“Yo Mama, I can sing too!”



From the Melanated Man:


I touched on this particular topic on the previous post from Monday. I can’t speak for other races, and I’ve been around MANY black-melanated people in my short existence to make this assumption:


Must be the melanin, babbbbbyyyy!!! Yeah I’m bias and don’t care!

Everyone else are imitators, especially them damn Caucasoids, Europeans, or whatever you want to call them. Vampire sounds appropriate.

But anyway, no man or woman amongst our kind can outdo one another. We all have something to bring to the table. We are ALL gifted in some form or fashion:


-Fine arts

-The sciences and mathematics

-Holistic health

…and much more!

*From the beginning of time, through early civilizations of Ethiopia and Egypt, etc., to the building of non-melanated dominated civilizations of the Romans, Greeks, and the United States.  Every industry that exists today, we are the Alpha and Omega of ALL of them.

Do your research, if you already haven’t.


What is my point in saying all of this?

Well we have been conditioned by a system to believe that one person is more valuable than the other. One’s particular gifts and skills are more important, or better, than another’s.

It breeds competition. Competition SHOULD not exist within the black-melanated community. It does not fit our NATURAL way and conflicts with our DNA.

At the root, we are NOT a people who believes in the philosophy that one person is better than the other OR the whole.

Our philosophy since days old: Collectivism over individualism.

But we are labelled (and rightfully so considering the circumstances) with the “crab in the bucket” mentality. Our community can NEVER prosper because we don’t support each other.

And in a sense, I understand why.

It could be flat out jealousy or good ole Haterade. I think on a deeper level it could be the fact that we feel this person or certain entity is not better than anyone else in the community and we feel could do as good of a job as they are doing, considering the circumstances.

Consider myself this scenario. I can’t play a lick of basketball or have dance moves the likes of James Brown or Michael Jackson; so it does not make sense to compare apples with oranges. Now imagine if I could. What would be the difference between me and the likes of a Michael Jordan or a Michael Jackson?

Naturally, you say, there would have been some type of competition to determine who is better. But why is that the case?

Should it be that way? Has it ALWAYS been that way? I’m curious…

It could be that certain individuals are willing to SACRIFICE themselves for a lifestyle or existence they BELIEVE is better for them. Sell themselves out…

…To get in good graces with Massa.

Naturally, the conversation now leads to topics concerning the Illuminati and the sorts…

…I’m not going there. There are thousands of other resources that gladly deep down that rabbit hole. Do your research, if you already haven’t.


Everyone who is black and melanated (again I’m bias) is gifted and talented in some aspect. Not one person’s talent and skills is better than the others, whether if it’s within the same field or NOT. That is our true (currently lost) African way of community.

Our way can’t survive within an environment of capitalism and individualism. It goes against everything within our DNA, which is why we have the “crab in the bucket” situation.

The-powers-that-be may place value on certain talents and abilities than others. They have intentions not intended for the upliftment of our people, but the preservation of this parasitic, capitalistic system.

Built from our hard work since slavery times to present time. Once we realize that we are all equal (talking about black-melanated people only) concerning our talents and abilities, the system will crash and NATURAL order will be restored.

But that’s up to us.


Side note: I was IN-SPIRED to write this particular post because I have gift of singing, and there I was time I felt intimidated by others who I thought sounded better and I couldn’t match up with. AND I thought if I wasn’t big-time then I didn’t matter.

But I do.

My mind has graduated from the IGNORANCE and I believe I can sing, and it doesn’t matter if I can match up with other fellow singers or not (trust me I can!!!)

I do my best not to compare myself to others; because my voice matters regardless.

One day that will become reality, when I decide to make it a priority!



Peace and Love to my melanated family,

The Melanated Man


*Future post


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