-that-be to create the population that they see fit.

Or better yet, preserve their genetic identity.

Everyone is not meant to crossover into the new reality that is about come. Some people may not be ready or unwilling to change/break away from the Matrix.

“Only the strong will survive.”

And hey, I may be included in that group as well. I may not be where  I think I am physically and spiritually.

Hey, time (smh!) will tell. At the end of the day, I want the best for this planet and the well-being of the people who are the original men and women of the earth.


Let’s bring about the Apocalypse, family!

Our own genetic heritage depends on it.


Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man